Response to Recent Article on 9/11 By the Crisis Papers

Picking Up Where Partridge Leaves Off: Researchers Address a 9/11 Skeptic -

In a recent article in, The Crisis Papers co-editor Ernest Partridge described receiving a series of angry responses to comments he made during a radio interview:

About half-way through the hour-long program, the conversation was going well, until I expressed some doubts about the "controlled demolition" hypotheses of the collapse of the World Trade Center. That comment sealed the fate of the remainder of the hour...

This unexpected response prompted Partridge to take a weekend to examine the diverse claims countering the official version of events on 9/11/01, and pen his essay, The 9/11 Conspiracy: A Skeptic's View.

We had this original article from The Crisis papers sent in to us a bunch of times last month even after we mentioned it, so it apparently got a lot of coverage. Check out the link above for a lengthy response by Victoria Ashley and Jim Hoffman of

By the way -- I gave my 9/11

By the way --

I gave my 9/11 presentation at my University. Poor attendance, no professors, but now I have my presentation ready and can give it again if opportunities arise.

I will continue to agitate the structural engineering professors.

Keith Phucas From The Times

(I may translate the

(I may translate the presentation to English and host it somewhere.)

Oh yeah, another good

Oh yeah, another good article from Hoffman. :)

new leaked photo shows plane

new leaked photo shows plane really did hit pentagon...neo-cons outraged...

Just wanted to share this

Just wanted to share this with you all...

This evening I went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack in VA and walked away with a great sense of hope for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

After a fairly decent meal, I stopped of at the host's booth on the way out the door to grab some complimentary mints and a toothpick. Just as I turn to walk out the door I overhear a waiter saying to the host "it was crazy and it looked like a controlled demolition." And "there was smoke coming from the bottom of the tower".

This of course peeked my interest greatly, and I soon realized this waiter was talking to the host about "Loose Change" although he could'nt remember the name to tell him to check it out.

The waiter had just seen the film he said and it was obvious to me that it had profoundly effected him.

Without saying anything prior I mention "oh, you must be talking about Loose Change." The both looked at me funny because they thought they were being discreet, but soon realized I was down for the cause. I, of course plugged them to check out 911blogger and to get over the the page.

This may not be the biggest deal in the world, but in this one instant I saw the progress and results of the movement to date. And I was proud.

^ to the -- typo

^ to the -- typo

Lately it seems like more

Lately it seems like more people I come across know the truth than don't. I was hanging out with my buddy the other day and I was telling him about WTC 7 and his buddy came over and knew it was controlled demo. I said this the other day and I still think its true. It really seems like we're reaching critical mass.

the car between the guardrails

what say you mr gold?

justanidea, thanks for


thanks for sharing

Story time? I turned a guy I

Story time? I turned a guy I work with onto 911 truth a few monthes ago. It took a long time to get him to look at it but anyway....he knows now. Hes an older guy (50 something-ish; Im 35). Anyway last week a friend of his son (his son now lives out of state) came to his home for dinner since he was close to the kid from years of hanging around his house. So the kid walks in and rite off the bat hits him with a 911 conversation and leaves him a few 911 truth videos. That little story he told me made my day.

justanidea, great story!

justanidea, great story!

jaybird, that's a great one

jaybird, that's a great one too!

Wow, if only my neighbors were so enlightened! (Or, should I change that to "burdened"? 9/11 truth isn't an easy pill to swallow.)

So...... What are the

So...... What are the chances that Hoffman's response will get posted at Common Dreams?

and jaybird, btw, I'm an

and jaybird, btw, I'm an older guy (52) who woke up my two ex-nun athiest liberal neighbors (ages 70 and 80) to the wonderment of 9/11 truth. They still read the NY Times and believe too much in the Democrats, but they did become convinced after I demanded (in a nice tone of course) that they read David Ray Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor" and watch one of his lectures. That's all it took, although one of them seems to be backtracking somewhat, and I haven't spent the time required to see exactly where's she's at -- possibly she reverted to LIHOP.

In the days when I first talked to these ladies about 9/11, they used to tell me I was really "radical" compared to them -- and that was saying something given their years of liberal activism -- now they realize that "radical" is where the truth is! :O

Wasnt Hoffman suppose to be

Wasnt Hoffman suppose to be at the Chicago event? I beleive he was originally listed a couple monthes ago but I dont see him mentioned anymore. Is there going to be a schedule before the event happens letting us know who and when,etc for the weekend?

BigCube, I thought the same

BigCube, I thought the same exact thing. The chances are zilch of Common Dreams publishing Hoffman's piece.

Of the progressive media I read, I now rate the various sites based on how much they cover 9/11 truth.

(1) Information is at the top of the list now, since they now don't hesitate to post articles and films on 9/11 truth. This is a big change from years previous, and a welcome one! I can't help but wonder how the site owner's viewpoint shifted.

