Alex Jones Interviews Michael Berger - MP3 Download

Alex Jones interviewed Michael Berger, director of Improbable Collapse and media coordinator for, yesterday on his radio show. The clip above includes commercials, but is cut down to just the interview segment.

They discuss the upcoming Chicago event sponsored by and, as well as Berger's upcoming movie Improbable Collapse.

Thanks Michael for the reminder!

berger failed to call out

berger failed to call out national geographic on live tv

he should have asked why national geo. didnt mention wtc7 in its 4 hour documentary

Have you seen this post over

hey thats great---one of

hey thats great---one of those huffington people wrote a totally positive article about loose change

---this is the first kind of fake msm acceptance i've seen of 911truth


That is interesting that

That is interesting that HuffPo has an article...even though I can't see it posted anywhere on the main page.

Consider the ramifications

Consider the ramifications of these two sentences, from the article -

of the 911 cover up given to the Editor and Publisher of the Durango Herald was in the five DVD 911-Videos she handed them. The names of the DVDs given to them for excellent source material to report from were:

911-In Plane Site,
Loose Change, Confronting
the Evidence/Painful Deceptions
The Greatest Lie Ever Told

(the 9/11 truth movement
has been hijacked)

re: huffpo Yeah, it was on

re: huffpo

Yeah, it was on the frontpage around 1130pm Pacific time... that's fucked that it's not there anymore.

just posted as dirtmcgirt

just posted as dirtmcgirt

Hey I'm an American living

Hey I'm an American living in Australia atm, and a buddy of mine mentioned tonight he saw a little bit of Oprah and apparently they were talking about 9/11? Can anyone confirm this?

Please share the link with

Please share the link with everybody, get everybody who's seen the film and/or researched the contents of the film to discuss it on Jason Pollock's HuffPo entry.
Moments like this don't present themselves often, and in order for the film to get its fair share of representation, we should all participate in that thread.
Thanks for posting the link Le Jackel.

(Very sorry, had meant to

(Very sorry, had meant to post above comment in the Durango article below)

Mike Berger did an excellent job in the Alex Jones interview. Mike is a great spokesman for the issue (and a good friend).

looks like NYPRESS has a

looks like NYPRESS has a piece commenting on the unanswered 9/11 questions. i like it, it's very Colbertesque.

This is a comedy piece,

This is a comedy piece, right?

Good Neighbor Award???

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Richard B. Myers, former chairman of the U.S. Joint
Chiefs of Staff, said he supports the nomination of Air Force Gen. Michael
Hayden to lead the CIA.

"General Hayden is a terrific guy," Myers said Monday before receiving the
Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award in Kansas City. "I've known him for a
good part of my career, and he's a terrific intelligence officer who has
done a good job at the (National Security Agency).

Some members of Congress have criticized Hayden's nomination, saying they
are uncomfortable with a military officer overseeing a civilian agency.

Asked about progress in Iraq and Afghanistan, Myers said he preferred to
focus on the bigger issue of "the war on terrorism."

"It's one we have lost sight of, I think, in this country because we focus
on the smaller battles in that war," he said.

But terrorism, Myers said, "is the greatest threat we've ever faced,
except maybe for the Civil War, to our way of life, to our democracy."

Myers said the fights in Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in some

For some reason HuffPo is

For some reason HuffPo is carrying yesterday's cover again - it was fine when I first looked at it this morning, but has since reverted to the past.

That HuffPo stuff is very

That HuffPo stuff is very interesting!

The Jason Pollock Loose Change article seems to have been taken off HuffPo's main page, but if you go to their main page, on the righthand side see "Hot Topics" & click 9/11, Pollocks article comes up!

Also, Pollock's Bio is quite interesting. It says in part: "Jason Pollock is a filmmaker who currently lives in Los Angeles. For the last 3 years he has been Michael Moore's assistant. Jason just recently left Dog Eat Dog Films and moved to Los Angeles to become a director, writer, and producer of his own films."

You can read the rest by clicking "Bio" under his name on HuffPo.

birdwatcher: "Consider the

birdwatcher: "Consider the ramifications of these two sentences, from the article -

of the 911 cover up given to the Editor and Publisher of the Durango Herald was in the five DVD 911-Videos she handed them. The names of the DVDs given to them for excellent source material to report from were:

911-In Plane Site,
Loose Change, Confronting
the Evidence/Painful Deceptions
The Greatest Lie Ever Told

(the 9/11 truth movement
has been hijacked)"

I haven't watched "Confronting the Evidence" or "The Greatest Lie Ever Told", but if they are anything like "Loose Change", "Loose Change 2E", "In Plane Site" & "Painful Deceptions", then birdwatcher's comment "(the 9/11 truth movement has been hijacked)" couldn't ring more absolutely true, especially in this case.

Fuck those disinfo & misinfo laden videos.

Ok, I'll bite. What videos

Ok, I'll bite. What videos should we be watching?

Well it's important to point

Well it's important to point out the errors in these videos on The HuffPo blog (though they don't seem to be dispaying any messages at the moment). If we can highlight parts of the videos that are of concern for us withtin the movement, it would help our cause a damn sight more than simply regarding the vids, and everything in them, as gospel truth.

Lassie Come Home is very sad

Lassie Come Home is very sad

I agreed with most of what

I agreed with most of what Michael Berger had to say in his interview with Alex Jones.

But one area where I strongly disagree with what he had to say was his comment that people have to get over the notion that "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Michael Berger's misquote of Lord Acton). Michael Berger said, in effect, that we can't think of politicians in a negative way if we are going to make positive changes.

What Michael Berger was getting at is that so long as we put into power the "right" people, then our problems will be solved. That is, the reason why we are in the current mess that we are in is because evil people hold the positions of power. Hence, we need to put "good" people into power.

Michael Berger couldn't possibly be more wrong on this point even if he tried to be. He's wrongly focusing on the personalities, instead of on the system itself. He thinks that the problems we suffer under are due to the personalities who administrate the system. Hence, put in the right people, and you'll get good results.

But this notion is an utter fallacy. So long as a political system exists which allows and encourages such villainy, then you will get said villainy. Such a system itself encourages the scum to rise to the top, while those with good intent are passed by. Even if a person with good intent does manage to get into a leading position of power within such a system, so long as such a system exists then it is only a matter of time before a less virtuous person takes the reins of power.

The problem we fight against isn't one of personalities, it is one of organization. That is, how our society is politically managed. We can throw out all the evil scum in power to our hearts' content, only to be confronted with suprise that it did us no good. And the reason throwing out such scum will do us no good is because the problem we fight against isn't one of personalities. The problem we fight against is that such people are able to cause us such harm in the first place.

A Jeffrey Dahmer on his own can murder at most around a 100 people. But a Jeffrey Dahmer in power can murder 100 million people--and indeed, such Jeffrey Dahmers in power have done so just within the past century. What was the difference between the two? To answer: the difference was that the one acted on his own, whereas the others had a political system in place which they could use to create said death-tolls of their own non-combatant citizens.

Fighting against personalities is a sure way to continue tyranny, as even if one "wins" it solves nothing. The problem isn't with the particular people ruling over us, the problem is that they are able to rule over us in the first place.

That is to say, it is the incentive structure (i.e., the internal logic of the system) which we must change if we are to get good results. Changing personalities won't do us a damn thing, except give us a new face for the tyranny we suffer under.

For more on this, see the below article by me:

"Government Causes the Crime," James Redford, ca. October 2001:

I should mention one thing about the above article by me which might be confusing nowadays. I wrote the article in October of 2001 when the 9/11 death toll was being reported as around 7000 people, which is the figure I mention in my said article. Now the 9/11 death toll is reported as being close to 3000 people.

Good interview Mike...look

Good interview Mike...look forward to meeting you in Chicago...

Namaste2you, you said: "Good

Namaste2you, you said: "Good interview Mike...look forward to meeting you in Chicago..."

