Conspiracy theory

Last week on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, embattled Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld told listeners it was important to recognize that the terrorists are actively out there trying to manipulate the press in the United States. They are very good at it. They're much better at [laughing] managing those kinds of things than we are.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Mr. Secretary. Let's not forget the way you guys duped the 'liberal media' in the runup to the Iraq war.

Then again, maybe it wasn't really the Bushies who pulled that off, given that the whole thing was carried out with a lot more competence than we usually witness from them.

But who else would have wanted to feed the media disinformation to get Americans to support an unnecessary and disastrous war? Who would have benefited from our military's attention and resources being diverted from Afghanistan, from Iraq becoming a training ground for new jihadists and from the U.S. squandering the sympathy it received after 9/11 and inflaming most of the Muslim world?

Yep, you got it, the terrorists would have.

Now it all makes sense. Thanks, Mr. Secretary, for helping us figure this out.

Check out a video clip

Check out a video clip showing the President looking scared and panicky as he fends off a question about 911 foreknowledge. I'm not a psychologist, but that man has something to hide.

on november 15 ,2004 i heard

on november 15 ,2004 i heard a radio report that syria shot down 2 syrian migs

i checked the drudgereport a few days later

they changed the date of the incident to 9-14-01 in a correction

3 days after 9-11

i wrote an editorial on craigslist that israel wanted the usa to invade syria first, and that this was prior knowledge of 9-11

the next day the story was pulled from the AP, and rush went off on bloggers

yes sir, israel was involved in the 9-11 attacks

nov 15 2004 it is reported

nov 15 2004 it is reported that israel shot down 2 syrian migs

so they held the story for three years, then fucking lied about when it happened

you can still find it on

i busted israel, they had prior knowledge

i busted the ap

i busted drudgereport

fucking zionists are going to hell, and it is hot, and it is forever

jon gold " fake activist"

jon gold " we should drop the pentagon incident like a hot potato"

see you in chicago, on my turf -bitches

i suggest you tow the line, i went to high school wioth alot of the cpd, and they are on board

but not with the jewish version

sorry for the typo

my letter to ebert and roeper on

im done here now, see you in chicago


I just sent this publication an email stating that they missed the biggest reason why Ms McKinney is being turned into a soap opera.

Maybe we can get some more converts from their long opressed audience.

There is BBC documentary

There is BBC documentary called the power of nighrmares. Everyone should watch it. It shows Rumsfield from previous administration. This guy has never been right about anything in his whole career, kind of like Bush I guess. Maybe thats why Bush likes him so much.

cool the jew references.

cool the jew references. you got to think like Carl Rove. think like the enemy.

i'm 100% sure that some of the perps are jewish and some are islamic and some are atheists. what they all have in common is that they are cold hearted killers who will kill again if we don't stop them.

israel the country has a special strangelhold on our country along with rich saudis and chinese et . .

the reason that they can strangle us is because our leaders in congress for the most part of suitopaths, or well dress sociopaths that crave god-like powers.

we're dealing with insane people who believe in rapture and that there is actually a "holy land" and that there is a gray bearded man in the sky who speaks like Shakespeare.

we collectively are a fucked up bunch. we've got about 50 more years before the planet pukes us off its surface.

911 truth is big enough to change everything and there is no need to point at jews when it is our own hearts that the fires of destruction are born.

911 dude: 1. Zionist & Jew

911 dude:
1. Zionist & Jew are not the same thing.
2. Jon Gold is one of the best truthers out there.
3. You sound like a real *sshole.

Bill--Power of Nightmares is

Bill--Power of Nightmares is a great 3-part series on PNAC/NeoCons/Bushies.

"i suggest you tow the line,

"i suggest you tow the line, i went to high school wioth alot of the cpd, and they are on board

but not with the jewish version

calm down son - we just don't need to sound like the Timotht McVeigh clan.

are you trying to vent anger, or are you trying to save the world?

and calling me an asshole may be appropriate and i believe jon is a righteous fellow and that everyone may say what they wish.

myself included

jesus was a jew who never

jesus was a jew who never existed

god so loved us that he

god so loved us that he never sent his son who never died for our sins.

faith is the problem . . . science is the solution. WTC7 and the pentagon crash are all we need.

bozo, quit clowning around.

bozo, quit clowning around.



The terrorists are just

The terrorists are just manipulating you guys to be anti-semetic. Right? Right!?

I swear Rummy doesn't even know what the hell he's saying half the time. One of these days he's just going to flat out admit that he did it.

So who's more paranoid:

So who's more paranoid: Rummy or the CT's?

Rush Limbaugh is a TRAITOR

Rush Limbaugh is a TRAITOR nothing less.
If he were honest then how about the revelations about the Zarqawi PSYOP?

Rumsfeld is once again using INCOMPETENCE AS HIS DEFENSE: Always claiming to be "inferior", not to have known, maybe to have ignored warnings, and all along implying one crucial thing: that they wouldn't be guilty after all!

A couple of years ago,

A couple of years ago, Congresswoman Nita Lowey of NY, who is Jewish, said that the policies of the Bush administration were creating anti-semitism. The ADL landed on her like a ton of bricks but I am sure that many Jews in this country and round the world must share her view. As a group, American Jews opposed the Iraq War in a higher percentage than the rest of the population.

In Israel, most of the public opposes the settler movement. Vehemently. If the kinds of things in the mainstream Israeli press about the settlers was printed in an American newspaper there would be howls that its anti-semitic. The settlements in the West Bank are the obstacle to peace and most Israelis oppose them.

