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United 93 Production Budget: $18,000,000

911 Commission Budget: $15,000,000

Anyone see any problems here? Very inexpensive for a movie, but was it enough for the investigation into the most horrific event in U.S. History?

Getting At The Truth About `The Da Vinci Code,' Judas Gospel (hit piece on Griffin)


Of all the conspiracy theories out there, Markham says the most dangerous is being promoted by theologian David Ray Griffin, whose book "A New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11" implies that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. Griffin claims the Twin Towers were subjected to controlled detonation and that the Pentagon was attacked by a guided missile.

Carl Herman Teaches 9/11 in High School History


For the lesson, I present the government’s version of “terrorist hijacker” led events, then the “government as hijacker” version. There is a way to present both sides of a story that allows the weight of the physical evidence to demonstrate what likely happened. This is different from our major media’s curious approach that rhetoric without evidence is somehow equally valid as the side with all of the evidence. I’ll give an outline, then comment on each part.

Viewer's Response to Loose Change

After I Saw The Movie "Loose Change". I Felt Blind! Like If Someone Had Taken Me And Brainwashed Me Into Believing Something Not True! I Fell Really Bad About The Situation and Hope "We Will Know The Truth Behind 9/11"


The Tokyo Journal Covers 9/11


Now that the passions stirred by that day of infamy - anger, thirst for revenge, and knee-jerk patriotism - have died down, an international grassroots movement is rising up, uniting people from both the left and the right, asking increasingly awkward questions, looking at the 'devil in the detail', and raising the possibility that September 11 was the work of forces far more sinister than 19 Arabs with a few box cutters and a couple of copies of the Koran.

DC 9/11 Truth event

What: Screening of Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State by Alex Jones
When: May 4, 8 pm
Where: Sangha
7014 Westmoreland Ave
Takoma Park, MD

Former MI-5 Agent David Shayler Press Conference


Funding of Islamic terrorists by British,Israeli embassy bombings, London subway bombings, 9/11.
Great information, audio format

Are we loosing? Ive just

Are we loosing?
Ive just seen like 10 publications, 5 tv news stories, and BILL MAHER (who used to be my favorite on "politically incorrect" Objectivity..and now...hes the worst :( )

but are we loosing? its like we are trying to save people who dont want to be saved.

Yizzo - look at Bush's poll

Yizzo - look at Bush's poll numbers. People think there's nothing he wouldn't lie about.

Bill Maher is an ass. He's

Bill Maher is an ass.

He's bin pimpin "Islamofacism" almost as long as animal rights. At least in the latter case he's got Karma. Yet he's still a disgusting human being and should be lined up with the rest of the so-called "media".

Frankly, I don't think he's any better than Limbaugh. So Milton said:

"They who have put out the people's eyes, reproach them of their blindness."

Liberals are just a waste of

Liberals are just a waste of skin & organs to me. Always disbelieving/hating the “establishment”, now they buy the "official story" of 9/11 hook, line & sinker!!! They could jettison the Repugs/conservatives out of office for eternity if they were on board with 9/11 truth! (Would this put them out of a job or something?)

There is a huge crew of liberals & art geeks in my neighborhood. Instead of helping in 9/11 truth, these jackasses are now spray-painting, “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks” graffiti all over the place!

After 9/11 truth finally breaks through, I’m going to rub it in every “liberals” face!
Anonymous | 04.29.06 - 2:25 pm | #

as a liberal i say your full of shit. liberals are more likely to see 9/11 truth for what it is. why do you think this bulshit movie was marketed to conservatives in the first place? give me a break dude, your full of shit.
Chris | Homepage | 04.29.06 - 7:01 pm | #

Chris, my big-mouthed liberal friend, you missed my point.

When “liberal” intellectuals & media like Al Gore, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, John Kerry, The New York Times, Amy Goodman, Bill Maher, John Stewart, Al Franken, etc., etc., etc., do not utter a single word about 9/11 truth, or worse yet, even endorse the official story, IT IS ALMOST FATAL FOR THE TRUTH MOVEMENT! These are the people everyone expects to jump on Bush & PNAC NeoCons if they do anything improper, let alone an astounding atrocity like 9/11!!! It’s the Democrats & Liberals who have always provided necessary checks & balances! Where the hell are they now when we need them most???

(No one expects red state, redneck Conservatives to lead the way in criticizing the Bushies on anything. Most of them are stuck on thinking Osama & Saddam are the same person.)

