Reynolds: “Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!”

Good article, sounds like a great time. Follow the link and read the whole thing, also check out the Introduction to Dr. Reynolds Presentation by Dr. Kevin Barrett which follows the original article.
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Ex-Bush Official Busts 9/11 Perps at U.W. Historical Society

An enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd packed the Wisconsin Historical Society auditorium Saturday to hear ex-Bush Administration insider Morgan Reynolds prosecute top administration and military officials for the 9/11 inside job.

Reynolds to Cheney: "You're BUSTED!"
Reynolds, who served as George W. Bush’s Labor Department Chief Economist in 2001-2002, believes that a 9/11 truth victory is looming on the near-term horizon. He predicted that one or more of the 9/11 insiders will soon “give it up” and come forward with what they know, saying “Remember, you heard it here first.” He said that most of those complicit in the attacks did not realize how over-the-top the plot was, due to the need-to-know compartmentalization of such covert operations, and that some semi-complicit individuals will probably be coming forward. Reynolds said that most of his email acquaintances are now worried that the 9/11 truth movement is going to win, triggering the greatest Constitutional crisis in U.S. history. For Reynolds, this is less a cause for worry than for rejoicing: “We need a Constitutional crisis!”
Politicians and the media will help expose the 9/11 inside job, he said, only after the growing grassroots movement reaches critical mass. The organizers of Reynolds’ talk urged audience members to come to the upcoming international 9/11 truth conference in Chicago, 9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future, June 2nd-4th, 2006:

Anybody got any audio from

Anybody got any audio from this? I really wanted to go... but couldn't make it. Would love to hear it...

suddenly morgan reynolds is

suddenly morgan reynolds is "the guy"? how many times has he been called a disinfo agent on the back pages of this very blog? I say right-on for morgan reynolds!

this is all pretty

this is all pretty overwhelming...

i;m just saying everybody's got their job---this guy is a washington insider that definitely knows whats up

thats worth at least being a bishop---
if this were chess

I think most people who have

I think most people who have criticized Mr. Reynolds haven't actually read any of his work. They heard of his questioning the planes at the Trade center and pounced. His piece on questioning the planes very simply suggested, with evidence, that questioning the strange behaviour of the planes on impact was justified from a scientific point of view. He never said it was a good PR angle to exposing the Truth of 911, but it was legitimate scientific inquirry based on the available facts.
911 Truthers sometime seem to have a hard time distiguishing the difference between these two. Many of the unproductive debates and name calling on this blog would be avoided if we simply made this distinction clear at the outset.

Below another good article from Morgan Reynolds, if you haven't seen it yet.

The Risk of Winning:
What Happens Once the 9/11 Sewer Opens Wide?

Morgan Reynolds - April 9th, 2006

I have begun receiving a handful of emails and questions from callers to radio interview shows that worry about our forthcoming victory in the 9/11 information war! What will happen once the 9/11 traitors are exposed, goes the lament, and an outraged public demands a pound of flesh from each conspirator? Scary huh?

First, will we have this delicious problem to deal with? Yes, we are going to win and so we will face this “problem” for a variety of sturdy reasons. The most important is that the establishment’s preposterous conspiracy theory of 9/11—ONYA (Osama and Nineteen Young Arabs)—lies in total ruins, completely and thoroughly shredded by hundreds of websites on the Internet and a handful of books like David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor and Webster G. Tarpley’s 9/11 Synthetic Terror. The perpetrators, filled with hubris and contempt for the American people, seriously underestimated what a few hundred Internet researchers could do. The public flight from ONYA has been accelerated by exposure of the government’s lies on Iraq, its failed invasion and the consequent unpopularity of the Bush-Cheney regime. The public relations outfall has not been contained and has spilled over to eat away at the lies of 9/11. Charlie Sheen’s brave testimony has put us on a new level of public awareness.

