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Just got sent in a really interesting website, it is packed with stuff to check out.

You can find the site at

Check it out, post some comments, and have at it - open thread.

V For Vendetta is another

V For Vendetta is another IMDB forum thats good to post at. The quickest way to silence the "OMG tinfoil crazy people!" crap is to combat by simply stating we havent been todl the full truth, and how many top US officials have been coming out. United 93 and World Trade Center are two big movies this year that will really get people talking about 9/11, and I think this being the 5 year annv, its time for the dam to break.

Btw, for anyone that's heard this interview, which articles is Alex Jones referring to when he says the US government paid for the hijackers rent or other stuff?

Tue., April 18,

Tue., April 18, 2006

Christopher Bolin on RBN: topic, 9-11

pockybot in newsweek there


in newsweek there is an article titled "Alleged hijackers trained at us bases"

and also check out this fox news article that states - "What also needs to be investigated further, Graham said, is how two Sept. 11 terrorists were living in a building in San Diego where their landlord was actually an FBI informant. The FBI is not saying what the informant told the agency about those terrorists, he said."

i have the original article where this (landlord of hijackers being FBI) was reported, you can find it on the 911 truther forum. It was ran in CBS news and ABC.

ill try to find it for you and post it up here shortly.

Im not sure what info Alex is basing the idea of the hijackers being paid for by the FBI.

Anyone know a followup on

Anyone know a followup on the Nick Berg/al Qaeda thing? How the FBI says they found his email accounts and passwords on al Qaeda laptops seized in Afghanistan, how they met with Berg in 2001 after he said he met al Qaeda agents on a bus in Oklahoma, how they reportedly bought the plane tickets at the same Oklahoma State library he worked at(possibly with his email), and how he ended up being beheaded half a world away by these same terrorists.
His dad says the US held him 2 days before he was killed, and was to blame. Some postulate Berg was a liason for al Qaeda or even the CIA.

I also think Mohammed Atta is one of the biggest links and main puzzle pieces of 9/11. Daniel Hopsicker has done a good job investigating him, and how most his contacts were European men, not Arabs. And then the CIA was following him from Hamburg to the US, how he really was not a devout Muslim, and how the Pakistani ISI general authorized a $100,000 wire transfer to him months before 9/11. I mean, this is quite an interesting story of intrigue, and Im waiting for the ultimate 9/11 documentary to delve into all this stuff, not focusing on the typical tower/pentagon stuff.

If anyones got the time, it

If anyones got the time, it might be worth checking out the David Lynch blog:

click Interesting questions (blog)

There's a fresh entry called:

# Is there any new information about 9-11?


David Lynch is just one more

David Lynch is just one more famous celebrity to hop onto the 9/11 truth movement. Anyways, Ive been looking up on the OKC bombing developments.
This interview tonight with Nichol's son was explosive. If you read the transcript he definately points to FBI foreknowlege...and even hints they may have been in on it:

What if someday its revealed "John Doe No 2" was an FBI provocatuer? Could you even begin to imagine the fallout?

...maybe Alex Jones isnt so far off in his theories.

"David Lynch is just one

"David Lynch is just one more famous celebrity to hop onto the 9/11 truth movement."

Unfortunately Terrence has found his way there :/

people, please go to the

people, please go to the united 93 message board on IMDB -

also the charlie sheen one -

these groups are aflame with 9/11 truth articles, but i suspect some purposeful disinfo spreaders as well. Lots of "jews didwtc" style people in these parts overshadowing the real truthers. I say we just keep bumping our own threads or threads we agree with, and do NOT reply to other threas that do not pertain to 9/11 truth. Although it may seem tempting, its not worth making an assinine thread on the front page again just because you are angry and want to respond to the idiot who wrote it.

anybody else want to help?

