Veterans For 9/11 Truth

I'm a big fan of Cathy, so this means a lot:

Dear Somebigguy,

I want to thank you so very much for posting my recent blog column It Only Takes One - Vets for 9/11 Truth.

As I understand it, apparently what happened is that someone saw my article on your website and posted it to the Scholars for Truth member forum. This is where a Vietnam vet reportedly saw it and in very short time created a group called "Veterans for 9/11 Truth" with a website around this theme. This great new website for vets can be found at: .

I can not tell you enough how much this and all your efforts at are appreciated. You not only feature breaking, cutting edge 9/11 material and news, but this proves how you also help keep the 9/11 truth community connected.

Hats off to all of you at for a job well done! Because of you, I am absolutely certain more vets will find out why the official story about 9/11 just can not possibly be true.

Best wishes,

Cathy Garger

Congratulations SBG and

Congratulations SBG and Cathy Garger.

U.S. Prepares Bird-Flu Plan

U.S. Prepares Bird-Flu Plan For Approval

That's a pretty scary report. I don't believe in the bird flu. Not as to whether or not it exists, but whether or not it's as dangerous as everyone is leading you to believe. However, what they're preparing for sounds pretty big.


That's so freakin

That's so freakin beautiful...
The site even brought a tear to my eye.
Things to love about it:
- The upside down "distress flag"
- appropriate use of the phrase "but the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance" in the mission statement
- boldly acknowledging Controlled Demolition in the mission statement
(have I shown you my pictures of explosions?)
- Operation Vigilant Truth !
- Rule of Law

just beautiful
On another topic, I heard that on the Sopranos Meadow said to her mom...
" 911, 911, 911, Bush is using 911 to erode our freedoms behind the pretense of terrorism "

Anyone still have HBO that can verify that?

Bill Clinton and CIA Gave

Bill Clinton and CIA Gave Iranians Blueprint for Nuclear Bomb:

Hey manhattanite, isn't it

Hey manhattanite, isn't it great news!! Just think what an army of veterans can do for this cause...

Thanks Jon, BTW...

Thanks Jon, BTW...

Thank you Jon G! And to

Thank you Jon G!

And to Manhattanite... I could not agree any more with you! When I saw that Vets for 9/11 Truth website, I was overcome with joy! I could not believe my eyes - that finally here is a vet who is not afraid to let the rest of his brothers and sisters in arms know that their own government has failed them!

The material he presents is also excellent, as it lets vets learn and realize for themselves that their so-called "leaders" committed a false flag terror op that allowed them to get into wars where so many of their fellow soldiers were killed, and so many others are still dying.

It is beyond my ability to fathom that a nation would do this to its own courageous men and women who honestly *think* that they are going overseas to defend their loved ones and the nation they love so much!

I hope to God that every single military person and every single vet finds out about the vet for truth's website. For when they all do? I suspect that it will have to be Batman and Robin from the Oval Office going to the Middle East themselves and duking it out with the so-called "insurgents" (some of which, are, of course, on our own payroll) because once our military personanel all find out the REAL TRUTH about 9/11? There will be not one more military staff person who will fight their filthy dirty wars for them.

Cath, YOU ROCK!!!



Thank God! Hurray for

Thank God! Hurray for Veterans for 9/11 Truth! Please join me in an effort to encourage anyone and everyone who flys the American Flag to fly it upside down! Provide the Veteran's for 9/11 Truth Misssion Statment which provides documentation for what that symbol means, a situation of dire distress and not disrespect for the Flag, the Country, or the Armed Services. Institutions and individuals who take the significant symbolic step of flying our flag upside down should expect an onslaught of outrage, misunderstanding, and questions, to which they should respond calmly and courteously with the unsettling truth that shall set us all free: 9/11 was an inside job. I think that this tactic has tremendous potential to accelerate the truth movement in a very big way.

That's a great idea.

That's a great idea. Upside-down American flags everywhere. And yes, be prepared for outrage.

Thanks George Washington -

Thanks George Washington - and all ... Very inspiring!!! And there is another surprise still yet to come....

Cathy Garger