Randi Rhodes Has 9/11 Questions

Randi Rhodes has questions. Lots and lots of questions! Yesterday, she dedicated a significant part of her show examining the various anomalies surrounding the Pentagon hit, Hani Hanjour's wicked awesome flying skills, the lack of NORAD response and had several clips from recent media coverage.

She invited her listeners to take a hard look at the "5 frames" and assess what they saw. She spent a solid hour of Air America prime time radio raising the questions that so many of us have had.

Drop by her Message Board and say thanks!

Also, drop Paul Thompson a dime or two, I do believe that Randi relies on his incredible timeline quite a bit: Cooperative Research

Here is a temporary location for an MP3 of the show, sans commercials, I'll try to post a mirror later: Click to Listen

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I heard this segment

I heard this segment yesterday. It was pretty good. She even had a long time, loyal listener call in and say he is going to boycot her show for a week. It didn't seem to bother her one bit.

her message board is full of

her message board is full of talk. I just registered for it so I can throw my 2 pennies in, but I don't have permission to post yet.

You can download Randi's

You can download Randi's show here http://www.whiterosesociety.org/Rhodes.html I haven't had time to listen to it yet but will later today. I sure hope she is coming on-board with some 9/11 truth. She is a force to be reckoned with. Every time I have listened to her she would push the Osama myth and the bogus war on terror. Could be she is waking up? I sure hope so.

I heard the segment. It was

I heard the segment. It was great. I'm a Randi fan - she is speaking the truth the last couple months like no one else in commercial radio. On just about everything. However, I don't agree share her perspective about Democrats and the Democratic party. But as far as what the government is doing, the rise of fascism in America, corporate power, Katrina/N.O., and now questions about 9/11, she is right on the money.

Randi is way too smart not

Randi is way too smart not to be on our side (9/11 truth, that is). She's had Paul Thompson of CooperativeResearch.org on her show at least twice that I can recall -- and I don't listen often -- AND, his appearances on her show (that I caught) were over a year ago.

I bet that the vast majority of her listeners back her on this. Good riddance to that "long time listener" who can't handle the truth.

yeah, i used to listen to

yeah, i used to listen to Randis show when it was on around here, and she regularly brought up Paul Thompsons book and website. you could always tell she knew more about 9/11 that she was letting on. its good to see her still asking questions.Malloy must be having an impact on her.

"Anonymous for now" I agree

"Anonymous for now" I agree about how she still seems to hold out so much hope for the Democrats. One only has to look at the piece John Conyers wrote today to see how they're part of the problem, not the solution. http://tinyurl.com/lw5yb

Last week, she talked about the detention camps that a Halliburton subsidiary (KB&R) is building all around the country. She said "IT CAN HAPPEN HERE." She's well aware of the growing fascism and how extremely close to the edge this country is to a full-blown overt crackdown. More on the detention centers here in this piece by Paul Craig Roberts (near the bottom of the article): http://www.antiwar.com/roberts/

Lots of truthers call into

Lots of truthers call into Air America.

Sorry about the repost. I

Sorry about the repost.

I hate when I do that.

Chris might be right. I

Chris might be right. I notice Malloy always fills in for her when she is on vacation. I know they are good friends. I just wish she would get off the LIHOP bandwagon. I also agree with CK. The Democrats are part of the problem. We need to clean house.

Hey Reprehensor, send me an

Hey Reprehensor, send me an email, I'll set you up with an account at 911 Podcasts.

Think they receive any

Think they receive any threats from the FCC? I mean howard stern was just talking about sex...

Randi kind of brought me into the 9/11 truth fold over a year ago. She was talking about the wargames on 9/11 and also how the FAA destroyed the flight controller tape of what happened that morning. That really piqued my interest...

She's been getting out tidbits for quite a while. With a following like she has, I think she wants people to put the picture together themselves, which is laudable and rare in this media we have today.

Has she ever recommended Loose Change to anyone? She might be down to recommend EGLS to the people.

Drew M, In her newsletter

Drew M,

In her newsletter last month she had a little blurb about LC2E. She has definitely seen it.


email is on the way.

Interesting those two clips

Interesting those two clips Randi Rhodes used for her show.

And speaking of Paul

And speaking of Paul Thompson, he has a thread going over at Democratic Underground that is actually featured on DU's front page. I was AMAZED since DU has been marginalizing 9/11 truth and banning people for some time.


Lots of comments there about LIHOP and MIHOP -- so, DU gets a couple points for allowing this, I guess. I stopped posting there and even visiting DU over a year ago. Way too mainstream for me, in general.

DU sees whats happening.

DU sees whats happening. dont give them too much credit.

DU is run by parasitic

DU is run by parasitic traitors. I hope they hang with the rest of 'em.

Hey reprehensor, congrats on

Hey reprehensor, congrats on joining the 911 Blogger team. :)

The Randi segment was

The Randi segment was refreshingly... tremendous. : )

On the other hand, Thom

On the other hand, Thom Hartmann, also on Air America (and a local 3 hour morning show in the Portland OR metro area) says he is "agnostic" on the issue because he doesn't know enough. Start sending him the hard core info .... especially WTC 7 and Mineta info.

