AOL Covers Recent USA Today 9/11 Article

Conspiracy Film Rewrites Sept. 11

Interestingly enough AOL ran the recent USA Today article on their welcome screen today. In other words, everyone who logged onto AOL today would have seen this article listed - or at least for as long as it was on their welcome screen.

They added a poll to their copy of the article, visit the link above to voice your opinion.

This seems a little 'too

This seems a little 'too good to be true', know what I mean?

But thereÂ’s an

But thereÂ’s an explanation for everything....

On 9/ appears that Bush let the attack happen or made it happen on purpose. Or that some element within the Bush Administration let it happen or made it happen on purpose.

ThatÂ’s why there was significant insider trading of airline stock prior to 9/11.

ThatÂ’s why several FBI field agentsÂ’ warnings prior to 9/11 were ignored.

ThatÂ’s why Sibel Edmonds and Colleen Rowley have become prominent whistleblowers.

ThatÂ’s why FEMA units were moving into NYC on September 10th 2001.

ThatÂ’s why a US/Indian led investigation exposed how $100,000 was wired to Mohammed Atta and ordered by Pakistani Intelligence.

ThatÂ’s why the chief of Pakistani Intelligence was meeting with top security brass in DC on the morning of 9/11.

ThatÂ’s why at least 4 US DOD war games were on-going during 9/11/01.

That’s why none of the hijacked airlines were shot down (at least none that were ‘officially’ shot down).

ThatÂ’s why it is possible that 8 of the 19 hijackers are still living.

ThatÂ’s why the four hijacked airplanes were not close to being filled to capacity with passengers (as they had been every day before 9/11).

ThatÂ’s why passenger lists from the hijacked planes have not been publicly released.

ThatÂ’s why original reports described debris from United 93 scattered over a several mile radius.

ThatÂ’s why the Pentagon was struck directly into the section under renovation and therefore virtually empty.

ThatÂ’s why the collapse of WTC building #7 appears to have been a controlled demolition.

That’s why Larry Silverstein said ‘Pull it’.

ThatÂ’s why Rudy Giuliani told reporters that he was warned the WTC buildings were going to be immediately falling.

ThatÂ’s why the debris from collapsed WTC buildings were not adequately preserved for further analysis.

ThatÂ’s why the NIST investigation into why WTC #7 fell is so controversial.

ThatÂ’s why NY firefighters have been gagged.

ThatÂ’s why Henry Kissenger was originally selected to lead the 9/11 Commission.

ThatÂ’s why Max Clealand was removed from the 9/11 Commission.

ThatÂ’s why Norman MinetaÂ’s own testimony contradicts part of the 9/11 Commission Report timeline.

That’s why the 9/11 Commission report is a ‘cover up’ report.

ThatÂ’s why there is a corporate media blackout on certain 9/11 issues.

ThatÂ’s why nobody from FAA, NORAD, or the NMCC have been fired.

ThatÂ’s why Robert Bowman, Paul Craig Roberts, Morgan Reynolds have questioned official version of the events of 9/11.

That's why Usama's December 2001 ‘admission’ tape is almost certainly done by a faked Usama.

ThatÂ’s why Usama Bin Laden probably hasnÂ’t been captured.

ThatÂ’s why the PATRIOT act passed.

ThatÂ’s why weÂ’ve gone to war in Iraq.

That’s why Bush was reading ‘My Pet Goat’ when it happened.

ThatÂ’s why .....

I was introduced to the 9/11 truth movement last November. Since then I have previewed books, videos, and internet site material. IÂ’ll have to say, this is an intriguing story. I have introduced the relevant issues to many of my friends. They were largely unaware, but in most cases, receptive to the idea that the official story is a shallow cover-up. That to me is one of the more interesting aspects: the cover-up, although widely accepted, is so flimsy that it barely covers. I often wonder how the official account, with its litany of contradictions and foul smelling conclusions, can maintain credibility.

I would like to see this crime receive a fair investigation. I would like to see the truth movement represented by a savvy media campaign. I would like to see a few more frames of footage from the Pentagon. So to all of you who are feeling in a similar way, keep pecking away. Our truth is closer to the truth than theirs is.

