Meet-up of Concerned Citizens with 911 Questions in Dallas

In Dallas on May 12??? Get involved:

Someone here suggested stating "meetup" groups in our cities. I checked into it and discovered there were twelve people in and around Dallas, Texas waiting for someone to start a "Concerned Citizens/911 Questions" group in this area. I got it started.

As of today it looks like five of us are meeting this Thursday evening at 7:00 pm in East Dallas.

If anyone on this list would like to join us then contact me personally.


Way to go Joe... this time

Way to go Joe... this time it will be 5, the next time will be 10, etc...

I've yet to hear an excuse

I've yet to hear an excuse as to why Bush sat like a fraud in that classroom after 2 planes had struck the WTC? The president of U.S.A. "sits out" an emergency like that??? He doesn't even want any further updates about what's happening??? (Sure as hell looks, smells, & tastes like INSIDE JOB to me!)

For a reality check, here's what president Ronald Reagan did when space shuttle Challenger exploded (a far smaller catastrophe):

White House spokesman Larry Speakes said Vice President George Bush and national security adviser John Poindexter notified Reagan of the explosion during a meeting with top aides. The president interrupted the session and went immediately to his small study. "The president stood there in almost stunned silence as he watched the television, " Speakes said."...

Bush had tv & radio available nearby, yet he had no interest, no curiosity in seeing what was happening??? The President of the U.S.A.??? BULLSHIT!!!

Jon: good point. The agenda


good point.

The agenda should be to have each person bring someone new with them... similar to those pyramid-style marketting/insurance schemes...

only this is for a good cause.

so you start with 5
next meeting 10
next 20 40 80 etc

In as little as 1-2 months you're good.

Anonymous... Something I

Anonymous... Something I wrote a while back...

I saw something incredible last night. Watch this movie based on this premise that I came up with...

During the famous "7 minutes of inactivity", I thought of this...

He nods his head in acknowledgement, so he understood completely what was going on. The lack of action can ONLY mean one of two things. He didn't know what to do, or he knew what was going on, and sat there like a President who ordered the attack. He sat there, and received the "word" from Andrew Card.

For instance... let's say the President was sitting at an expensive dinner with a lot of friends, and plans were in the works for a "military strike" in some remote location. This "military strike" was taking place during the dinner. After the success of the strike, an aide of the President informs him of the success of the "military strike" by whispering in his ear, "Success", or something like that. He would nod, and continue his dinner....

This movie becomes an ENTIRELY different one when you watch those 7 minutes with this in mind...

DHS... look at Wolsey's

DHS... look at Wolsey's class that he's giving. The class is full every week (13 people), and they're 13 NEW people everytime...

BTW... sorry I've been

BTW... sorry I've been slacking on mine, but it's hard to do by myself.

Jon, "He nods his head in

Jon, "He nods his head in acknowledgement..."

Yes, like a Mafioso being informed that his huge heist was underway as planned.

Or that he had just "Crossed the Rubicon" and there was no turning back now.

But again Anonymous... it's

But again Anonymous... it's no so much his reactions as that of the Secret Service.

From the 9/11 Report, pages 38, 39.

The President and the Vice President
The President was seated in a classroom when, at 9:05, Andrew Card whispered to him: "A second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack." The President told us his instinct was to project calm, not to have the country see an excited reaction at a moment of crisis. The press was standing behind the children; he saw their phones and pagers start to ring. The President felt he should project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening. 203

The President remained in the classroom for another five to seven minutes, while the children continued reading. He then returned to a holding room shortly before 9:15, where he was briefed by staff and saw television coverage. He next spoke to Vice President Cheney, Dr.Rice, New York Governor George Pataki, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. He decided to make a brief statement from the school before leaving for the airport. The Secret Service told us they were anxious to move the President to a safer location, but did not think it imperative for him to run out the door. 204

Not only did they not "run" him out the door, they didn't walk, crawl, or carry him out the door.

