Got this email from Weldon today

Thank you for your continued interest regarding Able Danger - the Department of Defense planning effort prior to 9/11 tasked to identify and target the linkages and relationships of Al-Qaeda worldwide.

While the hearing held on Able Danger by the House Armed Services Strategic Forces and Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittees last February marked progress, the matter is far from resolved.

The Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD-IG) continues its investigation into allegations that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) impugned the career of LTC Shaffer shortly after coming forward to the 9/11 Commission and the American Public with information about Able Danger and its work. In the next week, I will be following up with the DOD-IG on the status of the investigation and where it is headed as well as the link analysis chart that has been discovered. I will be asking the IG about the chart, its origin and why it has not been made public.

Many of you have asked for more information about Able Danger. Despite the failure of the main stream media to keep you informed, many sources on the Internet, namely several blogs, have continued to provide valuable information about this important issue. You can find a multitude of updated news provided by these blogs here.

Thank you again for your ongoing interest. I will continue to keep you updated as this inquiry progresses.

Thank you,

Member of Congress 7th District of Pennsylvania

You can read Shaffer's February 15th statement here.



even though you hate it.

But truth does not conform to taste or etiquette.

I have a hunch that the bright light in the Siegel video and the bright light here

are connected. A bright light could well be a VISUAL GUIDANCE marker for the CGI-keying.

The more I read Marcus Icke's reasoning the more I feel stupid not to have looked at the weird UA175 butter-WTC impact myself.

I would like to read more by Marcus Icke, and hope he is not related to the other Icke..

When you saw the word

When you saw the word


did you feel the INTERNAL CENSOR giving you an electro shock?

Not even a little one?

The holy grail of PROPAGANDA is to cause this effect. Population control
is the name of the game.


I beg you then


check out the evidence of the
FAKE UA175 PHOTOS the fake film
and the impossibleness.

Take the aircraft engine found in the street of New York.

Was is still smoking? Not even a little bit? Going from red-hot-operation, to going-through-a- building (and who knows how many bodies of good americans) and then landing in the street...

Nice explosions? Shit yeah. "Made for TV?" nooohh.. just extreeemely clever arabs, oops, extremly clever remote-control operators who

not once, but TWICE?

Twice!! Like Hiroshia and Nagasaki.

Twice!! like "we can do that SFX again" .. but not too often, or we risk SFX-fatigue.

Trust me. Its not THAT WE ARE SO CLEVER to find out that 911 was the biggest SPOOK fuck-uk in history. It simply *was* the biggest murder-spook fuck-up in history.

The perps' only wish it that IF ONLY they could shut up ALL THE MEDIA.

But however lame the media is... thats NOT GOING TO HAPPEN (I know a little newspaper in Kalamazoo, and a LPFM station in San Rafael!, hehe)

u2r2h go to to

u2r2h go to to discuss, not here. You're off topic.

Ok, well some people want to

Ok, well some people want to talk about illuminati holograms and cgi fakery, I think it's prudent to bring the issue to Able Danger to the forefront. We should use every tool out there, and Able Danger and the EPA scandal seem like the only 9/11 coverups the media has been willing to legitimately cover.

yep, i got it too, i asked

yep, i got it too, i asked him why he ignores certain subjects when speaking about 9/11.(WTC7,put options among other things)

pockybot, I know that there


I know that there are some who feel that ABLE DANGER is not as billed.

Webster Tarpley is certainly one of them, he has mentioned a couple of times on his radio program that it is worse than a Red Herring, rather, AD was a control program.

However you slice it, it certainly seems like Shaffer got the short end of the stick.

I'm not holding my breath

I'm not holding my breath for anything to be revealed by Able Danger, except maybe a claim of incompetance, the need for more central control of intelligence matters and the public persecution of more little guys like Shaffer.

I held my breath hoping when:

No WMD were found in Iraq

The proof of torture at Guantonamo was graphicly revealed

the Downing Street memo was released

ect, ect. ect.

No more holding my breath,

I'm going to breath deeply and use that energy to fight for the Truth to be revealed.

