Michael Wolsey and Robert Bowman Interview Available

From last night, April 12. Thanks to Jon for capturing it and sending it my way. Check it out on 911podcasts here:


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The next 911 Truth Class is tommorrow (Friday) night at 8 PM and will deal with the 9/11 Commission Report. This class will be held here: http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9271

Here is a review of the previous two classes: http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showpost.php?p=56646&postcount=73

Finally, remember Charlie Sheen is on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel tommorrow, it begins again...

Does that make him the

Does that make him the anti-christ?.

Read up on what the anti-christ will be/is. Does not add up. Bush is just the beady eye cocaine sob that got picked up by the neocon bus.


What will happen when 911 comes out?

the left,

being the natural and logical and truthful winners beause the right (military, rich, power-mad) have "outed" themselves for what they are: inhumane.

the left may do in-fighting to where they will not get the message

the message:

anti-war = anti-capitalism = anti-hierarchy = social-democratic as long as we need, until we have strenghtened the PEOPLE-CHOSEN institutions so that they become meaningful and then can be changed to a more ideal system

oh I forgot to say: for the

oh I forgot to say:

for the PatrIdiots

no guns!

Who is going to inforce it?

more PatrIdiots?

Your right, saying either

Your right, saying either Bush or Blair is the anti-christ is a mistake on my part. What I was trying to do was link Religion to the 9/11 rabbit hole.

Second-most likely WTC-7

Second-most likely WTC-7 theory emerges

DHS, I was trying to watch

DHS, I was trying to watch that. Alot of the brass now are calling for Rumsfeld to step down or be fired. And last night on Newshour, one of the 9/11 widows said something about the kind of President we need, and that we don't have that now.

Um, if you hear a cat, I

Um, if you hear a cat, I apologize. :D

10, 9, 8, 7, 6....

10, 9, 8, 7, 6....

What R U babbling about now

What R U babbling about now Jon?

I was waiting for

I was waiting for something... never mind. This is a very good interview.

Scores Of 911 - 9/11 Tapes

Lets go back to the

Lets go back to the beginning--who exactly is absurd?
The person saying this:
1. a bunch of 19 year olds with strange suicidal religious beliefs and boxcutters hijack four jets simultaniously and overpower military-trained pilots and co-pilots.Though having very little or no experience flying large aircraft, they perfrom unparalleled feats of aviation while they
2. evade the world's most prepared and trained air defense ever and strike at the heart of its most protected assets, successfully exploding three out of four targets, while moving around completely unconfronted in some cases for over an hour.
3. the master planner, once a known CIA asset, now desperately ill and on dialysis, escapes and hides in caves. The world's most persistent and pervasive military force vows to get him "dead or alive", but can't.

Or the person saying this:
1. Powerful forces working behind the scenes in finance and government needed a "new Pearl Harbor" and boldly declared so. They planned for years to bring this event about and diligently included ownership and control of the media in this formula so as to keep the public in the dark.
2. 9-11 was a false flag terror attack designed to legitimize our nakedly aggressive policy to control and and direct resources in the middle east, mainly oil, drugs and arms traffic.

3. The true criminals can be identified by following the flow of money, which Jeff so brilliantly outlined in a recent blog.

what's absurd? that few

what's absurd? that few people care enough to do anything about it.

nice point Joansee.

Can you please identify the

Can you please identify the blog by Jeff re: flow of money?

what of


our friends at stoplying.ca

our friends at stoplying.ca are going to try to grab the sheen coverage tommorrow, looking foward to seeing it!

Sometimes we can all do with

Sometimes we can all do with a wee tune to cheers us up :)


Podcast no worky

Podcast no worky

Has 9/11 caused anyone to

Has 9/11 caused anyone to question if this is the end of days? I've been a agnostic since I was 13 years old... But lately I'm beginning to wonder if Bush or Blair is the Anti-Christ. You can't tell me that nuclear war with Iran isn't the beginning of the end.

OH brother... No bush and

OH brother...