im videohoax on these msg boars by the way

I think, as my friend has

I think, as my friend has mentioned above,its pretty cleae that it was a planned attack and it is just impossible to do attack like this without some official concerned to these departments like security and many more. There had been someone involved in these attacks who had links with those attackers eithers they were muslims or elseone.
And more according to my opinion this is not the matter of religion because i had studied the religions and i didn't see anything like which is in favour of killing someone yeah here i would like to write that in our religion Islam(I m muslim)I would like to make it clear that in Islam there is some sayings about wars(known as JIHAD)but that is applicable in conditions which are that when non-muslim donot leave a muslim to continue their religion or its studies,mean sort of,that the cruelties of non muslims increase and make lives muslim difficult so in this case islam allows to have wars.but today as everyone is aware, there will not be such a place that there is no muslim and nor we have heard about that someone had been creating problems to muslims or to the religion islam.hence i m not pretty sure that it is a matter of religion.
we must think about it.

I mentioned this

I mentioned this article called "9/11 Inside Job?" that said the knives were preplanted:,8599,175953,00.html

Well I just found this MSNBC/Slate article that says its a lie that they even used knives or boxcutters:

I think it's pretty clear, and this is a big piece to the 9/11 puzzle: something else allowed the planes to be seized. I see so many possibilities: No violence was used in at least one of the planes, or they were allowed to use a gun, or gas was used...or something.

I think it spossible that the so called 19 hijackers were on board,
but with the exception of Flight 93(where we can hear them on the tape)
they may not even have been in control at all and the boxcutter story was just a conveinent lie. Im surprised I havent seen more on the fake boxcutter story. I just cannot see how people wouldnt have overthrown guys with little knives.

Hunt the Boeing II -

Hunt the Boeing II - Shanksville edition

Campaign to Reinforce the Official Story of UA93

I bought the WTC 7 shirt

I bought the WTC 7 shirt from they are great, i've started a bunch of conversations with people about WTC 7 w/ strangers who are clueless. its fantastic. plus the co. was really cool w/ a complaint i had w/ the first shirt, sent me a replacement, no problem. i also put their bumper sticker on my car.

also wanted to share w/ y'all my recent podcast/radioshow which was dedicated to the anniversaries of the OKC bombing and Waco. check it here: my podcast url is thanks.

gtc looks pretty

gtc looks pretty tame/cute/lightweight to me; it's not very incisive; it ignores some of the bigger smoking guns for some smaller merely-warm ones. (Is that its intent? If so, it wouldn't be the first, or even the 10th, such site...) yawn.

These 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB T-shirts work for me.

It might not cover

It might not cover everything, but I think that this Grand Theft Country site is a great way to introduce people to the 9/11 issues, especially younger people... Great eye candy too.

pockybot, we can put up


we can put up anything you want in the spreadshirt store we have.. they are a bit more expensive since they make them only when ordered (not in bulk), but they usually are about $15..

i think the guys from loose change mentioned they have the iron ons for their shirts on their site? if not just email me a picture and we will make one just like it, i'm sure they won't mind.

this site has some good 9/11

this site has some good 9/11 shirts. i may have even found the link from this blog sometime last year. i'm going to pick up the WTC 7 one.

i had a shirt

i had a shirt made

wearing it to the cubs game next week

Wow! Everyone make sure to

Wow! Everyone make sure to read the Rolling Stone article about Bush.
That's perhaps the best summary of Bush's screw-ups I've ever seen and really makes a good case for him being the worst president in American history.

The funny thing is that 9/11, obviously the worst thing in which he played a part, isn't even mentioned. If it ever becomes public knowledge that 9/11 was an inside job his place at the rock-bottom will be unanimous.

That chronicle article

That chronicle article really upset me. I used to live in the Bay Area and read the Chronicle every day. If they don't admit their yellow journalism I will be flat out flabergasted. Obviously their not part of the coverup if their talking about it.

Awesome site. Anyone know

Awesome site. Anyone know where to get some good 9/11 shirts? Or am I just going to have to make my own? I actually just want a simple "Question 9/11" shirt like the one the guys from Loose Change have on that Fox coverage.

Oh yeah, anyone see the MSNBC special on Oklahoma City tonight?

