Hufschmidt Discusses 9/11 Movement with Louder than Words

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Eric Hufschmid discusses 9/11 with the creators of Loose Change: Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas

Artist: Eric Hufschmidt, Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas
Title: Hufschmidt Discusses 9/11 Movement with Louder than Words
Year: 2006
Genre: Speech
Length: 62:40 minutes (7.17 MB)
Format: MP3 Mono 22kHz 16Kbps (CBR)

I listened to this last

I listened to this last night, and I have to give credit to Dylan & Co. for not falling for Eric's Zionist Zionist Zionist bullshit.

Duh... why won't people

Duh... why won't people listen to what I have to say... Duh... I'm only saying that one of the most horrific events in human history never happened. I'm only dishonoring the memories of the millions who were killed at that time. Why would anyone take offense to that... duh...

As far as I'm concerned,

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who actively seeks to discredit the information known about the Holocaust is a Nazi sympathizer.

Why would you even question it?

I mean... look at some of these photos...

And aside from the

And aside from the comparative value of mentioning the Holocaust/Nazi rule when trying to educate people about what's going on today, what does the Holocaust have to do with 9/11?

Can anybody help me

Can anybody help me recollect something that escapes my mind right now.

Norman Mineta's testimony places Cheney in the control bunker before the plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Mineta's testimony was omitted from the 9/11 commission final report but what did the final report say about Cheney in the control bunker? Was he there after or before the Pentagon plane crash as Mineta's testimony suggests?


9/11 Report: Cheney arrived

9/11 Report: Cheney arrived at the PEOC by 9:58am. Cheney arrived at the PEOC by 9:10am

Mineta Testimony: Cheney already present upon arrival at 9:20am

Pentagon hit the Pentagon: 9:37am

Flight 175: Hit the second

Flight 175: Hit the second tower at 9:03am

Time between second strike, and Pentagon strike: 34 minutes.

IMO, Hufschmidt wrote a very

IMO, Hufschmidt wrote a very good 9/11 book & made a great video. But the guy looses credibility in that he's pathologically fixated on Jews. (He doesnÂ’t even differentiate between fanatical Zionists & ordinary Jewish people.) I'm not even Jewish, and he offends me greatly with this b.s.

i agree Anonymous, his book

i agree Anonymous, his book and video were pretty useful and i love how he did a segment on the media in his film, but he clearly belongs on the fringe with Morgan Reynolds now.more harm than good.

you guys should really

you guys should really consider combing through last nights episode of Nightline, there were some very interesting qoutes that you might want to isolate.

Regarding Mineta's

Regarding Mineta's testimony, and I've said this before...

There was an order given by Cheney. A "young man" was responsible for following that order.

If the order was to "shoot-down" a plane as Lee Hamilton would lead you to believe, then would the "young man" continually run in and out of the room, or would he wait for confirmation of the plane being shot down, and then report that information to Cheney.

I think the order was a "stand-down" order, and here's why.

The "young man" was obviously nervous about following the order he received. That is the reason he ran in and out of the room to tell Cheney of the plane's position. He asked "does the order still stand" because he questioned the order itself.

I want to know who that "young man" is.

Listening to this

Listening to this conversation was theraputic. This is the conversation I always wish I could have had with Eric Hufshmid. Dylan does a great job of questioning Eric's assumptions and defending himself without any name calling or cheap shots. Just an open and honest conversation.
Its all very interesting.....I have a much greater respect for Dylan and company and their grasp of all the 911 issues.

Universal Admits Defeat,

Universal Admits Defeat, Removes Flight 93 Forum
Crescendo of dissent on official fairy tail leads to wiping of website

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | May 4 2006

Universal Studios has admitted defeat in its efforts to re-package the official 9/11 fraud and has completely deleted its own forum after the website was hijacked by individuals posting truthful information about what really happened to Flight 93.

Yeah, what the hell happened

Yeah, what the hell happened to this guy? Painful Deceptions is very clear and academic and one of the crucial tools for educating people. Then you go on his site and he has earrings of people falling out of the towers, or some such nonsense.

Of course we have to study the Mossad's role in all of this, but his approach seems a calculated attempt to divide the truth community. He's a tool and that's why he's the one Penn focused on his hit piece. He's right there with Jeff Rense and David Icke.

Let's stick with the cold scientists, Wood, Griffin, Jones, et al.

Science will win the day.

It was either a "stand-down"

It was either a "stand-down" order, or an order to not fire whatever defenses the Pentagon has.

Chris, what happened on

Chris, what happened on Nightline?

the whole show was dedicated

the whole show was dedicated to Moussaoui. one of the qoutes i remember is someone saying(his laywer i think),and im paraphrasing-"Moussaoui just wants to get up and speak to the american people for a few minutes.he wants to tell the whole truth about 9/11 and what he really knows".

Moussaoui's comments about

Moussaoui's comments about the CIA were dead on. i hate to agree with a patsy like him, but he was dead on when he called the one woman on the hypocrisy of the CIA and the americans that support it.

With that be w or w/o the

With that be w or w/o the stun-belt on him?

I called it... "From the

I called it...

"From the White House, President Bush said the verdict "represents the end of this case but not an end to the fight against terror." He said Moussaoui got a fair trial and the jury spared his life, "which is something that he evidently wasn't willing to do for innocent American citizens."

Jon, you said" "I want to

Jon, you said"

"I want to know who that "young man" is."

I have often thought that this mystery is one of THE key issues of 911 truth. How can we, as citizens, demand his identity be revealed?

On Eric H: His is a keen intellect, that unfortuantely, at times, goes beyond a usefull purpose.

"I have often thought that

"I have often thought that this mystery is one of THE key issues of 911 truth. How can we, as citizens, demand his identity be revealed?"

If I knew the answer to that question...

Hey check this

Of course Moussaoui did not

Of course Moussaoui did not deserve the death penalty. The jury got it right on the sentencing, given the choice they had. Look at all these creeps like Ghouliani jumping up and down (you know the list). They are the ones who should be strung up by the toenails (and you know what I am screaming at the television set). Aside from this, Kristen Bretweiser was right on, this morning on the Today Show.

i know this sounds like too

i know this sounds like too easy an answer, but how about just ask Minetta to clarify? Write him a letter, schedule an appointment with him, etc.

I want to see

I want to see tackle this statement.

"The 9/11 Report fabricated the time of Cheney's arrival at the PEOC".

Damn it... can you guys or

Damn it... can you guys or someone find the videos of Kristen's appearances?

"i know this sounds like too

"i know this sounds like too easy an answer, but how about just ask Minetta to clarify? Write him a letter, schedule an appointment with him, etc."

Find his office in D.C.

Please send your suggestions, comments or questions, as well as email for the Secretary and other Department of Transportation officials, to

And you can call us at the General Information Main Switchboard at: 202-366-4000 Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm EST excluding Federal Holidays.

Paranoia is eating Eric

Paranoia is eating Eric alive. He's seeing Zionist conspiracy and suspicious connections every where. I almost felt sorry for him after listening to the whole conversation. He's got a bad case of conspiracy-theory -itas. I think Rupport has also come down with the sickness. Its a natural but potentialy manipulatable condition that comes with looking too closely into the dark and forbidden aspects of our history and government.

Whats really strange is how Eric received the photos and evidence that where included in Painful Questions. Look at his web site, if you can stomache it, where he explains that anonymous people started supplying all of these photos and insights into 911. Now he's an open holacost denier and has joined, or was hired by DBS to attempt to destroy the credibility of pretty much every influencial 911 Truther? Sounds to me like he was and is being used.