If you believe what Andrew Card said, "America is under attack", then it's only logical to think that the President is a target. If the President is a "target", then, according to the Secret Service's website, it's their job to, "protect the President, the Vice President, (or other individuals next in order of succession to the Office of the President), the President-elect and Vice President-elect".

Were they protecting the President of the United States, in a highly publicized location, as America was "under attack"?

No. They did nothing. Why not?

Ask Jerry Hauer from Kroll.

Ask Jerry Hauer from Kroll.

Three things: 1) Does

Three things:

1) Does anyone know why the cooperative research site has been down since last night?

2) Bush at Booker: As President of the United States, he was awaiting further instructions from his handlers. Cheney cut him out of the game in multiple ways: A) By creating the false information about the threat to Air Force One and sending him off to places undecided; B) By interfering with his communications, or otherwise simply ignoring him; C) Other? This is also why he needed to have his hand held during the 9/11 Commission hearings. If he was in the game at all, he had a minor walk-on role. The fact that he "saw" the first WTC impact may be attributable to the fact that the Secret Service (which had activated its EOC before 7:30 AM based on "intelligence" about hijackings to come (source: National Geographic documentary) had open lines to the FAA and their radar imagery.

3) Hi Terrence... Why is it you will not answer or address the questions I put out for you? Or perhaps you don't want to engage but merely want to stand off and hurl insults and call people names like a school-yard bully...

And why did the secret

And why did the secret service act differently towards Cheney?

He called President Bush in Florida and spoke with top aides. Then his door burst open.

"My [Secret Service] agent all of a sudden materialized right beside me and said, 'Sir, we have to leave now.' He grabbed me and propelled me out of my office, down the hall, and into the underground shelter in the White House," Cheney said.

In White House terminology, it is the PEOC, short for the Presidential Emergency Operations Center.

Interesting that

Interesting that is down.

Jon: regarding classes where

regarding classes

where can i find the archives, they could be very useful in the stuff that I'm working on.

I also plan on including current and past issues to relate it (like Rumsfeld/WMDs, NSA spying/state secrets/bush on 4/20 talking about neeeding court orders, etc)

Any suggestions from anyone is greatly appreciated. I'm not looking for "noplanes" or "whatzits" or "demolitions"

just the documented testimony/evidence, omitted stuff, lies, etc... if you're interested.

oh: and alberto gonzalez's

and alberto gonzalez's infamous "electronic surveillance" statement...for comic relief.

Michael created a powerpoint

Michael created a powerpoint presentation.

Email him for it at

Yes, great difference

Yes, great difference between Secret Service treatment of Bush & Cheney. (And don't forget, Bush's location had been publicized well in advance, clearly making him a known target.)

"The President felt he

"The President felt he should project strength and calm until he could better understand what was happening. 203"

How could he better understand what was happening by sitting there reading My Pet Goat? Couldn't he have told the children that something very important had come up and he'd return another day?

And why do "none of the

And why do "none of the staffers who worked on this aspect of the investigation believe(d) Cheney's version of events?"

It's their job to answer OUR questions, and we must hold them to it.

And let's not forget Leslie

And let's not forget Leslie Nielson's response.


"Couldn't he have told the

"Couldn't he have told the children that something very important had come up and he'd return another day?"

You're INSANE!!! ;)

welcome to the jon gold show

welcome to the jon gold show

"welcome to the jon gold

"welcome to the jon gold show"

Just helping.

Cause ya know... sharing

Cause ya know... sharing experience and knowledge are good things to do.

that's a terrible article.

that's a terrible article. About 60% doesn't deal with 9/11 and the 40% that does deals with fringe thoughts. Typical

You think that's terrible,

You think that's terrible, wait'll ya read this one...

In case you were wondering what the PNAC thought of what Ray McGovern did to Donald Rumsfeld...

Read this...

I refer to the Weekly Standard as the PNAC's newspaper.

i like this diagram (scroll

i like this diagram (scroll down a little):

Which # are you?

"that's a terrible article.

