A Call for Unity in the 9/11 Truth Community

By John J. Albanese from www.crisisinamerica.org. If you haven't seen this preview for an upcoming release entitled Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime from crisisinamerica.org, check it out here: http://www.911podcasts.com/display.php?vid=67

Crisis in America: 9/11 Truth and The Tribeca Film Festival

Stand with me. Today's editorial is a shameless plea for unity and support. Time is short. Today's headlines relentlessly warn us of a pending nuclear crisis, and the deafening drumbeats of war, and the inevitable clash of civilizations that threatens to devour us whole. Never mind that the rhetoric swirling around the Iran crisis mimics the rhetoric that swirled around the debacle in Iraq. Never mind that the facts are being skewed once again. American foreign policy appears to be executing a full-court press to conflict and oblivion.

And at the bottom of this rubble-heap of American foreign policy lies the all but forgotten truth and hidden history behind the worst terrorist attacks in American history.
But there are those among us who know that something is seriously wrong. From the start, there are those among us who were not satisfied to simply put their trust in the 'official story.' There are those among us who now feel vindicated in this position because we have seen the lies and distortions and omissions. And there are those among us now who are prepared to FIGHT to preserve our right to continue to ask the relevant question.

We must never acquiesce to the perceived social stigma that comes with asking questions. The victims of this crime demand it. We must never allow the simple act of demanding accountability to be equated with "conspiracy theory." We must be relentless in demanding answers, without falling into the snake pit of competing factions of 9/11 Truth activists. Whether you believe 9/11 was in inside job, or was simply allowed to happen (on purpose), or you believe the WTC was demolished with explosives, or the Pentagon was not struck by a commercial jet, or even if you simply believe that the 9/11 Commission Report is glaringly inaccurate and incomplete – UNITE NOW! Put down your theories and UNITE!

And so, it is towards this end that I humbly request your support. As the Tribeca Film Festival gears up next week in the virtual shadow of the missing WTC complex, one sole independent film will attempt to present the heavily censored facts and unanswered questions of 9/11. Premiering at the prestigious Tribeca Screening Room, founded by Robert DeNiro, Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime will at long last bring the 9/11 Truth movement into the spotlight, and provide an important milestone in the public's ever-evolving understanding of the events of that infamous day.
I ask you all to join me in supporting this project. I ask all of you with websites and user groups and email lists and regional Meetups to brazenly utilize every resource available to you to help promote and sponsor and petition the public to recognize this event. It is time to declare victory, simply because this film exists, and demonstrates that this issue will not be silenced. Please join me in declaring the premier of this film at the prestigious Tribeca Screening Room as the most important film premier of 2006.
Please join me in declaring victory at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

May 8, 2006 - 375 Greenwich Street, NYC
Attendance by RSVP only: EverybodyRSVP@Yahoo.com

For more information on this film, please visit: www.crisisinamerica.org

Keep getting college

Keep getting college students to view the 911 Loose Change video. They'll watch it because the music makes the experience of watching it more enjoyable and, IMO, that is a stroke of genius. Then, they'll get their parents to watch it.

Unity. Excellent idea.

Unity. Excellent idea. Some ideas on growing and strengthening the Movement via the "progressive" community (Incompetence'ers/LIHOP'ers).

Find Common Ground.

We can agree on the tragedy that is Iraq and the deceptions the war has been based on. We can agree that the NeoCon architects are up to it again with Iran and that this would be ABSOLUTELY AWFUL if we preempt a strike on them. For the security of those in the Middle East as well us here at home, it is in our best interest to prevent this.

How do we do so?

Expose, Unseat, Unthrone that leg of the Empire known as the NeoCons.

The quickest, surest route to this is 9/11 truth. If we can convice those who do not/cannot fathom MIHOP, that Incompetence or LIHOP SURELY is the case, then we can convince them that 9/11 IS an issue. THE ISSUE. The quickest, surest route to unseating the Moles. Thus we grow larger and stronger.

