New 9/11 Media Available at

I just noticed that has posted a handful of new 9/11 related media here.

We also just received about 8 DVDs of 9/11 interviews, speeches, etc. from - we hope to get these up on in the coming weeks, and will post here as we do.

wow, that tarpley video is

wow, that tarpley video is excellent.

When NeoCon barbarians are

When NeoCon barbarians are depressing me, like in this staged Moussaoui trial, I watch my favorite Bush media here:

FYI... I have an email into

FYI... I have an email into Greg Gordon who works for McClatchy Newspapers, who works for the News & Observer, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Washington Bureau. The editor of the North Carolina News & Observer, Melanie Sills, was nice enough to give me his email address...

Regarding this...

I wrote...

Dear Mr. Gordon,

On the 12th of this month, you wrote an article entitled, "3rd day of graphic evidence in terror trial" regarding the Moussaoui Trial. In that article you specified, " While the material was supposedly toned down in response to defense lawyers' complaints, it included videos of American Airlines Flight 77 hitting the building at 530 miles per hour and photos of charred bodies of some of the 64 airline passengers and crew and 125 Pentagon workers who died that day." My question is, what video did they show? Was this previously seen footage, or was it something unreleased? Thank you for your time, and any information you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Jon Gold

its going to take the

its going to take the destruction of the globe for people to wake up.

Good comments re: Sheen in

Good comments re: Sheen in The Rebel Yell newspaper of the University of Neveda. In part:

"Not only are we subjected to information that conflicts with the truth, but sometimes information that could be truthful is blacklisted. A case in point is the Charlie Sheen interview. Now, I'm not saying that Charlie Sheen's remarks were either truthful or fraudulent, but at the very least, I think they should be made available to the public. If we don't have access to something, how can we determine if it's truthful? Furthermore, what's the motivation behind blacklisting something? With all the other information we receive, there's no logical reason for Charlie Sheen's comments to be blacklisted from the public. I think the government was afraid we might actually learn something, or worse yet, Mr. Sheen might have asked some questions that authorities can't answer."....

IM watching Webster Tarpley

IM watching Webster Tarpley in NYC off 911 again. It all makes sense. I beleive this is what happened on 911. This is a MUST WATCH video if you havent checked it out yet.

I've supplemented my

I've supplemented my previous transcript of Alex Jones' reporter vs. 9/11 Commission Kean to include two more questions. (When Kean & others are asked REAL questions about 9/11, the bastards squirm, evade, & lie.)
I watched a video on Alex JonesÂ’ entitled: The Infowars Team Confronts 9/11 Whitewasher Thomas Kean at Southwestern University from 3/31/06.

Therein, one of Alex JonesÂ’ men asked 9/11 Commissioner Thomas Kean what happened to WTC-7 & two other questions. Kean gave dishonest, unacceptable responses. His curt, deceitful answers are indicative of a cover-up. KEAN SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO FRAUDULENTLY DODGE THIS 9/11 QUESTIONS!!! WE MUST DEMAND A REAL ANSWERS!!!

Here is my written transcript of said questions & answers:

QUESTION FROM ALEX JONESÂ’ ASSOCIATE: At 5:20 pm on Sept 11, WT building #7, a 47-story modern-framed steel skyscraper that no plane hit, collapsed into a neat little pile onto itself, and, exhibited all the characteristics of a controlled demolition.
The guy who owned the place, Larry Silverstein, basically admitted on a documentary, on PBS, that he got together with the NY Fire Dept. & pulled the building, which is a demolition term for taking it down.
FEMA, in their investigation, didnÂ’t say that. They said the fire must have knocked it down, but they couldnÂ’t figure out how.
Video evidence shows what appears to be explosive squibs going up the side of the building, from south to north, or from bottom to top as the building collapsed. There was molten metal found in the basement of that building at temperatures exceeding anything normal fire can cause.
With all the confusion about what happened to building #7, why is there not a WORD about the collapse of that building in the 9/11 Commission Report?

ANSWER FROM COMMISSIONER THOMAS KEAN: We didnÂ’t see anything...any evidence of the kind of thing youÂ’re talking about. We thought that was one part of the tragedy of 9/11, the building collapsed later on, it was not loss of life in that building, and it was not, not part of our report.

QUESTION FROM ALEX JONESÂ’ ASSOCIATE: Not part of the report? Thank you.