Well, even though I agree with most of what Michael Berger said in his interview with Alex Jones, it can't correctly be described as a "good" interview, as Michael Berger promoted one of the most fundamental of political fallacies.

If we were to do as Michael Berger would have us do, then we would just reinforce the tyranny we suffer under. His "solution" is no solution at all--quite the opposite, in fact.

For more on this, see my previous post above.

Um, why isn't there a site

Um, why isn't there a site like this for 9/11 Truth?

This is the kind of guerrilla culture jamming that should be happening, 4 months away from the 5th anniversary.

I'm against criticizing ANY

I'm against criticizing ANY of the videos. Let the public watch them and do their own research and think for themselves. They don't need "minders;" they've got the mainstream media for that already.

Pollock's article is very nice but I couldn't get my comment to go through - got an "error" message. Hopefully, the article will get a slew of comments; I'll keep checking back.

More 9/11 happenings in the

More 9/11 happenings in the mainstream news:

U.K. Hacker to Be Extradited Over U.S. Military Files (Update1)

Guys, thank you for the fine

Guys, thank you for the fine debate yesterday.

Sept. 11th has been blown long ago. A lot of people have contributed to this. They have focused on diverse aspects. I learned a lot from Hoffman's analysis of the towers' energy sinks and Ruppert's analysis of the defence situation on 9/11. This can´t be taken from them although their disinterest and rather shoddy analysis of the Pentagon (which I consider the most nonsensical and transparent part of the 9/11 story) is rather suspicious. Same with John Judge.

These people clearly have some valuable CIA, FBI and military contacts. But when you have deep insider contacts in the heart of the 9/11 scam you are also being controlled to some extent. Being there can be life threatening, let's keep that in mind.

Deep scams such as 9/11 always have some disgruntled participants, deep throats if you will. They also have to consider their own self-preservations.

So; I don´t really view the above gentlemen as disinfo agents but rather as controlled contacts with official leakers. They are very useful bot in selected areas of the scam.

McKinnon has admitted

McKinnon has admitted leaving a note on one U.S. Army computer reading: ``U.S. foreign policy is akin to government sponsored terrorism ... it was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11th last year ... I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels,'' Mark Summers, a lawyer representing the U.S. government, has said.

I looked at 15-20 more

I looked at 15-20 more articles about McKinnon on google news. The one I linked above is the only one that mentions his accusations of a security standown on 9/11. All of the other articles I've read mostly focus on him searching for suppressed UFO intelligence. It seems as though most media is willing to show him as a UFO nutcase than touch upon the 9/11 connection.

anonymous: "Ok, I'll bite.

anonymous: "Ok, I'll bite. What videos should we be watching?"

Well, honestly, I can't think of any 9/11 video that I've seen, that doesn't have some nonsense in it.

I would suggest Professor Steven Jones's live 9/11 presentation at Utah Valley State College. Although, in that, he does have the Bin Laden confession video. The one that uninformed people -- after having been tricked by such purposeful disinfo videos as Loose Change, for example -- say is a fake Bin laden, when it is really an altered/distorted, low quality resolution version of the real Bin laden.

I strongly suspect that Professor Jones was given that material by Professor James Fetzer, someone who I STRONGLY suspect of being an agent of disinformation/distraction, as he proudly promotes, supports and propagates such debunked disinfo hoaxes as "no 757 hit the Pentagon".

The only time that I've ever seen Professor Jones have anything to do with the altered/distorted version of the Bin Laden confession tape, was during his live 9/11 presentation at UVSC, and in the associated, interactive flash presentation of the live 9/11 presentation that has close-ups of everything shown on the big screen behind Professor Jones.

So I would say that there is only one video, which does have one piece of disinfo in it, but that I strongly suspect, was given to Jones when he was finalizing his presentation, without Jones having much time to actually research it before the 9/11 presentation date of February 1st, 2006. If Jones uses it at a further date, I'll be extremely disappointed with him. But other than that, the video and flash presentation are incredible. Watch out for the suspected agent during the Q&A, who's wearing the black jacket and asks Jones about WTC Building 6. Then mentions the already discredited lie that it was blown up before the towers collapsed and was caught on CNN. When in fact, it is a cloud rising from the collapse of Building 2. lol That isn't the only reason I suspect that the guy who asks that question, amongst other questions, is an agent. But it is a factor. Watch for him. Pay close attention to his facial expressions when waiting to ask his questions before he gets to the microphone, while Jones is responding to someone else. The guy has such a look of contempt for what Jones was saying.

The following links

#1 is the 9/11 presentation. #2 is the associated, interactive flash presenatation. #3 is Professor Jones's "Why Indeed Did The WTC Collapse?" paper, now in Draft 6.0. #4 is a few screenshots of the higher quality resolution, brighter and clearer, unaltered/distorted version of the Bin laden confession tape.





I can't think of any other 9/11 videos to entrust much faith in. Hopefully some really good new ones are made, and by completely good people, soon.

Screen capture of suspected

Screen capture of suspected agent during Q&A after Professor Jones's live 9/11 presentation.


Anonymous said "what videos

Anonymous said "what videos should we be watching?". Id like eveyone in America to see 911 Revisited, 911 Eyewitness, and 911 Revisited (Steven Jones). Yes thats two different videos titled 911 Revisited. I think both 911 Revisited videos should be shown together because the Jones video lacks video evidence except a couple clips of WTC7. Wheres that Griffin NYC 10/05 video already?

@ JAYBIRD Yes, "911


Yes, "911 Eyewitness" is pretty good.

The only thing that I don't like about it is the attempted blame that the makers of the video try to place on helicopters at the WTC immediately before collapse of one of the towers.

As though they're setting off demo charges via remote or something. It is possible, but there were news choppers there at that exact same time which completely discredit that.

You can see video footage of the collapse of tower 2, from a news chopper at the following link. It is low resolution video quality.


Other than that, I would say that "911 Eyewitness" is pretty good. I don't like the narrator's voice too much, but it isn't bad enough to deter people from staying interested, or thinking it's ridiculous, like Eric Hufshmidt's voice in "Painful Deceptions".

I strongly suspect Eric Hufshmidt of being an agent, by the way.

What and where is the Steven Jones version of "911 Revisited"? Is it available for free online?

The non-Steven Jones version of "911 revisited" is okay. But it has a lot of stuff, such as the eyewitness reports of WTC explosions, that aren't shown in the correct context. Incomplete clips. People talking about the plane explosions, but then the clip is used as though they were refering to secondary WTC controlled demolition explosions.

I also don't trust, nor like Jeff King, who is featured prominently near the end, with a long section from the 9/11 citizens commission, I believe. And then the video ends with an audio clip of one of the biggest agents of disinformation yet, Morgan Reynolds. Mr. "No 757's hit the WTC towers, it was missiles with real-time holograph's covering them".

I hate Reynolds a lot!

Please provide us with a link to the Professor Jones version of "911 Revisited" if it's available for free online.

For some reason, the above

For some reason, the above comment didn't include my screen name, as it normally does automatically.

That was by me, - Ø®£Z -

Check out for

Check out for the Jones video and many others. Its in the new videos section I beleive. Im running out to work. Yea.

Jim Fetzer uses simple,

Jim Fetzer uses simple, elementary and irrefutable arguments having to do with physical reality. You don't really argue with laws of nature. They can not be twisted, changed or revised and don't even have to be enforced. If course of events isn´t according to those laws the events are by definition impossible. So I don't see him helping the official story in any way. Quite the contrary.