Wake-Up Call: The Political

The site is graphically

The site is graphically well-done, but I have to laugh at the list of Resistance members. Bill Maher? He's one of my comedy heroes, but Bill can't even wrap his brain around election fraud, let alone the slightest 9/11 conspiracy. Jon Stewart's in there too - Jon hjasn't made any statements pro or con, he's dug in too deep with the mainstream right now.

Terry Nichols son was on Rita Cosby, and absolutely denied that any "additional conspirators" were government agents. Only more Right-Wing militant extremists. How that helps the Truth Movement is beyond me.

Chronicle 'correction' on

Chronicle 'correction' on the Cinnamon Stillwell article this morning, as reported along with fairly damning criticism at prisonplanet.

Wait a minute, that

Wait a minute, that transcript of the Rita Cosby interview isn't the same show I saw live. They opened up with him blatantly exonerrating the government of any guilt, I swear.

Now I don't see that Q and A exchange in there. Did they edit this?

bb, slamma jama! :)


slamma jama! :)

Nick Berg went to the same

Nick Berg went to the same highschool as me and lived in the same town(West Chester), so ive done a bit of research into it.the spin on his story is worse than 9/11,you cant get any straight answers from anyone regarding Nick Berg.ive met his dad at peace rallies outside the courthouse where i work,and we talked about the medias coverage of Nick and how much it pissed him off.if you remember,he was on Good Morning America wearing an anti-war shirt(when it was still taboo) and the camera only put his head in the shot and wouldnt pan down to his shirt.they also cut him off when he was bashing was ridiculous.ever since then, he has pretty much shunned the media.i'll tell you this, he is VERY angry at the military.the military claims they offered to fly Nick home after having him in custody for a couple of days, and they claim he refused.i dont buy it, and i dont think Mr. Berg does either.he didnt come out and say the CIA/military killed his son,but he clearly places a lot of blame there.and to Valis, thanks for the new Hunt the Boeing link.ive never seen a Shanksville edition before.good shit.

i personally think the

i personally think the military/CIA allowed him to be caught, or even handed him over for some sick reason.the media coverage afterwards was very helpful to the "evil muslims.fight them over there so we dont fight them here" played right into everyones post-9/11 fears and fed the stereotypes.

The time article mentions

The time article mentions "military jets have been scrambled more than a dozen times since Sept 11" it's been 5years and jets were scrambled a dozen times. Thats the number of times one could have expected in the time after 9-11 to the end of 2001. What happened to the other 4years and 400+ times the military would scramble jets? Anyone have any ideas as to what the underlying purpose might be for the Time article?

There's much plausible info

There's much plausible info that the "Berg beheading" was a fraud. (Something along the lines of CIA staged his head being cut off already dead corpse.) It may have been used in part to bury the Abu Gharib torture pictures. Sorry, I don't have a link handy.

yeah, its terrible, but i

yeah, its terrible, but i think he was killed for propaganda bury the abu graib shit and to point out "the evils that we fight"(or create)in Iraq.disgusting propaganda.

some say the berg beheading

some say the berg beheading is bullshit

There was a bit too much of

There was a bit too much of “AA77 may actually have struck the Pentagon” here for me lately.

First of all, forget the “hijackers” flying it there. They didn’t kill the pilots & some crew with razor knives, wipe down the blood, turn the airliner around & fly it 300 miles to Wash. DC, & not only find the Pentagon, but then do a precision dive into it. That’s ridiculous. Forget it. (If anything, it was flown via remote control there—still extremely doubtful.)

My best estimate is that a missile or drone was launched a short distance away. It struck the Pentagon at ground level because they did not want to risk it flying above the 70 ft. roof, and into the middle of the Pentagon where severe uncontrolled damage would have occurred.

man i hate Noam

man i hate Noam Chomsky........

The Berg video was

The Berg video was absolutely to misdirect both attention and emotion away from the Abu Graib torture videos, and ironically, the Berg video was probably filmed at that very prison.

