'9/11 Mysteries' - Last Live Show, Upcoming DVD Release

September 11th Live Show Unveils the Mysteries at San Diego Campus

Acclaimed live audio-visual show revealing evidence regarding the September 11th attacks and who benefited from the crimes. Held at San Diego State University Campus, North Education Building, Room 60, Tuesday April 25, 2006 at 7 pm. Admission is free, Sponsored by SDSU Heartprints and 911Mysteries.com.

"9/11 Mysteries: Legend or Logic?", a multimedia presentation by The 9/11 Roadies, connects the how's, why's and wherefores of the September 11th picture. This will be the last live presentation of the acclaimed show which is about to be released as a DVD due to popular demand.

An entertaining and breath-taking 2-hour audiovisual presentation by The 9/11 Roadies (Sofia and Brad), "9/11 Mysteries" recently completed a successful 6-week run in a Hollywood Theatre, and is now poised to rock San Diego with what many have called "the most powerful presentation of 9/11 evidence ever made."

The San Diego California show will be held at San Diego State University Campus, North Education Building, Room 60, Tuesday April 25, 2006 at 7 pm. Admission is free, Sponsored by SDSU Heartprints and www.911Mysteries.com. Bring your questions for the Q&A following the presentation.
"9/11 Mysteries" presents photographic and video evidence drawn from over 3000 websites and 10 current documentaries, allowing viewers to create perspective and form conclusions by themselves. Without pointing fingers or making allegations, the show suggests that something is very wrong with the story we have heard so far.
The show contains four segments. "Demolitions" reveals what the Roadies call "woops footage" from major news networks. Much of the video aired that morning by the media giants was never aired again. While shots of the plane strike were shown repeatedly to millions, the building collapses were not. Slowed down and analyzed, the collapses are the key.

"Hijackers & Planes" reveals anomalies about the damage to the Pentagon, the Arab terrorists, the wandering planes, and the passenger cell-phone calls, leading into the question of why Air Force scramblers failed to intercede within minutes as standard operating procedure mandates. "War Games" covers the numerous military drills in
force that day.

"Who Benefits" discusses the stock trades, the government's expanding geopolitical program, military as industry and the birth of the warfare state, connecting all the dots with clips from documentaries and the news.

Why live presentations? Probably because as far as this subject is concerned, the newsrooms are closed, however, new information about the 9/11 attacks is becoming available weekly, and attendees will be shocked at how much information they have not seen in the major media.

A reviewer for Backstage West in LA said: "If your acquaintance with the event is limited to what aired that day and the mainstream follow-up, a great deal of this may be quite surprising. Even if you tend toward lefty crankiness, the discussion of the physics of building demolition and the structural integrity of steel frames is an eye opener."

You can find more about this upcoming DVD at 911mysteries.com.

It's ironic that the link to

It's ironic that the link to watch the Penn & Teller junk is a big photo of one of the towers erupting & exploding like a valcano. (Sure, that's what building collapsing looks like!)

This is a great thread so

This is a great thread so far. Really liking what you've wrote GW...

A bit OT but did anyone hear that victims of 9/11 families are now defending Moussaoui?

"I don't know I did it for (Josh), I did it because I thought it was my duty, as an American in a democracy," she said after testifying. "Mr. Moussaoui is the wrong man to be...on trial."



maddog, thanks for sharing,


thanks for sharing, and i completely understand your point. examining the realities surrounding the complex issues of global politics can be quite an eye opener.

man those atheist must be

man those atheist must be really screwed when there court ordered to go to AA.

I came across a site that

I came across a site that hosts an extremely disturbing Penn & Teller video that bashes 9/11 truthers in a very disgusting way. I didn't have the time to watch the whole thing, but I saw/heard the big fat one (Penn, I think), repeadily calling Jimmy Walter an "asshole", and yelling "f*ck you!" at his image on a tv screen, etc.! It is some very sick stuff. http://thatsjuststupid.com/911.htm

Thanks, Jon. Someone I

Thanks, Jon.

Someone I greatly respect recently s that the Flight 93 propaganda will be becoming huge, so mass flyering will be imperative.

It occurs to me that we should create and promote another Fahrenheit 9-11 type flyering campaign, simiilar to the successful one we did at 911Visibility for the Fahrenheit 9-11 movie "Dude, There's More to the Story".
(the main flyer for this previous campaign is also on my download page).

Very interesting 9/11 site

Very interesting 9/11 site w/many great photos & diagrams! http://algoxy.com/psych/9-11scenario.html

Anonymous, That site


That site proposes that there were nore steel core columns in the towers, but that they were primarily made of concrete only.

