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boycott tell your friends about the censorship C&L uses:

[deleted - No 9/11 stuff, please.]

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neo | 05.17.06 - 10:25 am | #

[deleted - sound of wrist being gently slapped. No more 9/11 stuff, please. You've been asked nicely. - site monitor]

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tyree | 05.17.06 - 10:27 am | #

[that goes for everyone, no 9/11 stuff. Any more, and it will start being deleted. - site monitor]

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Kurt | Homepage | 05.17.06 - 10:19 am | #
do you really think a 747 can breal thru a reinforced 9 ft wall have even its wings fold back and the whole thing slide into a 16 ft hole disintergrate no luggage scattered no pieces of the plane no pieces of burnt seats no nothing ,sorry thats not possible!

[tyree, you're straying into forbidden airspace here. Please, no 9/11 stuff. - site monitor]

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tyree | 05.17.06 - 10:18 am | #

these guys here---v911t the

these guys here---v911t

the weight that their word carries is very great----these are the guys who can break through that fake msm cobweb to where even the grandmas and grandpas will listen

perhaps the strongest allies

Chris What thread is this


What thread is this being posted in? Are the comments blatantly OT? Are they overly abusive or insulting?

C&L is a good site and I've not often seen 9-11 comments censored there...

I think the C&L public is generally aware of 9-11 issues.

My gosh CrooksandLiars and

My gosh CrooksandLiars and Smirking Chimp are a disgrace.

Chris: Do you see why I criticize a lot of the liberal reporting...they claim to have thi sstrong hate for Bush and the neocons, yet censor ANY 9/11 related bit of news or posts. What's the difference between that and Republican blogs? At least Air America and RawStory are comign around.

Oh and did anyone read Jim Miklaszewski's Pentagon foreknowlege?

pocky, im right there

pocky, im right there fighting with you(saw some people attacking you at C&L by the way), but your comments in the past seemed to be attacking liberals in general and not the "liberal media" specifically.being a libertarian liberal(if thats possible,haha)that fights hard for this movement,i took offense to that. if i misunderstood you, thats my fault.

more C&L fun: Chris, this is

more C&L fun:

Chris, this is what happens to every site that grows to a certain size. They forget how they got popular in the first place and start to control their message. It happened at MyDD, then Dailykos, then democraticunderground, and now it's happening at C&L.

Mark my words, before the year is done we will have mandatory registration and the purging of moderate democrats will begin.

Site Monitor here: Hardly. There is one (just one) subject that the siteowner has said he does not want comments on. 9/11 Conspiracy theories. It would not have gotten to that point had the posters so insistent that it be covered be at all respectful to the siteowner, the site monitors and other posters, and had not so thoroughly hijacked every thread. The siteowner has the right to determine content of their blog and in this case, that one particular subject was too personal and those wishing to discuss it too abusive to allow it to continue. Luckily, the internet is a big thing and there are plenty of websites that do allow posts on that subject.
Paleo-democrat | Homepage | 05.18.06 - 7:44 pm | #
too personal? what an excuse.