Bill Kristol Blushes After Confronted on PNAC Agenda - Video Download

Bill Kristol, member of PNAC and editor of The Weekly Standard, was on the Colbert Report last night. This was only the second time I have ever seen the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) mentioned on TV (here was the first).

For those who are unfamiliar, here are some lovely quotes from their document Rebuilding Americas Defenses:

After eight years of no-fly-zone operations, there is little reason to anticipate that the U.S. air presence in the region should diminish significantly as long as Saddam Hussein remains in power. Although Saudi domestic sensibilities demand that the forces based in the Kingdom nominally remain rotational forces, it has become apparent that this is now a semi-permanent mission. From an American perspective, the value of such bases would endure even should Saddam pass from the scene. Over the long term, Iran may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interests in the Gulf as Iraq has. And even should U.S.-Iranian relations improve, retaining forward-based forces in the region would still be an essential element in U.S. security strategy given the longstanding American interests in the region.
The Air Force presence in the Gulf region is a vital one for U.S. military strategy, and the United States should consider it a de facto permanent presence, even as it seeks ways to lessen Saudi, Kuwaiti and regional concerns about U.S. presence.
As a supplement to forces stationed abroad under long-term basing arrangements, the United States should seek to establish a network of 'deployment bases' or 'forward operating bases' to increase the reach of current and future forces. Not only will such an approach improve the ability to project force to outlying regions, it will help circumvent the political, practical and financial constraints on expanding the network of American bases overseas.
Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor.

Ironically, the first thing that Kristol was able to get out of his mouth after being confronted was:

Well, we fought back after 9/11..

and towards the end:

Kristol: He is a war president, he is being judged on the war, that's the truth of it.
Colbert: Nobody wants to be a war president right?
Kristol: Well, he became a war president on September 11th, 2001

I thought Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11? Hrm.

Thanks to for the rip!

Kristol: the execution of

Kristol: the execution of the war, after they pulled 9..

polled by?
pulled by? has a article has a article about flight 93 doubts

nothing but truthers in the comments

today was a great day

sorry i saw the article

sorry i saw the article below

went to the cubs game today and watched maddux pitch a whale of a game

took a day off from truthing,its been a long stretch

foreign pig huffington praises flight93 on her lefty gatekeeper site

still up, who is backing her financially?

"today was a great day" You

"today was a great day"

You know what?


For once, in a long time, something positive was posted.

Thank you in all honesty for pointing that out.

her ex husband was a partner

her ex husband was a partner in one of bush baby's oil deals

holy dear caught in the

holy dear caught in the headlights. I wonder how many people googled the PNAC to discover the awful truth.

:) Good one Doug.

:) Good one Doug.

i've been saying all day

i've been saying all day that Colbert is my new hero. that was the single best piece of tv in a loooong time. i've watched it a bunch now and the way Colbert goes for the jugular right out of the gate is fantastic.

Sorry to say it boast, but I

Sorry to say it boast, but I thin Colbert has done more harm to the truth movement than good.

What the PNAC conspirators

What the PNAC conspirators never got is that America just doesn't have the budget for their "world domination" plans.
If GM were selling and exporting cars like crazy, and every computer and electronics gear sold were Made in USA, then perhaps America could afford all the war "games"...

But that is not so, Mr Bush! Made in China is ruling the world today, and GM going bankrupt because nobody was PATRIOTIC (as opposed to the fake patriotism of Bush) enough to buy American (

Re PNAC - they got what they

Re PNAC - they got what they wanted, the US military tied down in the Middle East. They're not sorry for any of it and they won't be sorry no matter how many die.

The great thing Colbert did was rub Kristol's nose in it. At least someone did that.

any word on video of a

any word on video of a female reporter yelling about PNAC to Jon Bolton? i hope this video exists......

i know its standard

i know its standard procedure and only right, but i really wish you wouldnt thank ive yet to see a more effective "liberal" gatekeeper than John Amato.

Has anyone seen "Fox News

Has anyone seen "Fox News Sunday". Kristol is a comentator. Brit Hume, Mara Liason. These people are wrong on every topic they touch. This isn't a news program by any stretch of the imagination, How this pack of clowns ever got a national news program is something.
What other job can a person fail at as much as these people have and still keep there job?

Colbert is god-like. Problem

Colbert is god-like.

Problem with PNAC is that it's far from over.

• The document requires that US military conducts 3 simultaneous theaters of war... and win them.

• It also requires that we use (B61-11) tactical nukes.

With Rummy talking nukes and seeing how almost every point made in PNAC has come to pass...

get ready for a small scale nuking of Iran. It's in the script, and they are definetly sticking to it.

Dear dangerous

Dear dangerous half-knowledge possesed 911 truthers of the United States of Angst.

911 truth coming out? I don't think so. You are shouting in the dark.

You are naive/stupid to think that 911 truth is going to make inroads without a large body of proof.

I know *you* think there is a large body of proof, but what you have, compared to what SHOULD BE THERE ...


In the minds of the ordinary folk it still holds that if psyop true, how come almost nobody has come forward

I know *you* think they have, but its not *you* who counts.

The truth about american imperialism, the injustices and bizarre myths of well-meaning americans is nicely disposed of by Noam Chomsky, a person you are willing to ignore or vilify.