This is typical Fetzer:

This is typical Fetzer: :)

"""Scientific reasoning characterizes a systematic pattern of thought involving four stages or steps, namely: puzzlement, speculation, adaptation, and explanation.4 Something occurs that does not fit comfortably into our background knowledge and expectations and thus becomes a source of puzzlement. Alternative theories that might possibly explain that occurrence are advanced for consideration. The available relevant evidence is brought to bear upon those hypotheses and their measures of evidential support are ascertained, where additional evidence may be obtained on the basis of observation, measurement, and experiment. The weight of the evidence is assessed, where the hypothesis with the strongest support is the preferable hypothesis. When sufficient evidence becomes available, the preferable hypothesis also becomes acceptable in the tentative and fallible fashion of science.5

Among the most important distinctions that need to be drawn in reasoning about alternative scenarios for historical events of the kind that matter here are those between different kinds of necessity, possibility and impossibility.6 Our language imposes some constraints upon the possible as functions of grammar and meaning. In ordinary English, for example, a freshman is a student, necessarily, because to be a freshman is to be a student in the first year of a four-year curriculum. By the same token, it is impossible to be a freshman and not be a student. The first is a logical necessity, the second a logical impossibility. Since a conspiracy requires at least two conspirators, if there were not at least two conspirators, it is not logically possible that a conspiracy was involved; if there were, then necessarily there was.

More interesting than logical necessities, possibilities and impossibilities, however, are physical necessities, possibilities and impossibilities.7 These are determined in relation to the laws of nature, which, unlike laws of society, cannot be violated, cannot be changed, and require no enforcement. If (pure) water freezes at 32° F at sea level atmospheric pressure, for example, then it is physically necessary for a sample of (pure) water to freeze when its temperature falls below 32° F at that pressure. Analogously, under those same conditions, that a sample of (pure) water would not freeze when its temperature falls below 32° F is physically impossible. And when a sample of (pure) water is not frozen at that pressure, it is justifiable to infer that it is therefore not at a temperature below its freezing point of 32° F.8

Laws of nature are the core of science and provide the principles on the basis of which the occurrence of events can be systematically explained, predicted, and retrodicted.9 They therefore have an important role to play in reasoning about specific cases in which those principles make a difference. In legal reasoning, for example, the phrase, "beyond a reasonable doubt", means a standard of proof that requires subjective conviction that is equal to "moral certainty".10 In the context of scientific reasoning, the meaning of that same phrase is better captured by the objective standard that an explanation is "beyond a reasonable doubt" when no alternative is reasonable. Notice that the falsity of hypotheses that describe the occurrence of events that are physically impossible is beyond a reasonable doubt.11"""

More 9/11 happenings in the

More 9/11 happenings in the mainstream news:

U.K. Hacker to Be Extradited Over U.S. Military Files (Update1)
Lucid | 05.10.06 - 8:55 am | #

There's no mention of 9/11, but here's a couple of BBC interviews with this fella. In previous interviews he has mentioned 9/11 - perhaps he's realised that he had better keep quiet about that, if he doesn't want to end up in Guantanamo.


Personally, I think the

Personally, I think the overtly racist anti-Semitism of some videos and commentators is embarassing and more damaging than speculations about exotic technology.

I have a question, though: the 911 Eyewitness video draws an interesting comparison between the "dust" cloud after WTC7 collapses and a typical pyroclastic cloud that follows a volcanic eruption. However, I don't recall any eyewitnesses to WTC7 describing any intense heat, and I don't remember hearing accounts of burns you would expect from such a cloud. Is it possible that a cloud of debris could mimic a pyroclastic cloud without the attendant heat?

05/10: Updates Pentagon-NSA 'CIA takeover'
(also linked via Arkin Blog, WP )
from " Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored "9/11 connection""

ex-NSA Hyden directly linked to CIA Bribery Scandal via MZM
CIA's Defense 'Contract affair' meets ex-NSA, ex-NGA James C King, MZM Inc.

Hayden, NRO and NGA run satellite psy surveillance program since 1998, called "Trailblazer"

see also
Why "trailblazer" was the real codeword for 9/11

Why "civil right"- and "human right" groups are part
of the 9/11 cover-up and limited hangout

The hipocrisy and sillyness of intelligence "satellite photography"
Another rant by ewing2001

"Although, in that, he does

"Although, in that, he does have the Bin Laden confession video. The one that uninformed people -- after having been tricked by such purposeful disinfo videos as Loose Change, for example -- say is a fake Bin laden, when it is really an altered/distorted, low quality resolution version of the real Bin laden."

Sorry, but it was a FAKE.

First, he was writing with his right hand. Bin Laden is left handed.

Second, he was wearing a ring on his finger, which is against Islam. So you think that a man who is touting Islam is going to break it's rules?

Wake up! It was CLEARLY a FAKE!!!

An agent or dupe is trying

An agent or dupe is trying to smear Loose Change on HuffPo here:
Below is the shill's post w/his blog link (note the name of the blogsite!):

We have been debunking the many ridiculous claims of this movie at:
You did watch the movie to the end, right? What do you think about the "evidence" that the cellphone (really Airfone) calls were faked? What did you think about the conclusion that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland and was offloaded into a NASA building, never to be seen again?
By: Brainster on May 10, 2006 at 11:24am

I'm wondering if we won't

I'm wondering if we won't see more of 9/11 skepticism because of the election to try and help the Republicans. When people encounter this information for the first time, IMO, they feel a disgust for both political parties. Its not credible that major figures in the Democratic Party have been unaware of these strange aspects of 9/11.

I will get out and vote for the Democrats in November in hopes that they win one house of Congress and subpoena power and you can't tell where that leads. However, I can see where letting this issue get out to the American people might suppress turn-out for Democrats.

Just noticed that the Center

Just noticed that the Center for Research on Globalization is promoting Loose Change 2 on its web site for the first time. I have a very high regard for their work and perspectives, so I find that very interesting. Perhaps they realize that 911 is about to blow and LC2 can create a recptive public for what might be ahead....perhaps some high level exposure / whistle blower? Who knows?

On that note,
Mr Redford, I agree with all of your posts above.
.When the 911 ship sinks, and the population is left floating in the waters of an uncertain crisis, there will be many life boats with strong captains, from the left and right, who will offer to save us.

Unfortunatelly these ships will have been built by the same shipbuilders that constructed the SS 911 cruise ship we've riding on for years now.. It may have a fresh coat of paint and new captains but it will be the same builders and people in the control room.

It will be very tempting to jump on board, but we need to keep our heads above the water and learn how to swim with out support as citizens of a free society. Only then can we make unpaniced and clear headed decisions about the history and integrity of the boats that have come to save us........ or maybe start building our own boats using the drift wood of the 911 catastrophe floating all around us.

Lets start with the confidence that comes with learning to tread water, and then we can move into the backstroke. If they see some us swimming they'll know its possible.
Swimming lessons and classes in ship building anyone?

Interesting. A new movie is

Interesting. A new movie is planned about Daniel Pearl. Maybe they can show how he was investigating the ISI-9/11 connection.

I understand a lot of the

I understand a lot of the criticism of some of the speculation in docs like LC2E, and I agree that I was a little disappointed by that aspect of an otherwise interesting and well-paced film backed by good production values (unlike Painful Questions) and good music that makes it more accessible to a younger audience.

However, I think the problem we'll run into when we demand that people focus on the scholarly arguments of Jones, Wood, et al. is that we live in a society that is scientifically illiterate, for religious reasons or simply because they find science "boring," so expecting people to be fascinated by dry analyses of the melting point of steel or the combustion temperatures of hydrocarbons might be wishful thinking.

An ideal approach would be to incorporate solid science like Jones's into a film like LC2E, and to leave the speculation for later.

nice post rp...

nice post rp...

RemoveBush, Not to plug


Not to plug or anything, but look it over for their counter-arguement on the video being fake.. they have several photos of him wearing rings, and added a video last night proporting to be bin laden writing right handed.

again, not plugging them, please dont attack me for being a shill or whatnot, just saying, that is the counter arguement that is going to be made about that video being fake - and it is important for us to know the counter arguement so that we can better respond.

dz-- I'm not calling you a


I'm not calling you a shill either, but there are two tapes of bin Laden denying any involvement in 9/11, and I fail to see how it helps him to claim responsibility for something that a) he gained nothing from; and b) would make him a target.