Second, what really is the worry? Isn’t this what we are working for, the prospect of justice obtained by exposure of the truth, the prospect of stopping the killers in their tracks? Yes, it is. Anyone fretting over the triumph of truth should ask this question: what do you do with a family dog that kills a family member? The dog was acquired to protect the family and instead it kills someone it was supposed to protect. The services of such a dog would no longer be required, to put it as gently as possible. That’s the situation we have with the DoD, NSA, CIA, FBI and a murderous array of government agencies, including the 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 Commission members and staff director Philip D. Zelikow are accessories after the fact, a felony crime. Selected elements of many organizations lied and murdered thousands of innocent Americans. Every member of the military swears an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, against enemies “both foreign and domestic.” Pretending that nothing happened after the family pet murdered a family member would be madness, intolerable, a “head-in-the-sand” absurdity, not to mention a constant menace for everybody in the dog’s ambit. That’s our predicament today: the overt and covert types hired to protect us turned and killed family members and remain on the loose and in power. They must be taken down. Or this too hard to understand?

Third, insiders are on the verge of going public. 9/11 was so “over the top,” so murderous, and the next event will be even bigger, that patriotism and conscience are working overtime among insiders to restore a semblance of sanity to our nation. In a hub-and-spoke conspiracy this large, most participants did not know in advance the scope of the planned “terrorist” event. On hindsight, some of the participants are appalled at what they participated in. They are going to spill the beans. Furthermore, virtually everyone across the world inside intelligence services, the military, airline pilots and other technical experts know full well that the U.S. government and selected outsiders did 9/11, not nineteen incompetent Arabs at the behest of a couple of cave dwellers in Afghanistan. Upshot? The dam is going to break, and probably sooner rather than later.

There will be casualties on our side before the whole traitorous truth is broken wide open. Michael Zebuhr, a Clemson engineering graduate student and student member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth was murdered under highly suspicious circumstances in Minneapolis on March 18 and was almost certainly a 9/11 casualty. We are playing for the highest stakes imaginable. The sooner the truth breaks out in the open, the fewer innocent lives lost.

So will justice be done? I strongly believe it will. Sure, some of the perpetrators will get away with their crimes, but we are going to win. The American commitment to an impersonal legal process is deep and wide, so I am not concerned about any kind of vigilantism or mob “justice.” Yes, we will have a “constitutional crisis” of sorts, but it is going to be orderly and peaceful. We need to think through what we are going to do with that victory. My initial thought is that we must safeguard the 9/11 convictions by removing one privilege from the presidency, namely, the presidential pardon of convicted criminals like those in the Iran-Contra scandal. The fact that presidents traditionally issue pardons on Christmas eve when almost no one is watching says all we need to know about their social value.

who are his email

who are his email aquaintances? Is it possible he knows that someone will come forward?

Reynolds is sticking his

Reynolds is sticking his neck out. If he doesn't produce, then what?

kev barrets artcle, great

kev barrets artcle, great overall. An only gentle, yet firm complaint would be,

the 100,000 demonstrators figure mentioned, adversely affecting the image,credibility, and strength of the 9/11 truth movement. Underestimation.

the fifth anniversary of the

the fifth anniversary of the lie will, and must be, greatly significant

it is a desire above one of merely being 'noticed'

the movement must be confident of achieving huge successes.

I wonder how many

I wonder how many Congresspeople and candidates are getting asked about 911? When the presidential season begins and the candidates head to Iowa and New Hampshire, they will be pretty accessible doing their town hall meeting and coffee shop tours.

The 9/11 Truth Movement Is

Great article, thanks for

Great article, thanks for posting it. I have always felt someone would step forward, I just wonder who it will be. And YES!! we do need a constitutional crises. We need to figure out a way to stop madmen from ever comming to power again.

Re: Chomsky and 911

Re: Chomsky and 911 truth

I think Chomsky is not wrong about the "911 INDUSTRY" ... IMHO Noam already accepted that 911 was an inside job, but going public with it is suicidal for his position, he could say good-bye to his VERY VALUABLE activist work. I know you truthers think you and your 911-truth is even more valuable .... hah!

If you knew what Chomsky is really doing, day by day... and the ENOURMOUS HELP he gives the world (to think straight) ... him "coming out" does not make sense.

But you will refuse this, WITHOUT CHECKING WHAT CHOMSKY DOES...

Just LISTEN to his talks (radio4all mp3).

I bet you haven't done that yet.

So, its back to good old propaganda half-truths and sloganized smears that a clever writer can make you enjoy... like reading a comic book. Like this anti Chomsky, pro Israel HIT PIECE...

That goes down like butter, huh?

