Rick Siegel From '9/11 Eyewitness' on 'National Intel Report' Now

911 Eyewitness on RBNLive Satellite Radio

911 Eyewitness to appear on Republic Broadcasting Network (rbnlive.com) Wednesday, April 12 from 4pm to 6pm CST (22:00 to 24:00GMT) Call-in Number: 800-313-9443

Rick Siegel, eyewitness to the tragic implosions in New York City on September 11, 2001 whose “Zapruder” type video brought one of the most prominent smoking guns to the 911 evidence will join John Stadtmiller, one of America’s radio trailblazers to discuss the film, the evidence within and the state of the union. This is Mr. Siegel’s first radio or TV appearance since that fateful day.

This perfect mix of Stadtmiller “National Intel Report” and Rick Siegel should make electrifying news. Stadtmiller is not afraid to cross the lines that major media outlets fear to thread. His show calls to listeners: “If you believe the Constitution is the law of the land, but sense that something is seriously wrong in our country, then listen to the "National Intel Report" for the best guests, news and information!” Rick Siegel has made liberty, freedom, and the Constitution his focus since childhood and now campaigns for a restored Republic with inalienable rights. The mix is the message.

Join in for the interview and call in with your questions Wednesday, April 12 from 4pm to 6pm CST (22:00 to 24:00GMT) Call-in Number: 800-313-9443, Satellite Galaxy 15 133° west Transponder 17 audio 7,92 narrow band horizontal polarity, shortwave 11.915

This is running 5pm to 7pm EST, sorry for the late notice. You can listen live here.

This interview is hard to

This interview is hard to listen too. Rick is cool, but John Stadtmiller... I prefer my 9/11 truth with a little less immigrant-bashing and gun-rights demagoguery.

Is just me or do others here share that ideology? Wouldn't potential allies feel threatened by that kind of rhetoric?

show me the pentagon tapes

show me the pentagon tapes

yes, please do!!!

yes, please do!!!

Even if all of sudden they

Even if all of sudden they decided to show us Pentagon tapes, what's to say they didn't alter and manipulate the footage. They had 4.5 years to work on it.

Longtime reader/lurker,

Longtime reader/lurker, first time poster.

Can anyone provide a link to Rick Siegel's "Zapruder type" video mentioned in the post so I can
watch it online? (I may have seen it, but I don't recognize it by name.)

Thanks in advance and for the devoted work (most) of you do in getting the truth out.


Hey Plastic Bertrand. Rick

Hey Plastic Bertrand.
Rick Siegel is the guy who made the moveie "911 Eyewitness". You can watch it here: http://tinyurl.com/fcmbw


Peter, Thanks for the link


Thanks for the link (and your prompt reply).

cheers to you,

plastic bertrand

Direct link to archived Rick

Direct link to archived Rick Siegel/John Stadtmiller show:

oh thanks! Must say, these

oh thanks!

Must say,
these interviews tell much, between the lines.

A right-wing PatrIdiot is always a challenge to suffer... even Tarpley, who does know better, feeds the USA gun-lover forever-born-yesterdays who think marxism is bad because it failed.

(for you young people, marxism is a simple way to understand the world, and it works so well that it is spooky how a 19th century person could predict today)

watch this and be amazed:


Thanks for listening to the

Thanks for listening to the radio interview. I have to agree I was finding the immigration issue uncomfortable at best and could not comment. Immigration is obfuscation, a cover-up of the truth.

I hope to see you all in Chicago and may be bringing in some surprises to show.