I'm not saying bin Laden might not just be a high-level patsy or a willing scapegoat, I'm just asking....

timbermonkey, i completely


i completely agree, was just trying to address the points that he never has worn a ring, or doesnt write right handed..

there is too much confusion on bin laden, none of it adds up.

dz - I'm not attacking you,

dz - I'm not attacking you, so if my post came off that way I appologize.

The site does provide some compelling counter claims, but not really convincing to me!

Why? Because in all the videos we have received, only this video in question has such a bad quality to the picture.

If someone was going to fake something, they would not want the quality to be good. I still doubt that it was Bin Laden. Another reason is the face. Regardless if they filtered the video, it would not widen the body and facial features.

Just my take on it.

dz, I thought gold rings,

dz, I thought gold rings, jewelry were a no no for men of Islam???

This Huffpo thing is pissing

This Huffpo thing is pissing me off... I made two comments and neither have been posted. Goddamn.

Same thing with the Nick

Same thing with the Nick Berg beheading video. Extremely poor quality, Muslims adorned in gold jewelry, sneakers showing under their religious robes, no blood from Nick, Muslims speaking Arabic w/Israeli or Russian accents...

HuffPo is omitting my posts

HuffPo is omitting my posts too!

Priceless... http://home.comc

dz, you and sbg are about

dz, you and sbg are about the only two people that i havent ever had to think twice about being a shill... the way you run this site is awesome... you guys rock!!!

keep up the good work...

RemoveBush, Oh no, I didn't


Oh no, I didn't take offense to your opinion, hell, i agree with you - just was being pre-emptive on anyone who might get ticked at me referencing that website ;)


I dunno, I'm not a muslim.. then again, christians are meant to be peaceful, and they don't all follow that ;)

inside, thanks, i like to


thanks, i like to think im not a shill either.. :)

Come on dz, it's common

Come on dz, it's common knowledge that Muslim men are not to wear gold jewelry! (I'm surprised at you, my friend.) And here's devout bin Laden wearing a gold ring while being videoed no less???

gold, yeah, add '0wn3d!' to


yeah, add '0wn3d!' to the bottom of the image (note the zero and three).. oh, and make it 250x250 or less so i can use it as an avatar on some other forums.

please. ;)

Jon, you should add the word

Jon, you should add the word "Owned" at the bottom of that picture. :+:

They aren't supposed to lead

They aren't supposed to lead terrorist organizations either. Catholics aren't supposed to have sex before marrige... but they do.

Lucid, bin Laden is

Lucid, bin Laden is supposedly a devout Muslim leading his men on holy jihad. The dudes that supposedly beheaded Berg were doing it in a religious ceremony. Why the gold?

If one more person would've

If one more person would've disrupted that speech he'd have been in the fetal position sobbing. (how do you give the thumbs up??)

Timbermonkey, re:

Timbermonkey, re: pyroclastic clouds.

I think the point is that clouds of this nature are only produced by certain explosive factors but the explosive energy need not be on the same level. A typical feature of these pyroclasic flows is the cauliflower shape of the clouds. Massive amounts of explosive energy are required to generate these clouds of rising debris. Regular gravity driven events such as the official WTC story would have us believe in simply do not generate energy for such pyroclastic flows.

Posts I've left on Jason

Posts I've left on Jason Pollock's article are not being accepted either.
Meanwhile, I find it strange that there are a few loose change bashers who've managed to get their comments posted no problem.
Either HuffPo has a shitty comments management system, or they're sensoring stuff.

Anonymous, hey, dont take it


hey, dont take it up with me, just look at the other images of him wearing gold rings, thats all i was saying.. i didnt say anything about whether they are real, etc., just pointing out the images/video that are being pushed as the counter-arguement.. again, we have to be aware of the counter arguement so we arent caught off guard.

PS, I think the heat of a

PS, I think the heat of a pyroclastic cloud generated by high explosives used in controlled demolitions could approximate the heat of flow from a small volcanic eruption. But massive volcanoes such as St. Augustine and Mt. Helens are in a totally different league.

re: Gangster's comments Jim

re: Gangster's comments

Jim Hoffman is a scientist and American patriot of the finest measure. Hoffman's credible 9/11 research work continues to be cited by many reputable 9/11 authors, including David Ray Griffin and Professor Steven E. Jones. Jim Hoffman, his respected 911Research partner Victoria Ashley, and Gregg Roberts continue to make unique contributions to furthering valid 9/11 research and materials. is the highest-ranking and most factually correct 9/11-skeptical website on Google. Hoffman's current 9/11 websites are (,, and

In addition to over 1000 fact filled pages, and offer necessary information about disinformation campaigns being waged against the 911 truth movement.

A bio of Jim Hoffman's experience and contributions are available here:
(from Wikipedia, includes links)

Jim Hoffman is a software engineer and a 9/11 researcher. Since early 2003, Hoffman has been actively researching the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) and other aspects of the September 11, 2001 attacks. He is also the co-author, with Don Paul, of Waking up from our Nightmare: The 9/11 Crimes in New York City, ISBN 9430960512 and the video, 9/11 Guilt: The Proof is in Your Hands, released in Feb, 2006.

Hoffman's work has been a source of inspiration for the analysis of physicist Dr. Steven E. Jones. Hoffman's book and websites, 911-Research and are frequently cited in Jones' essay Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?. Hoffman is also widely cited by researcher and author
David Ray Griffin.

In order to more easily research the many complex details of the September 11th attacks, Hoffman put together a collection of original hypertext pages of research information. By developing a software tool for creating hierarchies of web pages, with references linking to source documents, he was able to quickly navigate to any of its many pages. Originally developed as a research tool, the system later evolved into the 911-Research website.

Jim Hoffman has also worked in applying scientific visualization to mathematics, which was instrumental in the discovery of the first new examples of complete, embedded minimal surfaces in over one hundred years. As described by Stewart Dickson in an article on scientific visualization:

"By the 1890s the study of minimal surfaces was thought to be exhausted — no new surfaces could be described mathematically which were non-self-intersecting (embedded) in three-space and which had vanishing mean curvature. However, in 1983 a graduate student in Rio de Janeiro named Celsoe Costa wrote down an equation for what he thought might be a new minimal surface, but the equations were so complex that they obscured the underlying geometry. David Hoffman at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst enlisted James Hoffman to make computer-generated pictures of Costa's surface. The pictures they made suggested, first, that the surface was probably embedded— which gave them definite clues as to the approach they should take toward proving this assertion mathematically— and, second, that the surface contained straight lines, hence symmetry by reflection through the lines."

Hoffman's work has been featured in articles in Science News, Scientific American, and Nature. He discovered new, three-dimensional morphologies for modeling block co-polymers used in nanotechnology, and co-authored papers in Science and Macromolecules. He collaborated in the development of new inventions in combustion engineering, and is co-author of a patent for an internal combustion engine with increased thermal efficiency (US Patent #4,584,972).
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As far as the subtle reference to my own credibilty, my contributions and experience in the 9/11 truth community are varied. As a volunteer member of the 911Research team, and having paid dues to the 911 Truth Movement for nearly three years, as much as anyone else I have a right/obligation to share my own honest analysis and opinions about the climate and (critical) condition of the current 911 truth movement.