Don't kid yourselves... SERIOUS MATTERS need serious understanding.
If you would put your energy to understanding and NAMING crimes the US ACTUALLY REALLY does... And then would join forces to STOP THESE CRIMES.. then you would actually achieve something.

Me? 911 truth is a hobby of mine, a kind of psycho-game .. great for entertainement and trolling people into revealing their pillock-brains.

Re: US crimes:

Scott Ritter names a few.

Maybe you should ask him why 911 truth is not high on his agenda. He says he is really is committed to THE TRUTH...


OpEd now too:

over and out

2 new Essays: Chomsky Gets

Anyone knows whats wrong

Anyone knows whats wrong with

NEW 9.11 Truth Conference, USM (Documentary) 9.11 Truth Conference, USM

Speech given at University of Southern Maine, Portland Analyzing the events of 9.11 and their political repercussions. A non biased scientific approach which questions the official media story. 177 MB



u2r2h writes:"Don't kid

u2r2h writes:"Don't kid yourselves... SERIOUS MATTERS need serious understanding.
If you would put your energy to understanding and NAMING crimes the US ACTUALLY REALLY does... And then would join forces to STOP THESE CRIMES.. then you would actually achieve something.

Me? 911 truth is a hobby of mine, a kind of psycho-game .. great for entertainement and trolling people into revealing their pillock-brains"

so pretty much, asking for

so pretty much, asking for the full truth behind the death of 3000 americans, and the subsequent death of thousands more is nothing but a joke, and doesnt matter.

Yeah, 9/11 isnt a serious matter...right. How many liberals think like this? Sadly, a LOT.

u2r2h, I've been listening


I've been listening to Chomksy since 1988 when I first heard an interview with him on David Barsamian's "Alternative Radio" program.

I've read some of his work, but he's prolific, so I doubt I'll ever read it all. (For those new to Chomksy, the documentary "Manufacturing Consent" is a great introduction, far quicker than trying to absorb hours and hours of MP3s...)

But let's cut to the chase... why is a conspiratorial view which encompasses parapolitics and Deep Politics paradigmatically untenable to the institutional view of the establishment left?

Be specific, please.

9/11 truth reached critical

9/11 truth reached critical mass a few months back. This is NOTHING like it was two years ago. Myspace alone is spreading 9/11 truth with tremendous crosspollination. It's sinking into their brains. I'm lovin this shit! I can't wait for this conversation to be finding it's way into water cooler, and bus stop conversations. I had a complete stranger bring up 9/11 to me sitting in a diner. I laughed so hard he thought I was Loco. The best part of Americas "reformation" is only months away. F history books!...were makin history my friends... :)

This is a long shot, but I

This is a long shot, but I sent this email to
Maybe we can plaster him with such emails until he posts something, besides the Charlie Sheen story which he quickly removed. Here is what I emailed him: "Below is link to appearance by ex-Bush official making some serious accusations about 9/11 as an "inside job". If these can be proven, it will make Watergate look like a garden tea party!

dont count on drudge to do

dont count on drudge to do shit besides protect bush

just last week raw story ran a piece that condoleeza was supoened in the aipac spy case

drudge didnt mention it

he is a gatekeeper who is more worried about hollywood gossip than hard news

u2r2h: Is Chomsky God or are


Is Chomsky God or are we permitted to engage in critical anything of our own? Perhaps we should all just reflexively nod at everything he says? I greatly admire much of Chomksy's work but, since he is human, I also know that he is not infallible. There is a cult-like worship of him that is very unhealthy, particularly in terms like these. His rejection of 9/11 truth is enormously disappointing and detrimental to building a better world. He wrote in respect to 9/11: “The Bush administration and others in power love to be accused of this, instead of vastly more serious crimes.” Sorry, that is just patently absurd and irrational. 9/11 has been the great enabler for all of the other neocon crimes. It was a coup against humanity. Letting them get away with it also opens the door to another 9/11-type event if they deem it necessary.

(from my Blog posting of

(from my Blog posting of today)

IMO, Noam Chomsky is very mistaken in his Friday statements about 9/11 truth
activism, which seem designed to attempt to completely alienate anti-war activists from growing 9/11 truth influence.

