David Shayler 9/11 Summary - MP3 Download

Looks like this might be a few months old, but I think it was just recently hosted, and has been sent in a few times.

911 truth - great summary by David Shayler - radio4all.net

Summary: audio extracted from video at
www.911truthBristol.com - two segments joined together, latter segment recorded Feb06

MUST HEAR ... amazing insights.

4MB MP3 download available via the first link above, and archived here as well.

Thanks Carol for the heads up!

u2r2h, hehe, sorry dood..


hehe, sorry dood.. dunno who got it first, just know that she emailed it to me.. if it was just in the comments then i probably will forget about it by the time i get to where i can post!

ts ts... giving credit to

ts ts... giving credit to carol,
where I did all the work, never mind.

the important thing is that people hear it.