(2) for occasionally covering 9/11 truth, although it's rare and only connected to stuff like Charlie Sheen or "Flight 93."

(3) for occasionally doing the same.

(4) -- they usually avoid 9/11 truth, although I did see one excellent article about the psychology of 9/11 truth, including a lot of revealing anomalies and questions, including citing David Ray Griffin's work. Click here for that article. It's a good one. But with this Ernest Partridge piece totally missing the mark -- and nothing from a real 9/11 researcher for balance or rebuttal. Well, CommonDreams is disappointing at best.

(5) -- They seem to avoid 9/11 truth like the plague. I can only guess that the owner of the site is in deep denial -- but, wow, is that ironic as hell? Still, it's a fine site for the political side of things (although I'm tuning politics out more than ever -- both sides are out to hurt average Americans).

While I'm talking about news sites, here are some others, some related to the 9/11 truth movement, others just interesting and relevant:

I've given many of my co

I've given many of my co workers copies of 9/11 Revisited. One of them showed it to his brother who is a marine and he was very impressed. I still haven't heard anything from the 8 council members and mayor of San Diego I gave copies with my contact info to. I've handed out 50 copies so far. I'll burn another 50 when I get some more funds. Everyone who told me they watched it were blown away.

Anyone else in San Diego? I only make minimum wage I could use some help.

Found this short

Found this short investigative report from noted journalist Greg Palast about the WF-199-I order from Bush to forbid the FBI from investigating al Qaeda, as well as terrorists being brought into the US by the CIA:

One really great thing about

One really great thing about Hoffman's article is this at the end:
"One need only ask: when have the most powerful politicians and billionaires chosen a strategy of 'wait and see' where their fortunes and futures are concerned?"

That really cuts to the "core" (no pun...) of what this is about. So many people see things like 9/11 unfold, then the wars it helped spawn, and they have trouble accepting that it all wasn't just spontaneous, seemingly improvised and chaotic. Hoffman's question is a necessary corollary to the standard question "Cui bono?" (who benefits?).

The comments to Jason

The comments to Jason Pollock's positive thread about Loose Change on HuffPo is now 81 responses! Some great truther stuff is there, but lots of disinfo too.

HuffPo is rather high-visibility. I think we should add more posts to Pollock's thread. You can go to HuffPo's main page & click 9/11 on the right-hand side or here:

BTW, Pollock is a writer &

BTW, Pollock is a writer & independent film maker who used to work for Michael Moore. He c/b a good ally for us!

A very good article from

A very good article from Hoffman.

Seems to me that he´s retreating a little from his prior Pentagon view which is great.

I will repeat that his dust cloud/energy sink WTC analysis is a total clincher which perhaps has been unfairly ignored by some other leading 9/11 Truth personalities.

Well, I tend to view this disinfo agent thing more as clashes of super egos. :) Some of those 9/11 researchers are truly brilliant people. They know many things and as we know knowledge means power. And power can corrupt, in this case lead to arrogance, even hubris.

Cui bono? Who benefits from dividing the 9/11 Truth movement? Who has a culture of "divide and rule"? Think about it.

I have been trying to get

I have been trying to get to open up on 9/11. Today they have a hit piece, but it is better than nothing since it might make some aware that there is in fact another side of the story.
email of their head honcho, Joseph Farah is,

Sorry, make that a great

Sorry, make that a great Hoffman/Ashley article.

The 9/11 commission report

The 9/11 commission report is an excellent counter-indicator and a very valuable tool as such. So, if you research what they ignore you can´t really go wrong. Hoffman has done this a lot and for example this analysis of his has to be highly recommended:

So...... What are the

So...... What are the chances that Hoffman's response will get posted at Common Dreams?
BigCube | 05.12.06 - 1:48 am | #
not a chance.

this is hilarious.the plane goes right through both of the towers. they even superimposed a shadow on one of the towers. nice touch. hahahahahaha

The operative statement

The operative statement which supports my view:

"Too many phenomena are unexplained. The evidence must be revisited and validated, and the criticsÂ’ anomalies explained. And this must be done fearlessly and independently of any political biases or agendas.

"Second, the critics of the official version should, as much as possible, get their facts straight, whereupon they must then cease presenting falsehoods as evidence; e.g., that the debris was shipped immediately, uninspected, to Asia; that the OV assumes and claims that steel melted; that no physical evidence of the plane was found at the Pentagon, etc.

"Third: there is no shame in suspending belief -- i.e., in being skeptical. Conversely, it is shameful to jump to a conclusion and a conviction on insufficient and conflicting evidence. Acceptance of the official version, or conversely of the conspiracy theory, are not our only alternatives. Both views are vulnerable and leave many crucial questions unanswered. Far better that we admit to ourselves and tell the world that we simply do not know. Suspension of belief is not a conspicuously American trait. But it is a stock-in-trade of honest scholars and scientists. And it is spur to further investigation, which is most assuredly called for in this case.