(In case there is any question, aside from tactical differences, I do support and recognize that the majority of the work they do is very valuable. Additionally, I have an intertwined history and continued friendships with several of their current Steering Committee Members)

At the DC Emergency Truth event, I had the opportunity to work with Jim on flyer content and videography duties. Shortly after the DC ETC event I became one of four team volunteer members of

• Current team
(Oct. 2005-current)
• Former board and graphic designer of (April 2004-Oct. 2005)
• Founding board member and graphic designer of The 9/11 Visibility Project (Nov. 2003-Oct. 2005)
• Organizer, event graphic designer, and online multimedia for the DC Emergency Truth Convergence ( May 2005-September 2005
• Contributions of a significant amount of a variety of volunteer media work for several other well respected leaders within the 911 truth community
(Media volunteer contributions for the progressive and peace community, including AFSC)

Due to an amount of historical value, DigitalStyleDesigns has recently unlocked five online videos that show a glimpse of history of the 911 truth community. One can get to these videos from yesterday's blog entry:

Other 911 truth movement videos can be viewed at the DSD video page:

About Jan Hoyer:

My updated 9/11 truth community blog discusses current news and issues, credibilty, tactical issues, censorship, Chomsky, McGovern, Iraq.
(For the sake of clarity, this blog is glad to maintain a degree of journalistic independence from any formal 911 truth movement groups and related issues. I cherish the freedom to occasionally share differences of tactical opinions and insights far more than any blog linkage.

(The 9/11 Truth Movement
has been hijacked [no pun intended].
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birdwatcher... birdwatcher... Hmmmm... I think I know who this, but I can't quite place it... it'll come to me. :)

"most factually correct 9/11-skeptical website on Google"

Some may take offense to that birdwatcher... ;)

Nothin' but love for ya!

O RLY? Jon?

O RLY? Jon?

Birdwatcher, I have

Birdwatcher, I have certainly had some kind words for Hoffman. BUT the fact that he produces such a fine analysis regarding the energy sink at the WTC but totally ignores the energy sink at the Pentagon (remember that the 757 hit the wall at a stupendous 530 mph according to the official story) seems very strange to say the least.

this huffpo thing is just

this huffpo thing is just some ghetto ass shill exercise...

theyre so disconnected from life---

i personally have been a big

i personally have been a big fan of hoffman's for a long time, just ask jon ;)

out of curiousity, are there any other sites like his which break down 9/11 research by subject matter? it seems this type of analysis is exactly what we will need the most of when counter-arguements are made.

Just saying... My work

Just saying... My work doesn't compare to Hoffman's, or Thompson's, etc... but it's not bad, and I do try to keep it as factually correct as possible... it's REALLY not a biggie, just yankin' birdwatcher's chain.

Gangster, Email him with


Email him with some nice words and a reasonable question and you probably will get a reasonable response..

I've been noticing he is updating his site almost daily the last few months - at least the version number is always changing..

birdwatcher, whomever it may

birdwatcher, whomever it may be, is a hero... :)

birdwatcher, whomever it may

birdwatcher, whomever it may be, is one of those people I used to be nervous talking to because they were on a "pedastal". I put birdwatcher there of course, but nevertheless, birdwatcher, and others, were on a "pedastal".

dz, he knows better

dz, he knows better regarding the Pentagon but wants to divert attention from that segment of 9/11 for some reason. But that doesn´t necessarily make him a disinfo agent nor others who downplay pentagon. Like I said earlier I think their sources are located there or in the immediate vicinity and want the attention of 9/11 researchers focused elsewhere. A fox doesn´t defecate close to its lair of course.

But I stress that Hoffman's

But I stress that Hoffman's WTC dust cloud and energy sink analysis is a clincher as the towers are concerned. It's simply irrefutable.

im right there with you

im right there with you gangster... i think its a problem also...

Carol Brouillet sent me

Carol Brouillet sent me these two articles having to do with the confrontation with Zelikow...

A district attorney needs to

A district attorney needs to gather up the courage and subpoena Jones, Hoffman, DRG, Fetzer - for starters - and later some other 9/11 personalities - to get on the table THE FACT that the 9/11 official story seriously violates LAWS OF NATURE.

Not denigrating anybody by not mentioning them here but as a DA I'd start with these four.

Kindly try to help me vs.

Ooops... here:

Thanks Jon. Good to see you

Thanks Jon. Good to see you again.

Looking forward to reviewing Mike Berger's upcoming movie, Improbable Collapse.

Update to Zelikow photo

(The 9/11 Truth Movement has

(The 9/11 Truth Movement
has been hijacked [no pun intended].
Spread the word)

Birdwatcher, thank you for all of your efforts and contributions to exposing the truth of 911......but

who is hijacking what?

(continuing my ship analogy above) You can not 'hijack' the ocean or its waves, only a ship. Thats why we should, at this point, be making waves and not ships.

I respect Noam Chomsky and I

I respect Noam Chomsky and I think his analysis of foreign policy is insightful and invaluable, but like many on the left, he is disdainful of the 911 Truth movement (while at the same time admitting that he hasn't looked at much of the evidence).

In this clip from an interview with Robert McChesney (who calls the Truth movement "revisionist"), he cites (appropriately) crimes against Iraq, crimes against civil rights and other acts as more important than 9/11, but fails to recognize that those things would not be possible in the absence of 9/11.

He also says that discussions of 9/11 are encouraged by the establishment because they distract from the real issues. Again, what I think he fails to recognize is that we have more ground to gain in proving an overt act of treason and murder to a wide audience than trying to convince them that the entire system is corrupt.

Here's the link:

Chomsky on 911

P.S. Radio4All has been posting clips related to 911 Truth since about 2002. You can do a search on their site and find plenty of mp3's to download, and all their stuff is anti-copyrighted.

Anonymous, that tin foil hat

Anonymous, that tin foil hat crowd is very thin and hardly worth wasting time and energy on. They offer nothing but cheap thought-stoppers and those do not really work. People see through this.

Timbermonkey, you put the

Timbermonkey, you put the finger exactly on the spot;

"""he cites (appropriately) crimes against Iraq, crimes against civil rights and other acts as more important than 9/11, but fails to recognize that those things would not be possible in the absence of 9/11."""

Face it folks; 9/11 was

Face it folks; 9/11 was produced by both parties since the preparation took years. And you have seen both parties cover it up systematically. The Democrats must be considered fully complicit. This is one of the main reasons why it's so difficult to get any real traction in the case in spite of overwhelming evidence against the official story. The political system basically ignores the discussion and so does the main stream media.

Gangster, you are so right.

Gangster, you are so right. When Sibel Edmonds says that 10 high-profile Americans are linked to the crime, you can bet some Dems are tied in there. That explains why people like Gorelick were put on the snowjob commission. You think Bob Graham and other dems want to explain why he met with Ahmad on 9/11?

Well, I'd get a signed

Well, I'd get a signed confession from those ten geezers in half an hour.

The beauty of the situation is that according to the definitions and guidelines of the present administration torture doesn´t really exist. So, I´d have a look at some torture flicks from Iraq (buried in congress archives) with them and discuss the effects of waterboarding, having a cattle prod dipped in battery acid rammed up their arses and some other things. They would crawl over each other to play ball with me. :)

timbermonkey, your Chomsky

timbermonkey, your Chomsky info is right on the mark!

we need all the truth to

we need all the truth to come out

christians,jews,buddhists etc, if involved, should all be prosecuted

let the chips fall where they may

Chomsky values his grants

Chomsky values his grants more than the truth about 9/11. Same goes for Democracy Now and other lights ignoring the issue.

Don't know if I posted this

Don't know if I posted this or not yesterday...

Did I Catch Rummy In A Lie? - Audio Inside

Thank you Jon. On your

Thank you Jon.

On your page:

Bush Backs Brother Jeb for White House

*** S H I V E R ***

Sorry guys for me showing

Sorry guys for me showing this in spanish!!! But if someone could help translate this will be greatly appreciated!! This link shows how the previous Spain government was involved in the 3/11 attacks in Madrid!! Isn't a "coincidence "9/11 & 3/11?!!!

The Bush's feel they own

The Bush's feel they own this country, and they want to "keep it in the family".

Hey my comments magically

Hey my comments magically came through onto the huffpost article finally!

