Bloomberg Swings and Misses in Reference to in Pentagon Story

Sept. 11 Video Shows Flames, Smoke at Pentagon After Attack -

Web sites such as and have promoted theories including attacks carried out by government agents or a bomb or missile being responsible for the damage to the Pentagon.

This article is primarily a regurgitation of the AP story distributed through the news media today except the paragraph quoted above. This marks the second time that mainstream media sources have referenced as supporting the idea that the Pentagon was not hit by flight 77. The closest that I know of they have done is reference - which does not make that case.

So, to the author at, next time provide some references as to where espouse such a position, or have a bit more guts and point out the questions they really have.

Note: I am not taking sides on the argument over the Pentagon in this article, nor stating support for any position that may be asserted by surrounding the pentagon, but rather pointing out that the reporting in this article is erroneous.

Thanks DHS for the heads up!

Stop pushing theories in

Stop pushing theories in general.Esoteric arguments about metallurgic melting points and the minutae of grainy photos ,soar over the heads of most people ,and then the blank look over the eyes,and so on.The simple narrative(the official fairytale) trumps the complex truth ,everytime with most folks .
Unless.Unless they have access and time on highspeed internet to find breaking news and do their own research .This is key. If a truly portable&netconnected ,wireless media player(preferably a pocketprojector)were available at an affordable price , nothing could hold this movement back.Think about it.Ever been trying to convince somebody something is not right with the official story , and wish you had all the facts on hand?Not just the facts but the indelible images too ,which are so important to persuade people ,and with which the government wages this disinfo war.Checking in with the tech blogs , I see the pocket projector is on it's way.Imagine for a moment that there was a corporation with a soul.Ok ,maybe not , but one with a vested interest in 911 truth.Will Google step up and be the letter-bearers of the revolution.

Ask yourself: do we really

Ask yourself: do we really want this kind of crap being continually associated with 9/11 Truth?! Do we really want more crap like this- - saying (true) things like this about 9/11 Truth???

"they imply that nobody actually died in the planes that hit the Pentagon or plunged into a field in Pennsylvania, and maybe not even in the planes that hit the trade-center towers. Somehow, those passengers were all part of a conspiracy, too. No wonder the film ends with an apologia offering insipid sympathy (and, incredibly, a free DVD of the movie) to the families of those who were killed. And no wonder many of those families are bitter about the filmmakersÂ’ trivialization of their and the nationÂ’s tragedy."

More than anything else, the release of this "new footage" is a real wakeup call for the entire movement. Either we shape up, or ship out. Once again kiddies:

Terrific! Now we get even more useless "footage", showing clear signs of doctoring (with respect to the couple of frames showing the "plane"). Of course, the real footage from the hotel and gas station is nowhere to be seen, which would clearly confirm that a 757 crashed into the Pentagon. IMHO, this appears to be an attempt to get even more skeptics to buy the bunk that something other than a 757 crashed into the Pentagon. When enough people in 9/11 Truth accept this fraud, only then will the real footage be released, showing the 757 in its full glory- completely discrediting the movement in one fell swoop. At least that's what I would do if I were one of the conspirators.

Please, people, let's stick to what we DO know, rather than what we DON'T. Hundreds of eyewitnesses reported:

(a) hearing explosions at the WTC
(b) seeing a jumbo jet hit the Pentagon

If you're citing the first group of eyewitnesses to make a claim regarding controlled demolition at the WTC, then you *CANNOT* dismiss the second group of eyewitnesses who saw a 757 strike the Pentagon. If that were ever done in a courtroom, the case in question would be immediately dismissed. After all, consistency in one's arguements is one of the key tenets of the criminal justice system. If you change your story several times (*cough* *cough* 9/11 Commission *cough*), or assign a premium to one set of eyewitnesses, while simultaneously discounting another group of eyewitnesses whom you choose not to believe (*cough* *cough* Bush Regime *cough*), then your credibility is worth absolutely nothing.