Thom Hartmann also recently

Thom Hartmann also recently published a new book on the JFK assassinatin, claiming it was definitely the Cubans who killed the President. No one in the government had anything to do with it, according to him.

Being a Liberal does not preculde being a corporate shill.

Randi bombastic show show!

Randi bombastic show show!

Mr. Hartmann probably needs

Mr. Hartmann probably needs some serious medical treatment!

Cubans could not alter the JFK motorcad/limousine route to the ambush zone, they could not call off the bodyguards from the car, they could not fake the autopsy, they could not appoint the Warren Commission, they could not scandalize Jim Garrison in the media when he got it all right in the late 60s, cubans could not put Zapruder film showing right front-Grassy knoll shots into Time-Life's vault for 13years, cubans could not put all the most sensitive documents under lock till 2040..

And the list goes on and on..

Mr. Hartmann probably needs

Mr. Hartmann probably needs some serious medical treatment!

Tono Stano | Homepage | 05.18.06 - 6:48 pm | #
If only it were as simple as getting these people medication.

We are perpetually under attack by a highly organized shill network, dedicated to keeping 9/11 under the radar for as long as it can be pulled off (which is not forever, mind you.)

We have unabashed 'Perception Management' agencies working, paid for with our tax dollars.

Check them out: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/8798997/the_man_who_sold_the_...

Cubans killed JFK huh? sorry

Cubans killed JFK huh? sorry Hartmann, thats bullshit,. the CIA's(and George H.W. Bush's) fingerprints are all over that one.

Get some original info on

Get some original info on this particular era from col. Prouty he was in the Pentagon at that time doing similar chilling stuff on foreign leaders..

Hi Guys ..I dont post often

Hi Guys ..I dont post often but I'm here everyday. Randi woke me up 2 years ago, about this time 04 she was talking about the difference between Payne Stewart/And FOUR hijacked Widebody's...BAMM!The lightbulb went on in my lame unaware cranium. Then she kept using the phrase "coverup" I've been aware ever since. She's got guts...And Malloy is the shit!

"Randi's got a gun...."

"Randi's got a gun...."

BTW... congratulations to

BTW... congratulations to reprehensor.

i just wanna say screw

i just wanna say screw whoever the forum mod is over at the Rhandi Rhodes show for not letting me use the username "911HijackerDotCom"

Chris is right about the JFK

Chris is right about the JFK assignation. Check this out. http://www.tarpley.net/bush8b.htm It was good to hear Randi finally coming around. She had me worried. Her 9/11 Pentagon show was excellent. In a way I felt sorry for the caller who said he was going to boycott her show for a week. Accepting 9/11 truth has a way of shattering ones belief system. It can be quite painful. My doctor put me on sedatives when I found out our so-called government was complicit in the attacks. The pain I felt the first few weeks has now turned to deep hatred. Closure will come..........when these traitors are tried and hung.

seriously maddog? sedatives?

seriously maddog? sedatives? thats heavy.how did you doctor react to you telling her about your feelings about 9/11?was he/she judgemental about it? i remember when i first found out about 9/11 truth, it was a pretty powerful experience. if this country never went to war with Iraq, i may have never woken up to 9/11 truth. that was one of the biggest mistakes the powers that be made. trying to link Iraq to 9/11.that caused a lot of people to look closer, and we all know when you look closer at 9/11, you come across some pretty shocking stuff.ever since then i have been obbsessed with this cause.i never pictured myself being an activist of any kind, because i never thought it could make any difference. now i dont care, i cant help but be a 9/11 truth activist.its who i am now.the government fucked up when they created us out of their lies.hahahahaha.oh, and thanks for the link maddog.

My doctor didn't say a word

My doctor didn't say a word but he did put me on seditives for a week. Like yourself the Iraq war woke me up. After we entered Baghdad and found no WMD's I became very suspicious. I hate being lied too. Obviously Bush was lying about the WMD's. I took it back to 9/11 since everything Bush does revolves around 9/11. I browsed the web and ran across "In Plane Site". That video blew my mind. I knew right then 9/11 was an inside job. It was like someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat. I didn't even know about Building #7 until I saw that video. I have been furious ever since. The anger and hatred I feel for these monsters scares even me. If I died tomorrow I would fight these scumbages from the grave. What amazes me is how easy it was for the government to con me with the official story. I saw through the JFK murder the day Jack Ruby killed Oswald. Why I didn't see through 9/11 sooner is probably one of the reasons why I am so angry. I am angry at myself that I was duped so easily.

I heard this segment and I

I heard this segment and I thought it was excellent. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but watching the video and talking about it with my husband (an aircraft mechanic) made for an evening of good discussion. Kudos to Randi for continuing to bring attention to the issue. I think the more people that listen to Randi the clearer the issues re: 9/11 will become to people who maybe didn't sit around and read the Commisssion Report, or aren't C-SPAN or cable news junkies. Love her!