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DBLS was kind enough to send this in, was this beam affected by a plane impact, or a demolition charge???

Transcript of Professor Abolhassan Astanen-Asl on “How The Twin Towers Collapsed”

Professor Abolhassan Astanen-Asl : “What you see here is actually very critical, very very important; perhaps this is the most important piece I have found so far. This piece comes from err most likely Tower two, where the plane went in and exploded. This is the inside-face of back columns, so plane went in exploded right here, and the explosion hit this surface. What you see here is first of all a dent that is *inaudible explosion, but more importantly this area is a signature of explosion here. This has happened due to explosive material hitting this column and making that bulge. So this is a floor where explosion happened, and the windows are blown away, everything is burnt, even fireproofing on this floor is burnt and glazed to the steel.”

Aftermath, Unanswered Questions of 9/11

Preview of Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime




SBG, I think you should put

SBG, I think you should put a little comment like "was this beam affected by a plane impact, or a demolition charge?" or something like that.

You got it DBLS.

You got it DBLS.

^Thanks dude!!

^Thanks dude!!



Even tho its 3 years old,

Even tho its 3 years old, Aftermath I think is much more factually correct than Loose Change, and even at 30 minutes remains one of the most conclusive 9/11 Truth documentaries.

This video clip bothers me.

This video clip bothers me. Firstly, it gives the deniers a reason to say we're all nuts that "no steel was inspected". We didn't say that of course, but they'll say we did. They cherry-picked the few pieces, because the perpetrators would know exactly from what floors to get it.

Secondly, it has a guy saying the damage was done by the plane explosion. And thirdly, he mentions the firproofing being melted off. All three points are spinnable arguments for the gov't apologists.

I'm wondering why this is even linked here.

Hey D. Douglas, actually he

Hey D. Douglas, actually he says the fireproofing is actually "seered in" to the metal, or something like that.

He is using the foregone conclusion that the planes brought the towers down, and therefore, the plane explosion caused the damage. We all know better, and that video evidence may help someone out. That one beam looked like the metal had been bubbling off.

No steel was inspected, not by independent investigators anyway. Someone wondering around the remains, pointing things out, isn't necessarily a scientific inspection.