Green Party Candidate Speaks of Dr. David Ray Griffin

The case for impeachment grows daily, as more egregious, self-serving, war provoking, Presidential lies are revealed. Theologian, David Ray Griffin, has also shattered the credibility of the 9/11 Commission Report, exposing the lie at the foundation of the Bush regime.

Yet, the press attacks Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who bravely raised questions about 9-11, and who organized "The 9/11 Omission: What the Commission Got Wrong" panel at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. McKinney stars in Guerrilla News Network's award winning film, American Blackout, which questions the legitimacy of the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections.

Congress fails to support McKinney, and attacks immigrant’s rights, causing the most vulnerable part of the population to organize resistance in defense of themselves, their families, their friends, and justice.

The tactics of fear, terror to confuse, divide, contain, and misdirect popular outrage are ancient. Emotional issues, like immigration, shaped by fears of job loss, overpopulation, racism, violent ‘imagined’ threats are a foil, to counter the direct evidence of lying to the public, admission of high crimes, and misdemeanors. In the game of chess, the best defense is an offence, and those who seek to maintain power choose to attack the most vulnerable, rather than focus their attention on the gravest threat to the country and world, the executive branch of government.

The leaks about impending nuclear attack on Iran, a bird-flu pandemic, are designed to terrorize people and distract them from the cornered rats, those capable of destroying the world, who will not willingly give up power. The situation makes me think of a game of chicken, with two vehicles careening towards one another, daring each other to get out of the way or face annihilation. Will the Bush cabal destroy the planet? Will the planet destroy the Bush regime? Will one survive the other?
There is no single woman to get the truth out to the country, but there are many women and men, working very hard to wake people up, and alert them to the truth. They are using every means of communication to break the spell of the Big Lies that have been repeated by the press. They are calling for impeachment; they seek to rein in a criminal government that has hijacked our country, and seeks to hijack the entire world.

Truth unites all of us, but hoaxes are used to distract, divide, and conquer. We need to discern the truths from the avalanche of deceptions. David Ray Griffin, speaking recently in the Bay Area to full houses and responsive audiences, suggested a non-violent, "anti-imperialist movement." The truth is our best tool, to bring all of us together, and to disarm those whose power is built upon a pyramid of lies.

When you guys have the time,

When you guys have the time, here's something I used to ask people to watch...

Oscar-winner Dreyfuss

Oscar-winner Dreyfuss campaigns against "shaped news":

Thanks dsm

Thanks dsm

OT: Payne Stewart: 19


Payne Stewart: 19 minutes or 79 minutes?

Also where can I find confirmation of the $100,000 Ahmad -> Atta wire?

valis and Gold:

thanks for offering your support of my project. If anyone else has anything to offer, email me at

"Payne Stewart: 19 minutes

"Payne Stewart: 19 minutes or 79 minutes?" Not trying to be a wise guy, but 79 minutes sounds way too long a response time. Most emergencies would be over by then.

I ask because time zone was

I ask because time zone was mentioned in a rebuttal i heard and improper recording.

DHS, here is some on


HW has been in the White

HW has been in the White House for almost 30 years, almost continuously.

20 i meant

20 i meant

Just got back from the DRG

Just got back from the DRG dinner and lecture at Matteos in Westwood. Aaron Russo was there. Good crowd, cramped room. Griffin needs visuals to go along with lectures...would be much more effective.
The tight quarters seemed to cause him to loose his concentration a bit.

We need to spread the word

We need to spread the word to the 3000+ Congressional Candidates currently running. Help me contact them:

Last night "Loose Change 2"

Last night "Loose Change 2" was shown in Oakland. I had to work so I couldn't make it. Here is a report Carol wrote about the showing...

