Welcome to the Truth


If you have just awoken to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, a warm and hearty welcome.

We will not hold it against you that credible people have been pointing this out for years with clear evidence, and yet you have ridiculed us.

We will not hold it against you that we have tried to speak, but you have gagged us.

But -- now that you DO know -- if you do not use all of your strength, creativity and passion to help prevent more false flag terror attacks, further assaults on our freedoms, and further unjustified wars -- we will not forgive you.

Now that you know, you must ACT.

Welcome to the club of those who know. Now its time to pay your membership dues by picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, wiping the shock off your face, and dedicating yourself to saving America.

There is no time to feel hopeless. Its not too late, EVEN NOW.

There's no time to be numb, or to be afraid, or to be indecisive, or to feel sorry for yourself. There is only time to act.

If you act, we will win. If you do not, we will lose. It is really that simple.

For the newcomer, here's something to get you started:
Now That You Know, What Can You Do?

Who is this George

Who is this George Washington guy? Not only does he share a name with one of America's greatest, he writes terrific copy. In fact, his site is one that I recommend to newcomers to truth for its clarity and passion.

I just feel he ought to be out and about putting his fantastically inspiring words to the media. Maybe he is someone we all know writing under another name.

Whoever you are, thank you for your writing.

Great article, as usual,

Great article, as usual, from George Washington's Blog.

I dont know if anybody knows

I dont know if anybody knows where the Tribeca Film Festival, but they will have a panel discussion on 9/11 and they will also be showing 9/11 movies
we need some people to spread some truth at these panels and put it on video!

VISIONS OF HISTORY & TRUTH: Artists in Action After 9/11

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.
-John F. Kennedy
In response to the events of September 11th, many artists chose to act in the way they knew best - through their craft. Challenged by tragedy, they drew a line of their own and offered photographs, paintings, poetry, theater and film that participate in the memory of that day. Our panelists represent those whose work will soothe and provoke, comfort and confront and forever be a part of the story - the history - - of September 11th, 2001.

Moderated By: Brian Lehrer (The Brian Lehrer Show -- WNYC)
Panelists: Lloyd Levin (Producer, United 93), David Alan Basche (actor, United 93), Ann Hoog (Curator, September 11th Documentary Project, Library of Congress)

here is a link

Spot-on once again

Spot-on once again GeorgeWashington, thank you!!

Spot-on once again

Spot-on once again GeorgeWashington, thank you!!

I 2nd it!



Hey, thanks folks. I also

Hey, thanks folks. I also really like the 911Truth article linked to -- waking up local religious leaders to 9/11 truth and getting it on public tv are excellent strategies.