Complaining about left gatekeepers or liberals is a big mistake. Why refuse good people? Who are you? Most of you think MARX was a crazy person, long overcome. Most of you think that socialism and the EU is dangerous. Q.E.D.

yes, the exact opposite is true

With allies like you, who needs enemies?

So, what will help 911-truth?

I suggest you go out and ask insiders to help you.


The exact details of HOW THEY DID IT is the truth. Its not enough to find out that it was an iside job. The people will not believe it because of the magnitude of the crime. They will only believe it when they see the HOW WHO WHERE WHEN.

Has anyone phoned retired air-traffic controllers?

Who were the air-traffic-controllers that discussed what they saw on 911, whos tape was destroyed? Has anyone spoken to them? Has anyone made a call to find out who they were?

Tape your calls, and try to find the omissions. Try to talk to people WHO SHOULD KNOW! There are hundreds of people (e.g FBI, Police, contractors) who know something, who know WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW... a 911 truth movement is done IN THE STREETS..

today's protests in New York are the beginning of the end of the bushites.

The blushing of Kristol shows that they are AFRAID TO BE FOUND OUT.

As Chomsky says, the Bushites have a VERY THIN hold on power!!

(ok, I am finished. Do not read this post again.. YOU MUST REPRESS THIS INCIDENT!)

i watch it every week Bill,

i watch it every week Bill, its hilarious and maddening at the same time. i like to get myself angry and watch a little propaganda on sunday mornings. Brit Hume=far right, Kristol=far right,Mara Liasson=center right, Jaun Williams=center left faux liberal. thats what Fox News calls a "fair and balanced" panel.some real deep conversations coming from that bunch.although i was surprised that Williams had the heart to stick up for the winners of the pulitzers who helped expose the secret CIA prisons and NSA spying.Hume and Kristol basically said they belong in jail.

RE: UNITED 93 have yous


have yous tried reverse psychology?

in cases of severe denial it often does wonders!


I find the realism of UNITED 93 (the movie)

Imagine, they filmed inside a REAL 757 aircraft!

hijacking as actors!! The conspiracy idiots
of course claim that nobody knows
what exactly went on!


They are just ignorant at the possibilites
that HOLLYWOOD has at is disposal.

If they want to make a documentary
like this one, they can spend BILLIONS
on making it and the result is
impeccable! Every MINUTE DETAIL is
100% exactly as it happened on the
11th of September, the day when WE
AMERICANS changed world history, the
day WHEN WE FOUGHT BACK and eradicated
the evil doers in olive skin.

All Iraqis seem to resist our noble
effort of liberation, so its not our
fault when women and children's guts
are spilled on that evil earth.

The TRUE EVENTS of American heroism
in the air above OHIO will always
inspire the faithful, the true
patriot, the red-blooded Americans
in their SPIRITED belief in the holy
war for freedom, for free markets and
low oil prices, and we will never relinqish
to the perverted minds of Iraqi
terrorists who did cause 911.

After all, why did we have to attack

We HAD TO DO IT so that the truth
about the events of 911 can come out:

evil nation carried out 9/11, by
remote-controlling the 767 and 757
aircraft with their tested version of
smart-guidance system, they
demolished the towers and also
WTC7 later that day at 5p.m., with
the precision that only their highly
methodical guidance systems can
provide. The people in UNIFORM did
fly that missile into the headquarters
of our christian, honest, clean military,
just inches above the grass
that the conspiracy theorists mock
as PentaLawn. There they killed many
highly specialised electronic warfare
controllers conincidentally engaged
in a live-fly hijacking exercise,
called APOLLO GUARDIAN and others.

These brave warriors risked their
lives to protect us from harm.
Just look at the workload they had
on the morning of September 11th:,_2001

These guided missiles with brains
flew superbly precise, like only
military specialist can, right into
the heart of our guardians.
A heinous crime against our proud nation.

Therefore it is CERTAIN that the
executed 9/11.

Therefore our wars are just.

And we need the oil.


... oh and I found this:

Lifestyle : Movies

Dave vonKleist Explores Another Side of 9-11

Apr 29, 2006, 11:46

Ben Pierce

WARRENSBURG, Mo. -- At first, Dave
von Kleist seems like one of those guys that sells salad spinners, ginsu knives or vacuum cleaners at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. But after viewing his movie "911 In Plane Sight," one winds up believin

The last couple of comments

The last couple of comments looks like a 'litany' of disinformation... they like to write a lot. So again, let me reiterate...

PNAC is far from over.

• The document requires that US military conducts 3 simultaneous theaters of war... and win them.

• It also requires that we use (B61-11) tactical nukes.

• Also it requires a draft to support these premeptive wars.

With Rummy talking nukes and seeing how almost every point made in PNAC has come to pass...
get ready for a small scale nuking of Iran. It's in the script, and they are definetly sticking to it.

Bush Using Treason

Bush Using Treason Loop-Hole.

Under a little known provision called a 'signing statement' Bush has been ratifying bills in public and then privately, in most situations, declaring that they do not apply to the Executive Office.

The signing statement has never been used in such a flagrantly abusive way. It provides that the president outlines his Constitutional interpretation of the law he just signed. Bush maintains that the Congress does not override the Executive Office. Under this belief the President can basically dismiss all the laws he signs and do as he pleases.

Three states are preparing bills of impeachment with more to follow. The Bush administration already has it's rebuttle ready to go.

Read full article:
Bush challenges hundreds of laws