"Finally, partisan passions should not get in the way of a rational assessment of the evidence. Personally, my web publications testify that I yield to no one in my contempt for Bush and his crime syndicate. I would like as much as anyone to see these crimes pinned on Bush, Inc. But the evidence (however weak) is what it is."

truthout, most of the poeple

truthout, most of the poeple here already know all about you and your motives. keep trying though. shill.
Chris | Homepage | 05.12.06 - 9:11 am | #

This wisdom comes a little

This wisdom comes a little late.

We have an official story.

It is so iron clad that it authors simply do not discuss it. As a result the congress rubber stamp and the mass media don´t discuss it.

Of course the affair needs a thorough and precise investigation and of course an official theory is needed to replace the current official STORY. It's all well and good to point this out and people have been doing this for years. But it hasn´t had the slightest effect on congress and the mass media much less the authors of the official story. If these lefty latecomers to the discussion have any interest in resolving the matter they need to press their lefty brothers and sisters who act as rubber stamps in congress and the mass media. Get them to join the discussion they have ignored for so long.

the 'everybodys gotta learn

the 'everybodys gotta learn sometime' dvd is on a fedex truck for delivery, so i should be able to get it up late tonight, or mid tommorrow at the latest - barring anything unforeseen.

Partisan passion my ass.

Partisan passion my ass. :)

In order to manifest passion you first need to have freakin' signs of life !

Check the pulse of your leftist colleagues in congress and at the mass media you obfuscating gate keepers ! :)

It's a bi-partisan crime of

It's a bi-partisan crime of a one corporate party political system !

Hence the democratic silence and recent clumsy obfuscation like what we see for example from Partridge.

Hence the bi-partisan cover-up.

The awful truth is that personalities from both parties will be sent to the great beyond after this whole mess blows up !

Wake up people, denial is useless.

Lone juror kept Moussaoui

Lone juror kept Moussaoui alive.
Wouldn't it be great if that person is a truther?

Does anyone have any good links about government involvement in the '90's WTC bombing?

About a decade ago Alex

About a decade ago Alex Jones was talking about how the FBI controlled the 1993 WTC "terrorists" and since then he has reinforced that with reference to other terror scams.

Andy White, I'm in San

Andy White,

I'm in San Diego.

First time posting here. I

First time posting here. I woke up to 9/11 early in 2002 and have since convinced half of my extended family. I live in San Diego and am currently trying to arrange a screening of 9/11 revisited at First Baptist Church of Poway, which is kind of Bush country.

This is awesome. The

This is awesome. The Partridge article is a real joke, given that he completely misundertstands most of the issues. Apparently he hasn't seen the video of the molten steel dripping out of the impact zone, or the eyewitness and video evidence of explosions in the basement that destroyed the lobby. He invents body parts he thinks were found at the pentagon and ignores the hole through 6 layers of concrete ending int he punch out hole. what i'm seeing in public is what everyone else is saying--people are waking up. I gave out almost 50 dvd's of 911 revisited in a short span of time yesterday, and had conversations with a lot of people who were excited about spreading the truth. if we can drown out the gatekeepers like Partirdge there is no stopping us. step it up in any way you can folks, and keep it real.

send me an e-mail T-Bone.

send me an e-mail T-Bone. I'll give you a copy of 9/11. Its a better film for newcomers.

Andy, I'll send an e-mail to


I'll send an e-mail to you from home. Can't use my work e-mail for this. What 9/11 film are you talking about? I have a pretty large library of films so I may have it.

9/11 Revisited. forgot to

9/11 Revisited. forgot to type the last part.

That world net daily site is

That world net daily site is so full of crap. They try and sell the public on their vast Clintonian conspiracy theories, than say 'hey, believe our conspiracy theories...but pay no attention to any 9/11 theories!'. Idiots.

Can't wait to see Everybodies gotta Learn and 9/11 Press For Truth. My two fave 9/11 docs so far are Martial Law 9/11 and Aftermath.

By the way what is up with

By the way what is up with Jim Hoffman claiming a jumbo jet hit the pentagon? and not mentioning the molten steel seen coming out of the towers and found in the rubble piles? I'm listing his sites under disinfo.

Andy, We are on the same


We are on the same page. It looks like you didn't see my post where I said I was looking to originize a viewing of "9/11 Revisited" to First Baptist Church of Poway.

Ashley, Hoffman, Partridge:

Ashley, Hoffman, Partridge: birds of a feather?

Inspiring sites for 9/11

Kheiron, most of what you

Kheiron, most of what you just posted has been thouroughly debunked by those of us who dont buy the official story of 9/11. nice try. we can smell your fear by your very presence.

T-Bone for some reason I was

T-Bone for some reason I was thinking you wrote Loose Change.

Andy, No, not Loose Change,


No, not Loose Change, as I feel there are many things wrong with it.

T-Bone, which 9/11 truth

T-Bone, which 9/11 truth video did you make?