So, you see, my not so bright friend, the “liberals” total silence or “gatekeeping” is extremely effective in stonewalling the truth movement, because if they’re not even suggesting that 9/11 might have been an inside job, then they are clearly implying that they believe & support the “official story.”

"When “liberal”

"When “liberal” intellectuals & media like Al Gore, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill"

I agree with your sentiment, but this "liberal" stuff is entirely false. If you read Chomsky or Churchill you will find said authors absolutely despise liberals.

Liberals, said authors believe, are rather like "fair weather friends" -- they talk the talk but walk like cripples with wooden legs. Ultimately , "liberals" are responsible for executing the "safety" valve, deflating mass movements and sucking elite cock.

Let us be clear: there is a MASSIVE difference between "liberals" and so-called "left-radicals".

However, on the subject of 911, you may indeed lump them together :(

I just heard Bob Woodward on

I just heard Bob Woodward on Larry King talking about the Watergate scandal. Their discussion strayed into some discussion of the current administration. I was only half-listening though.

But I got the idea that it would be a huge boost for a famous investigatative journalist like Woodward to be involved in investigating 9/11.

I did a quick search for his contact info, but couldn't find it.

wouldn't hold your breath on

wouldn't hold your breath on Woodward.

he's 'famous' in the 'industry' for having sex with small boys.

the man is owned: lock, stock, etc.



"Are we losing?" I don't

"Are we losing?"

I don't believe so, we've made incredible progress over the last couple of months. You didn't think they wouldn't fight back did you????

We're not losing.

We're not losing.

On Neil Young's new album,

On Neil Young's new album, in the song "Let's Impeach the President," there are a couple of lines

Lets impeach the President for hijacking
Our religion, and ...

The way he sings it, it is hard not to hear him saying let's impeach the President for hijacking, period

Yizzo wrote, "Are we loosing

Yizzo wrote,

"Are we loosing [sic]?"

You first have to have something in order to lose it.

Chris, due to the msm

Chris, due to the msm snubbing 9/11 truth, including, for lack of a better term, the “liberal” or “intellectual” media; 98% of the U.S. still know nothing about 9/11 being an inside job!

Ordinary people depend on getting important, credible news from the New York Times, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR, Democracy Now, etc. Since these trusted media remain totally mum on the subject, they are clearly insinuating that there is no 9/11 truth movement, or that it is so absurd that no one need pay attention to it.

The above is so pervasive that nonbelievers routinely say:
“I’ve never read a thing about your 9/11 theories in any mainstream newspaper. “If it’s true, why isn’t in the headlines or at least written about?” or
“I listen to NPR everyday, and they never mention a thing about any ‘inside job.’ or ‘government complicity’. Why not?” or
“I watch Goodman on Democracy Now regularly, and she’s never uttered a word about this 9/11 truth stuff, yet she bashes Bush relentlessly. So why should I believe you & not her, she’s a famous journalist?”

It really seems to me that the PNAC NeoCons are somehow blocking the msm from presenting 9/11 truth articles.

S. King. Its easy to debunk

S. King. Its easy to debunk "your debunkers", poke holes in your theories (e.g. wtc7 coming STRAIGHT down from RANDOM structural damage..) but what is hard is having an extra 18,000,000 + 25 - 30M worth of media coverage to push out the truth...thats the only way i feel like we're loosing. that last aol poll was extremely discouraging..

although i have my TINY gripes with LC2E there is no way, ANYBODY and i mean ANYBODY can watch that and not find at least one or two "GAPING" holes in the official story. So if all of those people watched LC2E how can they say "Outrageous"

LC2 is a great introduction

LC2 is a great introduction to 9/11 truth!!! (It's also amazing how Dylan Avery & those guys did all that fine work on a laptop for less than $10,000.)

I sent this to the Courant

I sent this to the Courant who ran that article about Griffin.

In response to Ian Markham's comment that David Ray Griffin's book 'The New Pearl Harbour' represents a dangerous conspiracy, I would like to say that I have been studying the evidence closely for three months and , like the 83% who supported Charlie Sheen in a recent CNN online poll in his critique of the official story of 911, I am convinced beyond any doubt that Griffin's book is right and your nation has been grieviously misled and lied to . The facts support this view. The real danger is to believe unthinkingly the story that we have been fed by the media., which has brought the world closer than ever to the brink of nuclear war.

so Anonymous is giving a

so Anonymous is giving a pass to the litany of conservatives who not only ignore 9/11 truth, but LOVE the fake war on terror as a whole, just because he wants to attack liberals.i detest every "liberal" that ignores 9/11 truth, but you make it sound like they are alone in that. sorry buddy, your still full of shit.