If the truth movement had not expanded so far and so fast beyond his original book and video, he would be a perfect patsy to destroy any honest questioning of 911. They still seem to be trying this angle, but the movement is to big and diverse for any of it to work. A countelpro action gone bad? I hope so.

I just sent this... Dear

I just sent this...

Dear Secretary Mineta,

I have a question in regards to the day of 9/11. According to your testimony before the 9/11 Commission, you arrived at the PEOC by 9:20am, 17 minutes before the Pentagon was struck.

Recently, you gave a speech to journalism students at Jefferson High School in the San Francisco area. The Pacifica Tribune is reporting that your account was as follows:

"After the planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and crashed in the Pennsylvania woods, he was whisked away by Secret Service agents."

Secretary Mineta, would you care to clarify your position as to when you arrived at the PEOC?

Thank you.

Jonathan Gold

good luck getting a straight

good luck getting a straight answer on that one Jon.

I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if Mineta was given a new story to tell. After all, unless you have a transcript of his testimony, there's no way of knowing what he said. It's not in the 9/11 Report.

Jon: Here's a e-mail I'm


Here's a e-mail I'm writing to Sec. Mineta. Would you an anyone else on this board please critique it before I send it to him? Thanks:

Dear Secretary Mineta,

How do you do. I am a U.S.citizen who is extremely concerned with the myriad of unanswered questions regarding the events of 911, and am actively engaged in helping to discover the truth. I was hoping you would be so kind as to elaborate on the testimony you gave to the 911 Commission during the hearings of May 22-23, 2003. In your testimony you stated:

"During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President...the plane is 50 miles out...the plane is 30 miles out....and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president "do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??"

My question to you, sir is: what is the identity of the "young man" you referred to? If you don't know, would you please let me know how one could obtain this information?
If anyone on this board wishes to contact him as well, here is the info:

Sec. of Transportation Norman Mineta
Department of Transportation
400 7th St., SW
Washington, DC 20590

sorry eric, but i dont

sorry eric, but i dont really care at this point if it was all done by jews because if it was then it was done by american jews in high places....

i lost a lot of respect for eric yesterday... ask jon, i used to stick up for him all the time... HAHAH!! things change...

Great letter "as is" Alex.

Great letter "as is" Alex.

Good luck.

FYI... here is Norman

FYI... here is Norman Mineta's complete testimony... tucked deep away within the 9/11 Commission's website...

"I didn't know about the order to shoot down. I arrived at the PEOC at about 9:20 a.m."

If there was a shoot-down order at that time, then why wasn't 77 shot down?

"sorry eric, but i dont

"sorry eric, but i dont really care at this point if it was all done by jews because if it was then it was done by american jews in high places....

i lost a lot of respect for eric yesterday... ask jon, i used to stick up for him all the time... HAHAH!! things change..."

I used to be friends with the guy... How do you think I feel? Betrayed, etc...

Yet another boldfaced lie:

Yet another boldfaced lie: All but a few of those passengers on AA77 have been identified by DNA.

How the hell did they obtain DNA samples from the people who slammed the Pentagon at 530 mph???
YouÂ’re telling me that the plane was reduced to unrecognizable fragments, but they could ID the passengers???
Any dubiously remaining DNA wasnÂ’t damaged, degraded, destroyed & obliterated, by the extremes such as the severe impact, explosion, & fire???
They were able to extract & separate DNA from whatever medium, (cement, metal, brick, etc.) from which it was supposedly withdrawn???
It wasnÂ’t totally commingled with everyone elseÂ’s DNA???
It wasnÂ’t ruined & washed away by the fire hoses & chemical foam sprayed all over it???

LetÂ’s face it folks, they didnÂ’t ID any passengers at the Pentagon!!!

I just got this from the

I just got this from the DOT...

Dear DOT Customer:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Transportation. Your email has been forwarded to the National Transportation Library Reference Service in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. This is to acknowledge that we received your email message on May 4 2006 11:03AM. Your tracking number for this inquiry is 473696 .

We strive to answer each question we receive by referring you to the web page, publication, or person who can answer your question. We try to respond within two business days, however, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties, so our responses may be delayed slightly.


Reference Services
National Transportation Library
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation

Anonymous, What would Barry

What would Barry Scheck do to that DNA chain of custody?

Anyone know where i Can find

Anyone know where i Can find documentation on what secret service operating procedure is (an official document stating such)...

I wanted to use the bush goat video in combination with this text...

also, has anyone seen this

VIDEO: Mineta's testimony

Protect the President.

Protect the President.

I just reread Minetta's

I just reread Minetta's testimony to the 9/11 commission. On the issue of the young man (whom incidentally, Minetta doesnt recall) receiving instructions from Cheney that the order still stood. What bugs me is that he refers to the plane heading towards the pentagon, its 50 miles out...40 miles out etc. Surely the obvious question is how did they know it was heading towards the pentagon. I reside in the UK, have only visited Washingon once, and correct me if i am wrong, but isnt congress, the white house and the pentagon all within a couple of miles of each other. How the hell did they know that when the plane was 50 miles out it was heading for the pentagon.

"After the assassination of

"After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress directed the Secret Service to protect the President of the United States."

Did they do everything they

Did they do everything they could to protect the President while America was "under attack"?

I'm sorry to say that Eric

I'm sorry to say that Eric Hufschmidt is hardly the only one espousing such views who is involved in the 911 truth movement. In almost every venue I visit I see more and more of this stuff. It's like every neonazi in the world is jumping on the bandwagon. And I also see a lot of people using questions about 911 to deny every act of Arab/muslim terrorism that has ever taken place. Guy's you have to admit it. Once you start saying that the truth isn't what it seems, and every reality is subject to question, you open up the floodgates. The only way to keep from going nuts is to set up some basic ground rules for assessing anyone's claims. But the disinfo agents take advantage and flood the boards.

Here's an example of the

Here's an example of the crap I was talking about:

The end game strategy

The purpose of our quest:
Terminating the perpetual Holocaust

By John Kaminski

for B-r and Maisoon

"The minute you let her under your skin, then you begin to make it better."
— The Beatles, Hey Jude

"Anyone who criticises Israel's actions or argues that pro-Israel groups have significant influence over US Middle East policy," the authors have written, "...stands a good chance of being labelled an anti-Semite. Indeed, anyone who merely claims that there is an Israeli lobby runs the risk of being charged with anti-Semitism ... Anti-Semitism is something no-one wants to be accused of." This is strong stuff in a country where - to quote the late Edward Said - the "last taboo" (now that anyone can talk about blacks, gays and lesbians) is any serious discussion of America's relationship with Israel.
— Robert Fisk, Breaking the Last Taboo,
The United States of Israel

The woman I love speaks of the need for "an end game," something that will begin to resolve this cancerous impasse that separates spin from reality and gives us wars for profit and misery for all those not on the inside of the big money game.

She more than I knows that the Jewish question — and its manipulative influence on every aspect of human endeavor — is the pivot point of any possible solution. The actual Jewish question is simply this: How dangerous is it for everybody else when one group, acting only in the interests of itself because this is its stated goal — gains ascendance over every other group when this stated goal is the destruction or subjugation of every other group?

How dangerous is it? Just look at the world.