In sharp contrast to Chomsky's philosophy, eminent theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin's position is that "9/11 was pretext for all these other things. The victims of 9/11 are not limited to the 3000 people killed that day and their family members. The victims of 9/11 include the tens of thousands killed in Afghanistan; the hundred some thousands probably now killed in Iraq; all the victims of DU who are already victims and will be for decades to come. These are all victims of 9/11. Then there's another reason why I focus on 9/11..."

(more at this link to DRG video speech from last summer's Truth Convergence)

Thanks birdwatcher. Like I

Thanks birdwatcher. Like I said, 9/11 was a coup against humanity. Here's an article that views it this way:

Lame Chomsky smears. You

Lame Chomsky smears.

You better bring up that Chomsky earns $$$ with weapons-share on the stockmarket next.

Let me find you a quote by Noam A.:

Another poll revealed that 'faith in God is the most important
part of American's lives.' Forty percent 'said they valued the
their relationship with God above all else'; 29 percent chose
'good health' and 21 percent 'happy marriage'. Satisfying work
was chosen by 5 percent, respect of people in the community by
2 percent. That this world might offer basic features of a
human existence is hardly to be contemplated. These are the
kinds of results one might find in a shattered peasant society.
Chiliastic visions are reported to be particularly present
among blacks; again, not surprising, when we learn from the
New England Journal of Medicine that 'black men in Harlem are
less likely to reach the age of 65 than men in Bangladesh'.

Aha. Problem well described. Now, the solution? get out there and educate them on reality and then organise people to demand their fair share of their society Make them join UNIONS.

More generally, people have little specific knowledge of what
is happening around them. An academic study that appeared right
before the presidential election reports that less than 30% of
the population was aware of the positions of the candidates on
major issues, though 86% knew the name of George Bush's dog.
The general thrust of propaganda gets through, however. When
asked to identify the largest element of the federal budget,
less than 1/4 give the correct answer: military spending.
Almost half select foreign aid, which barely exists; the second
choice is welfare, chosen by 1/3 of the population, who also
far overestimate the proportion that goes to Blacks and to
child support. And though the question was not asked, virtually
none are likely to be aware that `defense spending' is in large
measure welfare for the rich. Another result of the study is
that more educated sectors are more ignorant--not surprising,
since they are the main targets of indoctrination. Bush
supporters, who are the best educated, scored lowest overall.

Solution? Publicise this basic info and organise people to demand change. Voice your disgust at this corruption and JOIN UNIONS.

In considering the First Principles of Government, Hume found
'nothing more surprising' than: ' see the easiness with
which the many are governed by the few; and to observe the
implicit submission with which men resign their own sentiments
and passions to those of their rulers. When we enquire by what
means this wonder is brought about, we shall find, that as
Force is always on the side of the governed, the governors
have nothing to support them but opinion. `Tis therefore, on
opinion only that government is founded; and this maxim
extends to the most despotic and most military governments, as
well as to the most free and most popular.'
Hume was an astute observer, and his paradox of government is
much to the point. His insight explains why elites are so
dedicated to indoctrination and thought control, a major and
largely neglected theme of modern history.

Even journalists who privately felt that way did not say it,
perhaps because they felt the idea would be unintelligible, on
a par with "the U.S. is a leading terrorist state," or
"Washington is blocking the peace process," or "maybe we
should tell the truth about Cambodia and Timor," or other
departures from dogma. Such statements lack cognitive meaning.
They are imprecations, like shouting "Fuck You" in public;
they can only elicit a stream of abuse, not a rational
response. We see here the ultimate achievement of thought
control, well beyond what Orwell imagined. Large parts of the
language are simply determined to be devoid of meaning. It all
makes good sense: In a Free Society, all must goose step on
command, or keep silent. Anything else is just too dangerous.

Noam Chomsky "Deterring Democracy"

My personal feeling is that citizens of the democratic
societies should undertake a course of intellectual
self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation and
control, and to lay the basis for more meaningful democracy.

Noam Chomsky, Preface, "Necessary Illusions" 1989

Solution: Offer courses in intellectual self-defence

Ouuuhh this is fun. I can

Ouuuhh this is fun.

I can see you all lapping these up like little kitten warm milk.

That is the nature of being well educated,
it is to accept the framework of power and not to question it.
Well educated people understand that that is the position
that you MUST assume.