The most common way for intel to get cooperation from these people is to make them feel they are assisting in a covert scam. "Play along with this, help us make this video, then we'll tell you what we're doing." Before the poor fucker knows it, he's being disposed of. No glory, no reward. The same thing that will happen to Moussaui - he think she struck a deal with the FBI - he thinks he'll walk after doing some token time, and have a fat reward waiting for him. Most likely, he'll fry. For Christ's sake, the fucker wore a stun-belt in court. What were they afraid he'd say? I have a hunch.

you guys should read

you guys should read "American Assasination:The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone" by Jim Fetzer.his murder was a pretext to 9/11 and Iraq.Paul Wellstone was an effective liberal( a real one, go figure!) who stood by his convictions and therefor had to be killed.the book is amazing, i highly suggest it to anyone interested in assasinations.

In case you missed

In case you missed it...

Whoever wrote this hologram theory crap has definitely got to be a government-sponsered disinformationalist....

Anonymous | 04.20.06 - 10:03

Anonymous | 04.20.06 - 10:03 am |

Yeah I agree the beheading of Nick Berg was a fraud. Here's a good article...

Anonymous, the pilots


the pilots piloting the pentagon flight are as unlikely as them flying to NY blind and hitting the towers..

i dont see how that means 77 didnt hit the pentagon though.. if it is already determined it was impossible for an amateur pilot, then why does that have to go hand in hand with 77 not hitting the pentagon?

i think all 4 flights were being controlled externally, and all 4 flights were real, and except for 93 hit their targets as planned..

but, thats just me, at the end of the day its the government with all the evidence.

One thing I don't understand

One thing I don't understand is why there is the need for continued debate. Especially over things that are unproveable. We have the evidence to show we were lied to. We have the evidence to show motive. We have the evidence to show that things happened that day that couldn't have without direct involvement on the part of our Government.

So why waste time & energy debating amongst ourselves when we could be using that time & energy to think of ways to get the truth out.

My two cents.

yeah geggy, all the no plane

yeah geggy, all the no plane pushers are suspect to me.

Jon, Understood.. I think



I think one of the best things to do at this point is compile the top articles that support our case.. a nice consolidation of sorts..

I'm just saying... the "JFK

I'm just saying... the "JFK Truth Movement" spent YEARS debating back and forth, and eventually, it became accepted that what we were told about JFK's assassination wasn't the truth, but it became just that, accepted. Watercooler talk. Meaningless watercooler talk.

I don't want 9/11 to become watercooler talk that never gets anywhere.

Regarding the beheading

Regarding the beheading video, I'll have to take your word for it, I don't think I could watch it...

Regarding the beheading

Regarding the beheading video, I'll have to take your word for it, I don't think I could watch it...
Could you watch it if you knew it was fake? In a Pro Wrestling sort of way? : )

It's odd someone just mentioned the Wellstone assassination (my description). I noticed that the only proposed weapon is an EMP pulse, but there is a better alternative.

A few years ago, I was doing studio engineering for a very wealthy family from near NYC, they'd moved to the Poconos following a nasty divorce (the father was a multi-millionaire mob lawyer, very feared man).

The eldest son - call him Fred - was a pure genius, and he had a $2 million trust fund to play with. At age 19 the kid had 4 patents to his name, 2 for hardware and 2 for some kind of machine code. Fred told me - and this was in 1991 - that he had developed a thing he called a "microwave gun", that could do serious damage to electronic circuitry. The way he explained it, the microwave beam was tuned to the magnetic resonance of silver - the primary element in PC board etching - and it could, depending on the wattage of the element, fry out any PC board from great distances when aimed properly, by liquifying the silver solder connections and traces. He said you could shut off a car instantly, if it had electronic ignition. At that point, I asked him if it could drop a plane from the sky, and he said it could shut off the engines if they had electronic elements, or it could simply fry out all communications and navigation gear if not.

It seems to me that Wellstone's plane simply stopped functioning - no mayday calls, no stall warnings, etc. I don't know if that model in question had electronic ignition, I don't know much about planes.

One thing I don't

One thing I don't understand is why there is the need for continued debate. Especially over things that are unproveable.

Agreed Jon.