Lionel had another great

Lionel had another great show yesterday.....Massaoui/Shanksville/Pentagon/the mysterious properties of jet fuel......great stuff!!

Btw...keep up the great work, folks.

Anybody got a link to the Kevin Ryan talk of a couple of weeks ago????????

As a fan of industrial

As a fan of industrial music, its great to see bigger known bands in the industrial scene are going away from anti Iraq war/Bush themes to even more confrontation material like addressing the 9/11 coverup. Here's two song lyrics from the forthcoming new Ministry, and Snog albums:

Ministry "LiesLiesLies"

IÂ’m on a mission to never forget
3,000 people that IÂ’ve never met
We want some answers and all that we get
Some kind of shit about a terrorist threat
Lies Lies Lies
Surpise surprise

IÂ’m on a mission to dig up the truth
You think weÂ’re stupid and thereÂ’s no proof
Well let me tell you that the time has come
To pull the trigger on the smoking gun
Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies

DonÂ’t listen to me listen to your head
DonÂ’t listen
DonÂ’t listen to anything, theyÂ’ve said

America has been hijacked
Not by Al Qaeda, not by Bin Laden
But by a group of tyrants
That should be of great concern to all Americans
IÂ’m on a mission to bring out the facts
You got your stories but they all have cracks
Misinformation, lies and deceit
What made you think that we were all asleep

Snog "al Qaeda is your best friend"

al qaeda is your best friend...
they always arrive when you need them
yes theyre always around just when you need them
when your down in the polls, theyll drop a bomb
when youre stories full of holes...theyll drop a bomb
when there is an election, and you're in trouble
they arrive on the double

DHS the link to IMDB seems

DHS the link to IMDB seems to be broken. Did they censor your comments?

On IMDB Flight93 message

On IMDB Flight93 message board I put up this challenge:


There's a bit of a

There's a bit of a discussion on this over at the Rigorous Intuition board, for those interested:


Good luck at your showing

Good luck at your showing makers of the film!

DHS The follownig line you

The follownig line you wrote is weak ad foolish:


It makes you sound like a wimp. Do you expect by grovelling you are going to change peoples minds? Thats not going to happen...it only make you look weak and pathetic.

First rule: DONT GROVEL!!

you looked like a crazed mad

you looked like a crazed mad man with all those caps.

Who is 'John J. Albanese'?

Who is 'John J. Albanese'? Is he a no-planer?

truther: I am a crazed

truther: I am a crazed man!

brian: thx for the constructive criticism...

Hey once this Moussaoui circus side show is over, we need to get to the jurors. Surely they went through this trial and one or two of them thought "what the F is going on?"

brian: I was begging for

brian: I was begging for someone to CHANGE MY MIND, not for them to read the stuff and change their mind. I was begging for a serious debate, not for people to believe me.

Does anyone live in the same

Does anyone live in the same city as Larry Silverstein? He needs to be approached with a camera crew and asked about his statement.

Hi DHS Sorry if i seemed a


Sorry if i seemed a bit harsh...but the best way to present the truth of 9-11 is with candour and courage, and to beware spleen when others refuse to listen. I get attacked a lot on Georgs Bush IMDB for my posts on 9-11! But i just sldier on.

well im sorry. Im sorta a

well im sorry. Im sorta a computer geek and when I see people abusing the caps. It annoys the hell out of me. And other people. But the message was all good.



Short video of John Albanese

Short video of John Albanese talking about 911 truth movement. Persuasive speaker!


"Short video of John

"Short video of John Albanese talking about 911 truth movement. Persuasive speaker!"