Noam Chomsky

For those who stubbornly seek freedom, there can be no more
urgent task than to come to understand the mechanisms and
practices of indoctrination,...

For the past 22 years, I have been searching to find some
reference in mainstream journalism or scholarship to an
American invasion of South Vietnam in 1962 (or ever), or an
American attack against South Vietnam, or American aggression
in Indochina - without success. There is no such event in
history. Rather, there is an American defence of South
Vietnam against terrorists supported from the outside (namely
from Vietnam).

Anyone for John Ralston Saul?

The citizen's job is to be rude
to pierce the comfort of professional intercourse
by boorish expressions of doubt.

John Ralston Saul, The Doubter's Companion

Whenever governments adopt a moral tone
-- as opposed to an ethical one --
you know something is wrong.

John Ralston Saul
The Unconscious Civilization

Our civilization is locked in the grip of an ideology
An ideology that denies and undermines the legitimacy of
individuals as the citizen in a democracy.
The particular imbalance of this ideology leads to a
worship of self-interest and a denial of the public good.
The practical effects on the individual are passivity and
conformism in the areas that matter, and non-conformism in the
areas that don't.

May I suggest that yous apply for a Satellite TV channels that broadcasts only Chomsky, Parenti, Saul, Zinn etc 24 hours non-stop? We all would PayPal-sponsor it.

Hey u2r2h - Don't mean to

Hey u2r2h -

Don't mean to attack your standpoint, but I really am interested:

I don't know much about Naom Chomsky, but why do you have such a problem with (what I see as) people learning a little about what governments do to stay in/gain more power? (Has it ever occured to you people who come to power have agendas? Why else would they try to get into power?)

It wouldn't be so bad for people to have a think about or look at why certain things are done in government. Why is it that you seem to be opposing that?

It's common for people to theorise about the inner workings, the 'atomic level' of what's happening in certain systems. Wouldn't it be good to check if certain systems were serving individual interests, at the cost of others' - if there was some evidence that pointed towards it?

What is it about what these guys say (Naom Chomsky and the rest) that you have a problem with?

Not directed at you personally, but I've been looking at arguments on both sides (on several different sites) and it appears there are a fair few people riding on what they think they know, without really looking into these matters properly. I admit I may be one. But I don't refute any claims to evidence. Everyone's truth is valid.

I know what I'm gonna do anyway: keep an open mind, read and experience more.

Special Request Special

Special Request
Special Request
Special Request
Special Request

Special Request

PLEEEAAASSE someone record

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America
Tuesday, May 9 at 8pm EASTERN

It was filmed in New Zealand!!

so what about that Reynolds?

so what about that Reynolds? When I saw Chomsky deny 911 Truth, I stopped respecting him AND TALKING ABOUT HIM.

Hi Rob! but why do you have

Hi Rob!

but why do you have such a problem with (what I see as) people learning a little about what governments do to stay in/gain more power?

Did you understand that? Where did I say that?

There is only one truth.

(Its the truth that ASSOCIATED PRESS and REUTERS put out...)


And please be personal. We are not scholars debating high-science here.

From what you write... you seem to to write little. You confused maybe?

But don't give up..

But read properly what other people say. Often they SEEM to be saying one thing (a thing/concept that is known to you)... but (I find that) often they are actually NOT saying that, and I have difficulties to understand what they mean.. BECAUSE THE CONCEPT IS UNKNOWN TO ME.

But as you get older, (hey I am only 71 :-) you have heard of (know) more concepts...

Are you going to O-hare truth conference?

HEY YOU ALL... this morgan


this morgan reynolds character is
"the guy"

it would seem logical that he would be the leader---it seems right

he's an insider in govt--but he's one of us---

the guy that could explain to ted kennedy what's going on
pretty soon we're going to have to deal with questions like "who will be president when we arrest the pnac?"

this reynolds guy is the key to this next level

Yes!! we children need a


we children need a leader to lead us!

Kind of a spokes-person who thinks
how we think.

We go boom, kawoom, yeah, cool and

How about we get Mickey Mouse to
make a 911 truth cartoon, yeah!

Chomsky is a pathetic NSA

Chomsky is a pathetic NSA shill and deserves no adoration. So big deal, he discusses a bunch of old CIA crimes from 25 years ago and writes some tepid media analysis in "Manufacturing Consent."

