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Neo-Nazi state being created - Aspen Daily News (Letter to the Editor)

Citizens For 9/11 Truth has shown nine powerful videos about the events of September 11, 2001, the most important event in recent world history.

The first video drew about 30 viewers. After that the attendance ranged from 6 to 14. I am thankful for those who did show up. They are helping to spread the word. However, considering the seriousness of the topic, I am quite concerned that the apathy shown by the citizenry of this valley bodes ill for our collective future.

There will probably be only one last showing on this topic. That will be "9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold," by Anthony Hilder, at noon on Saturday, April 15, in the Glenwood Springs Public Library basement.
It's about lies, deception, crime, corruption, cruelty, and theft as never before known in human history. It's about torture. It's about controlling the supply of heroin. It's about oil. It's about establishing a Luciferian New World Order. This film is about reality in the raw, ferocious form.

Does that sound like something that might possibly merit your attention? If not, then God help us all; for we surely will have shown that we cannot help ourselves.

Don't despair. You never

Don't despair. You never know what might happen tomorrow with the story.

From the time Bush started running for President in 1999, the media has been forcing down our throats that his "honesty" was his strong suit and that the American people trusted his "character." He was a drunk into his 40's and he's never earned an honest dollar in his life but he puffed himself up for his "honor." His wife is probably the only First Lady in American history to have killed someone but the media forced it down our throats that she's the most perfect person.

Then, all of a sudden, there was that poll about a month ago that showed Bush had under 30% PERSONAL approval and that the 3 most common words chosen to describe him were "incompetent," "liar" and "idiot."

And look at the change. Plenty of commentary about how much he's lied. He's not lying any more now than he was in 2000 when he said his tax cut plan wouldn't cause deficits. If one House of Congress goes to the Democrats this fall, the media will be on board pushing for Congressional investigations just like the Republicans used to torture Clinton over Whitewater for 3 years before the Monica business even started. No telling where it might lead.