No bush and blair are not the anit-christ. For one the anti-christ is suppose to unite the world. Not destroy it. ;D

What makes me say all this

What makes me say all this is how the occult seems so important to Bush and his ilk... Ever seen any of Alex Jones videos of Bohemian Grove? You can't tell me that the most powerful and influencial people worshiping an ancient Babylonian god (Moloch) isn't worriesom. I meen... c'mon.

Hey anonymous, what troubles

Hey anonymous, what troubles are you having with the podcast?

Doug Thompson's latest hit

Notice how Doogie took away

Notice how Doogie took away the comments section?

I just tried to leave a

I just tried to leave a comment on his blog, and got this message.

"Thank you for commenting.
Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.

Return to the original entry"

All I posted was... "Hi

All I posted was... "Hi Doug... you're an idiot. Please tell me what the 9/11 Commission had to say about Sibel Edmonds in their 9/11 Report after 3 hours of testimony. Thanks."

Doug Thompson should be

Doug Thompson should be hanged along with the rest of them. That's my opinion.

Here's a "man" (and I use

Here's a "man" (and I use that term VERY loosely) who comes out of nowhere about 6 months ago with anti-Bush rhetoric, and "amazing" stories that make "amazing" accusations, and now we find he's dishonest, and has a "Condi For President" banner on his site.

Doug Thompson's has no

Doug Thompson's has no credibility. This has nothing to do with the fact that he disagrees with me. His attack piece focused on the most obvious and controversial aspects of the movement.

"Those who buy into such nutcase causes dishonor the memory of every man, woman and child who died on that horrible day. Even worse, they become willing pawns for the quick-buck scammers who use such events to line their own pockets."

Oh really Doogie? I spend $30 a month to maintain my website, and have gotten $50 in donations over the last year and a half. I'm making MILLIONS.

"You all too often find these wackos on web sites that also promote anti-Semitism and hate - the ones that claim the Holocaust didn't happen and blame everything bad that happens on some vast "Zionist" conspiracy."

Sorry, but I'm jewish Doogie, and have a lot of respect for the religion of Judaism. Also, the Holocaust did happen dipshit.

"All link to the same, discredited "sources" for their claims. All claim to have "evidence" that is nothing but flights of fancy. All, in my opinion, are scams. I've spent weeks searching through these web sites and read all the links to so-called "evidence" and I have yet to find one, single, shred of verifiable information that provides any proof that our government planned or executed the attacks."

Then obviously Doogie, you don't know how to read.

Just once I would like the

Just once I would like the opportunity to debate one of these morons. Just give me that one opportunity.

Does anybody here give any

Does anybody here give any credence to what Ken Whelch says regarding this weekend? He doesn't have much good to say about it, and I doubt seriously anything dealing with RS ... but apparently there were other news/media reports to bolster his claims?



Dougie really has let 9/11

Dougie really has let 9/11 truthers get under his skin. 3 hit pieces in a month and a half? And removing comments? I read earlier comments and they knew their stuff. It says tons about the growing truth movement. And poor little Dougie trying to stuff us back in the box.

I have been wondering, where

I have been wondering, where is anyone in the Arab world talking about 9/11 truth? Well, here's a sort of recent Arabic tv interview with a former Egyptian general whose convinced 9/11 was an inside job, and says Bush was told on air force one that it was an inside job on 9/11: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=652...

Doug Thompson: "Those who

Doug Thompson: "Those who buy into such nutcase causes dishonor the memory of every man, woman and child who died on that horrible day. Even worse, they become willing pawns for the quick-buck scammers who use such events to line their own pockets."

No, it's people like Doug Thompson who aide who AIDE & ABET the real perpetrators in getting away with their murders!

The quick-buck scammers are Bush/Cheney/Halliburton, et al, who are making BILLIONS on 9/11 via wars in Afghanistan & Iraq!

What's up with Thompson writing all these hit pieces??? He seems to have a very keen agenda in trying to discredit the truth movement.

And with each piece, he

And with each piece, he discredits himself further, and I LOVE every minute of it.

Doug could have saved

Doug could have saved himself some time in writing that piece just by saying, "The 9/11 Truth Movement is stupid.", and left it at that because that's essentially what he said.

