Michael Wolsey on the Trevor Carey Show

Michael Wolsey of Colorado 911 Visibility Project was interviewed Tuesday night on the Trevor Carey Show. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but you can find the download link above.

OT Bowing to the Police


Bowing to the Police State
by Ray McGovern

these "antiwar only" people

these "antiwar only" people need to realize that the only way to end these wars and make a proud peace with the whole world is to ally themselves with the 911truth movement

I welcome almost everything

I welcome almost everything that puts stop to the PNAC crazies.

Here's a good McGovern quote:
"There are real doubts in my mind whether they [Cheney and Rumsfield] clue the president in on some very serious things, 9/11 for exampleÂ… a lot of bizarre stuff going on thereÂ… very troubling. What can be more telling than the fact that the president was unwilling to see the commissioners alone, he had to have Cheney with himÂ… that's not symbiosis, that's making sure we've got our stories straight."

Anti war, anti globalization

Anti war, anti globalization activists and all protestors need to join ranks with 9/11 Truth so we can come together and expose what's been going on. The Iraq war is only part of the puzzle. Never stop until we can change people's notion of 9/11 truth, and remove the "conspiracy stigma".

I like Trevor. I don't much

I like Trevor. I don't much like Michael. :)

When I see something that

When I see something that looks like a 757 hitting the Pentagon I will at that time make a judgement to it's credibilty. So far nothing even close. The goverment might do this or that, ya right.

hey Michael's the guy i

hey Michael's the guy i fixed the PPT file for. cool.

de plane, de plane, where's

de plane, de plane, where's de plane?