Dylan Avery on Black Op Radio - Audio Download


Producer Dylan Avery discusses his film "Loose Change II" on the 911 attack.

The archive above is a real audio stream. We have made a 12mb mp3 available at 911podcasts here as well.

Thanks Carol for the heads up!

Besides if you want to argue

Besides if you want to argue with Jon just hit up his website. http://yourbbsucks.com/forum/index.php

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Thanks Mike.

Thanks Mike.

RANDKILLER999, wtf? i ask


wtf? i ask you to take it elsewhere and you just post it again? these are comments, not a message forum.

he has a forum, you can go talk to him there.

ya, thanks mike - gunna

ya, thanks mike - gunna check that out tonight.

dz---- i really enjoyed

i really enjoyed dylans interview it was really nice.....

what do you think about the fact that mossad agents were caught red handed trying to bomb the mexican natl parliament building on 10-10-01?

remember we're all on the same side here!!

the loose change guys are great!!
they can help destroy the notion that mossad wasnt involved in 911hoax


hopefully dylan and the guys can put that in loose change 3!!

then this big world will have beautiful peace eventually

we are a rising force


Mike jr. Ive been trying to

Mike jr. Ive been trying to watch it but it aint workin. Any suggestions? Am I the only one that cant get it to stream or download????

I'm downloading it. Slow,

I'm downloading it. Slow, but works.

yeah slow goin right now.

yeah slow goin right now. lots of people trying to get it. cool. :)







i think one of the best

i think one of the best videos out the is the one some guy made for his family and friends... i forget the name or if it even had one....

someone has to know what im talking about, i think i found it here...

Guys, take some time to

Guys, take some time to check out some similarities between London and Washington terror scams.

7/7: The London Bombing:
A Summary of the Evidence (20MB .WMV)


RANDKILLER999, but if you

RANDKILLER999, but if you just post the same thing over and over its called spam!!!!

dz has already told you to stop posting that same question...

Good 7/7 London bombings

Good 7/7 London bombings site:








inside I think your talking


I think your talking about 911 revisited.

doug... what do you think


what do you think the loose change guys think about the attempted mexican national parliament bombing attempt by mossad on 10-10-01??

Whats your source??

Whats your source??

doug.... la.indymedia.org/new




Yeah well ... Randkiller

Yeah well ...

Randkiller does have a point - but as we all know jews (zionists) simply can´t be accused of anything at all in this world. If you touch this taboo, you risk being demonized as both a racist and a holocaust denier. It's the perfect thought-stopper.

I think getting people to

I think getting people to except it was an inside job is the first challenge and nailing down who specifically was involved second. For example I personally dont think every PNAC member was aware of the events to take place on 911. The same goes for which intelligence agencies were involved and specific people in them. My guess is Dylan etc dont want to open that can of worms, its to easy to get bogged down in the antisemite thing and that doesnt help anybody.



wow... i was really starting


i was really starting to wonder about this place----

it is not anti-semitic to say that mossad was involved in the 911hoax

the revelation of the 911hoax is the doorway towards the evolution of humanity---

we are gonna have world peace for ALL mankind once everyone deals with this

i got a good friend thats a jew and we have talked about this stuff

it even seems like i cared more about the love for the jews than he did on this issue!!!(kind of surprising actually)

yall---look at yourselves in the mirror and say---
"mossad was complicit in 911 and i love jews"

repeat mantra til you can visualize the love for everyone without the outdated anti semitic stereotype bullshit

it is irresponsible to

it is irresponsible to ignore the MOSSAD for fear of being called anti-semitic. if they were involved, they were involved. why ignore it?

It isnt that I agree or

It isnt that I agree or disagree with you RANDKILLER999, its just at this point I dont think it helps to further the 911 truth movement.

im with chris, doug and

im with chris, doug and gang...

but if dz doesnt want him posting over and over i can understand that also...

im more then willing to look at everything...

people on this site talk

people on this site talk about the mossad all the time, its no big deal.


next time post a link instead of just saying the same crap over and over..

doug.. all the crimes that


all the crimes that were commited before and after the 911hoax are going to be memorialized for all time

the "media control"
and the "secret black ops"(in this case mossad)

will not be tolerated ever again
the lessons will be learned

so it is important not to shut your eyes to this


"It isnt that I agree or

"It isnt that I agree or disagree with you RANDKILLER999, its just at this point I dont think it helps to further the 911 truth movement."

