Response to Recent Hit Piece on Ray McGovern by The Weekly Standard

The 9/11 Truth Movement Is Not Anti-Semitic And Neither is Ray McGovern -

What I call, "The PNAC Newspaper (The Weekly Standard)" has decided to publish a "hit piece" against Ray McGovern. They did so because Mr. McGovern, the brave man that he is, confronted Donald Rumsfeld on the lies leading up to the Iraq War.

You would think that the Weekly Standard would be compelled to rebut what Mr. McGovern had to say with information showing he was wrong. Because such information doesn't exist, they instead decided to label him a "Conspiracy Theorist", and tried to make him appear anti-semitic by incorrectly referencing his acronym for "O.I.L.", and by referencing certain "Israel/9/11 pamphlets" handed outside of the famous "Downing Street Memo Hearings" led by Rep. John Conyers.
I am Jewish. I see people who do try to push anti-semitic views onto the movement, but luckily, the majority of the movement is smarter than that. We are smarter than the Weekly Standard would lead you to believe. We want anyone and everyone who was involved to be held held accountable. Be it Christian, Jew, Neocon or Zionist, we want accountability. Period.

If the 9/11 Truth Movement is anti-semitic, than what am I doing here? Last time I checked, I respected the religion of my family.

Stop trying to paint the 9/11 Truth Movement as anti-semitic because it isn't, and neither is Ray McGovern.

You can find McGovern's recent confrontation with Rumsfeld which sparked the hit piece here. Also, in case you missed Kristol blushing when confronted on PNAC last week you can find it here.


There was a stretch, a few

There was a stretch, a few years ago, when it was uncommon, if not unusual, to see an article from Ray McGovern, co-director of the Servant Leadership School, that did not cast at least one aspersion on Israel. Sometimes it would just be in one isolated paragraph or sentence whose apparent connection to the rest of the piece was tenuous at best, which, after a while, made it seem as if Mr. McGovern had some kind of 'agenda' or something...

So I can understand how he could have picked up such a label. After all, I'm sometimes publicly critical around here of the ineffective, supposedly-doing-their-best corrupt majority of the pseudoleadership of the 911 truth movement (they're mostly a bunch of fake 911 truthers; wolves in sheepdog's clothing!), and, in response, some people around here have tried to label me as just being some kind of divisive criticizer (or worse), even though anyone who's ever read the pages at knows that that label is a brazen blatant lie.

As long as people let labels (and respect, and grief, and credentials, and majority/popularity, etc) influence their thinking, I suppose that form of attack is to be expected (because it all too often works; many people let labels do their thinking for them!).

Blimp said: "corrupt

Blimp said:

"corrupt majority of the pseudoleadership of the 911 truth movement (they're mostly a bunch of fake 911 truthers; wolves in sheepdog's clothing!)"

Regarding people using labels, you might want to take your own advice.

The Bush Administration on

The Bush Administration on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Capabilities:

Plenty of quotes. And let's not forget Rice's and Powell's 2001 quotes:

Article about how tied Weekly Standard is to pushing wars (well duh):

Incase someone

Incase someone missed:
Fukuyama: "Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard" conducted a "deliberate search for an enemy" after the end of the Cold War.

They "initially picked on China as their target," but then 9/11 was a "godsend."

Have a look at our

Have a look at our CagePrisoners (Gitmo!)

What do you see?

(you have been conditioned to see criminal radical muslims, but they are people like you and me... except that most of them are no cowards!)

Special Request Special

Special Request
Special Request
Special Request
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Special Request

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Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America
Tuesday, May 9 at 8pm EASTERN

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Here is Michael's powerpoint

Here is Michael's powerpoint presentation. You can see it in an executable format, or an html format.

Click Here

Whether they're Jews or

Whether they're Jews or non-Jews/Israelis or whatever nationality, the people who pushed for the Iraq War and who may have engineered 9/11 probably see Israel as a vehicle. Its like they talk about "democracy" in Iraq or the Ukraine --- Its part of their bag of tricks. They're not devoted to a Jewish state and a refuge for the Jewish people; Israel is a vehicle to amass power.

I thought it was important

I thought it was important something like this was written. When I saw the piece about Ray, it motivated me to write it. Ray's a good man.

the standard is the voice of

the standard is the voice of the neo- con war criminal

Notice the date of good ole

Notice the date of good ole Tommy's remarks?

I found something

I found something inneresting here for you to check out...

Copied and paste from NORAD: United Airlines Flight 175

Damn somethings screwy

Damn somethings screwy here...never mind

its not the people who

its not the people who worship a god of their choice that are the big problem, its the people who are trying to become the god of their choice.

9-11-1990 bush senior gives

9-11-1990 bush senior gives his new world order speech to congress

11 years later the pyscho's dream becomes reality

(from my blog posting of

(from my blog posting of today)

A sincere BRAVO to Ray McGovern! McGovern did a commendable job with
direct questions to Donald Rumsfeld. Here is the very refreshing CNN video clip, where Ray McGovern directly calls Donald Rumsfeld on his lies.

As an organizer, I had the honor of meeting Ray McGovern at our last summer's Emergency Truth Convergence and made a point to specifically thank him for speaking rare truth about the reasons for the Iraq war (at the Downing Street Memo meeting).
(more at link)

found these on Craigs List.

found these on Craigs List. Didn't read yet but looks interesting:

Precursors to Remote-Controlled Flights of 9/11?
Tue May 2, 2006 18:17;article=100918;title=APFN;article=100920;title=APFN

Military PR flies friendly

Military PR flies friendly skies
Pentagon pays United to show in-flight video,1,6555598.sto...

Good one, Jon!

Good one, Jon!

i've converted michael's

i've converted michael's presentation to powerpoint format (some formatting needs to be done to complete the conversion, nothing major)

Too bad Mr. Reynolds will get no mainstream attention. A damn shame, really...

neoconservative hit pieces

neoconservative hit pieces give me a belly ache of laughter.

"After all, I'm sometimes

"After all, I'm sometimes publicly critical around here..."

You don't know how to post without offending someone. In other words, you are ALWAYS "publicly critical".

"some people around here have tried to label me as just being some kind of divisive criticizer"

As I said, you are ALWAYS "publicly critical" of everyone who does not believe what you do. That, in and of itself shows how divisive you really are. You never show respect for anyone's work other than your own. You constantly try to belittle the efforts of others. You have started emailing campaigns in order to hurt honest members of the truth movement. If you aren't divisive, then I have no idea what that word means.

@ Jon: You rock! :D

@ Jon: You rock! :D

HAHHAHAA!!!! sbg and jon,

HAHHAHAA!!!! sbg and jon, blimp is off his rocker today!!!!

was that blimp trying to

was that blimp trying to make a nice post?? HAHAHHA!!!!

reprehensor... isn't he

reprehensor... isn't he cool...

I wouldn't want to fuck with him. Did you hear what he said at the end of his debate with Rummy? "Good Grief".

Ray McGovern has said very

Ray McGovern has said very clearly on at least two radio shows that everyone should read both of David Ray Griffin's books. I just wish he would say that in larger forums.

But what he did with Rumsfeld took serious guts. Very serious guts.

just today?

just today?