GNN Video - UA 93: The Road to Shanksville

UA 93: The Road to Shanksville -

Shot while during research for our book, True Lies, GNN’s The Road To Shanksville looks at the wider socio-political issue of how mainstream news covered the initial stages of the administration’s response to 9/11. It asks the bigger questions raised by this story, namely: are there some stories that we, as a society, would rather not know? Does that fear of knowing benefit those in power?

But it also touches down at the crash site, featuring interviews with those very eyewitnesses who’s accounts of the “second plane” and other mysterious aspects of the crash are enough to make even the most cynical viewer wonder if the official story is actually the truth.

Featuring interviews with aviation expert Dr. Vernon Grose, BBC news producer Steven Williams, best-selling investigative journalist Greg Palast, Philly Daily News reporter Will Bunch and the people of Shanksville.

Go watch it, and post some comments.

Thanks Reprehensor for the heads up!

yeah, this is an extra

yeah, this is an extra feature in one of the GNN:Ammo for the Info Warrior DVDs. i HIGHLY suggest you buy the whole thing and watch it all. a lot of good stuff on the CIA. i believe its the first edition.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... let me

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... let me know when it starts... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Yeah... thanks... shoulda

Yeah... thanks... shoulda tried that.


Thanks DHS!
GO PHILLY! I always get excited when i see anything Philly related ;0)

"well i dont give a fuck

"well i dont give a fuck about the presidend getting on his fucking helicopter...thats not the news."

"we dont have reporters, we have repeaters"

Greg Palast

my new hero :)

Wow... this looks really

Wow... this looks really good.

im in philly too

im in philly too

There is a thread with some

There is a thread with some comments on the GNN viddy as well...

If you haven't seen the Wisnewski viddy check it out... he is a bit flaky, but Wisnewski stands alone with the first nationally broadcast 9/11 skepticism documentary... in Germany anyhow.

Palast is pretty cool, but

Palast is pretty cool, but not a hero. his "secretary" or whoever it was told me he agrees with Chomsky when it comes to 9/11.