"that's a terrible article. About 60% doesn't deal with 9/11 and the 40% that does deals with fringe thoughts. Typical"

As a Canadian I can tell you that 9/11 truth isn't very well received in Canada either, particularly by the corporate media. For the most part it's just ignored. It would be this way regardless, but it doesn't help that we have troops in Afghanistan who were sent there ostensibly b/c of 9/11.

"Hi Terrence... Why is it

"Hi Terrence... Why is it you will not answer or address the questions I put out for you? Or perhaps you don't want to engage but merely want to stand off and hurl insults and call people names like a school-yard bully..."


I am constantly being banned here by the thin-skinned owner of this blog, so my participation is spotty. If you re-post your question, I will answer it over on my blog (where no one gets banned, regardless of what they believe...)

Terrence please see my post

Terrence please see my post above and let me know what # HOP you are. It's a pretty interesting page.

DHS, I suppose I am number 1


I suppose I am number 1 or 2 (although they're the same to me as the incompetence of the FBI, CIA, NSA and/or other intelligence agencies has been well noted)

Terrence: The question was


The question was all-enveloping in the sense that I simply wanted to know your "take" on what I consider the baseline issues re: 9/11:

-- the myriad of intelligence warnings that were ignored;
-- the multiple pre-9/11 "stand-downs" issued by the Bush administration in terms of tracking of these warnings (FBI, Able Danger, removing the submarines, etc.);
-- the AWOL command structure;
-- the fact that the Bush administration did everything in its power to disable, quash, weaken and water down investigative efforts;
-- the destruction of evidence;
-- the failure to release evidence or further pursue investigation.

Is any of this defensible and, if yes, how so?

Mssr.Jouet, incompetent

Mssr.Jouet, incompetent people (e.g., Terrence) tend to favor the incompetence theory over anything else. It's only natural for them to think this way.


There is something unsettling about watching a heroic and obviously patriotic film interpretation of an event that is still shrouded by many questions:

Since some conspiradroids on

Since some conspiradroids on this blog think I am a government agent, am I an incompetent government agent or incompetent at debunking conspiracy silliness?

Terrence, Please stop using


Please stop using the term, "conspiradroids".


Just comletely ignore him.

Just comletely ignore him.

Terrence, so do you believe

Terrence, so do you believe that the 1993 WTC bombing was performed without knowledge or assistance by our government?

Also, do you believe that the Okloahoma bombing was also performed by Timmothy McVei?

Terrence: if incompetence is

Terrence: if incompetence is to blame, why hasn't anyone been fired for what has to have been gigantic incompetence? Why have only whisteblowers, like Sibel Edmonds and agents whose superiors prevented them from proceeding with their investigations prior to 9/11, been fired?

Bushes loyal, red-state

Bushes loyal, red-state supporters & those who believe the "official story" of 9/11:

(p.s. That's Terrence on the bowl talking to S. King)

Hey, anyone in Dallas gonna

Hey, anyone in Dallas gonna send this guy an email?

One of the many canards of

One of the many canards of the 9/11 "truth" movement is that those who support the obvious (19 hijackers)are somehow supporters of Bush.

As I've stated repeatedly, I do not support Bush, never voted for him and am against the war in Iraq. He may in fact be the worst President in the history of our country.

Given that - Mssr.Jouet - I view Bush's failing on 9/11 as sins of ommission and stupidity - not commission.

I believe the 1993 WTC bombing was performed without knowledge or assistance by our government and that the Oklahoma bombing was also performed by Timmothy McVei. Punto.

A serious blow to the "9/11 Truth Movement":

Terrence: Read this. Oh,


Read this. Oh, and there were also bombs in the OK building that the bomb squad had to remove. 4 to be exact. The bomb squad was waithing near by since 7AM, and the truck bomb was created by a government official, and it was not made from maneurer.


* * * * *

Thursday October 28, 1993 Page A1

"Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart
Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast"

By Ralph Blumenthal

Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building
a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center,
and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting
harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after
the blast.

The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb
and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by
an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer,
Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said.