The headline that bugged me

The headline that bugged me is, "Nearly 1,100 were slain in Baghdad in April"

Think about that... in one month... and that's just in Baghdad. What about other parts of Iraq?

The people who support Bush don't think these people are actually people. They are "less than" human. These kinds of people don't have families, or children, or contribute anything to the world, and they are expendable. Boggles my mind how people think like that.

I see the people that are

I see the people that are fighting us over there no differently than us, if we were invaded. Imagine how we would react if China or Russia suddenly invaded us. We would pick up axes, sticks, etc... anything to defend this country.

Of course, our Government

Of course, our Government labels them as "Al-Qaeda" run by Zarqawi...

Well, war is mega business

Well, war is mega business and the perfect excuse for deficits and money printing and of course cronyism. It's definitely good for the economy, although it sounds perverse. Heck, death and destruction are great for economic growth, all that reconstruction and all. When you're addicted to that frame of mind and are facing a lagging economy it's no wonder that you do anything to start wars and even manipulate hurricanes.

And yes, I'm aware of the

And yes, I'm aware of the people coming across the border... at one time, I think 55% of the people fighting against us in Iraq were from Saudi Arabia. I think it's more of a regional conflict than a territorial. The Middle East war as opposed to the Iraq War.

Or as dubya called it,

Or as dubya called it, "World War III".

Want to quickly and easily

Want to quickly and easily increase Gross Domestic Product in your town? Go out and break a lot of windows. ;)

"Well, war is mega business

"Well, war is mega business and the perfect excuse for deficits and money printing and of course cronyism. It's definitely good for the economy, although it sounds perverse. Heck, death and destruction are great for economic growth, all that reconstruction and all. When you're addicted to that frame of mind and are facing a lagging economy it's no wonder that you do anything to start wars and even manipulate hurricanes."

Something Rep. Ron Paul wrote a while back:

The Myth Of War Prosperity

"There are many things that

"There are many things that are good for the economy, but are not good for human beings."

Michael Parenti

Great post Jon. They don't

Great post Jon.

They don't actually expect us to pay attention and hold them to account for what they said only days before. The media doesn't do this, so why should they adjust their comments and pander to our intelligence and memory. Who do we think we are?

The scariest part of the reaction to Mcgovern's confrontation with Rumsfeld, was the media's absolute ignorance of the facts. They seemed legitimately shocked that his quotes were all true. Are these people actually that stupid and uninformed? It almost gives them too much credit to claim they are part of any conspiracy unless its a "conspiracy of dunces'.

Or possibly the real conspiracy is to hire morons and cowards who are more interested in their own careers and protecting their reputation within the corporate structure than they are with understanding and reporting the truth.....
....kinda sounds like our current Government "representatives' doesn't it..

...i wouldn't necessarily

...i wouldn't necessarily trust McKinnon.Maybe the Dod allowed him to lurk, before he was 'recruited' to get rid of some files and then tricked into a setup against him.

There seems to be a close connection to someone named Bob Ayers,
close US- and UK intel
1999 MoD Defence Intelligence and Security School
1999 - Guest Lecturer, UK London School of Economics
"...At a personal level he seemed to have cordial and friendly relations with fellow panellist Bob Ayers, who used to be in charge of US Department of Defense IT Security penetration testing programmes (before the time of Gary's alleged activities) , but who, naturally enough, does want Gary to face trial in the USA..."

> U.K. Hacker to Be Extradited Over U.S. Military Files

The majority of the people

The majority of the people in Government today represent something other than the people, and it's usually that which paid for them to be there.

Here's some information for

Here's some information for anyone concerned.


WSWS : News & Analysis : North America
By Bill Vann
28 August 2003

" After being revised under orders from the White House, the final release stated: “EPA is greatly relieved to have learned that there appears to be no significant levels of asbestos dust in the air in New York City...Short-term, low-level exposure of the type that might have been produced by the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings is unlikely to cause significant health effects...the general public should be very reassured by initial samplings.”

Bush and the White House's only real concern was to reopen Wall Street. Bottom line, the welfare and health of millions of New Yorkers meant absolutely nothing! What's the difference between murdering 3,000 instantly or tens of thousands over decades? MASS MURDER IS MASS MURDER, no matter what the time span or method, whether thermite or toxic air particles!

"The highly critical 165-page report indicates that agency officials were pressured to issue misleading assurances that the air quality in New York City was safe, in part because of White House concerns that Wall Street be speedily reopened for financial trading."

"The new samples confirm previous reports that ambient air quality meets OSHA standards and consequently is not a cause for public concern.”

Is Whitman guilty of treason and mass murder or did she just follow the orders of the President of the United States? She willfully knew her statements would result in thousands of innocent deaths of men, women and children in the years to come.

"And, in a September 18 statement, Whitman announced that the air in lower Manhattan was “safe to breathe.”

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the shinning light of Ground Zero, our brave, courageous of him to ridicule thoses that feared for themselves and their children. Will history reflect his "TRUE" part in the 9/11 complicity? Who knows maybe one day he'll follow in the footsteps of Bush, America the Blind!

"The unfounded claims by the EPA that there existed no serious environmental threat in lower Manhattan were echoed by then-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who ridiculed those raising concerns."

Why wasn't there a Congressional Hearing based on the statements given and documented by Joel Shufro, instead of almost everyone being promoted, when they should have been charged with treason against the American people?

“We knew at the time that the smoke and dust from the collapse was a serious health hazard and we made our best effort to get the word out to workers and the general publi,c” said New York Committee on Occupation Safety and Health director Joel Shufro. “But it is difficult to make a big impression when you have federal and city officials falsely claiming they have the scientific basis for saying that everything is safe.”

These last two paragraphs in the article say it all!

The government lying exposed by the EPA inspector general constitutes criminal activity in the strictest sense of the word. The statements issued in the name of the agency and at the behest of the White House constituted the reckless endangerment of millions of people and have contributed directly to destroying the health of many thousands. The long-term effects of exposure to the toxic cloud in lower Manhattan are not known, and many may yet pay with their lives for the Bush administrationÂ’s lies.

Significantly, those in the White House responsible for deleting safety warnings and recommendations from the EPAÂ’s post 9/11 announcements stonewalled the inspector generalÂ’s efforts, refusing to meet with investigators. This is part of the pattern of concealment and lying that has pervaded the Bush administrationÂ’s response to any attempt to probe the September 11 attacks, what led up to them and their aftermath."

The Truth Movement is searching high and low for the "smoking guns" of 9/11.
Planes/no planes, jet fuel/thermite, airplane debris/ no airplane debris, and it goes on and on and on and on. I have spoken out many times about things that I feel are the "smoking guns" of 9/11, the stand down of the greatest Air Force in the world failing to protect the most guarded airspace on this planet to which 19 alleged box cutter terrorists had no control over, Edna Cintron's pictures and media video show her and others clearly standing/leaning against the same steel the Official 9/11 Report states reached temperatures so intense it weakened/melted steel which directly lead to total global collapse of WTC 1 & 2. Now the overwhelming evidence that Bush knew the levels of toxics in lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11 and decided that the reopening of Wall Street was more important than the lives of millions of New Yorkers. That decision in of itself, which will clearly lead to tens of thousands of lives being scarified for his personal agenda, is more than enough just for a reopening of another independent 9/11 investigation, that's enough to convict him of Mass Murder and Treason.

The endless speculations of which seem to have us running around in circles, to which the government must be clearly delighted with. We must focus on the facts and evidence at hand, we must open the door of Truth with hard evidence, once that door is open then we have a chance to address all the other hundreds of unanswered questions of 9/11. Speculations and theories will not get us an independent honest investigation into 9/11, never mind a day of accountablitiy in a court of law.

Scaffold Rider


9/11-SCAFFOLDRIDER... two articles on the subject.

