Hare Krishna Devotee in the Middle East Sees Through 9/11

A Distant View of 9/11 - jswami.info

When it all happened on 9/11, I was away from the United States - in the Middle East, to be more precise. I didn't watch the catastrophe on television; I didn't have one. (I almost never watch tv, and rarely read newspapers.) And I can tell you that from my detached and distant vantage point the events looked very different than to my friends in America.

So different, in fact, that I ought to begin by telling you that what I write here does not represent the official views of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, nor even the unofficial views of more than perhaps a scattered handful of its members. And with that disclaimer I can now say whatever I want, however strange and radical it might appear.

This then is an account of how 9/11 - and events that followed - can be seen from one Krishna conscious point of view.

I found the perspective of this article to be very very interesting, I hope others here might as well. There are some good sections to quote out of this, so check it out and post some comments.

Thanks to Jayadvaita Swami for sending in the link!

Great essay! I particularly

Great essay! I particularly like these two paragraphs:

Coming back to what I saw from my distant vantage point in the Middle East: The drama of the twin towers, the hijacked planes, and the burning Pentagon was so emotionally gripping, the outrage of the American people so strong, their resolve to protect their homeland and their way of life so determined that who could doubt the rightness of their cause?

Yet from far away in the Middle East, unplugged from the television, getting most news only in summary, I saw not details but broader patterns, patterns that seemed familiar, and unsettling. The sequences were too smooth, too natural, too inevitable, too much like a script.

Also the way the author referred to Orwell's Goldstein as being our bin Laden. (Seems like Rove must have read 1984 to his heart's content from 10th grade onward.)

People who believe the

People who believe the government's official conspiracy theory of 9/11 remind me of people whose brain function has been impaired by what some cult has indoctrinated/brainwashed them to believe, and how to 'think'.