I wonder if they were using

I wonder if they were using Diebold to count the votes the numbers seem reversed from all the other poles I've seen lately.

What do you think of 9/11

What do you think of 9/11 conspiracy theories?

They're outrageous 73%
They're valid 27%

Total Votes: 128,284

i think these AOL poll

i think these AOL poll results are much closer to the reality than the CNN one.

way cool. "remember

way cool.

"remember april/may 2006 when
911 conspiracy was just about to
come out, just before the nuclear
exchange that changed the world.

We still wonder if it was done
under false pretenses ...

Looks like we will only find out
60 years after G W Gush's death,
when congress is scheduled to
release the documents.

==== WORTH A READ =====

Soon, the standards of our civilization are dictated by terrorism?

===== GOOD INFO ======

SWISS Secret documents:

ID, I hope you're right.

I hope you're right. 27% of the American people believing "conspiracy theories" (the non-official ones) are valid is fantastic. Less than 50% of elegible citizens vote even in presidential elections; its like 35% in mid-terms. 27% is a landslide.

53% of Americans believe

53% of Americans believe they saw the Virgin Mother (Jesus dude's mom) in an oil stain beneath the 63rd street bridge.

Check out the story about how the Mexicans accidentally seized a plane managed by an associate of Tom Delay that contained a mear 5.5 tons of cocaine. The pilot escaped. Folks are not happy this evening at the Cocaine Importation Agency.

I know this isn't 911

I know this isn't 911 related, but Colbert just killed at the White House Coresspondants Dinner. Everyone was pretty shocked. He nailed everyone. C-SPAN should have the link up soon.

Remember in the movie, God

Remember in the movie, God Father 2, when Al Pacino is talking about going Legit. The mob and the government merged in the 60's. In the 70's the Arabs bought the outfit and rewarded Daddy Bush for watching out for their interests.

Its the golden rule, those with the gold rule and the dudes with the gold who rule rule for sparkling cities in the desert.

We traded in our democracy for some gas so that we could glide down the asphalt and forget ourselves.

Ok i'm rambling

Humor is our best weapon and

Humor is our best weapon and Colbert is a genius. Thanks for the C-SPAN heads up!!!

C-SPAN is going to repeate

C-SPAN is going to repeate the dinner now and again tomorrow at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Colbert is a must see. Oooh, Bush was burnin' mad. Best line was the one about the generals.

This reminds me that a few

This reminds me that a few weeks ago a bunch of law enforcement and security types were trained in cyber war techniques. With a little hacking it would be quite easy to get any online poll results you want. I think we need a set of links to demonstrate to interested folks such simple hacks and tricks such as proxy servers to spoof ips. But still 27 percent is without a doubt a great result given the other side is indulging in fearmongering and God knows what else.

hopefully they can tweak

hopefully they can tweak georgie's seratonin levels before he nukes someone

Jeff Jarvis blogs about

Jeff Jarvis blogs about flight 93 with reader comments.


Jeff Jarvis blogs about

Jeff Jarvis blogs about flight 93 with reader comments.


Lest anyone forget, AOL is

Lest anyone forget, AOL is located...where!?


"It is worth noting, however, that the company that was primarily responsible for repackaging the internet into a civilian entity, America Online, is perhaps the most thinly veiled intelligence front ever conceived.

This can be easily verified by a visit to AOL's corporate website, where visitors learn - among other things - that the company is headquartered in Dulles, Virginia.

Curious as to where this might be, I attempted to locate the city of Dulles on a couple of maps, to no avail. This, I learned, was because Dulles is actually an offshoot of Langley, Virginia.

Langley is also rather difficult to locate on a map. For the uninitiated, this is because Langley, Virginia is the home of the Central Intelligence Agency. In fact, there isn't much else in Langley, Virginia, which exists almost exclusively to provide residence to the thousands of employees of the CIA's headquarters.

And it is precisely there that you will find the home of AOL. Apparently recognizing the negative connotations of a Langley mailing address, the company essentially created a 'suburb' and named it Dulles. Dulles, by the way, is named in honor of the notorious Dulles siblings, Allen and John Foster, whose names were virtually synonymous with the U.S. intelligence infrastructure through both World Wars and much of the Cold War.

Another fact about AOL that belies its true function is the composition of its Board of Directors.