Otherwise, we're in-fighting just like the whole country is in-fighting over political wedge issues like gay marriage and abortion. The REAL BIG issues are kept at bay.

Same with 9/11 truth. Let's keep our eyes on the prize here folks and not get caught up in bickering over details we have no way of proving.

Yes, that Wellstone

Yes, that Wellstone "accident" is VERY suspecious!

about the nick berg

about the nick berg beheading hoax. I am one of the guys who put together the proven fake beheadhing video that circulated the world news wire for a day.

check out my webpage about the subject here


yes the nick berg video definitly was a ruse. and we proved it by making a fake beheading video in 2 hours total and putting it up on Peer to peer networks.

aftert his whole fiasco i reall think Al Jazeera might be some sort of complex psyops whether the people who work there know it or not. I mean after all they are one of the biggest proponents of the myth that Al Queda is really out to hurt people.

I don't understand... you

I don't understand... you guys are saying the Nick Berg video is fake?

Are ANY videos we see in the news real?

Jesus christ... I might as

Jesus christ... I might as well pack up my things, and go. How do I know ANYTHING I know is real?

I live in the area that Nick Berg is from. I saw the affect it had on his family, and the people in his neighborhood. If that video was fake, then where is he now? I don't understand the purpose of creating a fake video of someone's death, when you were going to have to kill him anyway.

Beheadings are part of that culture. How many times did we see that video of the public beheading in Saudi Arabia?

aren't we getting a little

aren't we getting a little off topic here?

valis- Thank you for your

valis- Thank you for your valid posts concerning flight 93. It amazes me how two facts about flight 93 and it's "victims" are totally ignored and glossed over.

1.) WCPO reports flight 93 landing in Cleveland. I live here and I saw the plane parked by Glenn Research Center on 9/11.

2.) MARKBINGHAM.ORG was created 9/12/01!!!!!!!!!!

I read the following today and found it of interest:

Most Americans don't even know what Zionism is. In a nutshell, it is a racist, nationalistic, political ideology conceived by Theodor Hertzl, an Austrian Jew in the 1890s, that maintains that there must be a Jewish state in Palestine, although that means and always has meant policies of ethnic-cleansing, apartheid and general persecution of the indigenous non-Jews of that land, the Arab Muslim and Christian Palestinians. In a nutshell, advocates of this racist Zionist ideology are driving our US foreign policy. What ever happened to separation of synagogue/church and state? Isn't it time to openly discuss this? Why are double standards allowed for Israel and for Zionists?

However the US media does not want Americans to even think about these things, never mind discuss them! Certainly, the pro-Israel media does not want Americans to question our government's support of Zionist Israel. That is why there is never any mention in mainstream US media of the Israeli connection to 9-11, to the war on Iraq, to the so-called "war on terror", and to the subject of Israel's quest for oil.

This intentional covering up by the Zionized US media of the Israeli connection to anything that impacts the US negatively has been going on for decades.


And nothing proves to me that the US media has been covering for Israel and still covers for Israel (refusing to show the negative effect for Americans of the US government's "special relationship" with Israel) more than this article about the "oil crisis". Here is a specific case in point:

Does anyone remember that time during 1973 when there was such an "oil crisis" that there were really long lines at all the gas stations and when gas was actually rationed out at the gas stations so that you could only get gas every other day, depending on whether or not your license plate ended in an even or an odd number?

I do remember that time vividly. I didn't know why it was happening at the time, but I know exactly why now. And it's not because I got "enlightened" by the pro-Israel US media.

Here is how this Sept. 21, 2004 Wall Street Journal article by Jeffrey Ball (who obviously passed the required litmus test of being pro-Israel enough to work in the US media) presented the "oil crisis" of 1973, in such a manner that still puts a veil of the Israeli connection to that event even today. Here is a direct quote:

"Then in 1973, the Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) tightened their spigots, and the world panicked. The result: high prices, long lines and frequent shortages at gas stations across the U.S. and Europe."

There was exactly no mention of the context of why OPEC "tightened their spigots" in 1973. No mention at all.