May 3, 2006

The DVDs finally got through Homeland Security and I was able to ship them yesterday, and load up the car for the event last night in Oakland (missing the phone conference for Chicago, the Green Party meeting, the Impeachment tv show put on by the local Peace and Justice group, not to mention dinner...). A local TV crew was nearby, but totally ignored the event. All three Loose Change filmmakers turned up. After many heated email exchanges, Vince and Victoria flyered outside the theater to be confronted by the film-makers, cameras in tow. I missed all that, busy as I was setting up. What bothered me the most was that Gypsy didn't want to start on time and after almost half an hour when the audience started clapping- we were finally able to begin. Allen Michaan introduced Gypsy who introduced Bonnie Faulkner, it was a benefit for Bonnie, then I spoke followed by the film-maker- both of us spoke, I think, directly as a result of the controversy over the film within the 9-11 Truth Movement.

About 360 people came- so the theater looked pretty full; I recognized lots of people (the choir), but asked how many new people came that were attending their first 9-11 educational event. I think around 40 people raised their hands, here's the gist of what I said:

Real leadership sometimes means doing something, because you know that if you donÂ’t do it, nobody else is going to do it. Gypsy has shown real leadership by pulling together this event which certainly wouldn't have happened without her efforts, and she has three little kids. I have three big ones.

I am running for Congress on a 9-11 Truth, Impeachment, Peace platform.

Congress and the press have abdicated oversight responsibilities of the executive branch. They have supported war, the bogus war on terrorism, the construction of Homeland Security, the dismantling of our Constitution, and the systemic destruction of the basic civil rights established by the Magna Carta in 1215, with the institutionalization of torture, pre-emptive war which permits “terrorists” to label anyone who disagrees with them to be “terrorists.” The Big Lie justifying the most heinous crimes against the American people and the world has been 9-11.

The 9-11 Truth Alliance was born to challenge the lies, discover the truth, hold those responsible accountable, and expose the pattern of “false flag” operations that have been used to deceive people into supporting wars for many, too many centuries.

Our challenge has always been the psychological barrier of people not wanting to look at the evidence. People will say, “Even if it what you’re saying is true; I refuse to believe it.” Some people feel that we can convict the government on negligence, and don’t need to prove that they “consciously allowed 9-11 to happen.” There are those who are certain that we could convict them on allowing 9-11 to happen. There are an increasing number, a majority of us, who believe that they couldn’t have just “allowed it to happen,” but must have “made it happen.” And there are, some who feel that Bush and Cheney are merely puppets pulled by the Illuminati’s strings, and that if we don’t expose the puppet masters, then all of our efforts are in vain.

Personally, I believe that the best hope for the world is that we wake up the American people to take responsibility for their government and hold elected officials accountable for their crimes, and redirect the nationÂ’s resources from killing and controlling people and planet to healing and nurturing life. The first obvious step is impeaching Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the most potent tool that we have is deconstructing the official narrative of 9-11.

While those in the Truth Movement agree that 9-11 was an inside job, we often disagree on which evidence is the most compelling. I favor exposing the Al Qaeda myth, showing how Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, Saudi Arabia, through Pakistan’s ISI, and following the money trail- who financed 9-11, and who benefited. Jim Hoffman, our local researcher, author, has focused on the collapse of the towers and the collapse of World Trade Center Building #7, whose destruction was completely omitted from the Commission Report. There is the failure of the multi trillion dollar Defense Department to follow standard operating procedures and intercept any of the planes. There is the odd derelict behavior of the command structure on 9-11, despite the fact that they were conducting multiple wargames, another point of omission in the official report. There is the fact that many of the highjackers are alive and well and claim they “didn’t’ do it. There is the systemic destruction of evidence, the obvious cover-up… a huge array of evidence which has covered many days of presentations in the Citizens’ Inquiries that we’ve held. The definitive film, has yet to be made.

Loose Change 2 includes some of the key points of evidence, but it also includes some very controversial evidence. I have noticed that the press and Congress have a tendency to ignore what I consider to be the most important issues and questions that we have tried to raise. My Congresswoman will say, “I was at the Pentagon on the afternoon of the attack- I saw the plane wreckage.” She will dismiss every issues and question that I’ve raised, even if I never mention the Pentagon. The press and Congress generally attack the straw men and our weakest arguments and ignore the questions that they cannot respond to..

