San Francisco Chronicle issues a Retraction

Now its time to recommend they write a fair and balanced article instead:

It is the policy of The Chronicle to promptly correct errors of fact and to promptly clarify potentially confusing statements. The policy applies to all newsroom employees.

Errors, whether brought to our attention by readers or staff members, will be corrected quickly and in a straightforward manner.

It will be considered unprofessional conduct and a breach of duty if employees are notified of possible errors but fail to respond. Correcting errors and clarifying ambiguous information is a virtue and an admirable practice.

* Cinnamon Stillwell's column Wednesday on SFGate originally stated that images of the plane that struck the Pentagon had been seen by the American public. No such images have been made public. (4/19)

Here's the article from Prison Planet regarding this, thanks to DSM for sending it in:

Here's Kurt Nimmo's letter to Cinnamon, thanks to The Professional:

This report prepared for

This report prepared for NIST demonstates that steel framed high rises do NOT completely collapse from fire, expect for WTC 1, 2, and 7 that is....

expect = except

expect = except


Say it ain't so. Reid said

Say it ain't so.

Reid said he was not aware of al Qaeda's 9/11 plan. He also said the terror group never asked him to work with Moussaoui.

"To date, there is no information available to indicate that Richard Reid had pre-knowledge of the September 11 attacks or was instructed by al Qaeda leadership to conduct an operation in coordination with Moussaoui," the statement said.

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Aaron, how did the first

Aaron, how did the first screening of LC2E go? How many people did you get to come out?

We had a room for 120 ppl,

We had a room for 120 ppl, and there were folks standing and sitting on tables in the back. Our guess is around 130 ppl in attendance, and we had a rock solid discussion afterwards which lasted for about 45 minutes.

Texas A&M is one of the most

Texas A&M is one of the most "conservative" schools in America.

That blows my mind.

Oh, and High-5

Oh, and High-5 dude!


Cinnamon Stillwell expects

Cinnamon Stillwell expects to receive some kind on flaming or hate mail, so she can keep her converted world view as "9/11 Republican" and ex-liberal. This came to my mind when I read her testimonial in

The badness of the bad seem to explain much to her. But the writing gives good chances to serious non-inslting argumentation, which should not left unused.

WCPO issued a retraction to the above. Who buys it?

Hey, I just wanted to thank

Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone who shared their personal stories and insight in regard to "9/11 Addiction":

Your openness, honesty, sharing of your stories, and insight were very moving.

Dear Chronicle Editor: I

Dear Chronicle Editor:

I noticed that you have retracted a portion of the Cinnamon StillwellÂ’s 9/11 article. I hesitate to use the word article, as what she wrote barely qualifies as a slanderous gossip spread.

Perhaps at some point in the future, you could run a front page article about the myriad of unanswered questions, contradictory data, and complete lack of credibility in regards to the official story of 9/11. Mark Morford’s article was an excellent starting point, and while I can see your logic of not putting it on the front page, top and center (it is, after all, a revelatory look at what is arguably one of the greatest, most horrific lies ever sold to the human race; important, yes, but certainly not eclipsing the seriousness of the level of alchohol in wine), it was an excellent and ground-breaking moment in world history: the first time any of those “whacky-conspiracy-theories” were given any legitimate room in a newspaper.

Let’s get one thing straight, shall we? While Ms. Stillwell may think that those who believe in “whacky-conspiracy theories” regarding September 11th (such as internal planning and orchestration by a small criminal cabal comprised of, but not limited to, the joint chiefs of staff, upper-level white house officials, and high-ranking corporate entities, especially those involved in the trading of energy) are just totally off-the-cliff insane, she should remember that the “official story”, in which 19 hijackers who trained in a cave in the middle east, commandeered four commercial airliners, flew them hundreds of miles off course while evading a 420 billion dollar defense system, smashed them into targets occupying what is arguably the most shielded and restricted airspace on the planet, and as a coup de grace suspended the laws of physics in order to cause completely unprecedented structural building in fact a ridiculous conspiracy theory. It’s so ridiculous, and so poorly covered up, that it should be insulting to anyone with enough intelligence to toast bread.