Are you ready for the Israeli connection to this crisis that is almost uniformly covered up by the pro-Israel US media?

Here it is: In 1973, Egypt went to war against Israel in order to win back the Sinai Peninsula, which Israel had stolen six years earlier in Israel's infamous pre-emptive "Six Day War" in 1967 against her neighboring countries.

In that pre-emptive 1967 war, Israel not only stole the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, but also part of southern Lebanon, which Israel has since relinquished, and the Golan Heights from Syria, which is still being occupied to this day by Israeli forces, as well as The Palestinian Territories: the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, now generally referred to as The Occupied Territories. Pro-Israel forces generally prefer to refer to the Occupied Territories as the "disputed territories".

Egypt appeared to winning its retaliatory war against Israel in 1973, so Golda Meir, the American-Israeli Prime Minister of Israel at the time, worked with American-Israeli Henry Kissinger to pressure the US government to come to Israel's rescue, which it did.

Therefore in a show of solidarity with Egypt, the Arab countries of OPEC "tightened their spigots" of gas and oil for export to the U.S.

There you have it: the real reason for the "oil crisis" of 1973. But the pro-Israel US media does not want Americans to realize that support for Israel has many negative effects on the lives of Americans, which includes potential politically induced "oil crises", such as was obviously the case in 1973.

The movie "United 93" in

The movie "United 93" in receiving much publicity from the MSM. CNN just did a 5 minute story on the movie. I think the 9/11 Truth movement should crash the movie theaters and give the public the real facts of the story. Infact this could be a great opportunity to tell the truth, since people are already talking abouth flight 93.

just switch out the movie

just switch out the movie reels with something like 9/11 revisited ;)

"i think all 4 flights were

"i think all 4 flights were being controlled externally, and all 4 flights were real, and except for 93 hit their targets as planned..."

Perhaps the plan for flight 93 *was* precisely to create a legend of brave passengers? Notice how useful that legend is now?

Jon, did you read the article about Berg's "beheading"? No blood, no reflex movements, no changes in facial expressions...

Jon, many people believe

Jon, many people believe that Berg was set-up in a PsyOp and was killed by CIA types or Iraqis (he was a lone “wandering American Jew” looking to to do business installing cell towers in war-torn Iraq of all places, come on). Berg was already dead when the black/ops “cut his head off” in the orange jumpsuit, probably in Abu Gharib Prison (same chair, jumpsuits, wall color, etc. as the prison. Muslim killers wearing gold jewelry, sneakers, Arab/Russian accents, etc.). Even black/ops probably couldn’t/wouldn’t hack the head off a live dude.

Similar theory is that berg

Similar theory is that berg was arrested by U.S. forces, taken to Abu Gharib Prison, questioned in orange jumpsuit, released back into dangerous part of Iraq w/his U.S. passport that had Israeli visas/visitors stamps, and he was iced by some Iraqis. His corpse was taken back to Abu Gharib, dressed back into the jumpsuit, & fake video was made.

"Perhaps the plan for flight

"Perhaps the plan for flight 93 *was* precisely to create a legend of brave passengers? Notice how useful that legend is now?" YES!
Same thing with Moussaoui too. Extremely useful to the "official story."

"Perhaps the plan for flight

"Perhaps the plan for flight 93 *was* precisely to create a legend of brave passengers? Notice how useful that legend is now?" YES!"

Absolutely. Soldiers have to risk their life and limbs in order to fight for PNAC global dominance dream.
Not that those serving will ever hear what the true agenda is, they will be told that they are fighting terrorism.
One journalist over at Los Angeles Times, David Armstrong notes in Harper’s magazine: “[In 1992] the goal was global dominance, and it met with bad reviews. Now it is the answer to terrorism. The emphasis is on preemption, and the reviews are generally enthusiastic. Through all of this, the dominance motif remains, though largely undetected.”

9/11 was absolutely essential to go on with the PNAC plan.

Didn't the Nick Berg

Didn't the Nick Berg beheading come at about the same time that the Abu Ghraib story started coming out? I remember Fox News commentary that compared the 2.