I am a member of AA. 29

I am a member of AA. 29 years ago I lay in a hospital in SF dying of alcohoilism. To make it short I had a spiritual awakening while at that hospital that changed me completely. I saw myself as I really was and I didn't like what I saw. I walked out of that hospital 21 days later a free man. I havn't had a drink since nor have I wanted one. I knew I had to grow spiritually so I joined AA. In AA I found understanding, companionship and approvial. I also found a way to grow spiritually through the 12 steps and reliance on a higher power. About 1 and 1/2 years ago I had a second spiritual awakening. I woke up to 9/11 truth. It was just as profound as my first awakening. It shook me to my core and changed my way of looking at life. I grew up to the world around me and now see things as they really are. I knew right then I would spend what is left of my life trying to wake others up. 9/11 has profound spiritual implications for me. I am sure some of you understand what I am trying to say. It is very hard to put into words. In my mind the human race is in the process of growing up. What is happening now in this world I identify as growing pains.

Iran's Oil Bourse: A Threat

New Flight 93 flyer by Jan

New Flight 93 flyer by Jan Hoyer is now available...


Blair And Straw At Odds Over

Blair And Straw At Odds Over U.S. Action In Iran

"Differences opened up yesterday between Mr Blair and the Foreign Secretary over growing alarm in the US at the refusal of Mr Bush to rule out military action. Mr Straw said on BBC Radio 4 that it was "inconceivable" that Britain would support a military strike against Tehran. Four hours later, Mr Blair refused to go that far when challenged to do so at Prime Minister's questions by the former minister, Michael Meacher."


That's great as-is,

That's great as-is, GeorgeWashington!! Faster... write faster!

re: addiction, at first, I

re: addiction, at first, I was worried I was about to learn why I can't quit worrying about, and trying to find, the truth.

Certainly thought-provoking, GW. Lets think about it a little. Addiction, in one sense, can imply compulsive, continual consumption. I tend to see much of what we are facing in what we deem as a world to be educated, if indeed we are right, as a combination of aggressive bad relatively few people feasting on widespread laziness out there, not a form of compulsive consumption of myth.

Yet there may be quieter, more insidious forms of addiction; that may be getting at what you are talking about.


i have yet to come across

i have yet to come across anyone who has seen this. any reviews?


That's an interesting read

That's an interesting read GW... I'm going to write you privately my response...

OK, Jon.

OK, Jon.

FYI, "OK, Jon" was me. I

FYI, "OK, Jon" was me. I accidentally deleted my info.

You should have my letter by

You should have my letter by now...

This is great stuff. The

This is great stuff. The more exposure the better. I agree with the "critical mass" thing. I think we are just about there. Now is the time to turn up the heat.

Hey, I'd appreciate feedback

Hey, I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who has kicked an addiction:

9/11 Addictions

How do you get drug abusers, alcoholics, out-of-control gamblers or other addicts to quit their addiction? Do you have a logical debate with them about the costs of their destructive behavior?

You can try, but it probably won't work.

A better approach might be to substitute healthier, more sustainable habits. For example, alcoholics often get hooked on spirituality and donuts at AA meetings (I am not in any way belittling either, as you'll see below).

Likewise, drug addicts might become "hooked" on exercise, and gamblers can get "obsessed" with work.

In all of these cases, the addict is able to focus on an alternative habit which is pleasurable but less destructive, which makes it much easier to kick the old habit.

Instead of going "cold turkey", which many people do not have the willpower to do, they can reach for something else which ALSO gives them pleasure. That makes it alot easier to kick the addiction.

The 9/11 Addiction

Believe it or not, this principle also applies to 9/11 truth. Specifically, millions of Americans are "addicted" to one of the following:

• The idea that they are in control

• The belief that the world is safe and stable

• The notion that they are too smart to have been fooled

• The warm, comfortable feeling of being asleep to harsh realities

• The habit of feeling helpless or cynical as an excuse for not having to take difficult actions

• The reassurance of being part of, or rooting for, the "winning team"

• The idea that our government is good and will protect us

These are, admittedly, emotional and mental addictions. But make no mistake about it -- they are very powerful addictions. Indeed, people will fight and die for ideas. (Emotions and thoughts actually effect our body's neurochemistry, so addictions not involving ingested substances can still be very deeply rooted and hard to kick).

So talking to someone with one or more of these addictions about 9/11 without offering them a substitute pleasure is like trying to get a drug addict to quit cold turkey: some can do it, but most can't.

We need to offer these emotional and mental addicts something else to reach for, a more healthy and sustainable pleasure.

Like What?

That's up to you to figure out. There are many possible healthy substitute pleasures for believers of the official 9/11 story. Here are a couple:

• A sense of community will work for many. Indeed, that is a large part of the reason that so many young people took part in the 60's protests -- they felt like they were joining a community, the in-crowd, like they belonged. And there was plenty of entertainment in the form of music, etc.

I am NOT arguing that the same type of community be offered. This is a different era, and many members of the 9/11 truth community are conservative.

But in a fragmented, isolated society, a sense of community can be very attractive. And 9/11 truthers are a passionate, committed, creative bunch. So we are a community well worth joining.

Community is also a sustainable pleasure. Rather than being a short-term pleasure which causes long-term harm, a sense of community increases well-being.