The epiphany that triggers the "end game" investigation is realizing that this calculated ascendance has already happened, and that the preponderance of people in the world are ruled by the vicious mercy of those who control the money. If you have any question about who controls the money then you are deficient in history, as is most of the worldÂ’s human population.

The necessity for "an end game" strategy, she told me, was to avoid a worldwide Jewish holocaust — a new, real one, not like the fake, old one — because once everybody found out what was really going on — and what had been done to them and those they love — every Jew anywhere would be in very serious trouble. The backlash when you realize the monstrous magnitude of the manipulation and the thievery — not to mention the outright senseless slaughter — would be chilling.

Now, you may ask, what have Jews done to deserve such rancor and alarm?

The answer depends on how much of the story you think you know — how much of the history of destabilized societies (think Bolshevik Revolution, a wholly Jewish enterprise), of gaining control of other religions (think Scofield Bible and Martin Luther, not to mention those televangelists who profane their pulpits), and think most relevantly about who presently dominates world wide media.

Do you know about Palestine, really? Jewish media flipped the labels: the real story is Palestinian freedom fighters and Jewish terrorists. Israel is a “country” founded on terror and maintained in the same way.

Most importantly, remember this. Use of the word "holocaust" triggers a pre-programmed response in everyone, due to four decades of intense propaganda about the abuse of Jews by Germans. The dumbed-down American populace (you know! the bunch that accepts torture as part of democracy) now fully endorses the fabricated Jewish media view of the events of World War II, even though it was principally invented and embellished in the 1960s. The mainstream accounts of the Holocaust are so phony that many countries controlled by Jews have passed laws making it illegal to even discuss these matters as a way to stifle the debate, maintain the mindset, and conceal the fraud.

Yet a majority of the world's people — especially savvy politicians who realize what it takes to get ahead — accept this fiction as the cost of doing business. It is called selling your soul.

The dead children of Palestine and the radioactive families of Iraq are an acceptable cost of doing business to the creeps who push the buttons and drop the bombs — all of them guilty of genocide under the terms of Nuremburg and Geneva. At whose behest were these crimes committed? That is the question everyone in the world needs to ask.

Remember? When Poppy Bush told reporter Sarah MacClendon: "If people really knew what we're doing, they'd drag us out into the streets and hang us." This is the future each Jew faces when the general public finally learns what has been done to them over time by a small group which, through control of money and media, has finally managed to turn the society of humans into a fluoride-numbed herd of programmable consumers with consciences permanently anesthetized.

Those who would defend the Hebrew tribe would counter: It has always been this way. Why blame Jews?

Because Judaism and its unnatural offspring Christianity and Islam are at the center of all this turmoil back to time immemorial. And because today, Jewish money controls all of the banks and newspapers in the entire Western world, at least through advertising pressure, but principally by actual ownership.

The answer would be (and the knowledge every member of the tribe seeks to conceal) that "yes, it has always been this way", is precisely BECAUSE OF the history of the tribe, which even in the days before Babylon was establishing itself as a divisive force in ancient India before it brought the scourge of religious mind control into the palaces of Western civilization. Now we see it clearly in the depleted uranium dust now wafting around the world as America strangles itself for the profit of its Jewish overlords.

The report by Walt and Mearsheimer referred to by Robert Fisk at the top of this essay was a recent brouhaha created for media consumption to test the public's perception of Israel's rule of the United States. Now, of course, Israel doesn't rule the United States, the Jewish community that lives in the U.S. and supports Israel rules the United States.

The Walt-Mearsheimer report merely restates the obvious: that no one gets elected to Congress without Jewish support. Thus we have a one-sided view of events in the world which is shaped by bought-off legislators and reinforced by media, all controlled by the Jewish community.

Public response to these conclusions has been muted and in fact barely heard as big media has stifled its dissemination except in some obvious cases of character assassination, principally by Alan Dershowitz and other kneejerk Jewish spin doctors.

The public can't understand the events of the world because virtually all the information disseminated about it is controlled by Jewish partisans, from twisted schoolbooks to dangerous medical myths to popular movies that denigrate the family and promote irresponsible promiscuity and betrayal.

Worse, otherwise principled news outlets are intimidated not run stories germane to this critical theme because of potential and inevitable losses to their profitmaking future.

And principled historians who attempt to point out the fraud of this Jewish Holocaust mystique remain moldering in European jails, imprisoned for "defaming the memory of the dead." Free speech crushed under the Jewish media heel.

What will happen when everybody finds out about Jewish control of medicine through the invention of psychology? Or how the American family system was undermined and destroyed by Jewish media and a wholly Jewish womenÂ’s liberation movement? What will happen when everybody finds out that America's higher educational system is now completely controlled by those who control the thoughts of those young malleable minds it molds? And feeds them fatal drugs as it does so.

How do we stop this madness? By identifying what is being done to us, and who is doing it.

When the world does that (IF the world ever does that), then Jews will certainly need protection from the surviving irate victims of the harm they have done with their selfish social engineering schemes.

But the alternative to considering potential "end game" strategies is even worse.

It means we will never find out who we really are, or what kind of world we really live in. It means a perpetual future of semi-conscious slavery, with no chance of transcending the controls that diminish our lives.

It means we give up the last chance weÂ’ll ever have to attain genuine, self-actualized freedom, because every single second and every single cell in our bodies will have been taken over and polluted by the forces of evil now running the world.

And if you donÂ’t believe that, just sit back and listen to the bombs until itÂ’s your turn to cry.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. “Recipe for Extinction,” his latest collection of Internet essays which are seen on hundreds of websites around the world, is now available for purchase at

See also Barbra-renée Brighenti’s “The End Game”
which contains the ideas that motivated my commentary.

As the Holocaust Revisionists uproot the tree of guilt and entitlement, as South America calls attention to the IMF and thus the 13 jewish families of the Federal Reserve, as the Arab Street wakens, as Iran points out the hypocrisy of the jewish stranglehold, as the bloggers challenge the manufactured lies of history-we are seeing a revolution, even in our darkest hours, know that the rumble in the distance is the herd rousing. Gandhi told the British to go home; can we tell the jews the same?

The End Game (edited version)

By Barbra-renée Brighenti


There are voice

Jon, I received the same

Jon, I received the same "technical difficulties" e-mail in reply to my Mineta inquiry. I almost wonder if their e-mails are screened for key 911 phrases, in which case the system automatically spits out the "technical difficulties" reply? :)


Not EVERYTHING is a Conspiracy. ;)

Unless of course you want to

Unless of course you want to end up like Mr. Hufschmid.

Yet another boldfaced lie:

Yet another boldfaced lie: All but a few of those passengers on AA77 have been identified by DNA.

Ironically I think it was in a segment of the Hufschmid video you can see at, where he proposes how that worked. Suggests the real plane (77) was landed in cleveland, passengers all killed and bodies mutilated/burned, then bodies were transfered to Maryland (??- he says they were moved more than once, I'd have to watch it again) and honest gummit morticians identified them all, knowing none the better.

Check out the video segment here:

Some of the comments herein

Some of the comments herein re the evils of "holocaust denial", from otherwise good posters, perfectly illustrates how effective TPTB have been in shaping the sheeple's minds with that particular meme; through media, movies, faux righteous indignation from the ADL, and vigorous repetition & consistency (once TPTB finally, decades later, settled on an official version of events and victim numbers).

Reminds me of how some sheeple stubbornly believe in the Official 9/11 Fairy Tale, and the warrenterra hoax...

Are we "9/11 Deniers" for questioning the 9/11 OCT? Well that's what an empty meme "Holocaust Denier" is WRT asking questions about the official version of the Holocaust.