Nothing to counter our

Nothing to counter our arguments, just opinion based nonsense.

Hey Pockybot, I'd love to

Hey Pockybot, I'd love to get some corroboration on that story where Cheney told Bush it was Inside Job and stated "Angel is Next".

Ruppert talked about this a couple of times, Jon does he have any proof of this.

Then, next time someone asks you how you know 9/11 was an Inside Job, all you have to say is "Cheney said so", send them a link to the story and move on...

Congratulations To dz And

No 9/11 mention on Ellen I

No 9/11 mention on Ellen

I think the money men behind his show and the new Scary Movie 4 he's promoting, would like him to keep it on topic.

Which is great IMO...because his tv show is #1 and this movie will do well.....and that will keep him in the lamestream spotlight....which will have more pull in the sheeple's eyes when more Showbiz Tonight and Alex Jone's type pieces happen.

Yes, congrats to Rachel &

Yes, congrats to Rachel & dz!!!

(BTW: Kindly see my updated transcript of Alex Jones' guy vs. Thomas Kean on the thread immediately below this one.)

Jon Gold, I would like to

Jon Gold, I would like to compliment you for all your work on this issue. After reading Dipshit Thompson's piece it angers me to realize that I used to read this sad sack of shit. Jon please keep up the good fight. That goes to everyone here who is working so hard for some truth and justice. Thanks

"Jon Gold, I would like to

"Jon Gold, I would like to compliment you for all your work on this issue. After reading Dipshit Thompson's piece it angers me to realize that I used to read this sad sack of shit. Jon please keep up the good fight. That goes to everyone here who is working so hard for some truth and justice. Thanks"


"Angel is next..." Here's

"Angel is next..."

Here's Tarpley's take on it...

WT: Look, this is a forgotten clue of 9/11, which seems to me is the most important, because this is when the invisible government speaks. You may remember that at one point during the morning, 10:00 probably on 9/11, a death threat against Bush came into the Secret Service, saying, Angel is next. It essentially means, Air Force One will be shot down as the next step in these developments.

There’s no doubt that this telephone call took place, it was confirmed by Cheney indirectly, Condoleeza Rice very directly, many other Republicans directly, then later on it was denied. ‘Oh it was a confused or garbled message that came in.’

At the beginning it seemed to serve Bush, because it seemed to explain why he had gone from Florida to Louisiana to Nebraska. Why he had been running across the country, scurrying away, instead of taking up his position in Washington, but as time went on, that became less important, and what became more important was that with this little message, you are opening up the world of the secret government which otherwise hardly appears to the superficial observer.

‘Angel is next.’ Implies the top-secret codename or codeword for the Presidential aircraft, Air Force One. I go into intelligence agency reports, now let me just make a parenthesis, (9/11 didn’t occur in a vacuum, it occurs in a world in which there are others watching. Who’s watching? Well, Russia’s watching, Israel’s watching very much, the French are watching, there’s Germans, Japan…), what I found is 3 separate reports, one is the Réseau Voltaire which is obviously benefiting from leaks from French intelligence. The Réseau Voltaire version, which came out September 20th (or) 25th, says that the ‘Angel is next.’ phone call came complete with top secret codeword, across a variety of agencies, suggesting that the people that were behind the attacks were a powerful faction inside the US intelligence community and government in general.

And that secondly, they had the nuclear launch codes in their possession. This report goes on to say that the Bush team thought during most of the day, that they were the target of a military coup. And it was only somehow later in the day that the situation was recomposed. Now what would it mean?

Essentially it means that the invisible government force behind 9/11 tells Bush that he must respond by stating that its Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Arabs, the Islamic world, and that what’s gonna happen is the invasion of Afghanistan, and above all the beginning of the ‘war of civilizations’ that Samuel Huntington writes about. An open-ended aggression of the United States against the Arab and Islamic world.