Is there anything logical about Iraqis kidnapping westerners as part of their war? For ransom, yes, but what would be the point of kidnapping Jill Carroll et al other than ransom? Their war for control of Iraq doesn't involve world public opinion, in my opinion.

adhern29: There is a decent

adhern29: There is a decent Flt. 93 flyer that is new in the last week or so. Go to although I have a difficult time finding it. I think you click Get Involved and look for Flyers which links to Digital Designs or something. It's a good one since Flt. 93 is so hot right now. I am considering passing them out to people in line when the movie opens on Apr. 28. I was at an Earth Day event last week with and that was the flyer that caught most people's eye. (By the way, we were the busiest booth at the Santa Monica Third St. Promenade, with people crowded around three deep all day! Muslim, Christian, Jew, cops and firefighters ... all eager to the learn the truth about 9/11.)

(ahern29, sorry)

(ahern29, sorry)

yes Hi, the timing is part

yes Hi, the timing is part of the reason many think it was an "inside job".

ok i think everybody is

ok i think everybody is missing the point.

Nick berg was probably killed. If he wasnt it would be very unlikely hed be hiding from his family right now and causing them this much pain. Nick Berg's father was furious at me for the beheading hoax, which is evident that he is still deeply distubred by the event.

the issue i take is that the video is of al queda or some sort of terrorist faction in Iraq beheading him.
It is so grainy, ambiguous, and low frame rate that they could be doing anything in that video and peopple would fill in the blanks about what they were seeing. MY opinion on the matter is this... if terrorists really wanted to spread fear, why would they COMPRESS and DITHER the absolute shit out of the video so that it becomes almost ineffective and completely indecipherable? Are "terrorists" not capable of using somewhat lossless compression settings? I mean if you were a terrorist would you say "oh gee seems like as good idea to use the lowest quality real video codec for this one"

You dont see any blood in the video, and the quality is so horrible that it is impossible to say for certainty or even speculate that he was beheaded.

some other strange things -

-the military was very secretive about what nick berg was doing installing equipment in abu garib. Nick berg's father still talks about how he really doesnt understand what his son was doing in that part of Iraq working at the prison, and he wants answers

-nick berg's e-mail account was used by mossaui 1 year before 9/11. coincidence?

sorry i dont know why i said

sorry i dont know why i said "Everybody" obviously nmost of the people in here have the smarts to come up with logical conclusions.

robbie, hope you dont mind,


hope you dont mind, but i deleted that last post of yours, i think if people wanna see that sort of stuff they can find it themselves..

sorry for posting so many

sorry for posting so many times in a row, but i just realized doing as fake one once is enough, its the perfect psyops plan. Do one fake one, and watch ignorant young crazier insurgents make real ones.

no problem it is the most

no problem it is the most horrifying video i have ever seen

here is my comments about

here is my comments about the fake beheading video i made

not to too my own horn, but i think this sums up the exact problem with trusting grainy digital videos as evidence

robbie,you say Micheal Berg

robbie,you say Micheal Berg was furious. did you talk to him directly? or did he send you an e-mail or something? because when i was talking to him about it briefly, i didnt exactly say it was a hoax, but i did mention how the media wasnt really trying to explain the whole thing very much,and he fully agreed.he said he had loads of questions that the government wasnt answering.

Speaking of

Speaking of beheadings:

Baghdad Teacher Beheading Story Turns Out to Be False:

"robbie,you say Micheal Berg

"robbie,you say Micheal Berg was furious. did you talk to him directly? or did he send you an e-mail or something? because when i was talking to him about it briefly, i didnt exactly say it was a hoax, but i did mention how the media wasnt really trying to explain the whole thing very much,and he fully agreed.he said he had loads of questions that the government wasnt answering."

he was furious at me and Ben vanderford personally and thought we needed our "heads checked"

he found our fake beheading video extremely offensive.