Hollywood, and the government have tremendous resources, and they are prepared to spend a fortune and utilize the vast media machine at their command to sell the official story of 9-11 which establishes the legitimacy of the current government and the outrageous budget that they are pouring in to the military and “Homeland Security.”

All we have is a shared commitment to discover the truth, expose the lies, and the courage, creativity, passion to revolutionize communications in this country to thwart corporate censorship and wake people up. The ruling paradigm depends on terror, fear, apathy, and cynicism. It cannot stand up to truth, rational challenges, the organized, cooperative, concerted efforts of the public to hold government officials, and corporate crooks, accountable, and rein in their criminal activities.

The filmmakers have extraordinary gifts and courage to tackle the defining issue of our times and to fan the fires of a growing Truth Movement. I encourage everyone to respect the differences of opinion, to learn more about the events of 9-11, to remember that we should support one another, and direct our anger at those who were responsible for the attacks. We have some great free handouts in the lobby, and excellent educational materials, and I hope that you all will be inspired to join us, locally we meet twice a month, and June 2nd-4th, we will be having another international 9-11 truth conference in Chicago. Together, we can do what no one of us could do alone.


Gypsy also showed clips of us blowing the whistle and challenging the 9-11 Commissioners and Zelikow when they came to the Bay Area, and a documentary on a free speech case about a website that showed some horrifically graphic photos of the dead and maimed bodies in Iraq, that were too painful for me to watch. I bet the actual film didn't start til 8:00 p.m.. Gabriel showed up and plugged the Chicago Conference and then there was a lively Q & A with the film-makers.

By the time I packed up and got home, it was 1 am, and I need to reorganize my car, ship some stuff, and set-up for today's Listening Project. I hope I can catch up on sleep tonight, because it is hard to function on too little sleep for too many days in a row.

OT OT OT I'm listening to


I'm listening to this recording of a conference call debate between Hufschmid, and the 3 LC2 makers. The MP3 is hosted direct now, it's one hour. I don't know when it took place, I'd guess in the past 48 hours, since I heard Hufschmid on DBS' show (, they discussed all the garbage in the Truth Movement (as they see it...) and they didn't mention this debate.

I recommend 911blogger post a link to it.

i also think that this david

i also think that this david icke video secrets of the matrix is underrated.

pts 1,2

pts 1,2

On 12/4/01 and again on

On 12/4/01 and again on 1/5/02, President Bush evidently revealed the existence of some secret video of the very beginning of the 9/11 attacks (if Bush got to see it as he has twice told us, that means that he was "in the loop" on the supposedly-secret attack!). No member of Congress has ever publicly asked Bush about his statements, which would seem to indicate that Bush had breached perpetrator security by blabbing about his classified first glimpse of 9/11. Now I see that Carol Brouillet, a large figure within the 911 truth movement, is running for Congress. She says that 9/11 is a lie, and that Bush should be impeached, but nowhere do I see that she intends to be any different than all the existing Congresscritters when it comes to demanding that Bush be questioned about his incriminating 9/11 witness statements. Basically, the media, Congress, John Kerry For President 2004, Michael Moore, Republicans, Democrats, the 9-11 Commission, and the leadership of the 911 truth movement all seem content to let Bush's self-implicating unimpeached (except by some of the misleaders of the 911 truth movement interestingly enough) statements slide.

Other misleaders of the 911 truth movement have together disregarded other government-lie-breaking evidence including the Pentagon Video Frames (the first of which reveals that the government lied to us about what hit the Pentagon) and the Naudet video of the 1st WTC impact (which reveals that it was not any normal 767 which hit WTC1).

Thanks OT for the audio page link (I'll get to listen to it {someday}...).