OFF TOPIC ALERT. do not read


do not read this if you feel CGI planes is a distraction and endangers the health and beauty of the most valuable truth movement. You truthers are more important than even the french revolution and your uneducated and therfore unbiased guesses are worth more than the most thoughtful and LABORIOUS efforts of so-called analysing CGI fakery. Therefore you DO NOT NEED TO READ, nor do you need to respond, you have no obligation at all. Simply your presence and your throwaway comments are sufficiently revolutionary, proven by the fact that CGI fakery is as phoney as the official media, it might as well be the embedded media that unearths CGI fakery and the intellectual super-brains and their mathematics (one can interpret in a myriad ways! Mathematics is not the same truth!) This evil high-brow nonsense can simply be overcome by some well-felt and precise-round-about observation by the completely untrained eye. Peter Jackson's King Kong is an example how impossible it is to create convincing special effects. As to the untold damage that the CGI debate is doing to our most valuable truthers, especially now that our revolution is about to begin its unstoppable path to mainstream, this damage is so great that OFF TOPIC posting, at least, must be admonished and if not stopped, must be repressed.

therefore .. in the interest of a clean, honest and effective truth movement I COMMAND YOU TO IGNORE ANY AND EVERY POINT THAT IS MADE HERE:

Under no circumstances engage in a debate with these science-crazies and their mathematical methods of SUN ALTITUDE and resulting SHADOW ANGLE, their whacko modelling in computers, rendering of "realistic" lighting conditions and their BIZARRE assertions that the MEDIA broadcast aircraft displayed physically impossible properties and accomplished hologramme-like transparency.


They just want to fool you with their VIDEO fakery and PHOTO manipulation.


MUST NOT, I repeat MUST NOT be read.

Much less understood.

ONLY THE TRUE TRUTH will achieve the revolution.

THE evil CGI plane-fakers are destroying the fabric of the movement and we should smoke them out of their caves. There is an old poster out west... WANTED... NO-PLANERS ...

dead or alive.

u2r2h stop this shit.

u2r2h stop this shit.

i believe that i don't know

i believe that i don't know what happened but what happened isn't the official story . . therefor . . . we need a new investigation.

Apparently a Loose Change

Apparently a Loose Change director/film maker was on a Canadian Show called the hour with George Stromobol...???or something.

Getting Better and Better. Look up The Hour on the net and you will find.

Damm It. Those

Damm It. Those anti-semiticism and 'no-plane' theories didn't work!

There goes the bonus.

I hope that doesn't mean they'll release those compromising photos.......?

God knows I tried....
...their just not listening!!!

I should of gone back to college to get my teaching degree!

Even within the realm of

Even within the realm of scientific hypothesis and rigorous study, there are still permaters that when crossed over fly in the face od reason.

Given we clearly see fuselages in the streets of New York, plane parts of the streets of new york, a gillion and one home camcorder angles of the planes going into the WTC...saying it was all cgi truly is tantamount to those who say the holocaust is a hoax.

Please stop hijacking

Please stop hijacking threads with these off-topic posts. Please take it to YBBS.

Thank you.

saying it was all cgi truly

saying it was all cgi truly is tantamount to those who say the holocaust is a hoax.

Don't even go there Pockybot,

its a trap there's no getting out of.

Its all about divide and conquer,

not winning the debate.

Shut up with the no planes.

Shut up with the no planes. Fucking A.

So Dylan Avery was on CBC's

So Dylan Avery was on CBC's The Hour and did a good job with a very friendly George Strombolopoulos. They came across as a couple of young hipsters going over the issues concentrating mostly on the Pentagon video controversy. Strombolopoulos' question about what had become of the passengers and crew of the plane associated with the Pentagon events provided a distinct lack of clarity on the part of Avery and highlights the difficulties of being painted into this corner. Avery was at his best when broaching building 7, providing an effective sceptical framework from which to view this event. On the whole very good exposure for 911 truth north of the U.S. border. Well done Dylan Avery!

Dylan Avery on

Japanese video

Japanese video ANALYSIS