Is it "holocaust denial" to point out that evidence suggests more strongly that between 500K and 2M Jews were murdered? Because it does. In the couple decades after WW2, the official number of Jews murdered kept going up, to the current 6M meme.

The Zionists (inc. the neocons) are about systematic Machiavellian deception and secrecy, from top to bottom.

The false flag ter'st attack, designed to generate sympathy for the "perpetually victimized" people of Israel, is also their stock and trade. It gives Israel righteous cover for their own Palestinian Holocaust agenda; and now in cahoots with their big dumb US Military beast of burden, a broader Islamic World Holocaust.

When you see Palestinian kids throwing rocks, that's real. That's all they're capable of from their de facto concentration death camp. When there's a glamorous suicide bomber who blows up a busload of Israeli useless eaters (never anyone important of course), and the global jewsmedia covers it wall to wall generating support for Israel, that's another Mossad false flag ter'st attack. After all, qui bono? The Palestian cause? Yeah, sure as "Osama won a big victory for Islam with his 911 attacks, really striking a blow to the Great Satan & pushing forward the interests of Muslim countries"... pfft.

Yet, no one here smells a rat WRT the official Holocaust story-- no one dares ask, qui bono? For, to do so, could land you in jail-- unlike any other aspect of history, religion, politics etc which we're free to openly question without threat of the State locking us up. Hmmmm.

On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: "It's very goodÂ…Â….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)"

Whatever, HoHo. Just take

Whatever, HoHo. Just take the Holocaust-denial garbage to some neo-Nazi board where it belongs. This is a 9/11 Truth Forum.

So HiHo... you're saying

So HiHo... you're saying that if only 500K - 2M jews died, that's acceptable?

$2M and one is unacceptable,

$2M and one is unacceptable, but any number beneath that is ok.

And that relates to 9/11

And that relates to 9/11 Truth in what way?

I think I'll take out

I think I'll take out Schindler's List tonight, and watch it... I mean, it's entertainment right?

You know... Hitler wasn't

You know... Hitler wasn't that bad a guy.

I'm glad that the Bush

I'm glad that the Bush family financed him, and I think it's a shame that they took him out. The world would certainly be a better place today if he had lived. A eutopian society without any jews.

Because you know... jews

Because you know... jews aren't people.

And all of them are involved

And all of them are involved in a criminal conspiracy. Every last one of them. Including me.

Hitler was very fond of

Hitler was very fond of Harvard's marching band. He was also a budding artist. One could also assume that he was sexually screwed up.

welcome to the jon gold

welcome to the jon gold comments page!

hey jon, how about 1 thought out comment, not 8 one liners ;)

"welcome to the jon gold

"welcome to the jon gold comments page!

hey jon, how about 1 thought out comment, not 8 one liners"

Ok. Hitler rules!

gold, you can call me a

gold, you can call me a retard but i understand where hiho is coming from....

i like facts and i dont think we know all there is to know about what really happened during ww2...

i think there is a big difference between 2 mill and 6 million... i have no idea if that is true but if it is then isnt that a problem???

i guess i find it funny when people are attacked because they dont see something in the same light as others...

I guess the difference

I guess the difference between me and HiHo is that I can see where there might have been cooperation between U.S. and Israeli intelligence in allowing 911 to happen without attributing that to a global Jewish domination conspiracy. If Jews were as brutal and all-powerful as s/he claims, why would they be scrapping with the Arabs for 60 years over a tiny sliver of the Middle East? Why wouldn't they control a few Middle Eastern countries that sit on the oil?

Sorry inside, I don't get

Sorry inside, I don't get the significance of the numbers game, once you get past the first million. We either agree that Hitler had a program for mass extermination or we don't.

Here's the Holocaust

Here's the Holocaust Encyclopedia for anyone who is interested.

Jon, try not to let them

Jon, try not to let them bait you so easily. I'm certain most everyone here has your back.

And inside, let's not debate Holocaust numbers on a 9/11 truth forum. (Even one was too many.)

i never said he didnt... but

i never said he didnt... but i like facts and if the numbers could be that off then what else are they not telling us and why would they say it was 6 and not 2...

that is kind of like saying it doesnt matter if there are 100,000 or a million dead in iraq... i think it does matter..

this is what i find funny, if i say there is something wrong with the story of ww2 all of a sudden im pro hitler... HAHAHA fucking funny.....the same reason orwell couldnt write animal farm about stalin, it would look pro hitler... get a grip...

How about keeping the topic

How about keeping the topic on 9/11 Truth, not neo-Nazi bullshit?

Bringing anything related to

Bringing anything related to the Holocaust into the 9/11 discussion doesn't help either "cause."

It primarily just hurts the 9/11 Truth researchers' credibility. IMO, it is unwelcome.

I'm not surprised that some people within the movement have a hard time understanding that. But I am surprised that someone who has done as much research as Hufschmidt doesn't get it.

ok im done.. sorry... im for

ok im done.. sorry... im for the truth and i dont care where it leads me.... im not into ww2 at all so i have no idea about the real facts....

Straighten up and fly right,

Straighten up and fly right, truthers. Screw Hufschmid and screw pods/holograms/blue screens.

I came across this fascinating DU post about a potential Atta double and that this pretty boy may just be the real Florida Atta.

dz, bail my posts... lets

dz, bail my posts...

lets all not act like 911 is the first trick that been pulled on us...

"i think there is a big

"i think there is a big difference between 2 mill and 6 million... i have no idea if that is true but if it is then isnt that a problem???"

From now on, I'm going to address the "New World Order" conspiracy as a conspiracy brought about by those who worship Christ. After all, the protection of Israel is most important to those of us who worship Jesus, and think that the Jews need to be protected in order for Jesus to return, right? There are more Christians in America who believe in the protection of Israel than jews. Therefore, it only makes sense that it's a Christian Conspiracy. I say we should chastize all people who worship Christ because they're the ones who brought about what's going on now... right?

Mossad complicity is

Mossad complicity is mutually exclusive. We could argue the creation of the state of Israel forever, but the truth is this is a distraction.

Let's just focus on the suspects, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or,as Rice has proven, black.

So let's call it what it is: a rainbow coalition of neo con criminals.

Jon, Nobody said anything


Nobody said anything about any number of concentration camp deaths being OK. I am a very long term 'first generation' 911 truth activist who has not had time to listen to the Hufschmid/Avery conversation, so I can not comment on it directly. But you make a huge mistake if you reflexively shut down intelligent discussion about the fact that there is a large body of very serious evidence, much of it compiled by Jewish activists, that the official story of the Holocaust inflates Jewish concentration camp deaths by at minimum four times, and more likely, 12 to 20 times. This is important for many reasons directly related to 911 truth.

I have many very, very close friends who are practicing Jews. We have had long dialogues about both 911 truth and Holocaust truth. They agree that it is a significant and yet to be explored area for most people. And that it matters very much for Americans to become able to discern the difference between thinking critically about the strain of Zionism practiced by the likes of Dov Zakheim,who is likely a top architect of 9/11, Perle, Wolfowitz, and many other top neo-cons, as well as Sharon and the worst 'leaders' in Israel, from anti-semitism. They just are not the same in any way. This is in fact important in understanding not only the truth of 9/11, but what is happeing today and where we are being dragged by these very bad people.

