9/11 Commission report is a lie

This opinion piece in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is written by Scholars for 9/11 Truth member Richard Curtis

[Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Joel] Connelly seems to assume that because the 9/11 Commission was bipartisan that we should accept its conclusions and recommendations. But is that true? Is the commission's story credible?

The commission's conclusions and recommendations should be totally rejected. Its story is full of lies, distortions and omissions of fact. Following are two of the more than 40 reasons why the official story about what happened on 9/11 is untrue.

First, who were the hijackers? We do not know. None of those named appear on any of the passenger lists released by the airlines. Most important, six of the men named by the government are still alive and have never even been to the United States. We know that because European media (as reported by The Associated Press, the London Telegraph and the BBC) have interviewed them. It is not a matter of mistaken identity not being noticed or someone using a false passport. The commission insists that the people they named were the hijackers but that claim is demonstrably false.

If that most basic claim is false, and the information was available to the commission (which it was), and the commission still claims that it has given us "a full account" of what happened that day based on "exacting research," it's clear that the members are lying. In his book, "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions," Dr. David Ray Griffin documents all that and concludes the whole report is one long lie.

Second, in the months after 9/11 all of the surviving New York City Fire Department personnel who were on the scene were interviewed. Those oral histories were recorded and withheld from the public until Aug. 15, 2005. Only after losing in court three times did the city of New York finally release them. All 503 are now posted on The New York Times Web site. Why did the city fight so hard to keep them from the public?

It turns out those oral histories reveal details about what was happening in the World Trade Center buildings that are completely inconsistent with the tale told by the commission. Dozens of firefighters and medics reported hearing, seeing and feeling explosives going off in the buildings that collapsed. Why were there explosives, very powerful explosives by all accounts, going off in the buildings? More disturbing, why was the pattern of those explosives identical in some important ways with the pattern used in a planned implosion (or controlled demolition of a building)?


The question that we all need to ask is: What is the commission covering up? Was 9/11, in fact, an inside job?"

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Posted by who?

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I'm a happy Seattleite this morning!

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Alex Jones has judicial

Alex Jones has judicial watch guy on radio now.

Thanks Jon. Everyone don't

Thanks Jon.

Everyone don't feel shy telling me whether I'm doing too much or too little editing (making the excerpts too short or too long).

Alex Jones has judicial

Alex Jones has judicial watch guy on radio now.
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oh shit. he better grill him good.

someone give a synopsis of

someone give a synopsis of the judicial watch / jones interview...


(those 700 computers from yesterday seemed to have helped push LC2E to #1)


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Haha, DHS

Haha, DHS

Eric: no joke bro


no joke bro

I clipped it out of the

I clipped it out of the paper and put it by the time clock at work. Thanks go out to the author.

...We know that because

...We know that because European media (as reported by The Associated Press, the London Telegraph and the BBC) have interviewed them...

I haven´t seen that/those interview(s), anybody have a link?

Deafening silence again

Deafening silence again about that question...

This "alive hijackers" thing isn´t our strong points, you need to understand it and stop putting weight on something which is far from clear case.

This guest column by st911

This guest column by st911 member Prof. Richard Curtis, that ran in the Seattle P-I on May 16, is a major breakthrough in Seattle. But the comments being posted on the Soundoffs section of the paper's website are being bombarded by the sheeple.

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