I'm afraid I have to concur with this, up to a point. The Mossad probably were involved, there's plenty of circumstantial evidence. But just knowing that fact is true shouldn't make it our lead weapon. Politically, going forward with guns blazing at the Mossad will do more to discredit us than help, because it acts as a magnet to racist redneck morons who will then claim to be part of 911 Truth just "Buhcause they hate the Joos".

Welcome to the world of dirty political calculus! It blows me away that even from a citizen's perspective we all can sense what will work and what will inspire ridicule and mislabeling in the public shpere. Amazing.

Fear not, however. If we have a miracle and can get a real investigation, then the Mossad links will reveal themselves. RANDKILLER999, it's time to refocus your energy. You're clearly smart and motivated. Remember, become what they fear. They fear someone who thinks like a federal prosecutor with a purpose.

My opinion.


RANDKILLER999 If this is


If this is what really floats your boat then go for it, Im sticking to timelines and physics.

speaking of LC2E: that

speaking of LC2E:

that guardrail thing is strange to me (the 'aftermath' picture that is zoomed out after the 2nd CGI pentagon clip)


can someone let me know what you think?

Were there 2 guardrails across the street from each other.

Dylan gives me hope for a

Dylan gives me hope for a coming generation.It shames baby boomers that 3 young kids could acheive so much.Its shameful to think of the malice the Gov. must harbour for them.Now I know some will say they are co-opted to some degree or another , but how many millions of other like-minded kids are waking up to certain basic facts today , because of them ?Makin their own vids?We are in for a Long War ,or a Long Trial , one.I suspect it will be Dylan's generation doing the prosecuting, when the day of reckoning comes.


RANDKILLER999 | 05.15.06 - 8:31 pm | #

nice SAS plug ;-)

I'm 23 and making a video too

show me some love. :-)

Colin: the only way to get


the only way to get my generation to act is to get them away from this consumer/materialism mindset

It's going to be very difficult.

DHS , all I can say is my my

DHS , all I can say is my my initial reaction , having just viewed this for the first time , and having worked extensively with photoshop,etc, is that it is a lazy cut&paste.Maybe a hologram?
just kidding.

stuart refering to what you


refering to what you said....

it is true, i am smart

but i am also good looking
and i like to party

this is way more powerful than just kissing ass in "dirty politics"

this is the true polarization on this earth

How many have really looked

How many have really looked into the science of holography?I've been fascinated with them for years ,and am bemused by mirage/plane theories.

Colin: I ask because this is


I ask because this is the image used in LC2E as the "aftermath" image.

it could be that it's a street/lawn and 2 rails between it.

dhs----are you going to put

dhs----are you going to put in the mossad 10-10-01 mexican natl parliament attempted bombing??

then you will make the truest movie-- that youre gonna be able to brag to your great grandkids about....

theyll be bragging to their great grandkids about it

this is like popping a big zit---and this mossad attempted mexican natl parliament bombing is the center of it

slightly excessive but you get the point

lets breakthrough these troubles

this is all overdramatic but it is the standard truth of what really happened

truth is the only thing thats going to cure this emptiness in this world

RAND: email me


email me 911HijackerDotCom@gmail.com anything that you think should be included... same goes for everyone...

RAND and everyone keep in mind I will only present documented fact/testimony, i will not speculate, and yes i will include building 7 (because its a fact that it collapsed and its a fact what the contents of the building were)...

In that Eric/LC2E interview dylan said "LC final cut has to be 100% provable, to which I said 90% needs to be removed then"

that's where i stand.

dhs.... here's your links


here's your links brother---

a couple of posts back

RAND i see no links on this


i see no links on this thread, can u repaste them

DHS,have a close look at

DHS,have a close look at angle of the car ,and the previous pic of the railing, this is what drew my suspicion.I don't think that observation refutes or discredits Avery in anyway however.I'll have a closer look at that site now, though.Thanks DHS.I'm 27 myself,and detest the label of Genx ,I want to be an individual who makes the world a more beatiful place , and not sell out our grandkids' future,as I see has been the case for perhaps the last 40 years.