Here you will find such high-level military/intelligence assets as General Colin Powell and General Alexander Haig. All of which gives a whole new meaning to that all-seeing eye that comprises the company's logo.

Don't let this shit scare you. "They" have neither the time nor the resources to "handle" millions of people.

They're doomed, and they know it.

This reminds me of a "what

This reminds me of a "what if" moment I had earlier. What if AOL was collecting the names of people who voted in the poll? WTF, I'm pretty much fearless at this point. You have to be. Or they win.



Steven Colbert was

Steven Colbert was magnificent. This is a must see.

Yeah, he did great!

Yeah, he did great!

911 may be coming out

911 may be coming out because the cool-aide makers are having a hard time finding partners in their mass suicide plan.

part of

They put the poll, "What do

They put the poll, "What do you think of 9/11 conspiracy theories?", right next to this:

"A new film being downloaded from the Internet says the Pentagon was hit by a missile fired by the military as an excuse to go to war."

Of course the poll will be skewed by the text next to it. They might as well have asked "Do you believe a missile hit the pentagon?"

Not to mention that having one of the poll options be "They're outrageous" instead of "They're invalid" is biased in itself.

I wouldn't expect any better than that from AOL though.

Imagine if Colbert hinted at

Imagine if Colbert hinted at 9/11 being a coverup or allowed to happen. "Boy, thank goodness for 9/11...otherwise we wouldnt have gotten any of our wars and plans through"...

*cue total shock and awe and crickets in the audience*

He did pocky, he studdered

He did pocky, he studdered and said something to the effect of "minetta-y"...;)

Wow Colbert. If you are

Wow Colbert. If you are really concerned about being anonymous purchase a basic remaindered laptop computer. Cost should be no more than a bill or two but don't sign up for any thing. Pay cash. Purchase a wireless device of an older generation from a different remaindered retailer. Pay cash etc. A good idea would be to install Foxfire at this point. As well, you may want to research free proxy servers on the Internet, do your research using Yahoo. These provide anonymous ips - you can't be tracked. Be careful of using proxy servers in the USA though bandwidth will be an issue. Go to the vicinity of an Internet cafe offering free Internet access to laptop users. Drive up to the location to get free Internet access and post away. You don't actually have to leave your car but a decent coffee at this point would not be harmful if you pay in cash. No one will be able to track you.

Hey all, Here is a torrent

Hey all,

Here is a torrent link to Colbert's speach at the White House dinner.

"911 may be coming out

"911 may be coming out because the cool-aide makers are having a hard time finding partners in their mass suicide plan"

Nicely put. BTW, Jonestown is very fishy indeed. A thousand folk committed suicide? You don't say! And right after MKULTRA moved out of prisons and mental institutions? Is that why Mootoo found needle marks in the their arms?

Jonestown is by far the creepiest op I've ever come across. Proceed with caution.

I've noticed that over at DU

I've noticed that over at DU and the Daily Kos they're really pushing for this Neil Young album. They feel it will show that Americans are tired of Bush if everyone sees that a song like Lets Impeach The President is being purchased by people. That Ministry song, Lies Lies Lies, was discussed a few weeks ago and that record comes out on May 2nd. Maybe all of the 911 truth people need to stand behind that in the same way that people are standing behind Neil Young.

Neil Young should write a

Neil Young should write a song that's called "Let's Investigate 9/11"

Crip he did say Minett'y.

Crip he did say Minett'y. Amazing.

Hey guys, thought yall might

Hey guys, thought yall might be interested in this, especially after watching Stephen Colbert call Bush and Co. on all their crap.

Here's a clip of John Stewart showing how both Bush and Cheney blatantly lied about al-CIA-da (whoops! i mean.. al-Qaeda of course) and Iraq ties:

Def. gotta give a hand to these guys.

There's something happening

There's something happening here.
What it is ain't exactly clear.

"They're outrageous

"They're outrageous 73%
They're valid 27% "

You have to remember AOL's audience which is government worshipping net newbies, non-AOL users aren't very often going to be reading AOL's portal site or ineed any different ISP's portal site. AOL is all about people who trust authority and never question it. AOL's polling always reflects their market of imbeciles.