DHS: Payne Stewart's intercept time was reported in (as I recall) a Dallas (I think that's where his flight plan said PS was headed) newspaper (which by 2003 had archived$$$ the page) as 21 minutes. But some "pilot" in some forum somewhere said that the northbound plane had vectored into the Central time zone before it was intercepted after 81 minutes (that is, the newspaper had evidently just subtracted times without taking time zones into account), and I was able to find a government web page which agreed with the account of that "pilot". Which is why I present it as I do at

The Atta candy bar ($100,000) pymt story was 'leaked', as I recall, in some Washington Post Sunday supplement. I think it's disinfo/insinuation, designed to make people (including 911 truthers) think that it's OK to blame Atta for the ATTAck -- kind of the same way an email address of could suggest to some people that the government-claimed link between the 9/11 attack and "Muslim hijackers" was real and true. (Telling lies about patsies after the patsies have been used and killed is hardly original, and even if the tale is true that still doesn't logically prove on-board human hijacking, though it sure does so psychologically/emotionally.)

(The funniest/lamest/saddest 911 email address I've ever seen was something about bush911mastermind@somedomain...)

RE Payne Stewart

RE Payne Stewart interception - don't pilots all use "zulu" time zone?

RE Atta payment. Of course, it proves nothing just as it would prove nothing if these people were on the planes! The issue of their being on passenger manifests or not is interesting, but unimportant. They probably were in the US as part of some "conspiracy" and they were getting money from somewhere. But that hardly proves that the conspiracy was to hijack planes.

If someone in the Pakistani government was giving Atta money, it doesn't prove complicity of the Pakistani government. It defies credulity to believe that the CIA doesn't run people within the Pakistani government; we know that they were running a guy in Saddam Hussein's government and (according to a journalist I saw on C-SPAN about a year ago), there is some reason to believe that Saddam Hussein was himself in the control of the CIA during some years of his career.

Hey, any Canuckers out

Hey, any Canuckers out there, boycott the Census here:

Throw in some 911 truth bombs while your at it.

Zacarias Moussaoui is

Zacarias Moussaoui is expected to release a statement this afternoon.

House Passes Draconian

Can anybody help me

Can anybody help me recollect something that escapes my mind right now.

Norman Mineta's testimony places Cheney in the control bunker before the plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Mineta's testimony was omitted from the 9/11 commission final report but what did the final report say about Cheney in the control bunker? Was he there after or before the Pentagon plane crash as Mineta's testimony suggests?


Apparently, Kristen

Apparently, Kristen Breitweiser kicked butt on Hardball last night. But, I guess they did two live shows instead of replaying it. So, the information in the second show wasn't quite as good as the first.

A 9/11 Commissioner is calling for KSM to be tried. All I can say is, bring it on.

Blimp, that has to be your

Blimp, that has to be your dumbest post to date. Now you bash Carol Brouillet of all people???

You do way, way too much criticizing of truth leaders. What the hell is the deal with you?

House Passes Draconian

House Passes Draconian Intelligence Bill - Jon, that could be one way for them to shut-up those pesky 9/11 truthers.

"Congress and the press have

"Congress and the press have abdicated oversight responsibilities of the executive branch. They have supported war, the bogus war on terrorism, the construction of Homeland Security, the dismantling of our Constitution, and the systemic destruction of the basic civil rights established by the Magna Carta in 1215, with the institutionalization of torture, pre-emptive war which permits “terrorists” to label anyone who disagrees with them to be “terrorists.” The Big Lie justifying the most heinous crimes against the American people and the world has been 9-11."...Carol Brouillet


Blimp: "She [Brouillet] says

Blimp: "She [Brouillet] says that 9/11 is a lie, and that Bush should be impeached, but nowhere do I see that she intends to be any different than all the existing Congresscritters when it comes to demanding that Bush be questioned about his incriminating 9/11 witness statements."..."Other misleaders of the 911 truth movement have together disregarded other government-lie-breaking evidence"...

So you imply that Brouillet is a "misleader of 9/11 truth" because she didn't fit Bush's seeing the 1st plane into her post???

I think you're a sneaky misleader of 9/11 truth, Blimp.

911Blimp is a gummit shill.

911Blimp is a gummit shill. Period.

I'm in a regional 911 Truth group. Periodic group emails go out, but the full mailing list is supressed-- single point of contact, members cant see the full CC list-- they can meet in person at meetups and exchange emails voluntarily, but the whole list is not public. A few weeks ago, "Dave / 911Blimp" somehow got ahold of the entire email contact list, and blasted out a hit piece on Dave McGowan as being disinfo blah blah.