QUESTION FROM ALEX JONES’ ASSOCIATE: How can you say the question of who bankrolled the deaths’ of 3,000 American people on Sept. 11 is of quote, “little practical significance”

ANSWER FROM COMMISSIONER THOMAS KEAN: Because it cost so little money thatÂ’s the awful thing about it. It cost less than $500,000 dollars and thatÂ’s why it was so hard to trace...we were able to find pieces of the $500,000 dollars, but it came in very small pieces.

QUESTION FROM ALEX JONESÂ’ ASSOCIATE: FBI agent Robert Reich was on the money-trail of money coming from Saudi Arabia, from the Arab countries into this country to finance terrorist operations here in United States, heÂ’s tried to go public & the FBI shut him up & threatened him. Did he testify before the commission?

ANSWER FROM COMMISSIONER THOMAS KEAN: I believe so, we had over 2,000 witnesses...we had anybody....who had any information...

QUESTION FROM ALEX JONESÂ’ ASSOCIATE: He made quite a stir...But there wasnÂ’t a word of what he said in your report. I was wondering why?

ANSWER FROM COMMISSIONER THOMAS KEAN: Well it may have been...It may have been. We were not allowed, because of security reasons, when the informant was part of the FBI or CIA, to mention the names of those agents.


The purpose of the 9/11 Commission was to resolve the unanswered questions.
Studying the videos & pictures of WTC-1 & WTC-2 indicates that they exploded & erupted like a volcano & fell like an avalanche, with no resistance, at free-fall speed. Moreover, steel superstructures do not have some "tipping point" that makes them crash down like a landslide of cascading dominos as contained fires die out. Same thing applies to WTC-7.
So, Commissioner Thomas Keen, since WTC-7 imploded, we must assume that it was “pulled” with explosives like Larry Silverstein said. EXPLOSIVES ALSO EXPLAIN THE PHENOMENA OBSERVED AT WTC-1 & WTC-2.

Furthermore Kean, if it only cost $500,000 to pull off 9/11, put these small “pieces of money” together, let FBI agent Robert Reich finish his investigation, and we’ll see who committed 9/11. (Also, if our trillion $$$ military/industrial complex was defeated with $500,000 we might as well just scrap it and put the money elsewhere.)

They just found 300 more

They just found 300 more bones on a WTC roof, 4.5 years later! Gee, what a thorough investigation they did back in 2001.

Loose Change 2nd Edition is

Loose Change 2nd Edition is 6th place on Google Video's new Top 100 ranking:

Watch it to make it No. 1

Millions of Americans are

Millions of Americans are questioning the official story of what happened on 9/11, based on a growing body of evidence that conflicts with The 9/11 Commission Report. Do you intend to respond to these questions, and would you be willing to support an independent investigation made up of impartial experts, rather than Administration insiders?
Martha San Diego, California

Here's is how 3 Congressmen ansnwered the above question (Representatives Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Tim Ryan (D-OH), and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). Notice how these 3 frauds avoided the question of a new/real investigation:

I believe the 9/11 Commission did an extraordinary job at uncovering the truth of what happened on that tragic day. My greatest disappointment is that the Bush Administration has done such a terrible job at following the Commission's recommendations for make our nation safer. Instead, President Bush would rather give tax breaks to millionaires than follow the Commission's recommendations.
* Congressman Ryan

One thing that will always persist in America are conspiracy theories. Did we know about Pearl Harbor, Who Shot JFK, and was TWA Flight 800 shot down, etc? I feel that the 9/11 Commission Report, was both comprehensive and balanced. The commission was made up of 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans and several of the members have been openly critical of the Congress and the White House for not implementing the commission's recommendations on how to improve the overall security of our nation.
People on both sides of the political spectrum accused the other side of using the commission to serve their political agenda, in other words, neither Democrats, nor Republicans, were happy with every finding in the report. That indicates to me that this commission was not pulling for one side or the other.
What is clear is that 9/11 was an incredible national tragedy that took thousands of lives. This kind of wound on the American psyche will remain with our country for years to come. My personal opinion is that we should learn from the mistakes of the past and move our country forward rather than continuing to pick apart the tragic mistakes of the past.
* Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz

The 9/11 Commission was composed of a bipartisan group of experts from private and public sectors. I commend Commission's final report and support implementing all of their findings into law.
* Congressman Meek