The account, which is given in the transcript of hundreds of
hours of tape recordings that Mr. Salem secretly made of his
talks with law-enforcement agents, portrays the authorities as
being in a far better position than previously known to foil
the February 26th bombing of New York City's tallest towers.

The explosion left six people dead, more than a thousand people
injured, and damages in excess of half-a-billion dollars.
Four men are now on trial in Manhattan Federal Court
[on charges of involvement] in that attack.

Mr. Salem, a 43-year-old former Egyptian Army officer, was used
by the Government [of the United States] to penetrate a circle
of Muslim extremists who are now charged in two bombing cases:
the World Trade Center attack, and a foiled plot to destroy
the United Nations, the Hudson River tunnels, and other
New York City landmarks. He is the crucial witness in the
second bombing case, but his work for the Government was
erratic, and for months before the World Trade Center blast,
he was feuding with th F.B.I.

Supervisor `Messed It Up'

After the bombing, he resumed his undercover work. In an
undated transcript of a conversation from that period,
Mr. Salem recounts a talk he had had earlier with an agent
about an unnamed F.B.I. supervisor who, he said,

"came and messed it up."
"He requested to meet me in the hotel,"

Mr. Salem says of the supervisor.

"He requested to make me to testify, and if he didn't
push for that, we'll be going building the bomb with
a phony powder, and grabbing the people who was
involved in it. But since you, we didn't do that."

The transcript quotes Mr. Salem as saying that he wanted to
complain to F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington about the
Bureau's failure to stop the bombing, but was dissuaded by
an agent identified as John Anticev.

Mr. Salem said Mr. Anticev had told him,

"He said, I don't think that the New York people would
like the things out of the New York Office to go to
Washington, D.C."

Another agent, identified as Nancy Floyd, does not dispute
Mr. Salem's account, but rather, appears to agree with it,
saying of the `New York people':

"Well, of course not, because they don't want to
get their butts chewed."

In serious denial^

In serious denial^

Is everything a conspiracy

Is everything a conspiracy with you folks?

Terrence, perhaps if you

Terrence, perhaps if you came out of your cave once in a while and did some research of your own, rather than being spoon fed information, you might actually learn something.

There is PLENTY of proof that the government has been involved in things that are terrible to get the nation to follow them. Not everything is a conspiracy, but until you do some research you will never know what is and is not. For gods sake man, the information is so readily available now that it is nearly impossible to hide it.

Just to some god damn reaserch!

Here are a few conspiracies

Here are a few conspiracies to get you started:
Nero burned Rome, blamed Christians
Guy Fawkes (1605)
Remember the Maine! (1898
Reichstag Fire (1933)
Pearl Harbor (1941)
Operation Northwoods (1962)
coup against JFK (1963)
Gulf of Tonkin (1964)
Oklahoma City (1995)
9/99 Moscow bombings (1999)

Reichstag Fire & 9/11:

Terrence, Is everything a

Is everything a coincidence with you?

The only 3 steel frame structures ever to collapse from fire and they all happened on the same day in the same place, even though the airplane hits were very different from each other and one building was not hit by an airplane.

The 2 vaporized planes, one at the Pentagon and one in Pennsylvania, the latter story that the plane was, like, swallowed up by the earth?

The multi-trillion dollar US military sitting by paralyzed, utterly paralyzed? If there'd been 100 hijacked planes, they'd have gotten through to their targets absent passenger heroics?

The demand for the death penalty for Moussaoui, who was in prison at the time, because he "kept a secret," even though talking about that secret - fully fueled airplanes crashing into things - was the reason the flight instructors in MN called the FBI to report him the VERY FIRST DAY he was at that school? The "20th hijacker, "IMO, planted right where he was found so the government could claim Arabs hijacked the planes, absent any evidence?

This stuff does not make you go, "hmmmmm . . .?"
Heir to the Holocaust
Prescott Bush, 1.3 million dollars, and Auschwitz:
How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust

Once again demonstrating the

Once again demonstrating the Bush Administration's "Ugly American Policy" is part of its mandate, Vice President Dick Cheney represented the United States at the 60th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation as a buffoon.