Soooooo... we have NSA/FBI eavesdropping on these Truth emails, and Agent Dave/911blimp direct emailing Truth Seekers, seeking to wedge.

I repeat:
911Blimp is a gummit shill. Period.

A while ago I read about a

A while ago I read about a Green U.S. candidate who asked difficult questions from a New York attourney (Eliott Spitzer?) who had refused to investigate 9/11. What is the name of this "Green man"?

Also, I remember reading that the U.S. Green Party wants a new investigation into 9/11. Could someone give me a relevant link or two? Thanks in advance.

Vesa: here is the link about

here is the link about Spitzer getting heckled by Hicks:

Here is other Sander Hicks related stuff

Why 9/11 planners won't face

Why 9/11 planners won't face trial

(CNN) -- With Zacarais Moussaoui headed for lifetime confinement at a federal prison for a minor role in the 9/11 attacks, the question arises of what will happen to the alleged planners who are in U.S. custody.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, terrorism analyst Peter Bergen and anchor Anderson Cooper discussed the fates of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh -- alleged planners of the 9/11 attacks -- on "Anderson Cooper 360" Wednesday night.

TOOBIN: I think the defense argument, that (Moussaoui) was a small fry, that this was a wanna-be, that this was a crazy guy, whose importance was being inflated by the government, persuaded at least one juror that this was not a death-penalty case.

We don't know what the split was. But we do know that it was not unanimous for the death penalty.

Peter, is this guy just a small fry?

BERGEN: No doubt.

I mean, some of the testimony we heard in the case -- well, it wasn't testimony. It was summary interrogations of some of the al Qaeda leadership that is in American custody. And they were talking about, this is a guy they wanted to cut loose, somebody who was a pain, ... they didn't appreciate the fact that he didn't behave in a very rational manner. And they kind of cut him out of the plot.

COOPER: So, as -- you mean, as a terrorist, he's kind of a loser?

BERGEN: Completely.

COOPER: Why is that? I mean, how can you be a bad terrorist? What, he's just a loose cannon?

BERGEN: Well, you know, al Qaeda's leadership is a fairly rational group of people, and they don't want people on the team who have got personality problems.

You know, the jury did not find, in the mitigating factors, that Zacarias Moussaoui is actually psychotic. But, clearly, his behavior during the trial, the way he behaves with anybody he deals with, indicates that you wouldn't -- you wouldn't want him on your team, running whether you're running a business or a terrorist organization.

TOOBIN: And -- Anderson, he may have wanted to be a terrorist, but the government couldn't point to any terrorism that he did. This is a guy who was in prison as of the middle of August 2001. He got caught before he could even attempt to do anything.

So, the argument that he was dangerous and wanted to do something was all theoretical. They couldn't point to anything he actually did.

COOPER: Peter, you talk about this testimony that they did point to, testimony from other higher-level terrorists, who are in custody in undisclosed locations. Any chance that they are going to be brought to court?

BERGEN: Well, to me, the real tragedy here is that I think it's very unlikely that the people really responsible for 9/11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh, who were the operational planners -- it was their idea, their execution -- they're in American custody, and I don't think they're ever going to see the inside of an American courtroom.

I think most Americans would be surprised by that. Why will they not be put inside -- why will they not see inside an American courtroom? Very possibly because they have been treated in such a way that their evidence would be inadmissible. The New York Times said that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has been water-boarded, which is a technique that is somewhere between abuse and torture, where you make somebody put -- you put somebody's head into the water, and you make them think they're drowning.

I wonder what Jeff's opinion is here in terms of why they won't be inside an American courtroom.

COOPER: Yes, Jeff, I mean, will these guys just be sort of disappeared?

TOOBIN: I think they are going to be disappeared. I think they will never return to American soil, for just the reasons Peter was suggesting, that, you know, the -- the protections of civil liberties that are enshrined in our system are not something that have been honored in these cases.

And maybe they should not have been honored. Maybe the circumstances called for it. But ... the treatment is indefensible. The evidence was collected in a way that comported with military and intelligence procedures, but not with criminal justice procedures, and our government would prefer not to deal with them.

