Truth Broadcasts

Lots of shows for your listening enjoyment, thanks to everyone who submitted these:

Alfons Olszewski of Veterans for 9/11 Truth Interviewed on CKUT:
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Webster Tarpley interviews Janice Matthews and Gabriel day regarding the June 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago:
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Part 2 of Mind Over Matters: Facing the Truth about 9/11 featuring a talk with Webster Tarpley has been released:
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Finally, Michael Wolsey's Podcast has been updated and is available here:

from Blogger Brigade: Larry

from Blogger Brigade:

Larry Silverstein, speaking at NYC construction trade show, June 14-15

Don't miss the chance to listen, network and learn from these leading high-profile executives who have made a difference in the world of contstruction

Larry Silverstein, President and CEO of Silverstein Properties
Have a conversation with Silverstein, who is a significant figure on the New York real estate scene for 25 years. He is leaseholder of the World Trade Center, Govenor of the Real Estate Board of New York, and found of the New York University Real Estate Institute.

please let NYC truthers know about this. They might want to participate in the "conversation".

Mr. Silverstein is so

Mr. Silverstein is so influential, he has the NY Fire Dept. "pull" buildings for him!

and they do very quick work

and they do very quick work - same day service!

TARPLEY mp3 (1st hour) is

TARPLEY mp3 (1st hour) is cut short.. @#$%^&*

I asked them to fix it...

the first file needs to be 7megs or so. (its only 5.6megs now)