Hannity & Colmes Attack Cynthia McKinney


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There are so many things wrong with this coverage I don't know where to begin. First of all, she's done A LOT more than tell reporters that she revealed the truth about 9/11. Unless you're forgetting, she's held three Commission's in order to FIND the truth about 9/11.

Calling her a "Piece Of Work", and a "Character" after playing the audio regarding her 9/11 questions, makes her out to be what they want everyone to regard her as, a "Nut". To describe her efforts as "Antics", and to blatently LIE about how many people are "Fed Up" with her, AGAIN leads people to believe that she is, a "Nut".

Her challenger, a man who OBVIOUSLY is pushing the "popular" line regarding Democrats, is allowed on to speak down regarding Cynthia. WITHOUT allowing her on to speak for herself.

For Alan Colmes to say that it's "mostly conservatives" who bring up her "ya know, playing the race card", and then for him to ask the challenger, "Do you believe that she is playing the race card?", and then to repeat, "By her?... By her?..." shows how much of a joke the "Liberal" Colmes is.

It is obvious to me that Fox News is trying to get her out of office. We should continue to support her as best as we can. There aren't that many people out there who actually fight for the people.

Todd Beamer's Father And not

Todd Beamer's Father

And not only can it be found that Mr. Beamer was a founding Director of PoliticsDirect, but it can also be found that he later became the Chief Operating Officer for Legato Systems:

'As chief operating officer for Legato Systems, David Beamer reported to work early on September 11, 2001 at corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California. Having flown to California the day before, he was there for a key meeting to be held in Palo Alto that morning.' (website)

And then almost expectedly, I found this piece on a government website to accompany:

'Mountain View, CA, December 15, 2003 - Legato Software, the leader in open software for Information Management, today announced it received a $4.3 million competitive award for business continuance and availability solutions from the Pentagon Renovation Office (PENREN), a large-scale initiative to modernize the Department of Defense's IT infrastructure. PENREN supports many agencies within the Pentagon, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corps.'

And furthermore:

In a quasi 'Oswaldian' twist, David Beamer's 'deceased' son was a Software Consultant, employed by Oracle - which is listed as a Strategic Alliance Partner for Legato Systems, the company his father became Chief Operating Officer for. (website)


You shoulda post this

You shoulda post this instead... sorry...


its the narrative of the

its the narrative of the day. flight 93, kelly arean crying as she reported hearing the last moments of the brave passengers, mousawee cursing at americans, Usama episode 37, and then the every popular zarkawee who looks different in every photo you see.

I personally like the over-weight zarkawee with jewelry on his hand hold the head of nick berg speaking with a very silly jordanian accent.

i would like to be the democrats carl rove. i could do this.

Feel free to play with

They're Trying To Take Away

Jon: regarding your


regarding your poll...

I see very little difference between "Let it happen on purpose" and "Made it happen on purpose"

isn't "letting it" happen, "making it" happen?


LIHOP VS MIHOP was a masterful sleight-of hand straight out of Rove 101. Go to Democratic Undergound and they're all LIHOPPERS. Tarpley has made a big stink about this. A vs. B. Of course there's a difference, but in terms of culpability there is none. Didn't anyone watch the last episode of Seinfeld?

- Mihopper

eer no.

eer no.

Everyone go watch the great

Everyone go watch the great documentary "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism." It'll help you understand the stupidity of everything that is Fox "News"


I think it's clear to me why

I think it's clear to me why Denise filed those bogus allegations againgst Sheen. Now I know some people think everything is a conspiracy, but I mean come on.

Anyways, does thew Zacharius trial come to a close soon? Funny how originally the Pentagon footage was finally spose to be shown, but then decided against it. Now Im one of those that believes Flight 77 hit the pentagon, but cant figure out why they wouldnt want the footage released, given we musta saw the two planes slam the towers a gillion times.

Her alleged assault on the

Her alleged assault on the Capitol police was reported with similar bias:
Nearly every news outlet and cartoonist portrayed her as having done something outrageous.

Trouble is, she was the only one that wasn't recognized and stopped by police, all others were. So what would those Republicans have done had they been violently stopped, unexpectedly? - the SAME!

"Jon: regarding your


regarding your poll...

I see very little difference between "Let it happen on purpose" and "Made it happen on purpose"

isn't "letting it" happen, "making it" happen?"

Which is why I said we're all in this together.



my open letter to roger ebert

the church of 911 truth is alive and well at craigslist

you mean the governments

you mean the governments main propaganda machine is attacking the one politician with enough courage and heart to question the official story of 9/11? you dont say. sadly, some so called "truthers" have fallen for the media/government smear campaign and are disrespecting Mckinney right along with everyone else.shame.

What can we do for Cynthia,

What can we do for Cynthia, whom I regards as a true American hero?

There are several millions of Americans who don't buy the official story. Is it out of the question that a hundred thousand of you populate the surroundings of the parliamentary institutions in a peaceful protest?

im i mistaken or didnt

im i mistaken or didnt mckinney recently back peddel on some of her 9/11 accusations? I could be totally wrong in thinking this, but last time i heard her speak on the Alex Jones show she seemed to be extremely careful about talking about 9/11 (much more so than she used to be).

yeah i heard the same thing

yeah i heard the same thing Robbie..i think some of the gatekeepers got to her and said..."what good do you think you can do talking like this, lets win the small battles first, we have until 2008 to fight the big ones" ....typical gatekeeper mindframe (chicken little)

Amanda, what are the sources

Amanda, what are the sources for the information you posted on Todd Beamer's father?