I am a very sane and very intelligent, kind, compassionate, normal person. Not some nasty idiot. If this subject is going to broached, and at some point it needs to be, people need to focus on evaluating factual evidence, not knee jerk reactions based on our decades of conditioning.

Much more to say of course, but hopefully this is a helpful start.

Incidentally, there is no

Incidentally, there is no God. Religion was created as a way to control the masses. God was created because mortals fear their mortality and refuse to believe there's nothing after life. Get over it.

"I came across this

"I came across this fascinating DU post about a potential Atta double and that this pretty boy may just be the real Florida Atta."

You must be kidding me? Looks more like some Alabama frat boy on Spring break.

Cut out the fucking

Cut out the fucking Holocaust denial nonsense. Inside, I don't give a damn if 6 million is exaggerated. Go fight that fight on a Nazi forum.

fuck you douche!!!! pussy anon...

i love how if some questions the numbers then theyre in holocaust denial... what a fucking joke...

sound a lot like if you question 911 then youre in 911 denial.... funny...

let me just say im not anti anyone in the least....

Hansen, take your junk

Hansen, take your junk somewhere else, okay?

Jon, looks like the scumbags

Jon, looks like the scumbags did just like they wanted to: defile this thread. See what I mean now.

lets ban all holocaust talk

lets ban all holocaust talk from the 9/11 truth movement. zionist is partially acceptable only if its talk about a "CLEAR AND PRESENT" link between them and 9/11 other than that...please..leave it at the door.

dz, please clean up some of

dz, please clean up some of this mess^.

what does that have to do

what does that have to do with 911 truth? 2M or 6M...what does that have to do with 9/11?

Nothing, Yizzo. They're

Nothing, Yizzo. They're playing with our heads.

yes dz and please make

yes dz and please make people use a name...

look how touchy eveyone is about this.... everyone acts like they know the truth about everything that happen in ww2... HAHAHAH!!!! funny...

there is a wealth of

there is a wealth of difference between questioning whether or not the Israeli government has used the holocaust as a shield to keep themselves from ever being questioned, and thinking that anything and everything is in control by a massive zionist oligarchy.

i am the last person to pass judgement on anyone, and i wont here. but i will say this.. just as there is a difference between questioning the true numbers in the holocaust and being a 'holocaust denier' there is also a wealth of difference between questioning the events surrounding 9/11 and being a '9/11 denier', and i am afraid there is a growing segment of this new '9/11 denier' group..

i am not referring to Hufschmid at all, I am referring to people who are going off the deep end with their questioning of what is reality when it comes to 9/11.. people who are convinced in any and every conspiritorial claim related to 9/11 that has been made, who invision a collaberation of thousands and thousands of people.

I think we need a new topic

I think we need a new topic to comment on, and burn this one. Is there anything you can post right now SBG? Anything to start a new comment thread?

Didn't the Mossad try to

Didn't the Mossad try to recruit Sibel Edmonds?

Latest quotes from

Latest quotes from Moussaoi:

'You misunderstand me,' Moussaoui told the court. 'You think I came to destroy lives but how many lives do you think were destroyed by the CIA? You have hypocrisy beyond belief,' he said.'
and 'God save Osama bin Laden'

How true! If anyone is responsible for the 3000 deaths of 9/11 then the CIA, not some Arab patsies.

But a new area of court corruption has begun. There's no need for evidence anymore, no, just have a defendant plead guilty for everything thinkable, he says he shot JFK? Ok, then we give him life in prison, even if he had an alibi, and the corrupt judge will taunt him to the end about his "confessed" crime.



We have a new "lucky find" just like with the famous Osama "confession" home-video:

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch on Thursday showed excerpts of the full video, found in a raid in Yusufiya south of Baghdad, that depict al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, and his aides appearing all-thumbs with firearms.

... After the shooting

After the shooting scene, al-Zarqawi heads toward a white truck and hands his gun to someone else, suggesting that the video might have been staged strictly for the camera.

What's happening folks? is the U.S. Army doing WHISTLEBLOWING, telling us it's all a fake?

Heaven forbid that in a

Heaven forbid that in a comment thread about Huf vs. LC2 makers, where Huf's main beef is LC2 doesn't touch Zionism, and they respond that Huf's material hasn't gotten more traction is that some of it DOES ask some "forbidden questions" about the Holocaust and the Zionist role in 9/11; we should dare to discuss the Holocaust and/or 9/11 ! ! !

And sure as gravity, the they roll out the usual empty flamethrower smears, "neo nazi", "holocaust denier", "anti-Semite", "Hitler lover" etc-- brazenly seeking to shame, condemn, & shut down meaningful dialog about the forbidden questions. Us 9/11 deniers are certainly a catty bunch!

For those with a half open mind and not intimidated by getting clubbed with these empty dialog-terminating memes, here's an informative albeit highly imperfect 70 minute video: "Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews?"

Read more about it here:

I promise this speech will

I promise this speech will change your view of history:

just deleted a bunch of

just deleted a bunch of waste of space posts.

I see very little 'meaningful dialog' going on here in this thread..

keep it social, or else ill just whipe the whole thread, lest someone think i am deleting specific posts to keep the truth of something or another coming out.

Also WRT Zionism and the

Also WRT Zionism and the current NeoCon regime, this BBC documentary is refreshingly blunt: "The War Party". Watch it now, free.

by way of deception shalt

by way of deception shalt thou do war

I promise this speech will

I promise this speech will change your view of history: freedman.htm
BenjaminFreedman | Homepage | 05.04.06 - 3:44 pm | #

Thanks for the link er, Mr. Freedman.

I was wondering what Hufschmidt was referring to about Freedman.

oh man, dz, you bailed the

oh man, dz, you bailed the post that called me a nazi.. HAHAH!!!! ive never been called a nazi before.... i was rolling....

anyone that listened to the podcast knows how this thread got started.... i think eric is off his rocker when it come to the jewish conspiracy but that doesnt mean that he doesnt bring up some good questions....

Nice movie!

Nice movie!

meh, CNN's coverage of the

meh, CNN's coverage of the heckling is disgusting:

FYI: Here's an email

FYI: Here's an email exchange between me and a Duke University professore who was recenlty profiled in the New York Times.

Professor Petroski:

I am a native New Yorker, and I just read the impressive profile of your work in todayÂ’s New York Times. My father and uncle were both physics teachers, and I studied architecture and engineering in college. In light of your statements in the article about engineering advances being based largely on learning from failures, I am requesting your opinion on the events of September 11, 2001. I find it hard to believe that based on the official explanation for the collapses of WTC Towers 1 and 2, they managed to fall at near free-fall speeds into their footprints. Furthermore, I have seen no official explanation for how WTC Building 7, which was not hit by any planes, collapsed in a similar manner. In fact, the NIST report has not yet given a final thesis for how Building 7 collapsed. When they released their report, they left out Building 7, and promised an addendum, which has never been released.

I find the lack of interest in how Building 7 collapsed astonishing, considering the magnitude of the failure, and the potential consequences for future building design. In addition, it appears that steel and other material from the site was sold for scrap before a full analysis of the collapses was completed.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am deeply troubled by what I have seen so far.

Mr. ________

I am not as current as you on the status of reports on the WTC collapses, but I can assure you that within the structural engineering community there is a great deal of interest in the mechanism of how WTC 7 collapsed. That building burned for almost a day, as I recall, before collapsing. Though a major skyscraper in its own right, WTC 7 did not capture the general news space that the Twin Towers did. They were simply the bigger news story. However, I have seen many references to the importance of understanding how and why WTC 7 fell in the technical literature.


