New 9/11 Related Website Launches

We are two NYC 9/11 activists, Max and Julian, and we'd like to introduce you to our new website, This site will be the centerpiece of a new organization dedicated to promoting consciousness of false history, deception and social control.

We've been active in the movement for years, recently working closely with Nick Levis and John Albanese. Through our research and experience, we've come to realize that the 9/11 Truth Movement fits within the context of a more general movement to promote informed citizenship, honest journalism, and true democracy.

We believe our website is the first of it's kind to specifically outline a "Truth Movement." Our aim is to simplify and popularize the most essential information while providing key resources for further investigation. We cover areas ranging from the environment and election fraud to assassinations, coups, and false flag operations. We also address media complicity and highlight the core issues of values and theory, action, and psychology.

The site is our vision of a Truth Movement. It stems from years of research and our desire to see a more centralized, accessible, and strategic resource for alternative information. We do not claim any ownership of this Truth Movement. The battle for truth and justice is as old as the beginnings of civilization. We are simply sharing our own ideas and hoping to spread curiosity, conversation, and action.

We hope the site will be valuable as an educational resource that draws many progressive interests toward a forum in which we recognize our unified concern for the truth. We see the Truth Movement already well underway, with individuals, groups, and sites like yours, all playing an important part.

We invite you to explore TruthMove and let us know what you think. The site will remain a work in progress, open to addition and revision.

breaking news: Mark Steyn is

breaking news: Mark Steyn is a totalitarian steyn14.html

Oh yeah, and a warmonger of the first order. 16_2_iran.html
Able | 05.15.06 - 9:37 pm | #

I was once on a radio show with him on the BBC when he was a freelance theatre critic. I didn't like him then, and I'm generally right about people.

So, who is gonna keep track

So, who is gonna keep track of the number of times Bush uses the 9/11 attacks to further his own agenda in tonight's speech?

Seems to be a standard lefty

Seems to be a standard lefty wishful thinking site. (ie. the least aggravating kind of lefty site)

The word freedom is not mentioned once on the main pages, except in scare quotes.


Wow, looks like a great site!!! Lots of key info there already!

SBG,even the exploitation of

SBG,even the exploitation of 9/11 is starting to run out of effectiveness.(until the next false flag) this speech is about immigration, so i dont think he will even bring it up tonight. unless he ad-libs or something, and we all know how good Bush is at that.

Brief comments made by

Brief comments made by Albenese & others at the Tribeca Premier of "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime 4 min 27 sec:



looks like a great site.

looks like a great site. glad to see you talking about psychology. i really liked this page

good luck!

btw it's good to note 9/11

btw it's good to note 9/11 Revisited getting screenings, from the right sidebar

the fact that it doesnt

the fact that it doesnt mention that mossad was caught red handed on 10-10-01 trying to blow up the mexican national parliament building is kind of a let down

they could assure people that they are not being anti semitic but that it is a fact that cant be ignored

the new standard conflict that people are just gonna have to get used to

the 911truth movement is going to destroy govt murders whether war or "terror"_____forever

til then
let the information war continue


BREAKING NEWS: Senior federal source tells ABC that Bush is tracking their phone calls to sources, doing same to NYT and Wash Post
We warned last fall that an CNN's Christiane Amanpour was possibly being targeted by the NSA. The story was poo-poohed. Now ABC reports that it, the New York Times and the Washington Post are being monitored by US spy agencies and all of their phone calls are being tracked.

Someone previously suggested

Someone previously suggested that a video should be made by piecing together snippets of the best 9/11 truth videos currently available.

I think it is a fantastic idea to make such a video! It could combine the best parts of LC2, EGLS, Painful Deceptions, In Plane Sight, 9/11 Revisited, Truth & Lies of 9/11, etc. Such a video could be extremely powerful!!!

(Suggestion: I would probably limit it to 1 hour or less in duration for maximum, concentrated impact.)

Randkiller999, We could


We could never hope to include everything. Our approach is not encyclopedic. We'll look into the mossad story. Thanks for the lead.

There is nothing inherently anti-semitic about discussing Israel's role in the world, assuming that discussion to be historically accurate.


I'm glad we're the least aggrevating kind. The word freedom has been captured, just for the moment, by George W. Bush. I'm embarrased to admit that I can't say the word without thinking about the injustice implied by his use of the term. Gotta listen to some MLKjr. Freedom is a word as nebulous as love, and as differently interpreted as the Bible.

Michael and Jon

Thanks for the input and encouragement.

breaking news: Mark Steyn is

breaking news: Mark Steyn is a totalitarian

Oh yeah, and a warmonger of the first order.

Randkiller: I think it's


I think it's worth mentioning that two Israeli nationals were caught smuggling arms into the Mexican Parliament in Oct. 2001. Does this mean the Mossad was trying to blow it up, or were they working for someone else? At any rate, they were let go on some lame excuse, indicating a secret service cover.

There are A LOT of things not mentioned on that site, or on any given site. Is this automatically significant?

working for someone

working for someone else...


I like what I'm seeing over

I like what I'm seeing over at -- and I definitely like the idea of converging a lot of these various issues into one site. I haven't looked at the site in any thorough way yet, but I was drawn toward the Psychology pages. Those insights and ideas are very much needed in the truth movement. Speaking for myself, it has been traumatic and overwhelming to wake up to so many lies on so many topics, especially without a network of support (other than talking with people in the internet, which doesn't quite cut it, but which has had to suffice -- except for one very good friend who I talk with, and who's taken the red pill as well). Anyway, I hope is a success. Thanks for posting it here dz.

New 9/11 web sites are nice

New 9/11 web sites are nice (I think there is around 130 now), but I believe an interesting investigative project would be to acquire the certified death certificates of all passengers since about 80% do not show up in the Social Security Death Index.

Good call Amanda ,could lead

Good call Amanda ,could lead to highly verifiable evidence.If the families hadn't been bought off , bound , and gagged , I'm sure they would be at the forefront of such a project.No disrespect to heros like Breitweiser,Sheenan, and other courageous family members whom I adore.

amanda: get on it.

get on it.

somebigguy, seems to me that

somebigguy, seems to me that GeorgeW takes smirking pleasure in condemning exploitation of 911 for political ends , and other such 'ironic' pronouncements.I've seen him joke in this patronizing sarcastic way before; on his drunken partyday tapes.It would be an ending worthy of Shakespeare were he to fry in his own death house , while the families and the ghosts of the unburied victims mocked his pleas for clemency , as he once mocked.

good idea, Amanda

good idea, Amanda

I've been wondering how many

I've been wondering how many 9/11 conspiracy websites there are in the Arabic world.

It would be only natural if some Arab countries launched an investigation into 9/11... but political pressures might prevent that from happening.

Andrew Lowe Watson! Great

Andrew Lowe Watson!

Great composer. He generously allowed the use of his music in the new documentary on WTC destruction hypotheses

Improbable Collapse

"Thanks for the input and

"Thanks for the input and encouragement."

You might get more if the site gave a feedback form or an email address.