A Fallen Hero - Video Inside

The Horror Continues

Both are ridiculously sourced.

Putting aside the who, what,

Putting aside the who, what, why of 9/11, and Bush hangs for this alone.

Of course I was being

Of course I was being sarcastic.

Nice touches quoting Parenti and Paul.

That decision in of itself,

That decision in of itself, which will clearly lead to tens of thousands of lives being scarified for his personal agenda, is more than enough just for a reopening of another independent 9/11 investigation,

Scaffold Rider I agree!!!!
This just might be the safe entrance we need to begin looking all of the lies of 911.

Cui Bono ? Who benefits

Cui Bono ?

Who benefits ?

This should be the basic question in criminal investigations.

Who has benefitted from 9/11 ?

The 9/11 commission avoided following any money trails. That says a lot about their approach and methodology.

I thought about the 9/11

I thought about the 9/11 Commission's purpose the other day... one of the main reasons we were given for the failures surrounding 9/11 was that we "failed to connect the dots", and because of "information sharing".

I see one of the commission's purposes was to make the argument for the Police state that's happening now. We're now being spied on by the CIA, FBI, DOD, Local Police, etc...

Seems like that worked out rather well don't you think?

Aside from the coverup of

Aside from the coverup of the obvious complicity, etc...

Thanks Jon Gold, been

Thanks Jon Gold, been reading your post for a long time. Your one hell of a "CLASS ACT." Will check out links as I always do, thanks a million for everything!

Hi Radical Pragmatist, we have been spinning our "wheels" so to speak with all the theories and speculations concerning 9/11. It's clear we have facts and evidence right at hand, by clouding the issues with all these speculations has in many cases hurt our cause, even though many may prove to be true. Truth can only be told one way, speculation has a million branchs
and sometimes they come from a poisoned tree of thoses that "may" have planted it. We have a few great trees and it appears no one is watering them! WHY!!! Let's deal with the facts and evidence and open the door to trust first. Scaffold Rider

I see one of the

I see one of the commission's purposes was to make the argument for the Police state that's happening now. We're now being spied on by the CIA, FBI, DOD, Local Police, etc...
Seems like that worked out rather well don't you think?
Jon Gold

That's why I find Nico's analysis of the restructuring of the pentagon (that Rumsfeld announced on 9/10/01) the projects of the NSA with their corporate beneficiaries and the blatant scapegoating and destruction of the CIA, so interesting.

If 911 comes out and it is blamed only on the cia and Bush adminstration, everything they have built in the mean time will remain......then they win. And if they have a puppet political leader who will use the exposing of 911 to create more fear and gain power, than we will actually be in worse situation than we are in now. The american people will be tired of scandal to look any further and the tools of fascism will have taken the the throne.

"Profit on the way up....profit on the way down"

@ JAYBIRD wrote: "...The

@ JAYBIRD wrote:

"...The only thing that I don't like about it is the attempted blame that the makers of the video try to place on helicopters at the WTC immediately before collapse of one of the towers.

As though they're setting off demo charges via remote or something. It is possible, but there were news choppers there at that exact same time which completely discredit that...."

what are you talking about?
The military choppers whisked the media choppers out of the area.

And you clearly see in the video,
that 2 military choppers passed the towers at exactly same time of collapse. Remote controlling the part of the "conventional collapse" is highly plausible.

Also, Siegel filmed much more, tons of stuff, which mostly was confiscated or frozen via his provider, which was a military contractor, working on ipV6 -the next internet protocol.

He found out when too late.
Siegel recovered some files and will release them later this year...

"Thanks Jon Gold, been

"Thanks Jon Gold, been reading your post for a long time. Your one hell of a "CLASS ACT." Will check out links as I always do, thanks a million for everything!"



The photofrenzy-Victronix-Huffman crew are the biggest frauds and planehuggers, trying now to hijack the 'orwellian' meme to gatekeep them against the real truthseekers.

Huffman is linked with the same spooks, which play into the privatization setup of Admiral Hayden, NSA, NRO and co.
"...In March 2001, Logicon TASC officially announced their five-year,
$57 million contract for "Trailblazer".

'Logicon' was in reality a team of others:

"Logicon Task Team", part of Northrop Grumman, included Veridian (in 2003 aquired by General Dynamics)...

...Veridian includes Neil Armstrong (former space missions during 60s).

This brings us also directly to a popular example
for an infiltration hipothesis of the 9/11 "truth" movement:

Neil Armstrong's sister is married with Jack Hoffman,
who is interestingly the uncle of '9/11 author' Jim Hoffman,
recently again accused as disinfo provocateur
(against the "Loose Change" people).

Hoffman's former institute is sponsored by the NSA, NSF and ONR (Office of Naval Research)

After Jim Hoffman plagiarized his 'wtc7' research from the '9/11 science and justice alliance',
he oddly turned into a so called "planehugger"
(supportive of the idea that a plane crashed into the Pentagon,
in Shanksville and into both Twin Towers).

Back to 'Trailblazer':
Some parts of this program had been also developed in the very same wedge,
which was attacked on 9/11.

The 'pentagon attack' not only 'wiped out' the Office of Naval Intelligence,
but also three employees of James Woolsey's Booz Allen Hamilton.

Woolsey (ex-CIA director and PNAC)'s company was working on "Trailblazer".

Also killed: two employees from BTG Inc., another sub contractor of Trailblazer.

Only 10 days after Sep11th, BTG Inc. was suddenly purchased by Woolsey's other former company,
Titan Corporation.

Needless to say, Titan was another main contracter of Trailblazer...

"If 911 comes out and it is

"If 911 comes out and it is blamed only on the cia and Bush adminstration, everything they have built in the mean time will remain......then they win."

My friend... that is UNACCEPTABLE...

That's the thing a lot of people don't understand...

Once the truth about 9/11 comes out, then from that point on, it becomes like that scene in "Goodfellas"...

You remember the one, "Don't have your rent? F-U pay me"

Except then it will be...

"You're going to keep the war going in Iraq? F-U, pay me"

"No medical marijuana for the sick? F-U, pay me"

Once we get to that point, the country will belong to the people again. I hope anyway.

Nico, all of these labels

Nico, all of these labels are making me nauseas.
Tom DeLonge Says U.S. Behind 9/11
May 10, 2006

Angels and Airwaves' Tom DeLonge became the latest member of the punk community to voice an opinion that the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attacks.

The former Blink 182 pop punker took to the airwaves on Monday (May 8), on San DiegoÂ’s KAVA-FM (91X), interviewing James Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Fetzer and DeLonge discussed alternative theories that allege the terrorist attacks were part of an elaborate conspiracy to instill a sense of fear in the American public in order to solidify the Bush regime's rule.
Updates "CIA-takeover by NSA/NRO/NGA clan"
Hayden wants to finalize privatized Star Wars Program plus Trailblazer and their sub projects under federal law

Hayden may favor eavesdropping law changes: Durbin
Wed May 10, 2006

Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, President George W. Bush's nominee for CIA director and architect of his domestic spying program, appears to favor changes in federal law that would allow judicial oversight of the program, a Democratic lawmaker and his staff said on Wednesday.

Sen. Richard Durbin, the Illinois Democrat, said Hayden told him in a private meeting he was concerned when he set up the highly secretive program that approaching Congress could reveal tactics, techniques and procedures used by U.S. intelligence to track al Qaeda suspects...

...Hayden expressed a willingness to consider legislation that would put the NSA program "as it exists now" under federal law...

...setting up the final

...setting up the final stage for world war between U.S., China and Russia (China and US planning the big wargame against US for 2007)...

from " Wargame + Terror Drill Watch 2006"
Wed May 10 2006

Singapore Stages Anti-Terror Drill for Financial Industry

May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Singapore staged an emergency exercise for its financial industry to test its response to terrorist attacks before the city hosts meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund this year.