Henry Petroski

Beating About The Bush? Not

Beating About The Bush? Not With Hersh

By Robert Fisk

His own lecture was frightening. Bush has a messianic vision – and intends to go down in history (probably he has chosen the right direction) as the man who will have “saved” Iran. “So we’re in a real American crisis ... we’ve had a collapse of congress ... we have had a collapse of the military ... the good news is that when we wake up tomorrow morning, there will be one less day (of Bush). But that is the only good news.”

This is an ex-zionist's

This is an ex-zionist's testimony about how bankers have controlled history. Please read this if you care about the future of america.

So Petrosky says he's not

So Petrosky says he's not informed, that WTC 7 burned all day long ( very hot hot fires, eh? ) and there were huge discussions in the "structural engineering community", but fails the same time to present facts or names?

My guess: he never heard of it before...

Sitting-Bull: The kicker


The kicker is that the article talked about how Petrosky has written books on how engineers learn from failures. I just found this item on the Duke University web site. It looks like they posted the opinions of several professors within a week of the attacks:

News Tips: Duke Faculty Analyze Tuesday's Terrorist Attacks

Henry Petrosky
civil engineering professor
Henry Petrosky, a Duke civil engineering professor who has written books and articles about the structural failure of bridges and buildings, said of the collapse of the World Trade Towers: "I was stunned by the fact that both towers collapsed. The sequence that I've seen on television is that one tower was hit by an airplane relatively close to the top. And the fire started. There was probably a lot of jet fuel to keep the fire going and to burn pretty hot. And then while that was going on, there was a second airplane that hit the other tower, but much lower down. I couldn't tell how far down relative to the height of the building, but significantly lower than the other one. And so another fire is burning there.

"What's happening is that the steel columns are being heated up by this fire by a significant amount. Buildings like that are built so they can withstand fire, but not indefinitely. The idea, of course, is that the fire either will burn itself out or cool off before there is any structural damage. In this case, with all the jet fuel, my guess is that the fire began to soften the steel and as that happens the steel can't bear the load of what's above it, of course. And that's why the building that was hit second probably collapsed first, ... because there was more weight over the fire area, the steel is softening and there is this great weight of the top of the building bearing down on it. Eventually these columns are going to buckle and as one column gives way, the next one has to take more load and it can't because it's also been softened. Once the chain reaction begins, there is virtually no stopping it. And we saw the buildings on TV collapsed pretty much vertically, as in one of those controlled demolitions."

Petroski can be reached at (919) 489-9416.

it was norman minetta who

it was norman minetta who issued the no guns in the cockpit order

prior to 9-11 pilots at least had a choice of whether or not to fly armed

this plus watching the a-3 slam into the pentagon tells me he had prior knowledge of the 9-11 war crimes

I will try to do my part in

I will try to do my part in pulling this thread back on the 911 track. Both Jon G. and I have written Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta regarding his 911 Commission testimony (see previous posts). If anyone on this board feels inclined to contact him as well, here is the info.
Feel free to cut and paste my previously posted letter with whatever changes you'd like:

Sec. of Transportation Norman Mineta
Department of Transportation
400 7th St., SW
Washington, DC 20590

Nice work, Gothamite. It

Nice work, Gothamite.
It seems that Prof. Petroski is evading your question re: WTC-7. Even his opinion on the towers a week after the attack is very slapdash: "Buildings like that are built so they can withstand fire, but not indefinitely"... BUT 56 MINUTES, SIR?

IMO, Petroski does not want to get involved in this, despite the fact that it's his field of expertise. I wonder what he's scared of?

Sick! Why are the LC guys

Sick! Why are the LC guys even talking with that guy? distgusting.
on his website he is describing jews as cockroaches . He is full of hate for everything and everyone.
During a 9/11 event here in Berlin he even freaked out about graffiti on the trains.

Heiner Buecker: Can you link

Heiner Buecker:

Can you link us to this "on his website he is describing jews as cockroaches" thing?

I have never read anything

I have never read anything by David Icke but last night I watched pts 1 and 2 of "The Secrets of the Matrix" from June 2003 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When he brought up shapeshifting in pt3 I turned it off to go to bed.

Eric H's Painful Deceptions Video was one of the first videos I would show to people, and I thought it was very well done (better than LC2E in my opinion).

However, everyone has an agenda, and we must understand that, though we might not agree with the agenda.

When will we put aside our differences and finally embrace a joint effort, rather then faction off and spend our time infighting?

Isn't that just what THEY want?

Incidentally, for anyone

Incidentally, for anyone unfamiliar with where Hufschmid has migrated over the years, and why he's become critical of virtually every Truth Seeker who's not him or Daryl Bradford Smith ( ), here's a couple articles summarizing:

Hufschmid: "Investigate the Truth Seekers"

DBS: "The Official 9/11 Theory is Collapsing"

Huf and DBS are basically down on everyone who's not them:
Phil Berg, Mike Berger (and everybody else in, Bob Bowman, Gabriel Day, Jim Hoffman, Gerard Holmgren, Phil Jayhan, Alex Jones, Jeff King (aka plaguepuppy), Nicholas Levis, Wayne Madsen, Scott Makufka (aka Victor Thorn), Kurt Nimmo, Jenna Orkin, Lisa Pease, Eric John Phelps, Jeff Rense, Mike Ruppert, Karl Schwarz, Rick Siegel (, Greg Szymanski, Webster Tarpley, Frank Whalen (RBN radio host)

I just noticed that Huf has

I just noticed that Huf has a page up discussing this phone debate. It apparently took place 4/24:

At the bottom of that page, Huf adds,

If you don't know much about the Holocaust, try these articles:
rumsfeld heckled by ray mcgovern?

Go Ray! Go!!!!!!
Now thats activism!!!!
Why not find out where Minetta will be in public and ask him these questions directly?

I also noticed that the CNN coverage did not mention his group, 'Intelligence Vetrans For Sanity". It made him look like a lone wolf, and he's not.
If 911 is ever going to be publicly exposed, it will be because of an inside whistle blower who comes forward because of the encouragement and environment that Ray and his group have created.

Our job is to create the environment of open skeptism about 911in the general public, so that when he/she comes out, the media will have to cover the whistle blower's accusations and not be silenced or ignored.

Our 911 research will be crucial in providing the base of support for looking seriously at these accusations.....a real but limited public debate will start.....others will come out and the tide will turn.

I hope. ..And on this beautiful spring day, I am full of hope and determination to let the sun shine on all of the dark and forbidden corners of of our corrupt government, starting with 911.

I'll keep my feet anchored in the moist ground of reality, but when that sun is shining and the soil is moist.....anything can grow.

Huf and DBS are basically

Huf and DBS are basically down on everyone who's not them:

Great way to start an open and honest debate about 911 and create a popular movement for the Truth, don't you think?

RP... Ray McGovern

Thanks Jon Its a great

Thanks Jon
Its a great collection, I've read just about all of them before but I will definately send some others to it.
If you look closely at Ray's public progression in his essay's and interviews you can get a good feel for what is going on behind the curtains of our government, the changing climate there, and the best approach to getting someone, ......anyone, to blow that big whistle we've all been waiting for.

Eric Hufschmid - quotes on

Eric Hufschmid - quotes on jews from his website:
It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies

None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; --- they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis.__________ The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

The Jews are simply exploiting the suffering and death of their fellow Jews. __________-
The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies._____---- )

These pages are also at My AOL site.

