Durango woman sues Herald for 9/11 cover up

This is only a small claims case for $7,500, but it is an interesting approach to 9/11 truth

A Durango woman issued a court summons to The Durango Herald, its publisher and its chairman on Thursday, demanding the newspaper compensate her for her attempt to uncover what she believes is a conspiracy to suppress the truth about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


Pfeif wrote in her petition, 'The defendants are guilty of complicity in covering up the truth about the 9/11 tragedy, thus making every one of them accomplices in the greatest crime of this century.'"

Truth for a Change: Here are

Truth for a Change:

Here are excerpts from a World Net Daily article:

WASHINGTON – Defense Department officials actually considered a terrorist scenario in which Islamic fundamentalist martyrs crashed planes into the otherwise impregnable Pentagon, but they ruled out countermeasures, such as anti-aircraft batteries and radar, as too costly and too dangerous to surrounding residential areas, a senior Pentagon official specializing in counterterrorism told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview.

Unlike the White House, the Pentagon has no anti-aircraft batteries to defend against attacks from the air.

"It's tough to defend such a big building," the Pentagon official said.


the man with the most ironic

the man with the most ironic name on this site(you know who he is) will be here shortly to bash this woman.

This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting approach to 9/11 truth.

It's pretty damn smart lol.

Hopefully she wins, should it actually go to court.

I love it. What a great

I love it. What a great idea. Unlikely to go anywhere, but she gets 1000 points for trying!

Has anyone else seen this

Has anyone else seen this article yet? Its pretty interesting but also quite disturbing in some parts. Highly recommended read especially for anyone concerned about a potential military strike against Iran


Iran's euro denominated oil bourse to open in march; US$ crash imminent
Jan 28 2006

A sample....

"....The most recent, and by far the most troubling, was an article in The American Conservative by intelligence analyst Philip Giraldi. His article, "In Case of Emergency, Nuke Iran," suggested the resurrection of active US military planning against Iran -- but with the shocking disclosure that in the event of another 9/11-type terrorist attack on US soil, Vice President Dick Cheney's office wants the Pentagon to be prepared to launch a potential tactical nuclear attack on Iran -- even if the Iranian government was not involved with any such terrorist attack against the US:

The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing -- that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack -- but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."

Pretty disturbing I think.

Rumsfeld Exploits 9/11 To

Pentagon hit by flying

Pentagon hit by flying grilled cheese sandwich, video frames show

Hey, where's that clip of

Hey, where's that clip of that wrc survivor who says him and the firefighters were told to shut up? Can someone post this as a .flv file please?

Does anybody know if the

Does anybody know if the White House and the Pentagon have anti-aircraft weapons for protection?

What a wasted grilled

What a wasted grilled cheese! I COULD have eaten it with some ketchup.

Anyways, on a lighter side, I'd like to point out that barometric bombs destroyed the two towers,

Also, I want all REAL seekers of the truth, and not MANAGERS of the pseudo-truth to REALIZE THIS:

90% of the truth movement "leaders" are merely controlled opposition like left gatekeepers. (Ashke-na-zions) or Ashke-Nazis


Think about it, if you committ a crime, you will control the leaks with your henchmen and your MEDIA. Who Owns the Media?? If you want to get away with crimes, pretend to be a crime fighter. they want to neutralize you, by providing a focal point to put your hopes and fears onto.

Basic psychology which removes each person's godlike power.

This formula is applied by people from Alex Jones (a preacher for NWO suckers) and GWB. Dont let them abuse your mind and the truth. They are PAID LIARS!!

If people with the power of the media aren't getting results, then THEY DON'T WANT RESULTS. They want only to paint themselves and their cult-like followers as lunatic fringies. DON'T LET THE 911 PERPS FRAME THE DISCUSSION. IGNORE TROLLS, IGNORE SHILLS, CONCENTRATE on PRODUCTIVE ACTION.

YOU COULD SACRIFICE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW, by GOING TO WASHINGTON, with a suitcase full of 911 truth commandments pamphlets. You might go to jail or get killed, but people would take notice. Especially if it happened simultaneously at EVERY STATE HOUSE at 9:11 AM. YOU HAVE THE POWER, BE THE MEDIA!! It would only take a few hundred truthers.

Honestly, this site could have been created for the same reason of protecting the real PTB, providing a nice and cozy place for doubters to complain about their gumint, without getting to the ROOT of the problem. (I REALLY HOPE NOT, since I love Jon Gold's persistance, dz's strength, George Washington's passion, and reprehensor's name.)

Yea, its just Bush and Cheney, once we get them out we'll be fine! Fuck no we won't! They are just puppets!

You people are trying to start a political movement- then get out there like this woman and swarm the public sphere with truth. Make this world a better place by exposing and stamping out evil. If you are a Christian it is your duty. If you have ethics it behooves you.

Otherwise you are just scared sheep hiding behind the lackeys of the forces who perped 911.

The internet alone will not save the truth. It can only be saved by getting IMPENETRABLE INFORMATION to the masses. Into their heads, into mainstream thought.

You have the chance to change history, by exposing the forces behind 911. YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SPEND YOUR LIFE BRINGING THE WORLD OUT OF THE SATANIC HANDS.

I'll give you a hint, these same Satanists who forced the Fed on America on Dec 23, 1913.
Find the owl (molech on the upper right corner of the $1 dollar- their talisman). Through the Washington Arch, Watch the sequence of towers falling from the $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 folder dollar bills. Find the star of david in the stars on the $1 bill, from haym solomon.

These people are more deceitful and powerful than you- this is evident.

Your strength lies in numbers and OBJECTIVE TRUTH (you outnumber them a million to one).

Make Powerpoint presentations to spread around the web.

Make Word Documents to spread across the ONE BILLION PEOPLE using the Internet.