Colin: Dylan has nothing to


Dylan has nothing to do with the picture. Nothing against him. I applaud his and his friends' efforts.

I was just asking about the picture.

How many have really looked

How many have really looked into the science of holography?I've been fascinated with them for years ,and am bemused by mirage/plane theories.
Colin | 05.15.06 - 9:05 pm | #

are we not all quarks? wave interference patterns? holograms, if you will?

stuart refering to what you


refering to what you said....

it is true, i am smart

but i am also good looking
and i like to party

this is way more powerful than just kissing ass in "dirty politics"


Obviously I was wasting your time with my suggestion.

I'll get back to the business of admiring your thoughtful posts... And reposts. And reposts.

DHS Very true, the nature of

DHS Very true, the nature of the mind is holographic ,and therefore it could be argued that all of percievable reality is holographic,But man made holograms using lasers have a long way to go before even R2D2's mini 3dprojection is possible.
That being said, hopefully it wont be too long for that sort of thing.I wonder if any major theatres will try to ban LC , this year.

stuart... thats right you


thats right you were wasting your time

cause youre a lifeless slug...

keep kissing ass and trying to conform to sheep

Has any one been able to

Has any one been able to watch the 'take back 911' doc, that mike kindly provided for us.

I can't seem to play it.

dhs google(yahoo) mexican



mexican national parliament bombing

and it's like the third or fourth one down----there's probably alot more

the only thing 9-11 and 7/7

the only thing 9-11 and 7/7 have in common is israeli prior knowledge

Radical, Same trouble here

Same trouble here with 'take back 911'

stuart... i was just kind of


i was just kind of joking with you/didnt mean to come off as disrespectful to you

obviously youre the smart guy---who knows how to deal with these lame-o's

I am a Ph.D. physicist who

I am a Ph.D. physicist who has made many, many holograms ovr 20 years. I am not joking.

Drop this hologram thing like a hot potato. It's a bunch of nonsense.

"stuart... thats right you


thats right you were wasting your time

cause youre a lifeless slug..."


So quick to bark, but no bite. Your anger and childish name-calling just reinforce my first post. You need to refocus all that into a more positive mindset. As for me being a conformist sheep, my real name's at the bottom of each of my posts. And you are?

My view is one of practicality, not conformity, and if you knew anything about me that'd be apparent to you.

The more negativity you spew here, the more people will stop listening to you.

Kevin, It has been dropped

Kevin, It has been dropped and stepped on already,we're just joking around.Seriously though,do you think we'll see Loose Change banned this year?If it has distribution as he claimed in the blackops interview, it will be hard for msm to just ignore it.

"stuart... i was just kind


i was just kind of joking with you/didnt mean to come off as disrespectful to you

obviously youre the smart guy---who knows how to deal with these lame-o's"

Posted before I saw this. I guess the "lifeless slug" part did feel a little disrespectful, yes. But, hey. We're all in this together, and I forgive very easily.




ha ha

ha ha

Where is Rolling Stone in

Where is Rolling Stone in all this ,wrong issue to be sitting on the fence about , don't you think?Where is their new Hunter s.Thompson?I watched Alex Jones (via Sheen) almost get through to a mocking MTV crowd,on air,once.I'm sure their apathy will turn to rage soon enough.

Dylan Avery and freinds do

Dylan Avery and freinds do Letterman.Just a fantasy, so far.

Stuart, speaking of

Stuart, speaking of prosecuting , How is Fitzgerald doing in your opinion? Is he gunning for the big boys or what?Is Bush's speech today a distraction from Rove?

from what i

from what i understand....

rolling stone is a fake left newspaper to help keep up the fake "hegelian dialect"

they keep a fake left vs right pardigm for the sheep---while really the plutocrats are controlling both sides for a singular goal

fake hippie newspaper run by the cia to control "the beautiful people"

RANDKILLER999, do you

RANDKILLER999, do you harbour any resentment for the 'hippies' past or current?Just curious.Why didn't America learn the lessons of Vietnam?