you honestly think the media is liberal? you are dead wrong. the democrats are becoming more like the republicans because they HAVE TO.the media spins to the right, not only Fox News, so its becoming harder and harder for democrats to remain truly liberal.you should be mad at the corporate/conservative MSM for ignoring 9/11, not the fairy tale you speak of in the "liberal media". the Al Frankens of the world are useless when it comes to 9/11 truth, but that doesnt mean the "liberal media" is the biggest problem. the corporate/conservative MSM is a MUCH bigger problem.Mike Malloy has spoken out about 9/11 truth. has Rush Limbaugh? Wolf"AIPAC"Blitzer?

Chris, you are really dense.

Chris, you are really dense. You name Malloy & 1 or 2 other libs who have mentioned 9/11 truth. Where are the other THOUSANDS OF YOUR LIBERAL HEROS??? I'll tell you. THEY ARE ACTING AS GATEKEEPERS IN OBSTRUCTING THE TRUTH!!!

If just a handful would grow some balls, they COULD BREAK THE TRUTH WIDE OPEN!!! By them remaining mute, they condone & encourage the "official story."

Which part of the above do you not understand?

whatever man, your a

whatever man, your a conservative, and your angry that liberals are ignoring 9/11 truth? what about your conservative heros that still back the "war on terror" %100?

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just trying to moderate a

just trying to moderate a bit this morning, since terrence and s.king are prowling as usual.. just try to keep it civil, and that goes for everyone, not just you.

so you HATE liberals because

so you HATE liberals because "a handful of them could break the story wide open if they grew some balls". so again, you just give your conservative heros a pass? the same conservatives that push the terror myths MUCH more than any liberal? you fall right into the left/right trap with your hatred towards liberals.

the guy called me dense,

the guy called me dense, thats like the pot calling the kettle black.

because the right doesnt

because the right doesnt gatekeep right? they dont lie on the right to further the governments cause right? they dont blindly accept whatever "daddy government" does on the right, right? Fox News doesnt gatekeep(or worse) right? all those conservative talkers dont gatekeep right? right?

yeah dz, im still trying to

yeah dz, im still trying to figure out who pays them.

Tell your liberal heroes to

Tell your liberal heroes to stop gatekeeping 9/11 truth. They believe the government has caused every single problem in the world, and they do not hesitate to say so. But ask them about 9/11: "Oh, Arabs did that."

How can these smart people be so dumb. WAKE-UP LIBERAL!

just as soon as you tell

just as soon as you tell your conservative heros to. see how stupid your logic is? how smart can conservatives be if they not only think arabs did it, but are blood-thirsty for war with said arabs.

will you just admit that its

will you just admit that its not even worth trying to convince conservatives about 9/11 truth because they are all bootlickers and slaves to the government/media? if you would admit that conservatives are a lost cause on this issue, i would understand you ONLY attacking liberals for ignoring 9/11 truth.otherwise, i dont get you.

your anger should be at both

your anger should be at both sides, i dont understand only hating liberals for ignoring the truth. as if Fox News is clammoring to have David Ray Griffin on.

This is the power of the

This is the power of the media to choose the news, to decide when and how to shield Bush from negative publicity. Sins of omission can be just as bad as sins of commission. And speaking of a sycophantic media establishment bending over backwards to accommodate this White House and to regurgitate pro-GOP and anti-Dem spin, I urge readers to pick up a copy of Eric Boehlert's new book, Lapdogs. It's a powerful indictment of the media's timidity during the Bush presidency. Boehlert rips away the facade of a "liberal media" and exposes the invertebrates masquerading as journalists who have allowed and enabled the Bush administration's many transgressions to go unchecked, under-reported, or unquestioned.

Chris, everyone on this

Chris, everyone on this board knows that Bush/Cheney/Rummy/PNAC/NeoCons are evil criminals! Give us some credit on that, will you.) I expect & want moderate, liberal, thoughtful people who are on tv everyday, to cover 9/11 truth.
Take Amy Goodman for example. She has spent years bashing the Repugs. She saw WTC-7 implode IN PERSON (she was caught on video shrieking). She has a daily tv show entitled "Democracy Now." BUT SHE DOES NOT UTTER A WORD ABOUT 9/11 TRUTH! So to her many followers, she is gate-keeping 9/11 truth from them!