The implication seems to be, in the Réseau Voltaire report, that if Bush doesn’t do this, that this group is capable of starting that same war, using not conventional forces but nuclear missiles. Simply ordering the launch of missiles toward, well, Afghanistan perhaps, but maybe Baghdad, maybe Damascus, maybe Tehran, maybe Cairo, maybe Islamabad, Rabat, Tunisia, Kuala Lumpur, you name it. Any place in the Arab or Islamic world that would then start the war of civilizations with a vengeance.

The Debka, Debka is an internet service that generally reflects the views of the Israeli Mossad, and they are even more emphatic that this telephone call came complete with multiple codeword indicating that the invisible government force behind the attack which stretched through numerous Federal agencies and executive departments. They knew a whole selection of codeword that they seemed to have included with this phone call.

Finally thereÂ’s the Soviets, in this case Russia, itÂ’s called Namakon, a very shadowy group. You canÂ’t just call them up. But they speak from time to time, these are KGB old boys. And this appeared in the Russophile newspaper Zaftra, itÂ’s a group thatÂ’s seeking confrontation, they have this nuclear launch capability, and theyÂ’re interested in nuclear confrontation also with Russia. Because, if it ever had come to this, in the middle of 9/11, if missiles had ever gone up, as soon as missiles are launched, Russia and China and others, see it, and they donÂ’t know where those missiles are going. In the initial phase itÂ’s not clear what the target is, so it takes a while to figure out where the missile is actually headed. ItÂ’s important to remember Russia was on a very high level of strategic alert on 9/11 because it had been carrying out strategic bomber maneuvers over the North Pole. (Of course the only conceivable target is Canada and the United States), and if you read Richard ClarkeÂ’s book, he says that the State Dept. had to call the Soviets and ask them to call off their strategic bomber maneuvers, and essentially the Soviets were asked not to go to a higher level of defense readiness, because the US had raised the DEFCON level to a sub-war level, but a very high level, in response to the 9/11 attacks. ItÂ’s also important to remember that one of the main events of 9/11 that nobody writes about, is the call between Putin and Bush, if you look at the big timeline thatÂ’s just been published about 9/11 it seems to have absolutely no reference to this, and itÂ’s really one of the huge developments on 9/11, that Bush and Putin get on the phone and it starts a kind of a honeymoon. I would call it a Hitler/Stalin pact disguised as a honeymoon.

And Putin says, sure, send your forces into Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, all you want. Invade Afghanistan, all you want. Some have described it as a breathtaking turn by Putin, vis a vis the United States. I think it’s simply Putin saying, ‘…madmen are now ruling the United States, I will not get in their way now, I will let them disperse their forces across the world: make war against Afghanistan, make war against Iraq, they’ll become weaker, I’ll become stronger, I’m building missiles, I’m getting ready, this is not the time, I know they’re crazy but I’m putting on my smiley face as strategic deception…’ and I think that has become more and more clear as time has one on, so this is probably another aspect of my book, we haven’t rendered the concept quite as clear as it might be, but it is complicated.

I try to put 9/11 in the context of the world in which we live, and that is one in which the superpower tensions between the US and Russia, the main nuclear powers in the world remain extremely strong. They were strong as a result of the bombing of Serbia in 1999, there was talk of the 3rd World War then, which the American media completely blacked out, and right now we’re in a… new cold war situation, where that honeymoon seems to have ended. I think the 9/11 events also have to be seen within the thermonuclear balance of terror in the world, this is now “real” terror, this is the kind of thing where you could have had a thermonuclear exchange.


Here's a CBS puff piece that corroborates;


"They also feared that Air Force One itself was a target. Cheney told the president there was a credible threat against the plane. Using the code name for Air Force One, Mr. Bush told an aide, “Angel is next.” The threat was passed to presidential pilot Col. Mark Tillman."

Awesome Reprehensor!!!

Awesome Reprehensor!!!

Hey Reprehensor, do you have

Hey Reprehensor, do you have anything that corroborates the "Inside Job" statement by Cheney?

Rumsfeld Participated In The

iTunes doesn't recognize the

iTunes doesn't recognize the URL - says it's invalid.


Congratz Rachel and dz!!!!