"Stuart, speaking of

"Stuart, speaking of prosecuting , How is Fitzgerald doing in your opinion? Is he gunning for the big boys or what?Is Bush's speech today a distraction from Rove?"

It's fiendishly difficult to say, really. We could easily put on the cospiracy cap and say that all of his work is merely a distraction to make the public think we still have a three-branch system of government. I am hoping that he is a man with integrity, and in many ways I believe that he's demonstrating that he is just exactly that.

As for the Leopold article over the weekend (the one proclaiming that Rove will be indicted this week on perjury and obstruction charges). I'm always a bit upset when I hear about leaked grand jury testimony or rumors of coming indictments. There are good leaks and bad leaks. The NSA and CIA leaks to the press are generally good, because without them we would not be as acutely aware of how our rights are being dissolved. The jury box and lawyer leaks are bad because they can be grounds for a mistrial or dismissal. You can bet that no matter what happens, the appeals courts will be seeing lots of Scooter and Rove (if in fact he is indicted).

I do find it interesting that Rove is everywhere in the media today. He's put on a human mask too, and emulating behavior his studies have determined to elicit feelings of sympathy and kindness. This is Rove at his most dangerous, because he's so brilliant. He's truly one of the best strategists of our time. Too bad he's on their side, but sane people wouldn't give him this much power on his own without being elected to office.

As for Bush's speech, I didn't catch it. What I can say is that the sending of troops to the border is a publicity stunt to stave off the radical right. If Bush believed in securing the borders, he'd have done it years ago when we weren't in a Congressional election year. Also, more ominously, the normalizing of troops operating amongst the general public SHOULD BE ALARMING. The fact that the media doesn't talk about this, well, I think that everybody here already knows what I'm about to say....

damn hippies...

damn hippies...

'fiendishly difficult to

'fiendishly difficult to say', but I think you did a good job of it Stuart.Sometimes I think some of this administration would love to be indicted over something like immigration,something not 911 related ,which would receive a slap on the wrist,a la Nixon.Do you think impeaching on any count would lead to a break in the truth dam in general?Surely Bushco must see the writing on the wall?The only other alternative that explains their arrogance , is that another stunt is in the works ,and martial law.Bleak.

Has anyone read or looked

Has anyone read or looked into "The German Intelligence Report Concerning 911" that is being posted on the Scholars for 911site in the foreign news section?

I don't no when it was originally posted but I hadn't heard of it.

I find it highly, highly suspect as an authentic document, just because of how it is written, not necassarily its contents. But who knows, it was translated from German.

There is a long blurb at the begining that warns the reader that the authenticity of the document can not be proved one way or the other, and they are asking people to do their own research to try and validate its authenticity.
That seems a little strange, considering Andreas Von Buelow, the former director of the German secret service and former assitant of the German Defence Ministry, is a member of 911 Scholars for Truth.

I think he might have some insight into its authenticity....you would think.

I assume they asked him before publishing it on their website, but he is not mentioned.

Maybe someone with more public credentials in the movemnet could ask Mr. Fetzer or Von Buelow about this.

What sort of German 911truth

What sort of German 911truth movement exists?You'd think a highly cynical populace would immediately see this as another Reichstaag Fire?Maybe they're preparing a nice little hotseat for Cheney at the Hague right now.

The nightmare scenario for

The nightmare scenario for me is this:

Somehow, magically, we are able to convince the Armed Services Committee to launch a full-scale investigation into 9/11 failures, with criminal negligence being on the table (best case scenario, probably). Behind closed doors, the government admits limited complicity and extreme negligence (again probably reaching). Something similar to this may have already occurred. Why wouldn't we have heard about it?

Well, national security. But not it the way the term is usually used. It can be reasonably argued, that the vast majority of Americans have slipped into a xenophobic, consumption-oriented, propoganda-suckling, coma-like state of denial and apathy. It could be said, and not that inaccurately, that if we were to wake up suddenly (a la Matrix), there's no telling what could happen. Especially given the extreme circumstances. A murderous, lying, psychopathic culture in Washington. Right under your stupid little nose, citizen (dramatic effect, not you personally).

