Open Letter to Thomas Eagar on Molten Metal at WTC

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Where's the part about them running away and hiding from you???

Edit: Maybe this is why Christopher Bollyn can't get any response from MIT:
MIT research heavily dependent on defense department funding;read=87929

To: Thomas W. Eagar
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Re: Professor Steven E. Jones Paper on Molten Metal at World Trade Center

Dear Professor Eagar,

I was quite shocked when you refused to read the scientific paper by Professor Steven E. Jones of BYU dealing with the unanswered questions about the large amounts of molten metal that were seen cascading from the 81st floor of South Tower of the World Trade Center immediately before it began to collapse.

I was equally amazed when you said that there was no evidence of molten metal flowing from the 81st floor of the South Tower prior to the collapse and that this is some sort of hearsay.

And I was most disappointed when you suddenly hung up the phone on me.

Why are you unwilling to discuss the evidence of molten metal at the World Trade Center - before and after the "collapses?" It certainly appears that you were unable to answer my questions and decided to run away.
Professor Jones' webpage is here:

His paper on the molten metal is here:
What kind of scientist are you anyway?

Rather than running from the research of Professor Jones, you should welcome and embrace such efforts to answer the questions of 9-11. As Jones says, "The data stands on its own."

What is this seriously-flawed "official version" of 9-11, which you seem to support, a religious myth that cannot be challenged?


Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press

Thanks Michael for the great submission!
Also, thanks to Robert for the MIT article.

This is also on 2 comment

This is also on 2 comment "post" below. The only reason why i am posting it so much because i think this is a great opportunity to spread some truth

I dont know if anybody knows where the Tribeca Film Festival, but they will have a panel discussion on 9/11 and they will also be showing 9/11 movies
we need some people to spread some truth at these panels and put it on video!

VISIONS OF HISTORY & TRUTH: Artists in Action After 9/11

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.
-John F. Kennedy
In response to the events of September 11th, many artists chose to act in the way they knew best - through their craft. Challenged by tragedy, they drew a line of their own and offered photographs, paintings, poetry, theater and film that participate in the memory of that day. Our panelists represent those whose work will soothe and provoke, comfort and confront and forever be a part of the story - the history - - of September 11th, 2001.

Moderated By: Brian Lehrer (The Brian Lehrer Show -- WNYC)
Panelists: Lloyd Levin (Producer, United 93), David Alan Basche (actor, United 93), Ann Hoog (Curator, September 11th Documentary Project, Library of Congress)

here is a link


Excellent Video!

look out for explosive side squibs 1/5 in!...reminds you of anything?


Ex-U.S. attorney arraigned

"A former federal prosecutor

"A former federal prosecutor and a State Department agent were arraigned Friday in Detroit on obstruction of justice charges, accused of misleading a jury in the first terrorism trial to result from the federal probe of the 9/11 attacks."

What did Sibel say about the State Department?

Charlie Sheen's getting

He denied it.

He denied it.

sorry i think this deserved

sorry i think this deserved a dupe posting

check out my review under comments, right now its the featured one!!

"the concrete of history is forming before our very eyes"

i suggest everybody go and register an account and write a detailed review and rate the movie a 1. You need to go "would you like to comment on this movie". If might not show up untilt he next day, but someone at IMDB must like me, mine went up within 4 hours.

people are waking up (not a parody of alex jones i really mean it!)

whoops, i really didnt mean

whoops, i really didnt mean to post this twice in *this* comments section, im really sorry :-(

robbie, thats a good idea

thats a good idea and maybe this Flt 93 movie will have unintended consequences because people will see the scenario of the hijacking as non-credible.

Re people waking up, IMO, the 911 Loose Change video is a work of gemius because it hits the target audience so effectively: young people. They will insist that their parents watch it and their parents are not like my parents generation who had such respect for authority that they allowed the government to take their children and throw them into the Vietnam War.

I remember my own father, with 2 draft age sons, getting angry if anyone challenged the war because in his opinion, we had to be over there for treaty obligations. That was the limit of his analysis about a war that could get his own children killed. Today's parents of young people are much more questioning and cynical about our leaders, as well they should be.

