Pak Embassy official’s claim triggers US media interest

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WASHINGTON: Investigative reporters, including a couple from a major American TV network, are trying to dig up details of a claim made by a senior Foreign Office official in Islamabad that Pakistan spent thousands of dollars through its lobbyists on member of the 9/11 Commission to drop some of the report’s negative findings about Pakistan.

If this claim turns out to be true, it might land Pakistan in trouble in this country because it would amount to an attempt to improperly influence public officials assigned with ascertaining the truth about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The story, which first surfaced in The Friday Times, Lahore, is based on testimony by Muhammad Sadiq, who was No 2 at the Pakistan embassy in Washington before being posted back to headquarters some months ago, before the Public Accounts Committee. Sadiq, who appeared before the Committee at the end of February this year, revealed that a lot of money had been spent to “silence” members of the inquiry commission and induce them to go “soft” on Pakistan.

According to Sadiq, as quoted by The Friday Times in its issue dated March 3-9, 2006, “dramatic changes” were made in the final draft of the Commission’s report after Pakistani lobbyists arranged meetings with members of the investigation body and convinced them to remove anti-Pakistan findings. This information is also said to be available in the record of the Public Accounts Committee. The officer further claimed that Pakistan won the sympathies of 75 US congressmen as part of its strategy to guard the national interest in the US.

Thanks to dsm.

Thanks to dsm.

Laurie Van Auken, Kristen

Laurie Van Auken, Kristen Breitweiser, Mindy Kleinberg, Patty Casazza, Monica Gabrielle, Bob McIlvaine...

Please make a statement calling for a new invesigation.

And it should be EXACTLY

And it should be EXACTLY like the one you wanted from the beginning. People NOT from the Beltway, and one that doesn't exclude ANYONE from investigation.

OK, then constructively, how

OK, then constructively, how do we go about constructing the 'right' commission? Who do you trust, and how to get authority into their hands?

The original 9/11 Commission

The original 9/11 Commission had the power to subpoena anyone they want, and chose not to use that power...

How about moving for an Act

How about moving for an Act of Congress appointing a commission of Mr. McIlvaine, Bill Doyle, and the Jersey Girls? There may be other good names, and these people may not want to serve, just an idea.

I would trust Mr. McIlvaine,

I would trust Mr. McIlvaine, and any of the Jersey Girls to be a member of the commission (which is what they wanted)...

I don't think Monica

I don't think Monica Gabrielle was part of the Jersey Girls...

"the commission's subpoena power. According to congressional aides, the panel can issue a subpoena if a majority of members agree it's warranted, or if both the chairman and vice chairman concur."

They have the power to

They have the power to subpoena, period is the way it should be.

i would put my faith into

i would put my faith into Dr. David Ray Griffin.. mostly for his diversity, and because he seems to be a very compassionate person..

i will 2nd that ,dz, and im

i will 2nd that ,dz, and im an atheist... lol...