Congratz Rachel and dz!!!! You couldn't have a better chaperone than Jon 8)

Charlie Sheen is also on

Charlie Sheen is also on extra tonight for a lengthy interview. Check out their website.

That is the show EXTRA in

That is the show EXTRA in case anyone got confused.

Fyi I was at Loose Change 2 presentation at the Harkins Theatres in Phoenix last night and 400 people were in attendance. Excellent Q & A afterwards.

This bogus Moussaui trial won't derail any momentum that has really picked up the last 3 weeks since the Sheen revelation.

Keep the Faith

I'm unable to download the

I'm unable to download the Wolsley/Bowman interview. Any suggestions?

Hey cormorant, what problems

Hey cormorant, what problems are you having with it? Can you right click it and choose "Save As"?

I'm getting only 5 minutes

I'm getting only 5 minutes or so of the download. Trying to Save it to hard drive Or just to Open it.
It starts downloading and then stops, saying "download complete" after only a small fraction is downloaded . . .

Hey DZ, Congratulations,

Hey DZ,

Congratulations, and welcome to the rank of married guys!

Hey, cormorant, try

Hey, cormorant, try disabling any virus scanners you might have running and try again. If necessary, I'll set up an FTP account and you can try downloading it that way.

Hey Reprehensor, do you have

Hey Reprehensor, do you have anything that corroborates the "Inside Job" statement by Cheney?
somebigguy | Homepage | 04.14.06 - 12:20 pm | #

Not Cheney making that statement, if that's what you mean.

The closest thing I have is from Jim Marrs' book, "The War on Freedom";

"At 9:00 A.M. on Septmber 11, just about the time Flight 175 slammed into the south tower of the WTC, Secret Service agents in Washington received this chilling message: "Air Force One is next." Within minutes Vice President Dick Cheney was hustled from his seat in front of a television down to the president's nuclear-bomb-proof emergency operations center and the White House evacuated.

The warning was transmitted in that day's top-secret White House code, indicating that whoever was behind the transpiring attacks had access to the highest level of security codes. It meant that whoever had the codes could track and accurately pinpoint the president's plane.

After several days of investigation, the picture grew even darker. Someone had penetrated the National Security Agency's (NSA) hush-hush Echelon surveillance system. In fact, they appeared to have more electronic capability than even the NSA, including the use of "steganography", technology that allows its user to bypass Echelon and other electronic monitoring by hiding messages randomly in otherwise innocent digital files such as music, online advertisements, e-mail headers or even Internet pornography. Such buried messages leave no trace of their presence. The idea that someone had access to such high-level codes provoked speculation that there were "moles", deep-cover secret agents, within the U.S. government. It also could mean that whoever was behind the attacks had access to the latest and most sophisticated electronic equipment."

- The War on Freedom, Jim Marrs, (2003) p.12

(Marrs says 0900 v. Tarpley's 1000. It should be noted that Tarpley shoots from the hip when he does interviews, all from memory.)

Here is Marrs' source for

Here is Marrs' source for some of his info, appears to be a DEBKA report, completely ignores the INSIDE JOB elephant in the living room;

"Digital Moles in the White House?

"completely ignores the

"completely ignores the INSIDE JOB elephant in the living room"

Its amazing, anywhere there is money and power, there is also corruption. People are sticking their heads in the ground if they won't even consider the possibility of government corruption.

(I'd long ago identified

(I'd long ago identified Michael Wolsey's, and [Colorado]911visibility's, behavior as being contrary to the purpose of uncovering the truth about 9/11. It has long been divisive and disinformative. But I am always wary of letting labels do my thinking for me, so I listened to the audio. Sadly, MW once again lived down to my low expectations. His behavior, though not all of it, is consistently wrong. It is also very divisive. So please do not tell me that it is divisive of me to reveal how someone else is dividing and sabotaging the 911 truth mvmt from within...)