Welders work on breaking up

Welders work on breaking up building structures
22 sec

robbie: they probably won't

they probably won't post mine, but I sent one in.

Not only register at

Not only register at, but go to the message boards concerning the movie.

Visit message boards for:

World trade center
Flight 93
George w Bush
Fahrenheit 9/11
Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2
The Soapbox(accessable from the meassage boards menu, this is the fastest board)

All the boards are very fast, thousands read daily. You will find fellow truth seekers, and many in stiff opposition.

Hope to see you there

My e-mail to Eagar RE:

My e-mail to Eagar

RE: Molten Metal

We're very Eagar to expose scientists like you who refuse to perform your scientific duties to get to the bottom of 9/11 questions.

Please let us know when you have evidence rebuttal instead of flat out denials to scientific facts of Dr. Steven Jones at BYU. Your denials have no evidence to back them up as you make an ass of yourself making such statements without doing any work regarding the matter.

Even a lay person can see the physics behind the freefall of the towers and the powdered concrete indicating explosives used. We are smarter out here then you think.

What kind of a scientist are you?

Welders work on breaking up

Welders work on breaking up building structures 22 sec videopla...120927693984526

-- -- --

What is the significance of, or interpretation of, this video?

Cheryl, what is Thomas

Cheryl, what is Thomas Eagar's email address?

I think I'm going to ask him a question about WTC 7.

was WTC7 simply overcome

was WTC7 simply overcome with grief at the loss of it's two companions?

Hi Vesa, You'll probably

Hi Vesa,
You'll probably check back to this thread and I wondered if you'd ever looked into the round and round the world odyssey of Zacarias "Who ordered the veal cutlet!" Moussaoui. After reading this(prosecutors having to admit in open court just yesterday that there is no evidence Moussaoui played a key role in 9/11),20867,18889479-2703,00.html

I wondered what the prosecutors must REALLY be thinking about Moussaoui. They have to tow the line and get him the death penalty, but what the heck must they really think? I put "apprehension of Zacarias Moussaoui" into a search engine and got this page on him

It is so odd to have this man going around the world like that and then he gets to this flight school and he is so strange, even asking what kind of damage a fully fueled plane could do if you deliberately crashed it into something, he is so strange that they call the FBI the same day, the very first day he's taking this flight training. How many people and governments round the world should have spotted this guy and put a net over him? Its an odd, odd story. IMO, it does seem that he was a "plant;" he was SUPPOSED to be picked up so the government would have him on hand to say he was the proposed "20th hijacker." How convenient that he had a visa violation as a pretext to hold him.

I emailed Dr. Eagar about

I emailed Dr. Eagar about his claim (on the PBS Nova website) that the south tower impact couldn't have consumed more than 10% of the available fuel.

He claimed that a fireball would be 2500 times the volume of the fuel in liquid form. 10,000 gallons of jet fuel is 1,337 ft^3.

The maximum fireball this amount of fuel (by Dr. Eagar's calculations) would be 3,342,500 ft^3. This is basically a 149 ft diameter sphere.

ALL video and photos show a fireball MANY times larger, so his claim that no more than 10% of the jet fuel was consumed is utter nonsense, by his own account.

I was courteous when I wrote, and asked for a clarification on the "2500 times" claim.

I also posted the feedback on the PBS site, and received no response from either.

Dr. Eagar has NO credibility with me, as long as he clings to a theory that is demonstrably wrong at the earliest stage of impact.

I never heard back.

we need to post truth on

we need to post truth on

it is free no regristration

lots of people referring to us as tin foil hatters

use the politics section and rants and raves

do it no matter what they say in here

it works

Where can I find the

Where can I find the pictures and videos of molten metal pouring from the 81st floor on the South Tower referred to in Bollyn's open letter? No links in it, nor in Jones's article.;read=87929

You're right, Hi: all that is very odd. You may be right in suspecting that he was a "plant".

Here's a shot of the metal.

Here's a shot of the metal. It's been around for some time.