So its very troubling to see a much larger group blamed than the group thats responsible. I don't want like feeling that all Americans are responsible for Bush & Co. Maybe theres a link to rogue elements in the Israeli government or just private citizens. I don't know. I think that German former defense minister, Andreas von Bulow, had an interesting point when he was on the Alex Jones show that among the first things that bothered him on 9/11 was all the news footage of Palestinians "celebrating" and that it turned out to be fake or have some fraudulent element about what was really going on, but the question to him was, how come someone had that footage all ready to put up on CNN, CBS, et al. How come that was pre-planned to put on TV?

jon gold " fake

jon gold " fake activist"


jon gold " we should drop the pentagon incident like a hot potato"

"We should drop the idea of something other than Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon like a Hot Potato" is what I believe I said. If you're going to quote me, please make sure to quote me accurately.

911 dude... actions speak louder than words. If you're going to question my sincerity, keep in mind... I'm one of the loudest motherfuckers out there.

"2. Jon Gold is one of the

"2. Jon Gold is one of the best truthers out there."

Thanks. That means a lot.

I'm beginning to see why the

I'm beginning to see why the shills don't like me. They try to spew their anti-semitic bullshit, and then they come across me... a Jew.

If we're going to expand on

If we're going to expand on this 9/11 scenario and try to move into the "who pulled the strings", we're gong to have bigger arguments than we do over whether or not Flight 77 hit the Pentagon (which it did not, btw.)

: )

Blaming an ethnic group is going to go nowhere, and in my carefully studied version of the power structure of this planet, the answer as to who empowers and executes the majority of the evil, the answer is incedibly simple: the people with the most power are simply the people with the most money. The International Bankers, supported by their global corporate whores.

Some of them are Jewish, some are not. We're talking about the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers - the people who are so fucking wealthy they can keep themselves almost invisible (granted, the Rockefellers are not invisible, because unlike the Roths, many of them crave the political spotlight.) You never see them in the Fortune 500, or even hear their names very often. No one can tablulate their worth, only make conjecture about "how immense it must be by now." Some think the Roths themselves own as much as a third of the planet by now. I don't know, no one does for certain.

Those aren't the only 2 families, but I feel those 2 are the highest on the food chain. I could be wrong, invisibility is a prime directive and means of survivial for the wealthy. They (the bankers) control the money flow, and therefore are able to purchase anything - from silence on ops to influence on politicos to invisibilty of media reporting to monetary market gains and crashes, when and wherever needed.

9/11 itself was simply a NeoCon op that was allowed to progress for the global agenda of the bankers. Some call the movement the New World Order, which is what it is, yet I stay away from hackneyed, diluted phrases that sound contrived to the average Joe. I prefer calling them The Globalists. Trust me - 9/11 may even be allowed to surface at some point, when the blame can be incorrectly directed at smaller people or middle management types, instead of 'up the ladder' where it belongs. Blame will never be cast upon the real devils, they've seen to that. They have no delusions that this op will pass into history undetected, and they have been planning since before it happened about contingencies. This is why we're seeing McKinney, Weldon and Charlie Sheen being successfully character assassinated right now. They were chosen as the most easily discredited.

This is a pyramid scheme of power, and it's the best form for containing blame, because the level above is less numerous yet much more powerful. And it's all about having the goods on people for control. Once you participate, you're in, forever. Want a quick example of when you may see some 9/11 Truth leak out into the MSM? Wait and see if Rudi Giuliani's GOP nomination gets too close to reality - you will hear his comments (finally) in the MSM about his forknowledge of the tower collapses. Not enough to cause any clamor for his head (or God forbid, an investigation), but just enough to taint his character away from being 'electable.'

Information is never a bombshell unless the bomb drops on the masses. Some of us got extremeley excited when the Showbiz Tonight thing happened, as if it would start a massive bonfire across the media. As we can see, it still smolders, but it's been easily contained. The most powerful weapon on the planet (for now anyway) is public opinion in the United States. But this great lumbering beast does not move quickly or easily - it takes pummelling with information, and that takes widespread media effort, and they own the global media, period. Once the beast begins to move in a particular direction, it's difficult to slow down, and that's why every directional change must be carefully managed. Little blurbs of info mean nothing - if Middle America doesn't see it on the networks, it didn't happen, it's s rumor or a fad.

It's not ownership of the entities that works, it's ownership of people. They own almost everyone of importance, and this is just one tough battle in a war we lost centuries ago. I still choose to fight, but I have no delusions about grand victories. Just little, relatively satisfying ones.


p.s. Everything I speak of here is pure conjecture. I may be totally full of shit. I say that for 2 reasons: (a) only a fool who assume he has infallibly deconstructed a power structure such as this with no physical evidence of it's existance, and (b) only a bigger fool would not make the proper disclaimer, knowing the life span of 'know-it-alls' who spew info that hits too close to the truth. Make no mistake, this is serious stuff.

Right on, D. Douglas...

Right on, D. Douglas...

Andrew Lowe Watson: Speaking

Andrew Lowe Watson: Speaking of reading bush's facial expressions and body language. You can take a look at what his thought are way back in Jan 2001 along with CrookedCheney during the 1st swearing in (via FAHRENHEIT 9/11) Cheney has a shit eating grin while Bush is scared to death thinking theres no way we are going to get away with this. Another good read comes from the 7minutes in the classroom. He knows something is happening that he is involved in but doesn't know exactly what that something is. Plausible deniability.

Make no mistake, this is

Make no mistake, this is serious stuff.
D. Douglas | 04.24.06 - 10:53 am

Absolutely, D. Douglas.!!!
And We need more intelligent posts like yours to keep this movement for 911truth grounded and effective.