Remember, the fight for 9/11 Truth is a *WAR*. Make no mistake about it. And how are wars won? By choosing the individual battles of the war very carefully. You attack weakly defended positions (such as the collapses of WTC 7, and the two towers) and avoid strongly defended positions (such as the attack on the Pentagon).

The official storytellers are doing their damndest to keep the focus on the Pentagon, where they're holding all the cards- and away from the building collapses, where their defense is nothing more than a house of cards. Don't let them steer 9/11 Truth to the Pentagon. Keep it at the WTC. Otherwise, this war will surely be won by the official storytellers and their conspiratorial backers.
[Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11]
[The Pentagon No-757-Crash Theory:
Booby Trap for 9/11 Skeptics]
[Released video frames show evidence of tampering]
[Hundreds of witnesses- both military and civilian- saw a 757 hit the Pentagon]

so, you think that if a

so, you think that if a video comes out that shows that 77 hit the pentagon, the 911 truth movement is over???

thats crazy talk if you ask me...

what if they can prove that wtc 7 fell from fire, is the 9111 truth movement done??? come on...

im with gold on the fact that you dont have to look at any of the flights to show that 911 was an inside job!!!!! that, i think, is FACT and gold would agree with me...

It would probably help our

It would probably help our movement if the citgo footage was released. Then truthers wouldn't spend time debating amongst themselves about the pentagon. But that footage likely won't be released. This new footage is hardly anything new.

It most certainly will not

It most certainly will not kill the movement when the tapes get released (I guess there's still a very small chance that they won't), but there will be damage, thanks to the centralization of the big tent.

The reaction to this early warning, however, seems to be benificial on balance, so I'm getting less pessimistic about the consequences.

sorry for the double post

sorry for the double post sbg , I got a little worked up today , oops.




I wanna be the 5th Horseman in the 911blogger team. How do I get initiated?

I'm not laying naked in a box for any of you.

I still haven't seen

I still haven't seen anything that looks like a 757. What's all the fuss?

DHS , Mad Props ,topnotch

DHS , Mad Props ,topnotch iniative.Who says you get no respect?:]

Sorry DHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill

Sorry DHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ill fix it now :)

That's WTF I'm talkin

That's WTF I'm talkin bout...

I got a present for you all in about 15 minutes, speaking of horses...

DZ Thanks for adding the


Thanks for adding the link in your comments. I thought the DOD video section was pretty interesting. ---

It shows that there are several missing seconds between the first and second frames but yet the remaining frames do not share that same sequence. HMMMM...

The intensified recent

The intensified recent questioning of 9/11 in the MSM all started in March. I mean it was slightly earlier with the Prof Jones/Dylan Avery MSM spots...

but it really kicked off in March:

First the big Charlie Sheen thing
Then Wesley Clark says there's a criminal coverup of 9/11 and there needs to be a new investigation
Then Flight 93 comes out
Then Moussasoui verdict
Now the Pentagon footage.

And with Stone's WTC movie and the 5 year anniversary there is definately more to come. We definately have to make this the summer of truth in the MSM, and make people think and wonder 'well maybe there is something to all these theories'

YES Pockybot .It's all

YES Pockybot .It's all acumulating like compounding interest .Remember that the moron-in-cheif is busy bringing things to a head too, trying to push WW3 and openly and consistently contradicting himself(themselves).Even the fundamentalist neo-christians are starting to lose faith in chimpy.Hallelujah!

"so, you think that if a

"so, you think that if a video comes out that shows that 77 hit the pentagon, the 911 truth movement is over???"


Did you even read what I wrote?!? I said:

"When enough people in 9/11 Truth accept this fraud, only then will the real footage be released, showing the 757 in its full glory- completely discrediting the movement in one fell swoop."