If, at some point, the Chronicle would like to take it’s place in the history books as the first printed publication to bring about the end of this horrific ruse known as the “War on Terror”, then perhaps 9/11 is a good place to start. People are figuring this out, and the sad thing for the newspapers is that we didn’t need you to help us. In fact, you’ve done nothing but cover it up.

The game is about to start. Any chance youÂ’ll be stepping up to the plate?

A very pissed off American,

Greg Lemon

Wonderful piece, Greg.

Wonderful piece, Greg.

Dick Cheney Is Playing With

Nice letter Greg.

Nice letter Greg.

More great rebuttal to

You can congratulate

You can congratulate yourselves until blue in the face.

The only thing that works is to CONTRADICT ('against-speak') the authorities.

No "facts" will work, there will be thousand scientists debating it, in court.

In the corrupt modern world, where we are meant to believe what they tell us, the ONLY WAY IS to USE THEIR WORDS.

In other words, we must take THEIR WORDS and prove THEM liars. A bonus would be that they admit guilt, wow.. and even explain their motives... to get lighter judgement on their personae.


Did yous know that the hijackers shaved their breasts?

Maybe the FBI found Breast-Hair in the sink!!

I heard

Hamilton Peterson

on talk-back radio this morning extolling the virtues of this film (he has seen the preview!) and he described how he listened in 2002 to the cockpit voice recording "with superb headphones on first class HiFi equipment" whereas in the courtroom at the Moussaoui-trial the acoustic quality was not so great, although they had a first-class audio public address system there...

He desribed hearing the people begging for their lives inside the passenger cabin AND the cockpit (do they have microphones in the passenger cabin?).

.. and he described hearing the sound of an arab begging for his life...

Hamilton Peterson sounded to me like a well trained media-hack, he knew exactly how to word it, unlike me, here.

I just realize how difficult it is to find the right words to describe something in a way, that listeners have their internal questions answered and also imagine extra(unsaid)horrors.

In other words, he is a good story teller ... (or liar!)

Hamilton Peterson, of Bethesda, Md, president of the board of the Flight 93 Families.

Well, in his position he is bribed by his office, being allowed to talk to the Bush_presidente and money and all.. maybe he forces himself to believe fictions to enhance his position... not an uncommon thing in humans.


I found it to be valuable to rectify factual errors in wikipedia, even in the "official" narrative they then raise eyebrows.

So they found the flight-data recorder, but never made its content public...


and these arguments:

(yes, click this!)


Gerhard, in my eyes, has KILLER arguments, A MUST READ for all of yous.

To remind you, Gerhard made many films for GERMAN PUBLIC TV, then one on Flight 93, and was fired.

you can download this movie with english subtitles.. but it is hard to find now.

there exists a prefectly watchable SMALL version (22 megs?) !!!

more links:

Very interesting "babel

Very interesting "babel fish" link!!!!
The translation is awkward, but if his observations are true, we might have something to counter all of the current flight 93 propaganda.

Has anyone else looked into this?

I believe some of the members at might have the expertise to validate or verify his observations.

I'll send them the link.
I encourage others to do so as well.and post any further information into the flight recorder transcript on this thread.

Sweet, they retracted one of

Sweet, they retracted one of the errors I pointed out on here in the other post's comments. *pats self on back* Good job everyone who emailed her.

Maybe this is the Chronicle's way of getting the truth out: post a factually incorrect article and then retract it and point out the truth in the process. Heh.

hands up who has seen

hands up who has seen


it was broadcast in German TV (over one million viewers on this one!) on 20 June 2003.

Ok, then, hands up those who want to see it. I saved it.

u2r2h, I'm hip, I'm hip!!!

u2r2h, I'm hip, I'm hip!!! Is it in english?

"Maybe this is the

"Maybe this is the Chronicle's way of getting the truth out: post a factually incorrect article and then retract it and point out the truth in the process. Heh."

Funny that you can't tell the difference between a correction and a retraction.

Stillwell's article is still there in full with the correction about the Pentagon. The article represents that which we have been telling you all along - the truth which you are determined to ignore.

Now, all you have to do is learn how to think carefully and discard your obvious delusions about 9/11.

Now, all you have to do is

Now, all you have to do is learn how to think carefully and discard your obvious delusions about 9/11.
anonymous | 04.21.06 - 6:27 pm | #
speak for yourself bootlicker. if it aint on CNN it didnt happen right sheep?