The question about the

The question about the events of 9/11 isn't whether or not it involved a conspiracy, but who the conspirators were.

The 9/11 Commission says the events were the result of a conspiracy involving "19 radical islamic hijackers," acting on their own or as agents of "Al Qaida."

Now there may or may not have been a plot to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon involving one or more of these so-called "hijackers."

But there is abundant evidence that, if there was such a plot and if in fact they were involved, it was only as a part of a "false flag" operation achieved with the active involvement of many other "co-conspirators" to create "a new Pearl Harbor," in a much greater conspiracy on their part to achieve "global military dominance," as outlined in the PNAC's report, "Rebuilding America's Defenses" published September 2000.

These are the "conspirators" we have to worry about, since the others, if they existed at all, are probably all dead.

For some reason I'm unable

For some reason I'm unable to connect to any of professor jones video links. What's up with that!

"For some reason I'm unable

"For some reason I'm unable to connect to any of professor jones video links. What's up with that!"

Cheney called me (after the illuminatti called him) to make sure that the links wouldn't work. My next task is to replace Gold's toothpaste with Ex-lax...

Terrence: You and "the


You and "the questions" weren't even in the same room for more than five seconds; you stopped by to wave hello, and then tossed somemore stink bombs. Your oblique "answer" failed to address and/or acknowledge any of the critical issues I mentioned (never mind the ones I didn't), and your comments suggest that people who have examined this matter in detail aren't serious. Yet your comments about "UFO's" etc show that you are the one who can't have a serious discussion. So, thanks for your time and service, Terrence, but don't bother responding; I'm not going to waste any more time. Whether you appreciate it or not, or see it or not, the American people are like a cauldron of magma atop a volcano. Make sure you don't get burnt.

Mssr.Jouet: that was one of

Mssr.Jouet: that was one of the best comments I've seen here for awhile. Nice work. Could you save it and apply it again as needed, for present and future shills?

Terrence, why you against

Terrence, why you against the war in Iraq if you believe the official story of 9/11, and dont believe in so called conspiracy theories?(like th eo ne that says Bush lied about Iraq?) Can you say, hypocrite?

Two new 9/11 Truth songs from Snog off their new album(Snogs a pretty well known industrial band)

"Hymn for The Fascist Republic"

the towers fell, and the lies spread
there were no hijackers, an inside job
the invisible air questions asked
a rubber stamp for endless war
perpetual fear has control mechanism...maybe it's all bunk

hold me help me, give me the eyes to see
hold me, help me, we are the enemy

the weels dry up, the kill off begins
distraction and disinformation allow the elite to prevail
ghettos swell, while gated communities become fortresses

hold me help me, give me the eyes to see
hold me, help me, we are the enemy

Draconian laws from the terrorist myth
a new old brutal fascism decends
bin Laden is goldstein(1984 reference)

Snog "al Qaeda is your best friend"

al qaeda is your best friend...
they always arrive when you need them
yes theyre always around just when you need them
when your down in the polls, theyll drop a bomb
when youre stories full of holes...theyll drop a bomb
when there is an election, and you're in trouble
they arrive on the double

Alex: Feel free to use it if


Feel free to use it if and when appropriate. It's "open source" kinda stuff, ya know? I've been honing the approach over at commongroundcommonsense [dot] org.

The line from "The American President" about these being serious times that require serious dialogue applies here, doesn't it?

Hopefully there are more than a handful of serious people giving thought to the forthcoming Constitutional crisis that Reynolds spoke of...

British MI-6 reports that North Korea has "weaponized" the bird flu virus... two weeks after a leading physicist predicted we'd use that concept as a "casus belli" to bomb Iran.

As someone else has pointed out, one of the key values in the 9/11 truth movement is that it might prevent them from doing it again.

These are interesting times. We will all need a state of GRACE... to be grounded, relaxed, aware, centered and energized... (tip of the cap to George Leonard there).

I gotta have some fun guys.

I gotta have some fun guys.