Vermont Greens’ Historic Call: Impeach Bush, Cheney for 9/11 Crimes, Election Theft

The Vermont Green Party is the first political party in the nation to demand the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for the 9/11 crimes, which a growing minority are convinced were an inside operation, and not an attack by “Al Qaeda.”

The crisis of a trumped-up nuclear attack on Iran is separating the real progressives from the beltway bandits -- sifting those who know 9/11 Truth is the issue that can stop the unjust wars and save the republic, from the fake, corrupt opposition who go along with the show. (See our last press release, “Publisher Sees Only One Way to Stop War on Iraq, Iran: Thru 9/11 Truth,” )

Vermont Green Craig Hill, a Senate candidate, his party secretary Bruce Marshall, and New York Green Party Senate candidate Sander Hicks will make their case for impeachment for 9/11 and election theft on Webster Tarpley’s World Crisis Radio this Saturday on from 1 to 4 pm EDT -- archived at .


Wow, these Vermont greens

Wow, these Vermont greens rock!!!

I love my state. I know I'm

I love my state. I know I'm going to support the Green Party this year, and of course for any work they do to expose 9/11 lies.

Good job Vermont Greens. And

Good job Vermont Greens. And good luck Craig Hill.

Regarding the tom Flocco

Regarding the tom Flocco story, do you guys find it credible that:

"defense contractor Karl Schwarz, CEO of a company that designs remote control aircraft for the U.S. Army.

Schwarz told Flocco that witnesses to this retrofitting were afraid because of "suicides, car wrecks, mysterious deaths,directly related to the aviation experts working on the systems installed on the A-3Â’s."

"There are about 150 retired and active U.S. military and federal intelligence officers who will come forward and testify regarding government involvement in the September 11 attacks -- but only if there is a serious criminal grand jury," Schwarz said."

Why wouldnt this be on a more known site? Interesting.

gradually things are coming

gradually things are coming around

Ahmen is all I can say!

Ahmen is all I can say!

Two Oswalds, two Attas, two

Two Oswalds, two Attas, two Mohammad Sidique Khans

aangirfan | May 11 2006

Reportedly, there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and at the same time as there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Japan.

There was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico who looked nothing like the Lee Harvey Oswald who became famous in Dallas.

One or more imposter Oswalds may have been working for the security services. The Oswald who was murdered may have been the patsy.


The Moslem Mohamed Atta may not have wanted to kill anyone.

The imposter Mohamed Atta may not have been a Moslem and may have been an agent of the security services.

The job of the imposter was to leave behind evidence implicating Moslems for 9 11. The imposter may still be alive. The 9 11 planes may have been flown by remote control.

Xymphora explains about the two Attas:


Back to Vermont... Here is

Back to Vermont...

Here is are some great quotes from the article;
“We are the master of our servant, government. “The criminally mad must be removed from power before they kill us all,” and frustration bordering on disgust with the Democrats, with “a special place in global warming hell for those of the beltway leadership of the supposed opposition party who have continually thwarted any sincere real opposition to the administration they protect by their inaction and silence. Silence is consent, not dissent.”

Why is this kind of sanity SO RARE these days??? The above quotes could have come straight from the mouths of our Founding Fathers. The 2nd American Revolution is here. I'm going to find ways I can help.