You come outta nowhere with those things... :)

i agree with 911truth guy

i agree with 911truth guy that freeway blogging would be very effective


too bad the 911truth guy on cnn showbiz tonight didnt ask the woman from national geographic channel this question:


it would have moved the movement foward

if i offended anyone yesterday, i apologize

Remember there are ZERO

Remember there are ZERO Israeli troops fighting this war on terror

a war that benefits israel more than america

what an ally

and what a privledge for american troops to be lied to for the honor of dying for israel

Has any one taken a close

Has any one taken a close review of the evidence from the Moussaoui McCourt? I notice a few oddities the id's of the victims and the "terrorist" that all the state issued ID's that i have seen come from Florida. Why was the Expired (08/31/98 ) Florida license of passenger John Talignani a resident of NewYork going to San Francisco found in Pennsylvania. Also among the recovered items at that crash site was CeeCee Lyles id which was a duplicate re-issued 05-24(?)-01 a similar re-issue date to Ziad Samir Jarrah whose Fl License was also a duplicate reissued on 05-24-01 which is also odd since it was issued originally on 05-02-2001 Jarrah's Passport came one year almost to the day before on 05-25-2000

I freeway blog in Phoenix

I freeway blog in Phoenix and it seems to help.

I've been referring alot of

I've been referring alot of new people to this website that never looked at any of this stuff before. So I was thinking that maybe you should have a link right at the top of the web page that can direct newbees to some of the basics of 9/11, something that will catch there eye right off the bat.

don't know if any of you all

don't know if any of you all have seen this yet, but it is pretty good, and almost on the main topic:


raising a big stink... took me a bit to find the actual video...

the first thing to catch my

the first thing to catch my eye 2 years ago about 911 was the pentagon hole, the lawn, and the pod/flash of 175 - those were riveting eye-openers for me.

norman minetta in my opinion

norman minetta in my opinion is a major 9-11 war criminal

pilots used to be able to fly armed, and for some unexplained reason he rescinded the order

then the box cutter bandits came to town

he sat and watched with cheney as the plane hit the pentagon



BBC asserts Anthrax attacks

BBC asserts Anthrax attacks was a CIA inside job:

I really caustion calling every terror attack an inside job...but from the FBI authorizing WTC 93, OKC foreknowlege and coverup, TWA 800 cover up, and what we know about 9/11...well, who knows.

sandy; Here's Kevin Ryan's

Here's Kevin Ryan's recent talk; it's good, I actually listened to it twice.

Thanks for those lyrics. In the remote case you missed it, here's Ministry's song:

A reminder for all about burning DVDs: remember that you can squeeze 8 gigs or more (ie ~7 or 8 hours) on a DVD and still have reasonably viewable video. So don't just copy DVDs, pack 'em! Once you've got your videos ripped or otherwise ready, drag them all to the burn column of your utility, and burn them to your hard drive; pay no attention to any overlimit warnings; you're burning the DVD to your hard drive, you know, the one with all that room; lastly, use something like Nero's "Recode" or the freeware at http://www.dvdshrink.org to "shrink" this burn session down to standard 4.7gig DVD-size (allow about an hour for shrinking), then finally burn the shrunk session to DVD disc. You'll lose some resolution of course, but that's where you experiment and get to know the limits.

And if that's too complicated, just burn all the music you can find to cds and pass 'em out to the young'uns. The music will make it once again cool to question. "If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." --- Jimi Hendrix


pockybot, there are far more

pockybot, there are far more incriminating articles about the anthrax definitely being and inside job than that outdated stuff you posted. (1st guy to die from anthrax was a photo editor who had published pictures of Bush twins drunk, etc.; & anthrax was mailed to Democrat Senators who were holding out against Patriot Act.)

Thanks, man:-)

Thanks, man:-)

im so proud of Ministry. ive

im so proud of Ministry. ive been a fan of them since i was about 12. i was hoping they would broach 9/11 truth.

pocky, where did you get the

pocky, where did you get the lyrics to that Ministry song?

are there any billboard

are there any billboard ideas floating around. purchasing newspaper space. etc
Maybe some ideas on possible ads, and homes for them.