• The adrenaline rush. Finding out the truth about false flag operations and trying to prevent future ones is quite an adrenaline rush. It gives a sense of excitement and purpose which can be quite pleasurable. It also links one with a long line of patriots and heros who changed the world for the better.

The rush of throwing oneself into this type of work is sustainable in the sense that it gives one a sense of meaning in life, which -- some like Victor Frankl have argued -- is the cornerstone of happiness and mental well-being.

In addition, this type of work will protect our country from dictatorship, violence and possibly even war, which makes our society more sustainable.

• Spirituality and religion will work for some. God wants us to bring the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice.

9/11 is the "shadow" side of spirituality, the "doing justice" part of religion. Our growth as religious people, our spiritual growth, cannot break through to a higher or deeper level until we confront and deal with those who committed these monstrous acts of false flag terror.

Until we can name the devils, we are under their spell. Until we recognize and dethrone the perpetrators, they retain power over us. We cannot grow to the next level of our souls' potential until we do.

Indeed, one of the reasons AA is so successful is the sense of shared spirituality -- of connecting to a higher power with others -- that it gives.

Some of the most religious and spiritual people I know are 9/11 activists. Indeed, instead of the traditional concept of individual religious salvation or spiritual enlightenment, 9/11 may be an issue which helps us to create a group worship, a shared sprituality, the ability to walk our talk and act on our prayers within a group context more than just once-a-week in church, synagogue or mosque.

And what could be more sustainable than the development and growth of our souls?

There are undoubtedly other "healthy" addictions which people can substitute for the official story as they wake up to 9/11 truth, so they don't have to try to quit the old disinformation paradigm "cold turkey".

Postscript: Intervention is another method for treating addiction. But I cannot see how an intervention could be done on adherents to the official 9/11 story. If you think of a way it could be done, let me know.

Wolsey's new show is

Wolsey's new show is up...


He's also on revere radio tonight at 9pm.

Has anyone seen this? Is it

Has anyone seen this? Is it similar to loose change or is it a more conservative look at facts? I might have to get it.

Everybody's Gotta Learn

U.S. Contractor Admits

U.S. Contractor Admits Bribes To U.S. Officials For Iraq Rebuilding Contracts

"As part of the plea, Philip H. Bloom admitted his part in a scheme to give more than $2 million in cash and gifts to U.S. officials in exchange for their help in getting reconstruction contracts for his companies."

"The documents unsealed yesterday refer to an unidentified co-conspirator who was chief of staff for the CPA office in Al-Hillah, which supervised the reconstruction of all of south-central Iraq."

Just so you know...

"The CPA was created and funded as a division of the U.S. Department of Defense, and as Administrator, Bremer reported directly to the U.S. Secretary of Defense."

today is the anniversary of

today is the anniversary of oklahoma city and waco

oklahoma city was covered up as bad as 9-11

the perps--evil militias

causing americans to never think of joining one

then they pulled of 9-11


i am glad we have a well armed civilian population

checks and balances

"Thanks, Jon. Someone I

"Thanks, Jon.

Someone I greatly respect recently s that the Flight 93 propaganda will be becoming huge, so mass flyering will be imperative.

It occurs to me that we should create and promote another Fahrenheit 9-11 type flyering campaign, simiilar to the successful one we did at 911Visibility for the Fahrenheit 9-11 movie "Dude, There's More to the Story". (the main flyer for this previous campaign is also on my download page)."

Abso-friggin lutely.

Yeah, thank God for the gun

Yeah, thank God for the gun nuts in the white supremacist militias; without them, Nazis might have taken over our government....

Man, now I see why the

Man, now I see why the Founding Fathers made that 2nd Ammendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.




Penn and Teller are

Penn and Teller are magicians.isnt that all that needs to be said?

or wannabe comedians. not

or wannabe comedians. not sure which.

"A well regulated Militia,

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Hey, I'm not disagreeing; in fact, I'm pro-gun. My point is that the people who have been obsessed with playing with their guns for the past 20 years have done NOTHING to stop people like Bush & Co. from committing their crimes, and in fact most of them probably VOTED FOR THEM. When the Blackwater thugs were confiscating weapons in New Orleans, where were the militias? The NRA was making excuses for the government while they kept cashing their members' checks.

I don't care if you use guns for sport and self-defense, in fact I wish more gays, women, and liberals were gun owners. Just don't pretend that your 30-06 is a threat to the people with the M-1 Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters.

everyone should own a gun of

everyone should own a gun of some kind.im as liberal as they come on most issues, but dont you dare take away my guns.a simple gun may not be much of a threat to a tank but it will work just find on the grunts that bust down doors.

I think watching the Penn &

I think watching the Penn & Teller video (above) is instructional for handling bully-type interviewers like what Anthony & Opie did to that 9/11 Loose Change guy.

Opie and Anthony(hacks) were

Opie and Anthony(hacks) were on a local station around here about 2 years ago, and all they seemed to do was bash Howard Stern.jealousy is a son of a bitch........