Does he even mention 911? Or the private Federal Reserve? Or the Bilderberg group? Or the CFR? Or the elite sex rings? Or the Oklahoma City coverup? Or the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports? Or MK ULTRA?

He avoids every hardcore issue and pushes for global government under the UN.

OK, sure, some of what he discusses is true, but he is only focusing on 5% of the real issues and avoiding anything that might awaken people to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderbergers, private Fed, 911, etc.

Can you say "re-direct agent?"

This article exposes Chomsky for what he is

>>I think most people who

>>I think most people who have criticized Mr. Reynolds haven't actually read any of his work. They heard of his questioning the planes at the Trade center and pounced. His piece on questioning the planes very simply suggested, with evidence, that questioning the strange behaviour of the planes on impact was justified from a scientific point of view. He never said it was a good PR angle to exposing the Truth of 911, but it was legitimate scientific inquirry based on the available facts.

Questioning whether planes actually hit the WTC towers is a poison pill and absolute nonsense that has nothing to do with exposing 9/11 truth and everything to do with inserting a high-profile speaker into the movement who is carrying a 'bomb' he can drop to discredit all of us at the drop of a hat.

"Similar tactics were also used to wreck the “JFK Truth Movement,” the independent investigators who examined the assassination of President Kennedy. Perhaps the most notorious is the case of Charles Spiesel, a surprise witness for the prosecution who popped up during the trial of Clay Shaw (as was also depicted in the film “JFK” by Oliver Stone). On the witness stand, Mr. Spiesel admitted having heard Shaw discuss plans for the assassination with Lee Harvey Oswald and other conspirators. Under cross examination, he stated that he fingerprinted his daughter before she went to college and after she returned, to make sure she was the same person. Jim Garrison, the prosecuting attorney, wrote in his memoir On the Trail of the Assassins:

I realized that the clandestine operation of the opposition was so cynical, so sophisticated, and, at the same time, so subtle, that destroying an old-fashioned state jury trial was very much like shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun. [I]t was clear by now that no jury would find an eminently respectable, prominent, distinguished community leader guilty of conspiring to kill the President, especially following an unforgettable example of genuine lunatic testimony from a prosecution witness.

This disinformation strategy is used to cover-up many crimes of State. It is very effective, but not very creative, since the same approach is used over and over. Its practitioners are like a musician with a one string guitar connected to a very loud amplifier — they can’t play many notes, but everyone hears their noise."

Yeah, 9/11 isnt a serious

Yeah, 9/11 isnt a serious matter...right. How many liberals think like this? Sadly, a LOT.
pockybot | 05.07.06 - 9:09 pm | #
dude. every goddamn day you bash liberals. last time i checked PNAC wasnt a bunch of liberals.last time i checked, the MSM was largely conservative.Fox News is liberal now right? stop falling for the left/right bullshit, your making yourself look like an angry partisan republican.

Noam Chomsky does not

Noam Chomsky does not represent all liberals, contrary to popular belief.


...disinformation strategy...

there are many individuals who have noted obvious anomolies with the appearance of nearly every image of 175 both before and as it impacts he south tower. many of these individuals also believe that some of those who refuse to accept the existence of these anomolies are the true disinformation agents. so, right or wrong, whether one believes there were real 767's at the wtc or not, everyone should just keep on keeping on, doing what they feel is the right thing to expose 911 for whatever one believes it truly was. the real disinfo is obvious to me: PM and 911myths.

I think a blue-screen

I think a blue-screen hologram hit the WTC towers -- don't agree with me? Then you're a disinfo agent for the government!

"so, right or wrong, whether

"so, right or wrong, whether one believes there were real 767's at the wtc or not, everyone should just keep on keeping on, doing what they feel is the right thing to expose 911 for whatever one believes it truly was."

There's a difference between warranted conspiracy theories and unwarranted conspiracy theories. I believe those who get wrapped up in supposed 175 anomalies, holograms, and no plane hit the pentagon are distracting and damaging and fall in the UCT category.

For a good treatment of the difference see this paper:

i agree. was there a plane

i agree. was there a plane swap? plane at the pentagon? likely in my opinion,but also very hard to say either way. holograms? even if you believe that, do you honestly think saying it out loud is going to get you anywhere?