Again, what part of the above do you fail to understand?

yes, and i have bashed Amy

yes, and i have bashed Amy Goodman regularly. whenever i come across a Democracy Now fan, i tell them how much of a coward she is. my point is, you have so much hatred towards liberals that ignore the truth, but dont make a f*cking peep about the right. the "liberal" media may be weak and pathetic, but at least they dont blindly push for war,NSA spying and everything else.i guess what i dont understand about you is how you can attack only one side of the aisle.especially when the side you are attacking has less blood on their collective hands.

in Goodmans defense(and it

in Goodmans defense(and it pains me to defend her) she at least had David Ray Griffin on. do you think Griffin could get booked on any rightwing show? she may be a gatekeeper, but you would NEVER see a man like Griffin on any rightwing show unless it was to be attacked and smeared like Steven Jones on Tucker Carlson.

How could men like Al Gore &

How could men like Al Gore & John Kerry have no idea that 9/11 was a false-flag inside job, but you & I do???
Those guys are highly-connected political-insiders with decades of experience.
The only plausible answer is that they are gatekeeping the truth from their constituents!

Come on, man. When Goodman

Come on, man. When Goodman had Griffin on her show, she let some jerk heckle him almost the entire time! It looked like a set-up.

sigh. i give up. your right,

sigh. i give up. your right, its all liberals fault that 9/11 happenned. PNAC took over the liberal bush administration and got their new pearl harbor.pay no attention to the right. its all the lefts fault. your friggin impossible.

Dick Cheney is a liberal,

Dick Cheney is a liberal, Wolfowitz and Perle are liberal too.so is Stephen Colbert.its all the liberals fault.

Chris, this board is a 9/11

Chris, this board is a 9/11 truth forum. Everyone here (except maybe Terrence & S. King trolls) are so far beyond critiquing Bush/Cheney, we don't even bother with it. (That stuff remains for boards like HuffPO, Smirking Chimp, and the other gatekeepers.) We want all opponents of Bush/Cheney to stop gatekeeping & start reporting 9/11 truth!!!

If you're a Bush foe, and you don't speak of 9/11 truth, it implies that you accept the "official story."

im gonna repost this for

im gonna repost this for you:
will you just admit that its not even worth trying to convince conservatives about 9/11 truth because they are all bootlickers and slaves to the government/media? if you would admit that conservatives are a lost cause on this issue, i would understand you ONLY attacking liberals for ignoring 9/11 truth.otherwise, i dont get you.
Chris | Homepage | 05.01.06 - 10:32 am | #

just admit that, and i will

just admit that, and i will understand your little anti-liberal crusade a little bit more.

I totally agree that

I totally agree that Repulicans/Conservatives are diabolical maniacs! It's up to all reasonalbe peoples to do what's in their power to stop them. On certain way to do that is to hold them accountable for 9/11, not to pretend that "Muslims did it."

Coversatives are such a lost

Coversatives are such a lost cause it's hardly worth thinking about them. They are going to be the very last to admit their "good old boys" perpetrated 9/11.

the ones in power and in the

the ones in power and in the MSM, yes, and thats my point. you make it sound like the conservative ideology would be more open to 9/11 truth than the liberal ideology.based on my personal experience of the past 3 years of spreading truth to both sides, i can tell you that its the exact opposite.

All right, Chris. I think we

All right, Chris. I think we know who the real perpetrators are, and that conservatives are basically useless at best.

I just want moderates & liberals to get on board with 9/11 truth by now. They have figured out much more obscure & complex issues that 9/11, which is basically right under their noses.

Not to pick only on Goodman,

Not to pick only on Goodman, but you'd think she could put a tiny link to 911truth.org or 911blogger.com on her website.

Amy Goodman is useless for

Amy Goodman is useless for the most part. do you have that picture of her near WTC7 as it was falling? ive heard several people speak of this photo, but have yet to see anybody provide proof it actually exists.

On the HBO DVD “IN

On the HBO DVD “IN MEMORIAM" at about 38 minutes in, WTC-7 drops. A group of people some blocks to the north, scream. A woman in the group, who I am quite sure Amy Goodman, skrieks and scampers through the crowd.

She should speak out on how/why WTC-7 imploded before her eyes! Why does she remain silent about this and the rest of the inside job?

please provide a link, a

please provide a link, a picture, something. im not saying i dont believe you. like i said, this isnt the first time i have heard this, but you would think somebody would have a link or something if indeed it was her.

I bought the HBO DVD. I

I bought the HBO DVD. I don't know if its online yet anywhere, I'll look around. (Maybe I can upload the part in question, but I don't know if it's against copyrights.)