Find this article at:

fantastic! The intellectual


The intellectual contortions are amazing!

We cannot put victims of our torture in court because we could not convict them because we tortured them.

WOW... thats even better than the holy inquisition:

If the person died when torturing, it shows that (s)he was not with the devil. If (s)he survives, they must be with the devil and hence be executed.

Americans! What is in your drinking water?

Carol Brouillet is no

Carol Brouillet is no different than Republicans, Democrats, the 9-11 Commission, Michael Moore, John Kerry For President 2004, The New York Times, etc etc etc when it comes to demanding that Bush be questioned about his repeated incriminating 9/11 witness statements.

Pardon me for noticing and then pointing that out to people. (Hey, if Carol doesn't like the fact that her behavior matches that of so many other people who are part of the problem but not the solution regarding this remarkable evidence, she can change her behavior, or just her speech, and pledge that, if elected, she will, from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, on the record, question President Bush about his repeated incriminating 9-11 witness statements! And if she can't do that, then I don't think she really is a serious honest 911 truther who's running for Congress.)

In Bush's statements, evidently the terrorist-in-chief blabbed about a classified video we're not supposed to know about, and which ought not to exist if 9/11 was truly a secret terrorist attack.

Now all our institutions, including those who claim to oppose Bush and to question/investigate 9/11, pretend Bush never made the statements. Hello! Can anyone connect the dots?

Amazingly, the only time 911 truth (pravda) leaders talk about Bush's statements is to mischaracterize them! And so they devalue/discredit them, which in turn causes others to disregard and dismiss them.
Example 1: George Bush never referred to having seen the 1st WTC impact in an "ordinary TV", so why would Barrie Zwicker, 911truth leader and trusted/respected long-time professional journalist and apparent 911 truther repeatedly say that he did???
Example 2: Mike Rivero of spreads the propaganda that Bush was lying. Yet he has no evidence to prove that Bush lied or was even mistaken, nor even anything whatsoever to indicate that Bush's statements are not entirely valid, and thus good evidence that the government's official version of events is invalid!!!

Those are but a few examples of the illogical and counterproductive behaviors being practiced by the supposed "leaders" who've sabotaged and misled this constipated 911 truth movement. (Pardon me for noticing.)

Other examples include the Naudet video of the 1st WTC impact, which reveals that it was not any ordinary hijacked 767 which hit the North Tower, and the Pentagon Video Frames, which came from the U.S. government, yet were omitted from the 9-11 Commission Report because they reveal that the government has deceived us regarding its contention that a 757 struck the Pentagon!!!

The way the 911 truth movement has been misled, it's as if those government-lie-killing pieces of evidence do not even exist!


How many slam-dunk, 'killer' pieces of evidence do you think the leaders of a truth movement should be allowed to demigrate, disregard, and otherwise suppress before we question what they're really up to, hmmmmmmm?

I've provided plenty of links so you can fact-check what I'm saying. (Here's another. Note how disingenuously "anti-no-planer" Jim Hoffman makes his case that we can take the government's word for what hit the buildings: )

And once you've done so, make sure you remember 'who' has been repeatedly telling vicious desperate made-up lies about here (Please don't believe any of it; it's not true), and that is for full disclosure about 9/11, and for following all the leads, while the misleaders of the 9-11 truth movement divisively get out in front and then get in the way of following some of the hottest leads and best pieces of 9/11 evidence.

How is it divisive, or indicative of any lack of sincerity, for me to point that out? (And why should I be attacked for doing so?)

"Carol Brouillet is no

"Carol Brouillet is no different than Republicans, Democrats, the 9-11 Commission, Michael Moore, John Kerry For President 2004, The New York Times, etc etc etc when it comes to demanding that Bush be questioned about his repeated incriminating 9/11 witness statements."

Blimpie, WTF are you talking about? Carol Brouillet is a 9/11 truther, and you equate her to the above???

Bush's seeing the first plane statement & your missle planes are useless fringe issues.

You, on the other hand, are a hot-air-filled disinfo agent!