I'm listening to the audio, just past 30 minutes into it, where Michael Wolsey spews his misguided divisive distractive disinformation, as described/revealed below:

First of all, MW keeps repeating that divisive misleading denigrating "no-planer" label. Why would MW destructively divisively label people -- his own supposed fellow 911 truthers -- who've recognized that the government has lied to us about what hit the buildings? Which side is MW on, anyway? Why does he act so divisively in a manner which protects certain aspects of the U.S. government's big 9/11 lie?

For example, MW referred to the Naudet video of the 1st impact, but, as always, he 'failed' to mention that the video contains 1 frame which completely destroys/demolishes the government's claim that it was AA11 which hit WTC1. That is the same disinformative tactic (IOW, lie of omission) which was employed by the 9-11 Commission (which referred to the Naudet video more than does 911truth.org and 911citizenswatch.org combined!), which simply ignored the lie-busting evidence contained in the video! (Let's see MW explain how a normal regular civilian passenger 767 could have caused such a brief brilliant burst of light upon impact!!!! I'd be ROTFLMAO if this were not so serious, and MW's lie was not so destructive to, and incompatible with, full disclosure regarding 9/11.)

This simple diagram shows how the divisive self-proclaimed (fake) 911truthers divide and conquer (and marginalize those of us who are for full disclosure), by disagreeing rather narrowly with The Big Lie of 9/11. And when there are enough of them doing it, it not only seems 'normal', but it serves to create a fake alternative mainstream, to which some people are drawn like a magnet, regardless of how illogical it is. Because most people are reluctant to think for themselves, especially when it involves the 'risk' of being seen as "extreme".

MW also parrotted the 911pravda (aka 911truth.org et al) lie about "the (supposed) trap" regarding what hit the Pentagon, along the same bad-label "no-planer" line: See, the 1st of the 5 Pentagon Video Frames (the one w/o any distractive fireball) indicates that the lying government has provided us an image of whatever hit the Pentagon which reveals that whatever is [not] shown in the frame is too small to have been a 757!!! Thus the lying U.S. government has already destroyed its own credibility regarding what hit the Pentagon on 9/11!!! The disinformation promoted by MW -- and many others -- is to try to somehow make us so afraid of falling into some supposed "trap" that we fail to notice that the lying U.S. government has already trapped itself!!!

Why would Michael Wolsey want to thus assist the very same corrupt government which he claims to be opposing?????? His approach helps conceal the fact that the lying government has already destroyed its own credibility!!! Such behavior goes beyond merely disagreeing too narrowly with the lying government.

Is MW just misguided, confused, or is he doing it willfully and intentionally? The fact that CO911vis has, in the past, so aggressively and divisively promoted such disinformation makes him very suspect. The fact that he seems to be part of a large ring of self-proclaimed 911 truthers, who claim to be "leading" the 911 truth movement, makes such behavior more, not less, suspect. It obviously undermines and sabotages what the 911 truth movement is supposed to be accomplishing!

And anyone who has too much respect for Michael Wolsey (and the large number of other people [incl many so-called "leaders"] who are perpetrating such disinformation within the 911 truth movement) to think such thoughts need to be reminded that respect is a gatekeeper in the sense that it prevents you from thinking anything bad about those for whom you have too much respect. (That is the same mechanism which prevents so many people from being able to think anything bad about President Bush! Some people are just too intent upon considering the source to honestly consider the content/veracity of the info being promoted by that source.)

Please, people: WAKE UP ALREADY! The only reason it is so difficult to recognize such 9/11 disinformation is that the entire 911 truth movement is immersed in it. (And it is difficult to see that in which one is immersed: we don't know who discovered water, but we're pretty sure it wasn't a fish!)

Sorry for the big rant. I

Sorry for the big rant. I can put it much more succinctly:

Michael Wolsey continues to "pull a Hoffman" on trusting Coloradans, by talking about the Naudet video but not that 1 most striking frame (same as the 911 Commission), getting people to overlook the significance of the Pentagon Video Frames (same as the 911 Commission), labeling people who've recognized such plane-theory-destroying evidence as "no-planers" (so the govt proper needn't dirty its hands denouncing the truth-recognizers; something it cannot afford to be seen doing, yet cannot afford to not do)...