Hey Guys, The Daily Show and

Hey Guys,

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are GREAT; everyone loves a good laugh, and Bush & Co. are certainly giving them enough material, but... remember this: They are an ALLOWED DISCUSSION. Those fascists that have taken over our gov't & our media and shredded our constitution are ALLOWING this. This is obvious. Of course. If it was not ALLOWED, we would not be watching it.

Therefore, one has to ask the question, WHY? Why are they allowing this?

The insane things that they have been doing since 9/11 -- creating gestapo-like forces (Homeland Security), secret prisons, signing statements, Halliburton contracted for American Concentration Camps, Patriot Act I & II, NSA spying on citizens -- produce anxiety (and rightly so) in the American public. What to DO with the anxiety then becomes the problem? RELEASE SOME OF IT, as in a balloon releasing some of its air.

So... you release it and then you don't have to DO ANYTHING. They are disarming you by your laughter. Then, the next question is, what could you really do if the anxiety built up to a boiling point? Revolt? Would that work? Oh, wouldn't they just LOVE THAT, the perfect excuse to suspend the constitution and declare Martial Law--everything they have been dreaming of to bring their evil plans to fruition. No, a revolution is not the answer; their weapons are bigger than yours, this is not 1776!

What to do when the weapons are bigger than you? What do you do when your insane leaders hold their shaky fingers over the "nuke" button to kill those "evil" Muslims and start WWIII? Do the only rational thing, pray.

because things ARE NOT as they seem

DHS wrote, "There's

DHS wrote,

"There's something happening here.
What it is ain't exactly clear."

This should help make things clear from a professional engineer.

Shill King, you're not

Shill King, you're not fooling anyone here. The Gov't can always find (or pay) some professional to say whatever they want, even the rubbish you linked to.

Shill King, 9/11 was a

Shill King,

9/11 was a totally implausible series & pattern of events that took place before, during, and after that day. Your links to random junk-science articles is useless in proving otherwise.

You, Shill King, should be held liable for aiding & abetting the perpetrators in trying to conceal their treasonous crimes.

I saw some of Wolf Blitzer's

I saw some of Wolf Blitzer's Sunday morning show. He "asked" a guest something like: We've been hearing a lot from bin Laden & al-Zarqawi lately. Do you think al-Qaeda is preparing to hit us at home again?

Now, isn't Blitzer's "question" stated in a way that gives his & CNN's blanket endorsement that al-Queda was certainly the ones who had hit us at home before???

"This should help make

"This should help make things clear from a professional engineer." - S.King

But is he a structural engineer? Doesn't he have to be a structural engineer to say anything relevent to 9/11?

I hope all the internet

I hope all the internet shills know their IP addresses are being logged. In the event of a criminal trial involving 9/11 complicity, they could legally be considered "accessories after the fact", particularly if connections can be made to gov't "perception mangament" agencies.

All you newbies applying at the Rendon Group, take note of this.

That would be "management"

That would be "management" of course.

"Mangament" would be the

"Mangament" would be the amount of Italian food consumed.

this from Mr King's

this from Mr King's ''professional''.

The WTC 7 failure, carefully examined, shows me exactly what I would expect to see in the progressive failure of such a structure due to critical overloading at places where the structure becomes non-uniform and thus may concentrate load paths.

Words, words, words, Mr King. they don't fool me. There is no science here. It's baloney, pure and simple.

I can't vote in that poll

I can't vote in that poll about "9/11 Conspiracy Theories"; it's too misframed/malframed:

As long as people who don't swallow the government's wild, impossible, disproven, discredited 9/11 conspiracy theory (that is, conspiracy theory debunkers and other members of the reality-based community) are mislabeled and seen as "conspiracy theorists", The Big Lie rolls on, leaving the truths of 9/11 far behind...

Please don't meekly go along with allowing us lie-denouncers to be (mis)labeled like that.

But is he a structural

But is he a structural engineer? Doesn't he have to be a structural engineer to say anything relevent to 9/11?
darryl | Homepage | 04.30.06 - 1:55 pm | #

No, he specifically states he isn't in one of his other posts. Check his post history on that site. He's more of a shill there than Sky King.

I don't need to be a

I don't need to be a structural engineer to see that a building is erupting & expoding, not merely collapsing.