Here Hufschmid also links to Christopher Bollyn - American Free Press - unfortunately frequently quoted in LC2

Bollyn has a lot of interesting stuff on his website
toplinked Barnes Review which s.t. before even had same postal adress

Bollyn or The American Free Press prominently links "The Barnes Review," a holocaust denial site some featured articles:

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize

and an article by By SS Gen. Leon Degrelle
Nuremberg: In the National Socialist Mind

Barnes Review also offers a variety of holocaust denial literature

Wow, I didn't think there

Wow, I didn't think there really was a holocaust denial movement out there these days. Really fucking pathetic, when the crux of modern 9/11 is condeming 9/11 as the neocons Reichstag, NOT advocating these hateful fringe theories.

Then again, I do remember an iamthewitness interview with Morgan Reynolds, and the hold kept yacking on and on about Jew this, Jew that...and Reynolds was like 'dude, wtf?'(not exact words, but)

THANK GOD the majority of 9/11 truth
laughs at the holocaust deneirs and the "Jew" obsessed idiots out there.
Also, why would neo nazis want to deny the holocaust? Arent they proud of Hitler's work? And why would neo nazis want to latch onto 9/11 truth...when the nazis would want to use 9/11 to bash all Arabs. Fucking insanity, and it was painful to hear that interview.

There is no nexus between

There is no nexus between the Holocaust and 9/11. Disinfo artists are trying to malign all those who question the "Official Story" as nuts who also question the Holocaust. Don't fall for it.

Seems like there's two Eric

Seems like there's two Eric Hufschmids. One is a very good 9/11 truther, & the other is an anti-Semitic kook. I guess he can't the 2 separate.

I'm neither German nor Jewish, but how would Herr Hufschmid like it if I started spouting that ALL Germans are responsible for WWI & WWII??? Or that ALL Germans are Nazis??? Or that NO Germans can be trusted because THEY start world wars???

you guys seem real

you guys seem real smart...

but i got to tell you the ultimate smoking gun that proves that mossad was involved in the 911 shock and awe campaign.

on 9-12 ---mossad agents were caught red handed (with bombs)trying to blow up the mexican natl parliament building--mexican police stopped them

google this---it was in the news
it is not anti semitic to say that certain elements of mossad were involved along with the cheney cabal in a 911campaign that included the wtc attack,anthrax attack, and attempted mexican natl parliament bombing

i had to really deal with this because i am not a racist

gradually we can have those people arrested too

roadkill: just look at the


just look at the countries that have benefitted and there should be little doubt that Israel had something to do with it...

By the way, don't most Jews dislike Israel and Zionism?

actually the date that they

actually the date that they caught the attempted bombers was 10-10-01

Let me once again finish the

Let me once again finish the discussion with a few final words.

- Jews were murdered by Nazis just like communists and travelling people. The reason was less to do with what the victims were, it was the delusion of the murderers, the black shirts. This group had religious-like ideology. There were a multitude of fake myths that they were exposed to. But the reasons their murdered was not the myths, it was in themselves. They were brainwashed to become wiling executioners, not unlike the brainwashing in the US military.

Its a combination of POVERTY DRAFT (the circumstance force you) and FALSE HONOUR (the uniform you wear).

To say that JEWS directed this sorry lot of people to become crazed murderers is false.

If anything the conspiracy can be found in the LOGIC OF MONEY, the essence of capitalism itself. If you now think of STALIN and Gulags, you can understand what a SECRET POLICE can do.

Germany was a democracy before Hitler, and the reason for Germans becomeing willing jew-murderers was CAPITALISM (the equivalent of brutal force under Stalin) and BRAINWASHING... I am not sure how much that went on under Stalin.

In any case the combination of hopelessness (bad economy myth, embedded media), poverty (capitalism) and brainwashing (CIA, think tanks) can achieve practically any outcome they wish.



Well, thats not jews, or jew bankers or even jewish state of israel...

It is the people who control the above three things:

Hopelessness = the UNDEMOCRATIC media corporations

Poverty = the UNDEMOCRATIC Banks and finance whackos.

Brainwashing = the UNDEMOCRATIC spook-murderers.

Now, the same crowd did 911 ... because its BIG BUSINESS.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for you , the reader, is to realise that even when 911 comes out and NeoCons are hanged ... THE UNDEMOCRACTIC INSTITUTIONS (Media, Banks, spooks/military) must be made democratic, too. Otherwise you have a little housecleaning and the mould returns.

with regards to Hufschmid:

What do you expect from someone who hates the free LINUX operating system. He needs the Microsoft conspiracy to make money... in the same way he needs a jewish conspiracy to justify his being.

He'll come right... give him time.

DHS On the same vein, look


On the same vein, look at this very telling video :

This is for anyone to see that there's a problem with zionism. You'll see Jews protesting against Zionism and be insulted by a Jew passerby who go even as far as labelling them Anti-Semites !

Listen carefully also when the rabbi says 'So called Holocaust'. Although he's not saying that it's a myth, I think he is perfectly aware that the holocaust story is the central piece of the Zionism movement and why they are protecting it at every expense.

Truth doesn't need laws to protect it.

that video could be a plant,

that video could be a plant, but the opposition is always the same.

name calling, emotion-card playing jerks.

fact is: whenever it has to

fact is:

whenever it has to do with JEW, ISRAEL it is a problem.

Look, Israel and the jews are such small group of people, they rule only if we let them... same with any other small crowd.

DEMOCRACY means the INFORMED majority rules. As it should be.

zionism Schmeionism... all bullshit.


The truth in this FREEDMAN speach is that MONEY RULES. Like all good propaganda it is based on a modicum of truth.

forget the JEW thing is not worth the trouble.

Concentrate on the

Joint Chiefs of Staff.

They did it.

Gothamite, can you provide


can you provide links to "Duke faculty analyze...". Also did you read the last sentence:

"And we saw the buildings on TV collapsed pretty much vertically, as in one of those controlled demolitions."

Isn't he saying clearly that it was done with explosives?

This is a great topic for discussion.

It seems to me that structural engineering community has either ignored the implications of the official story and continues to design buildings like it has for the last 50 years, or it has modified its methods accordingly.

Has the community changed its methods, as reflected by numerous post-9/11 articles, conferences, and textbooks?

My theory is that this community knows explosives where used, does nothing differently in how it designs new buildings, but refuses to publicly say it for its obvious ramifications.

Nuggest: Sorry I'm getting


Sorry I'm getting back to this so late. If you are still checking this thread, the link is here:

after this thread yesterday

after this thread yesterday i went and talked with my middle eatern friends what they thought...

i asked them how many jews died in ww2 and they said about 500,000 and no more then 1 million... when i told them that most americans think that the number in more like 6 million they started laughing out loud... they told me that that was fucking crazy!!!!

how could the numbers be so off or how do we know the real numbers???

i have a problem with people thinking they know truth just because its been said so many times... why is it so bad to question something???

a lot of americans hate the fact the we dont believe that 911 happened the way the government says...

i like truth no matter where it leads...

Okay, inside. It's good to

Okay, inside. It's good to question things, to make sure statistics are accurate, etc. After all, nothing is written in stone (except the 10 Commandments).

