Dialog Between a 9/11 Skeptic and an Average Citizen

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"I see your actor Charlie Sheen doesn't believe the official reports about 911," my Martian friend Yyuran said. "He wants a new investigation."
I snorted. "He's not MY actor. And anyway, what does he know? Is he one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks George Bush had something to do with it?"
"He didn't say, but he thinks the real conspiracy theory is the government's."
"And then there is the problem of the collapsing World Trade Center buildings," he added.
"Where is the problem there? Two big planes with lots of aviation fuel aboard made a hell of a bang and a very hot fire," I said.

"Not hot enough to melt the steel beams that hold up skyscrapers."
"I suppose Charlie said that. What's he now, a structural engineer, as well as an actor?"

"No, but several engineers have said that, including physics professor Stephen Jones. He suggests that the Trade Center buildings were brought down by explosives, controlled demolition."
"Oh, don't be ridiculous," I said, rather heatedly, I admit. He gets under my skin sometimes with his negativity.

"The plane didn't hit with enough force, and jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. Fires have never taken down a skyscraper before -- or since. And you lost three in one day?"
"That's all been explained," I said. "The top floors were weakened by the fires and plane crashes. They fell, and the weight of them brought down the lower floors, one after another."

"They fell at free-fall speed, and fell straight down, not toppling to the side at all, even the third building, the one that wasn't hit by a plane," he said. "That is not possible. Not unless there were controlled explosives. And you can see evidence of that in the videotapes of the buildings collapse."
"I suppose you're an engineer too," I said, somewhat sarcastically.
"Why did John Ashcroft and top Pentagon officials cancel plans to fly commercial airliners the morning of 9-11?"
"Who knows, there could be a lot of innocent explanations."

"Who made all the millions of dollars selling short United and American Airlines stock just before 9-11? Seems like somebody knew something was going to happen that day."
"People sell stock short all the time," I said.

"Why haven't the tapes that showed the plane approaching the Pentagon from a gas station, a hotel, the freeway, been released?"
"National security."

"Where were the jet fighters which are supposed to protect your skies? Why didn't they intercept the hijacked airliners?"
"They were on training missions," I said.

"What were the explosions that several witnesses, firefighters, and janitors, heard before the buildings collapsed?"
"A building on fire makes a lot of noise," I said. "It could have been anything."
"How could molten steel be found in the wreckage weeks later? That had to have come from explosives."
"I don't know all the answers. But the idea of some kind of conspiracy is simply ridiculous."

"The buildings just collapsed?"

"The odds against that have been calculated at a trillion to one."
"Whatever," I said.
Is Yyuran up to something?

we can use this info. we

we can use this info. we can develop a list of rebuttals to each and everyone question a "coincedent skeptic" could possibly ask.

Yizzo, why not just stick to

Yizzo, why not just stick to the truth instead of lying about it?




If you read that piece using

If you read that piece using Stewie from the Family guy as the voice of the 'average citizen', it's a lot funnier.

He should have finished with "Is Yyuran ON to something?" Just like Penn Jillette saying, ever so Freudianly, "We have to stop these conspiracy theories before they enter the CONSCIENCE of the American people." He meant to say 'consciousness'.