Loose Change in Toronto

We had a few people interested in the Toronto show, so here it is:

An appearance in downtown Toronto on May 26, at the Leon White Gallery on 1096 Queen Street West. 8 PM. Dylan and Jason will be there.

It doesn't say so, but I assume there will be a screening of Loose Change. Please get involved if you can.

Also, check out the Loose Change Q&A Session from Oakland's screening:
Part 1 and Part 2.

I don't want to open up a

I don't want to open up a whole can of worms here, but one thing that I've heard the LC2E guys say twice now that I think is ill-informed is that "peak oil is a scam."

Petroleum geologists like Colin Campbell, energy investment bankers like Matthew Simmons, economists like Kenneth Deffeyes, politicians like Michael Meacher and Andreas von Buelow, and many others are on record, and there is voluminous scientific data to indicate that we're near a midpoint of world oil production much like the midpoint of production reached in the US in the 70's, when declining production made domestic sources uncompetitive and put the US in the role of importer instead of exporter.

Peak oil doesn't say oil is "running out," it only says that sources of conventional cheap light sweet crude are becoming scarce and those supplies are under heavier and heavier demand from countries like India and China, making petroleum products more expensive, which is a problem for economies based on cheap oil.

And believe me, I'm the first to accuse corporations like Exxon of a scam; personally, I think corporate personhood should be abolished so they can't influence politics, I think corporate tax rates should be raised, and I think corporate tax havens and other loopholes should be eliminated. I try to avoid supporting them when possible, by shopping at local small businesses instead of box stores like Home Depot (don't even get me started about WalMart).

So my question is, why would so many people, many of whom remain invested in these corporations through their 401Ks and mutual funds, who still shop at WalMart and wear Nike, and who probably even still buy their gas at Exxon, insist that peak oil is just "a scam" when resource scarcity is one of the main historical reasons for warfare, poverty, and a host of other ills?

Timber, I completely agree.

Timber, I completely agree. The truth movement too often assumes that because 9/11 was an inside job, then everything in this world is a corporate or military industrial oligarch manipulation. I hate turning this board into a peak oil debate, but spare capacity in this world is virtually gone. I think it is much more accurate to say the current wars were constructed in anticipation of peak oil than to assume they are just some scam to drive up oil prices.

Why peak oil is probably about now.
Plateau update.
The science is rock solid.

Other Anon--"The truth

Other Anon--"The truth movement too often assumes that because 9/11 was an inside job, then everything in this world is a corporate or military industrial oligarch manipulation."

Everything is not such a manipulation, but almost everything is.

Peak or not, I think we can

Peak or not, I think we can all agree that one of the many motives for the 9/11 attacks was to justify war with oil rich countries.

I agree with that, SBG, with

I agree with that, SBG, with the qualifier that it also gave them political cover for the Patriot Act and more military spending.

i cant believe we still

i cant believe we still operate gasoline powered vehicles

brazil is 100 percent on ethanol

we could be completely out of the middle east

hydrogen powered cars are on the way

bush and his boys did 911

bush and his boys did 911 because they hate our freedom.... the patriot act proves it....

Wow, for a 5000+ member site

Wow, for a 5000+ member site talking about peakoil, peakoil.com's forums sure hate any discussion of non official 9/11 version discussion!


peak oil ALWAYS opens up a

peak oil ALWAYS opens up a can of worms.and i agree that the A-3(connected to Raytheon which is a woefully corrupt company) is a more likely culprit for what hit the Pentagon than a 757.

Btw, there is a new

Btw, there is a new parameter being thrown around n regards to Loose Change. It's about that 'tarp-covered box' the guys are carrying.

The claim is that the movie makers have admitted "making a mistake", that's it's a tent setup outside the Pentagon during the operations.

Yes, it's a tent - I've worked on outdoor festivals where we've used that very same tent. It's make of 2.5" aluminum tubing, a plywood floor and plastic tarp covering. And I can tell you, only a moron who have people carry the structure with the tarp on top - it makes it very susceptible to catching the wind and blowing over. It's doesn't weight that much, but it's enough to seriously injure someone if they're under it when it blows over. You remove the tarp, and dismantle the frame.... unless of course, it's holding some light aluminum airplane pieces that would be easily detected as not belonging to an America Airlines 757.

THEN you keep it covered all the way to the truck. Otherwise, this is a stupid, dangerous, unnecessary way to move the structure.

Dear Dylan - no need for apologies, you didn't "make a mistake" on this.

I heard the tent "theory"

I heard the tent "theory" and didn't buy it. Why would you assemble a tent "before" you put it where it belongs?????

it definitely looks like the

it definitely looks like the tents seen in some of the photographs.

that's old news

"Tents" can be used to hide

"Tents" can be used to hide evidence or conceal evidence as they are carried away quite effectively.

Dylan, never mind for


never mind for answering me.
I assume, it's hopeless:

Loose Change Losers: We're Still Pod People!
This appears at the very end of the "Extra Footage" video (Loose Change visits Ground Zero). I suspect this is an attempt to get back into the good graces of Phil Jayhan, who's one of the biggest proponents of the pod theory, and who reportedly bankrolled the first edition of Loose Change.


Let me assure you guys, that i support 98% of what you did in LCII.

However, if you continue to support any kind of remote controlled plane nonsense and ignore the findings on TV fakery, i can't take you for serious.

Maybe your friend Luke in NYC can broker an external dialogue with me.
I give you know the last benefit of a doubt, that you're NOT under the influence from some particular spooks in this movement. Lemme know -;

WTC Planehugger Therapy -Top 30 FAQ

9/11: 16 CGIs which fooled the world

Camera for only live footage identified as military system

9/11 WTC Aircraft 'Witnesses'

Nico, Fine. Don't take me

Fine. Don't take me for serious.
The idea that every single news network in the United States was simultaenously broadcasting fake video is absolutely ludicrous.
I just stumbled upon another shot from WB11, it's a helicopter shot from Jersey, the cameraman spots the second plane about a mile from the tower, zooms in, and catches it flying in from the right.
Your theory is bogus, Nico, and I'm not afraid to say it.
Call me what you will. Spook, disinfo, whatever.
CGI planes striking the twin towers, now THAT is disinfo.

maybe that was a little

maybe that was a little harsh.

i really dont care what you believe man, we're all in this for the same reason.

but from my experience, it's just not even a remote possibility.

no pun intended.

i think the pun was

i think the pun was intended, otherwise you would've deleted it. ;-)