You seem like a feisty guy. Let's put our energy into exposing 9/11 truth, the most compelling issue of our present time. Afterwards, they'll still be plenty of time to debate other aspects of history.

trust me dude, i do,,, ive

trust me dude, i do,,, ive been talking about 911 for over 3 years now, i think its alright to spend a few hours think about other things....

after finding out the scam of 911 it has made me question many things....

this is the book i read this week.. i have a few friends form Eritrea and i wanted to learn a little about their history... great book but a very sad story...

hoffman is a controlled

hoffman is a controlled satellite.
averys attack on Alex Jones and stating that there is no NWO agenda is deception.
cleverly done but he will be found out too.
the mugs who perpetrated 9/11 will eventually be held to account.

not impressed by this interview...not sure how it helps the 9/11 Truth movement.

hufshimdt not hoffman

hufshimdt not hoffman

he didnt say there was no

he didnt say there was no nwo.. he said he didnt like him bringing it up on cnn.. he thought it would turn people off...

Inside: "i have a problem

Inside: "i have a problem with people thinking they know truth just because its been said so many times... why is it so bad to question something???"

Hollywood and the MSM, whoever principly controls them, possesses:

1) The power of suggestion
2) The power of scrutiny
3) The power of repetition
4) The power of censorship
5) The power of smear

We've all seen in this very thread, alot of ADL/AIPAC tools and/or well-trained useful idiots seeking to silence further dialog about Zionism or the truth of the Holocaust, through the abuse of MEMES; ideas suggested and repeated, with alternative perspectives censored & smeared as we've seen herein, until the controller's desired ideas have achieved MEME status:

With Hollywood and the MSM having for decades layed the groundwork in properly shaping the sheeple's minds with their desired BS memes (or "meme complexes", see definition above), we have in this very Truth Seeker's comment thread, tools and/or useful idiots invoking the dialog-steering/dialog-terminating fruits of these socially engineered meme complexes with their BS hotbutton smears, conspicuously ignoring all appeals to reason:

"Hitler lover"
"Holocaust denier"
"hateful fringe theories" (smartly avoiding "CT's" here)

This thread started out as a 4-comment monologue by Jon Gold, where he evidently sought to invoke the MSM/Hollywood engineered meme complex to set the tone for what would and wouldn´t be acceptable dialog, dropping all the proper meme invoking hot button words, before anyone else even said anything. Then my first post above resulted in yet another Goldman monolog chain, again dropping all the empty meme-reliant smears, with renewed vigor, compensating for the conspicuous lack of reason/merit to his smears. Other ADL/AIPAC goons rallied and next thing we know this thread's a shooting gallery of hollow meme-reliant smears.

Why can't us members of the 9/11 Denial Community just dishonor the victims of 9/11 in peace and harmony?

Well there are plenty of great matrix-smashing links above, for those of you willing to chuckle at the hollow smears, take the red pill & expand your minds a bit.

ok, to be more

ok, to be more accurate.....he implied that when the truth about nwo is mentioned, people should understandbly look away. This should be rejected.



But, good stuff. Birthing and nurturing the MEME is a principal tool of our esteemed MSM/Hollywood social engineers. You can't understand too much about their genesis, use, and abuse.

Why, If I'm not mistaken, I'd guess the MSM/Hollywood are presently trying to manufacture MEMES out of,

- Duh Warrenterra
- al-CIAduh
- Osama/Saddam/al-CIAduh/Iraq/Nukular/Iran
- Muslim(AKA Islamic) TERRORISTS
- any others you can think of?

We in the 9/11-Denial Community know better than to buy these hollow memes, thankfully! The meme complex surrounding all things Israel OTOH, well, that's a very different story!

Frankly, for the time being, our time is better spent dishonoring the victims of 9/11. Agreed, Comrades?

"9/11 Denial

"9/11 Denial Movement"?


stop trolling HiHo

benthere: As most here


As most here surely already understand, I'm simply borrowing the language and the associated "logic" of those among us who are using/abusing the meme complex surrounding all things Israel... and applying it to the 9/11 Truth Movement-- to illustrate how ridiculous & hollow their language/meme abuse game is. Comprende Usted?

Is it your view that one set of language abusers (those spewing hollow smears like "Hitler lover", "Anti-Semite", "Neo-Nazi", "Holocaust denier" etc) are NOT TROLLS; while those illustrating the ridiculousness of this sort of language/meme game ARE TROLLS? Do you also fancy yourself a critical thinking Truth Seeker??

MEMES, people; MEMES. Get to understand them and you'll make a great leap forward in your view of our world, and you'll instantly recognize the cynical manipulations going on around you all the time, as in this very comment thread.

here is my problem with this

here is my problem with this thread..

"if you want to question the facts of ww2 then go somewhere else and do it" sounds a lot like "if you want to question the facts of 911 then go somewhere else and do it"....

HiHo: If you're mixing

If you're mixing satire(?) in with your actual ideas, then sorry for calling that trolling. It's just confusing.

And when you put in bold:
"Why can't us members of the 9/11 Denial Community just dishonor the victims of 9/11 in peace and harmony?"

Then people like me, and especially people who are just browsing the comments and may be new to 9/11 Truth, will not bother to try to make sense of your satire, and will instead take that as what you meant to say.

I thought the conversation in the audio was good because it showed that LtW (Avery & Co.) were going to be releasing a final cut that strips down the material to just the facts.

I also thought it was interesting that Hufschmid wasted 10-15 minutes fixated on the reasons why his video was pulled from some stores, when LtW made it clear they couldn't answer that.

I have a problem with anyone producing videos they want people to take seriously spending too much time speculating about motives instead of looking at the anomalies in the events that took place that day. Speculation is speculation, whether it involves Israel or not.

I don't have any problem with you saying you want people to spend more time on an Isreali connection to 9/11, but like LtW, I'm going to tell you that I disagree with you.

None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; rather, they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis. The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

The Jews are simply exploiting the suffering and death of their fellow Jews. The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies.

heiner: If indeed the


If indeed the history of the Holocaust was later revised to foster greater global sympathy for Zionist goals; and if this revised history has since been repeatedly presented to us through the MSM and Hollywood, then Huf's observations would be correct.

Some powerful group out there sure acts guilty when they need to go to the extraordinary measure of locking up academics, held incommunicado, who research the Holocaust and find things which aren't in line with TPTB's officially sanctioned version. TPTB act as though they fear losing something very extraordinary, should an alternative version gain traction. Evidently, the official history of the Holocaust is one which needs laws to support it, and State prohibitions against researching it. It's like some sort of holy grail.

It reminds one of what may happen should the Big 911 Lie and the warrenterra hoax unravel... lots of vested interests in maintaining the 911 OCT... the Zionist agenda being one of them. We've already seen MSM and Hollywood complicity in propagating this Big Lie; so why would matters surrounding the Holocaust be any different?

i heard eric say someting

i heard eric say someting interesting awhile back...

something along the lines of - if all of the jews high up in our government were chinese people would say something is going on...

Zionism and the Apollo Moon

Zionism and the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax that Eric so adamantly mentions are conspiracy theorist traps. While the Zionism-theory may have *some* validity to it is not worth the alienation to the general public it would cause - especially in conjunction with Holocaust denial. The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax is a clear case of a NWO trap for conspiracy theorists. Some of the "evidence" may have even been purposely created so that conspiracy theorists would pick it up and then clearly be debunked giving conspiracy theories a bad name.
I suspect Eric works for the NWO. It would be a very elegant trick having the forerunner of the 9/11 truth movement - i.e. the one with the most credibility - later cause the truth movement to get discredited. Also, I find it strange that he suddenly so suspicious of obviously trusthworthy and honest people such as Alex Jones.