Riots. Looting. Political chaos. The stock market completely falls apart. Foreign venture capitalists move in and buy everything. A depression that lasts for decades. The economy, ruined. Famine. Disease. Death...

Literally citizens setting up gallows and holding their own trials. THE ANGER FROM THE PUBLIC COULD BE EXPLOSIVE!!! I for one wouldn't want to be Karl Rove facing a street full of angry moms who lost their only sons in Iraq. They'd be fingerpainting on the Washington monument with the contents of his intestines.

Now, imagine seeing this potential from the perspective of any law enforcement agency, from dipshit sheriff Danny Jo Bob in El Paso to every field office of the FBI. If the truth about 9/11 came out, the populace would no longer recognize the authority of any government agency or representative. I mean, would YOU if your cozy little world came crashing down? Most people in this country would freak out if they knew the extent of the atrocities commited by these monsters. Kind of like Dennis Hopper saying, "The truth, you can't handle the truth!" In a lot of ways, they have a point. If the actual facts became public, there is a potential that all kinds of hell would break loose. Of course, the flip side of the coin is that perhaps that's just exactly what needs to happen...

Back to the scenario.

So, the Justice Department's solution? Keep 9/11 a secret, and dispense justice with a much more subtle approach. Emasculate the administration, allow them to flounder publicly and basically burn out, look like fools, and lose their House and Senate majorities. Many, many politicians from both parties would argue vehemently that this is in fact the ONLY acceptable way to deal with this type of crisis.

We, as the public, will be informed that mistakes were made on 9/11 and in Iraq, but not much more. The administration would change its tone to a much more docile and financially-oriented one, and the media would keep talking about Brad and Angelina. Life would continue, and the dark realities of 9/11 would fade into the abyss of history.

The thing I fear most about

The thing I fear most about that scenario is the economic aspect.Am I fearmongering to say that if Iran is attacked and oil supplies disrupted,a new Depression would arise , the old image of the berliner with a wheelbarrow full of deustchmarks.In which case Canada's oil would begin to look mighty tasty.Hell, alot of Albertans think they're Texan anyway,alot would orgasm over the thought of being able to vote for ol' brushcutter Bush.

I Agree with Stuart...if the

I Agree with Stuart...if the absolute complicity is more true than LIHOP, and it ever came out...I would fear for America. It would give every tinpot dictator and rogue state carte blance to see the US government as illegitimate, thered be riots, all sorts of nuttyness.

So if the partial inside job theory is true(I say partial as I am convinced Islamic hijackers were in fact involved, even if they didnt know the US' plans)
my god...I dont want to imagine if the truth came out.

Only way at thi spoint it iwll come out publicly is decades down the road when noone even remembers or cares. Look at Operation Northwoods, Tonkin, USS Maine, Tuskegee, MK Ultra, etc.

Ah, MK Ultra...remember the

Ah, MK Ultra...remember the good ol days when the cia just wanted to dose you up with some highpowered acid?Although ...restraints,interrogation rooms and inhuman doctorfigures were probably not what Leary meant when he was talking about 'set and setting';}

Re Fearing for America: The

Re Fearing for America: The horror of 9/11 and the 2 wars based on 9/11 are small potatoes in comparison to what the US did in Vietnam. Millions of Vietnamese dead; 58,000 Americans dead; a large percentage of that country rendered useless for agriculture because of the toxic chemicals the US unloaded on them, etc. etc. The US was even supposed to pay reparations as part of the deal that the North would delay going into Saigon but we reneged on that deal.

And what happened to US standing in the world? Not much harm. Within a few years it was behind us and so, too, with getting the truth about 9/11. It will be very wrong, yes, but we will not pay massive reparations to Iraq and Afghanistan and the Palestinians, nor will our economy go into the toilet because our leaders are exposed as monsters. Thats happened before. Its not going to be like Hitler and the fall of the Third Reich. I don't think any future president will dare to give out pre-emptive pardons a la Ford for Nixon, though some of these people might flee to Israel (as was feared Jack Abramoff might do, so they took his passport).