I talked to him indirectly, through a series of reporters playing a game of telephone. They relayed quotes i made about his son and himself to him and he responded in some of the articles back to us. The most direct response i got from him was on the 20/20 special about hoaxes where they interviewed him asking what he thought about our beheading hoax. Thats where he said we needed our heads checked and by the look of his facial expressions, he seemed to be digusted by what we did. Which i guess is understandable, but i didnt hear him complaining to much about how the MEDIA itself was the one who purpotrated the hoax... not us. We simply put it on a file sharing network, the media is the one who ran with it.

sorry i just realized i

sorry i just realized i didnt really answer your question. I was talking about him being furious for something else as well which was that he was being lied to about why his son was in Iraq and what he was doing. As a result of this incident to my knowledge he became very anti bush and anti-war. I never spoke to him about these issues, only indirectly about my own beheading hoax

Randy, I believe that


I believe that 911Truth links to this downloads page and it includes a new Flight 93 flier.


dz--hope you dont mind, but

dz--hope you dont mind, but i deleted that last post of yours, i think if people wanna see that sort of stuff they can find it themselves..

Yes it may look offensive, but everything I've read about the beheading + the true 9/11 "conspiracy" strongly indicates that the beheading was a huge fraud.

Of course Berg's dad flipped-out, they put him through an insane PsyOp, in which his son is dead. But if his dad doesn't know 9/11 truth, he probably still thinks Muslims hacked his son's head off too.

Do one fake one, and watch

Do one fake one, and watch ignorant young crazier insurgents make real ones.

I think this is one of the more important remarks of the last couple of weeks. I am also pretty sure the Al Askari mosque bombing was just another secret assignment in order to invoke a civil war. I don't have any evidence to support this, but it makes perfect sense, whereas Iraqi's bombing one of their own holiest sites does not. Civil war might be a nightmare to Iraqi's and most of the US military, it is a wet dream for the neocon mafia.

Go ahead, flame my ass for not providing any evidence.



FACTS: 1. Nick Berg is


1. Nick Berg is dead.
2. Nick Berg's email and passwords were being used by "al Qaeda" and the hijackers, found on laptops, and posisbly used to even buy the tickets from Oklahoma U library
3. Nick Berg admiited to the FBI he met with al Qaeda on a Bus in Oklahoma
4. Nick Berg was held by the US two days before his death

That much we do know. These facts have been backed up and rechecked.

Now I have two questions:
If the Berg behead video is fake, I GUARANTEE you the Korean behead video is definately NOT FAKE, neither is the American contractor in Saudi Arabia or the Daniel Pearl beheading videos. Those are not fake.

So how would the US know to create a video similair to the ones that came soon after, or were those copycats of the fake one?

Either way Berg is dead in the video.
And as bad Abu Gharib was, I have a hard time believing US troops would cut off the head of a white looking guy on camera. Only Islamic psychopaths could do that, however thats not to say it wasnt staged with him already dead.

Guys, do you remember when the government and media thought this picture of a fucking GI Joe action figure was a real US hostage in Iraq?

A freaking action figure you can buy at Toys R Us was used to make people think it was a real hostage. You cant make this up.

"Either way Berg is dead in

"Either way Berg is dead in the video.
And as bad Abu Gharib was, I have a hard time believing US troops would cut off the head of a white looking guy on camera. Only Islamic psychopaths could do that, however thats not to say it wasnt staged with him already dead."

Yes. IMO, already dead when video was made. (Very outside chance: alive in the begining of video, or in a 1st of two videos: or alive throughout staged video, and then shot or something afterwards.)

Certainly an evil "black-op" of some sort or another. It made gigantic anti-Muslim, anti-Iraqi propaganda at the time.

pocky, there are 2 things

pocky, there are 2 things wrong with your argument. first and foremost is the fact that you fall into the "evil muslims MUST have done it" trap that many 9/11 "official" story believers fall into.i have a major problem with your statement that:"Only Islamic psychopaths could do that". dont we hear that enough when it comes to 9/11? second, you say you cant picture US troops doing something like that. can you picture CIA goons doing it? i never said US troops cut his head off, they would never leave a black ops job like that to soldiers.