The key word is "[discredit]ing". The entire goal of 9/11 Truth, as I understand it (maybe I'm wrong), is to promote the truth to the masses, build credibility and establish an independent, serious, scientific investigation from which all the facts surrounding 9/11 will become clear. If the movement cannot raise its credibility from its current, unsavory state, then the truth can never become known to the masses. If a real video of the Pentagon impact is released and too many "no-planers" exist at the time of the release, then the hit the movement will take in terms of its credibility, will be devastating. The hopes for an investigation will vanish into thin air, as will the chances for any fair media coverage.

But, you're right... the movement will survive and be doomed to the shadows of the tinfoil crowd's conspiracy theories, forever. So, if you support the official story of what happened on that day, please keep on doing what you're doing!

Baraka theres all the


theres all the difference in the world between the WTC eyewitnesses, (fireman etc) and the penatgon ones(military types and USAtoday journos).
Gerard Holmgren has analysed the pentagin eyewitnesses, and finds their accounts wanting.

' To uncritically accept eyewitness reports of a solid object fitting through a hole smaller than itself, or alternatively blowing itself into nothing against the rules of physics is inconsistent with the standards of proof and credibility normally applied to alleged eyewitnesses of other dubious, but not necessarily impossible phenomena.

The question has to be asked - how many eyewitness reports would be needed to even reopen such a question, let alone consider it to be proved, contrary to the laws of physics? And what standards of verification should be applied? Does an anonymous, third hand, one line quote in a military newspaper (hardly an independent source, considering the nature of the debate) constitute an “eyewitness” in these circumstances? How many of these would be needed in order to confidently override the laws of physics?

We need dozens, maybe hundreds of credible well verified, comprehensive eyewitness reports in close to full agreement with each other, from sources which are at least in theory independent, to even reopen the question. The mainstream media and certain web authors have done a smoke and mirrors job to have us believe that such eyewitness evidence exists.

It doesnÂ’t. Those sources do not make any effort to critically examine the question of how the alleged eyewitness reports originated, or to critically deconstruct the reports either individually or collectively. I dealt with this question comprehensively in this article, published in June 2002

Did AA 77 hit the Pentagon? Eyewitness accounts examined.

It demonstrated that eyewitness accounts do not confirm a large passenger jet hitting the Pentagon. The findings of the article did not demonstrate that the eyewitness reports, when taken in isolation, prove that it didnÂ’t happen. It simply demonstrated that they donÂ’t confirm anything one way or the other. They are confused, lacking in substance, highly contradictory and poorly verified. '

Thats some heavy ,

Thats some heavy , fatalistic shit your layin down Baraka .Don't you think the tinfoil term is pretty trite & insulting?

A great day for all

A great day for all truthers, over all, and a sign of better things to come .Goodnight.

I also agree that the

I also agree that the movement shouldn't focus on this point to avoid a possbile backlash.
But I do think that possibly an A3 SkyWarrior and not a 757 hit the Pentagon. A large plane like the 757 could not have flown so closely over the ground for a mile, effects such as downwash would prevented that.
I think that government has only released this grainy image so far suggests this. If they had clear footage of a 757 why not release it now?

But, you're right... the

But, you're right... the movement will survive and be doomed to the shadows of the tinfoil crowd's conspiracy theories, forever. So, if you support the official story of what happened on that day, please keep on doing what you're doing!
Baraka | Homepage | 05.17.06 - 3:16 am | #

are you on glue??? what did i say that was wrong??? did you read what i wrote???

im with gold on the fact that you dont have to look at any of the flights to show that 911 was an inside job!!!!! that, i think, is FACT and gold would agree with me...
inside | 05.17.06 - 1:43 am | #

what that means for the new slow dude is that even if we couldnt use anything about the flights or the towers we could still prove that 911 was an inside job....

im sick and tired of hearing what everyone thinks is going to hurt the movement... dotn use this dont use that, it will hurt the movement... how about the fucking truth???thats what i spread everyday!!!!

still no reply from Bill

still no reply from Bill Arthur re: my email disputing his claims.