DBS Group Holdings Ltd., Southeast Asia's largest lender, and Citigroup Inc., the biggest U.S. financial services company, were among more than 100 financial institutions that took part in ``Exercise Raffles,'' which included simulated explosions in Singapore's central business district yesterday.

``Singapore's financial industry has set the benchmark for the region, and possibly for the world as well,'' Rick Cudworth, partner at KPMG LLP, which helped plan the exercise, said today.

The emergency drill was the first such staged in Asia and the biggest outside of London, which had a similar exercise last year...

...sorry that below was a

...sorry that below was a typo,
correctly China and Russia against US, organised by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO):

formerly Soviet-controlled states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan with regional giants China and Russia.

Once we get to that point,

Once we get to that point, the country will belong to the people again. I hope anyway.
Jon Gold

I hope so too Jon. and I hope you read my words of encouragement in the 'confonting the 911 commision thread'.

Hi Scaffold Rider, what are the trees that you think need to be watered and whats the best way to force them into bloom? I do find the most productive debates are usually on exposure tactics working with the big trees but I won't ignore any continuing investigations. The more we find out now, and make public, the less they can easily ignore in any new investigation.

Yes, we are often spinning our wheels, but you could also say we are sowing many seeds, waiting to see which ones will wither in the light of scrutiny and which ones will thrive from the scrutiny. So far we have some big trees. We've pulled a lot of weeds and pruned them to get them to that height.... but these trees have not created the fruit of full exposure and a new investigation that we all want. Perhaps a whole forest or a garden will help.
(I could go on with garden metaphor, but you get my point)

I'm about 100 posts late

I'm about 100 posts late but:

I think a great 911 video is David Ray Griffin's speech about the 911 commission:


anybody know anything about New Citizenship Project, the parent of PNAC?

also: The UN has denied the


The UN has denied the US's push on Iran...

so now what? we take matters into our own hands? preemptive strike?

Off Topic, but a must listen

Off Topic, but a must listen new song by MC Riz.

It was just played on BBC Radio 1. It's bound to hit a few raw nerves.

A Little background to MC Riz here. septem...1750301,00.html

If they attempt a preemptive

If they attempt a preemptive strike, they will have really ' crossed the rubicon" . We will need to turn the wide spread rejection of this action (which I believe even the MSM would be against) into a larger movement against all of the actions of the Bush regime starting with 911, which is the basis of everything that has followed.

We will be screaming and marching in the streets and I think we will have the ear of the war weary public and much of the media. It would be a stupid, crazy and desperate move by the administration, but they have proven themselves to be stupid, desperate and crazy,

Nico, I know you think the

Nico, I know you think the PNACers are setting us up for WWIII with China and Russia, and you seem to downplay the importance of oil in PNAC's plans. If I am right on that, then what the heck are Afghanistan and Iraq all about?

The Nico-Holmgren-Webfairy

The Nico-Holmgren-Webfairy [missiles, holograms, no planes, switched planes, drone planes, fake planes, blue-screen fakery, pods] crowd . . . what more can one really say? One only needs say that.

Anonymous, actually in my


actually in my view the PNAC crew was already another layer of puppets to restructure the U.S. government and prepare the mindset for 9/11 and post 9/11.

Behind the world war plans are the usual globalist players, where everyone has a different idea about how to 'call' them.
I make it simple, 'bilderbergers' and international bankers, close with military and biopharmacy, the oil pipeline industry but now also space surveillance industry.

The countdown will reach a new level, once a staged bird flu arrives in the U.S., which isn't real, but Ft. Detrick, China and Russia have their own weaponized versions in case they need it 'hot'.

This month all important pipeline projects are finished. The takeover of the US by Russia and China is a done deal for me, with beginning of next year, thanks to leftgatekeepers, spooks, fake anti-war leaders and truthlings, who alll praying the militarized MSM, what a joke...

Afghanistan was just to reestablish drug business over there and hold the corridor for Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia, Venezuela are already allies of China-Russia.
U.S. still needs Pakistan against a strong world front to trigger a nuclear war via India.
Then they will trigger Egypt vs. Jordan and so on....

Iraq was partly stabilisation of currency and oil price, partly chaos on purpose to stir the al quaeda and bogus war on terror myth and keep leftgatekeepers busy to muddy down the waters from the truth about 9/11.

Iran is another sideshow to distract from "WW4(WW5)", coined by Eliot Cohen, then promoted by James Woolsey and Norman Podhoretz.
I disagree here also with Webster Tarpley, who seems to have a refreshed larouchian view. I reject the hype on Iran and Oil Bourse.

The leftgatekeepers plagizarized my 2001/02 PNAC research during 2002 and always excluded all this, thanks to William Rivers Pitt, which is the biggest saboteur among gatekeepers and close to limited hangouter Scott Ritter, for me clearly intel undercover and not to be trusted at all...

what about NCP?

what about NCP?

NCP -the Nationalist

NCP -the Nationalist Congress Party?

What about them?
India isn't run by NCP, it's run by Boeing, Tata Power and Lockheed.

Nico JAYBIRD never said a

Nico JAYBIRD never said a word about helicopters in the 911 Eyewitness video. I should know. Re-read the post before you diss the birdman. Honest mistake; just pointing it out.

Nico, If their ultimate goal

If their ultimate goal is a nuclear war between the US, China, and Russia? What would be left as source of profit or even power for those you describe as the..... 'bilderbergers' and international bankers, close with military and biopharmacy, the oil pipeline industry but now also space surveillance industry..... "

All those Nukes could destroy the world several times over.

Where's the profit motive in that?

The world news on tv these

The world news on tv these days is really making a big to do of Russia vetoing the US from doing any slap on the wrist to Iran. In a sick and twisted way, it feels lik ethe globalists almost want a nuclear crisis like 'the good ol days'.

This isn't about nuking

This isn't about nuking everyone,
it is about population control and currency inflation.

And please don't confuse me with these NWO wackos or bible fanatics.
This is pure pragmatic and calculated.

maybe read this:

'Bird Flu': From psyOP and population control to "WW4"

Has anyone seen

Nico, I am not confusing or

I am not confusing or connecting you with anyone else. I was asking an honest and straight forward question based on your post above .
.Thank You for the link, I've been following the 'bird Flu" for some time now and I agree with much of what you report.

I have to ask : If you truly believe that many of the people that you are constantly insulting, 'truthlings, civil-rights and anti-war leaders ect.' are mostly responsible for not stopping all of this because they are not exposing 911, then why don't you suggest a way that 911 can be exposed?
Going from detailed and often brilliant analysis of world trends and news to silly name calling obviously won't do it.
Your rightousness knowledge of the truth will feel quite hollow when we are all dead or enslaved in a fascist state.

You obviously feel someone can do something to stop all of this or you would be not be writing or researching.

I'm asking what is 'that' something and who can do it and whats stopping them, in your opinion.

We are obviously not all paid government shills, and we are not all ignorant , so how would you convince us and get us to act?

How do you see your work changing the horrible path of our world that you describe in the post above? You seem to think exposing 911 would change this but I'm not even sure how you would define 'expose'.

Radical Pragmatist , i was

Radical Pragmatist ,

i was always in the minority at the beginning of where i focussed on 9/11 research and activism.

It's draining me, to explain myself all the time.

I was the co-founder of many projects, which got first ignored or sabotage, then plagiarized, then finally picked up to control them.

If you don't realize, why and Alex Jones are in wedding right now, i can't help you, explaining it for you. They want to kill the TV fakery research, control all 'activists' and their outcome and continue planehugging and brainwashing.

This is my take on this.
If you would go deeply into yourself, you would realise, where i'm coming from. I don't need to go with the masses to make my point.

My resume should speak for myself.

My current multiple focus is logically a result out of all this.

I'm trying to listen to the

I'm trying to listen to the Alex Jones interview of Michael Berger, but it keeps stopping and going back to the beginning.