The Lionel Show discusses Flight 93

D. Hassen sent this in, have a listen:

The best show was Saturday. He asked one simple question to his callers "Where's the plane" and he wanted to see what people would reply with.
And Saturday he kind of got more into why he just wanted to ask this question. I think it's good to MENTION LIONEL is covering the 9/11 subject in interesting ways.

can someone give me the

can someone give me the readers digest version

Does Anybody Care Anymore?

They should.

They should.

Yay! Lionel is great better

Yay! Lionel is great better than Mike Malloy on this topic!!!

Fetzer on Moussaoui. Nice

Fetzer on Moussaoui.

Nice discussion of flight recorder on 93.


Good place to start a ruckus...

Tilman, Lynch, Bingham, &

What Questions Would You

I just sent this letter to a

I just sent this letter to a lot of structural engineer organizations...

To Whom It May Concern,

You may or may not know, but a Professor of Physics from BYU by the name of Steven E. Jones has recently come out to say that he thinks a form of explosives was used to bring down the World Trade Center. I was wondering if there were any structural engineers among you who would like to agree/disagree with this hypothesis. Any help or assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

Jon Gold

Articles of Reference:,1249,635198488,00.html,1249,635179751,00.html,1249,635160132,00.html

Professor Jones' Paper, "Why Indeed Did The WTC Buildings Collapse?

Here's a movie the Professor has appeared in called, "9/11 Revisited":

Here is the original presentation he gave on February 1st of this year:

Terrence is getting on my nerves.

Why Jon? You're letting him

Why Jon? You're letting him succeed. :-:

"Why Jon? You're letting him

"Why Jon? You're letting him succeed."

Would it hurt to have a structural engineer on our side? He made me do something "extra" is how I see it. ;)

he has had the structural

he has had the structural engineer from pointed out to him at least a dozen times, he could at least say 'you only have 1' or something..

Yeah anon, on his own blog!

Yeah anon, on his own blog! He'll simply post comments under different names backing up himself or some such nonsense. Just goes to show, they must not be getting paid well enough.

I didn't know there was one

I didn't know there was one with Who?

bah, i banned him twice

bah, i banned him twice today, as well as sking.. but, they just keep coming back and back over and over.. but, i have the ability to monitor the comments more routinely now, so they will just keep getting banned and having their posts deleted.

the way to shutup s. king is to refer him to these videos:
(audible explosions, smoke at base of towers before collapse)
(smoke at bottom of south tower)
(shaking of tripod prior to collapse)

unfortuantely, getting terrence to shutup is basically impossible.

the reason these two are consistantly banned is because they do the exact things they blame the 9/11 'conspiracy quacks' of doing.. they say 'there is no evidence at all' and refuse to admit anything at all is evidence including work by hoffman, jones, etc., eyewitness accounts, and the videos aforementioned..

in s.king's case he wraps everyone into a 'controlled demolition idiot' strawman stereotype and avoids any of the dozens of other topics which are equally worthy of investigation. whereas terrence claims we all have no life, but yet he comes back here 2-3 times a day to tell us.

dz in the house!

dz in the house!

hehe, yeah, im still

hehe, yeah, im still kicking.

honestly i dont see any

honestly i dont see any reason to ban those people. but its your website so i cant tell you what do to.

I see a reason. They're

I see a reason. They're time-wasters and they're full of shit. Thanks, dz.

The Chicago conference is

The Chicago conference is going to be great.. I can't wait! It seems like the perfect solution to get everyone on the same page. Does anyone have an idea how many people are signed up so far?

" I see a reason. They're

" I see a reason. They're time-wasters and they're full of shit. Thanks, dz."

i dont see how they are any more of time wasters than the people on here who promote the "no-planes" theory and that bush saw the first plane hit on some secret closed circuit sattelite tv channel.....rubbish

i just think its a bad

i just think its a bad habbit to get into to ban people who dont really break the stated rules here. They are annoying yes, but i dont think they broke any rules.

Robbie, -Do not post


-Do not post comments that are abusive, offensive, contain profane or racist material, or resort to attacking other users
-Use the comments to post useful information and comments, not to direct attacks on other users
-Try to respect others who may have differing opinions

The two specific people who have been banned have not been so because of their opinions, but rather because of their incessant need to talk down to or call names of those that disagree with their opinions.

In one case the user only shows up here to bash others, mock others, and comment on how they were probably losers in high school, as well as repetitively state that no structural engineers believe in the controlled demolition theory. this user continually ignores the responses showing the member from st911 who is a structural engineer, and has no desire to have any real discussion, or contribute with any references or links to their counter-argument. This person's sole intention is to come to this forum and post hateful comments towards those that he disagrees with (namely everyone).

The other user is an out-and-out troll who has posted thousands and thousands of posts all across the web making light of those that believe in the controlled demolition theory. He is very insistent that there 'is absolutely no evidence' that supports the C.D. theory. He refuses to acknowledge the eyewitness testimony or video footage as being any type of evidence, and also has no real desire to have an honest discussion. Any response to him showing why some believe what they do is only met with simple one line responses from this visitor with a continued attacking tone and holier than thou approach.

I do not care if people believe in the official theory, or any of the other theories, etc. it is the 'high and mighty' talking-down attitude along with the refusal to acknowledge the reasoning behind the counter-argument that gets me. That and the incessant need to bait other users to start a time wasting fight, with no real purpose or solution. Inevitably these 2 users will always come back and say the exact same thing in the next thread and start the process over again.

The last thing I want to do is be an advocate for public discussion of 9/11 while at the same time banning users. It is only after the continuing beratement, fight starting, etc. etc. that I have decided to ban these 2 users.

At the end of the day it is a judgment call, and I believe it is the right one.

As for the 'no-planers', they have every right to their opinion, all I ask is for people to be honest and play nice.

unfortuantely, getting

unfortuantely, getting terrence to shutup is basically impossible.......I agree, thanks for banning him and the other clown. They just waste bandwidth and get on my nerves. I have no patience with disinfo. freaks.

and the other clown. Sorry

and the other clown.

Sorry Maddog, I'm still here...