Make one page PDF files to spread across the internet.

Make three minute audio files to spread around.

Make ONE MINUTE VIDEO compiliations to whet interest. stay wary of LOOSE CHANGE, AVERY just might be a controlled asset of the zionists, like Flocco, Thompson, and A-hole Jones.

You wouldn't eat a cereal bowl with 90% cereal and 10% feces. Don't eat their half-truths.

Be objective, critical, logical, reasonable, and clever. Provide solutions to the problems at hand.

Make everything understandable by a FIVE YEAR OLD. THE MASSES NEED easy to digest material.

That is how obvious 911 truth is.

Post One page fliers around at universities, with pertinent facts and REPUTABLE SITES and VIDEOS.

Dylan Avery- he is the ultimate shill- yes that's right, he is merely zionist henchman just like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Morgan Reynolds, and Charlie Sheen.

How can you offend my favorite truthers?!!
These people have been working for the truth since day ONE. BULLSHIT. They are just a laughing stock, a controlled opposition.

Start The 2nd (christian) American revolution against domestic and internat'l (zionist- talmudian) evil leaders.

They don't want anything than to bring down America. That was the goal of 911, to bring down America, bring it under martial law (with the next 911), and consolidate power for a world dictatorship centered in the middle east.

They Protect the capitalist perps of 911.
The families who haved owned the UNITED STATES CORPORATION since at least 1933. The same families who finance the modern royalty and all religions as a side show for the public.

The same people who Jefferson called more dangerous than standing armies.

The same families whose 2nd Central Bank Andrew Jackson defeated. "you are a pit of vipers" They tried to shoot him three separate times!!

The same Satanists who probably assassinated McKinley, Garfield, Kennedy, and Lincoln.

Money rules the world, and the Federal Reserve families print the money.

REACH UNIVERSITIES. Where I go to school, Ohio State, there is not one iota of 911 truth.

Be anonymous shadow truthers. BE THE MEDIA!
You can take the corrupt (satanist/zionist) media out, by exposing their lies.

Make a list of the 10 911 commandments.

Print out 100 pamphets with only 10 facts on it.
1. Free fall collapses
2. Dov Zakheim (pent controller) missing 2.3 trillion on 9/10/01
3. PNAC- list names
4. Norad standdown
5. WTC 7 wasn't hit by plane- FBI, SEC, CIA offices
6. Zionist won billions on newly bought building
7. Terror War = continuation of the DruG War
Both power tools from above
8. ??- Insert Your Ideas here
9. BENJAMIN FREEDMAN, the ex-zionist who came public about the zionist controllers
10. Solid links to youtube and google videos

11. Controlled Demo Inc. clean up
12. Destruction of Evidence
13. Marvin Bush- Stratesec security of WTC
14. Jeb Bush declared martial law on 9.7.2001
15. 9/11/91 - declared NWO
16. ISrael spy network
17. MOSSAD mexican parliament building
18. 9/11 = Pentagon anniversary

VIDEO VISUAL EVIDENCE can convince the masses. Shit, even appeal to Christianity- make them realize their civilization has been hijacked by money-printing talmudians.

Who Killed Jesus? The money changing pharisees.
Who killed 911? The money changing zionists.
the ones who pretend they are Jews, but are really from the synagogue of Satan.

Keep making those videos, bruce lee styles and other brave editors. The masses will respond to visual evidence and short soundbytes- as the TV has trained them.

Catapult 911 truth over and over, the masses need to hear it at least 10 times before they start to talk about it amongst themselves.

911 did not exist in a vacuum. the forces who perped it have survived for centuries, if not MILLENIA!

They print the money, cause problems, provide the reactions, and gain POWER MONEY PROFIT DOMINATION.

The catch 22 you are fucked either way:
This is how the elite work- the Hegelian dialectic.

Thesis AntiThesis Synthesis
Drugs, Drug War, More Power
911, Terror War, More Power
Panic of 1907, Federal Reserve, Ultimate Power

BREAK OUT of their mental chains, their left right paradigm, their governmental paradigm. The government is just the entertainment branch of capitalism. THEY PRINT THE MONEY AND CAUSE THE WARS to ALLOW THEIR BANKS to print money in more countries- IRAQ, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, CUBA- does that sound familiar?

It goes way beyond america, which is why webster tarpley is another spook- the terror was not MADE IN AMERICA. It happened in America, but the capitalist networks who caused it trace their satanic bloodlines back before Christ. They have owned the UNITED STATES Corporation since at least 1933, when FDR defaulted the public debts to the satanic families. THEY PRINT THE MONEY. THEY OWN THE FED AND IMF and the WORLD BANK. They are the money masters.

Through deception, they war. We are living in an information war. Take the power of liberating information to the people of America, in ULTRA EASY TO DIGEST FORM, and neutralize the capitalist/gumint propaganda.

May the power of goodness expose the evil forces, and stamp them out. I was pissed when this tragedy happened on my birthday, of 9/11/1984- and I will never rest until my country is saved from the evil leaders.

If you are wondering why I blame the zionists, it is because THEY Own the country, the federal reserve, the IMF, IRS, World Bank, and the Pentagon. By deception we shall war- MOSSAD.

I know you won't like to hear most of what I say, but after following 911 truth for four years. I cannot help but jolt some sense into the movement. It is pussy and stagnant. It is afraid to attack the real power, which is after all the perps of 911. Not some 19 cave dwelling box cutter wielding arabs (who happen to like cocaine and spend time on Jack abrahoff's casino SunCruise boats in florida.)

Remember what you are fighting for- the sanctity of human life, the people who died on 911 and in any STAGE-MANAGED War, for AMERICA, and for the whole world of loving beings.

Please DZ, let this post stand.
research Benjamin Freedman and the Rothschilds
"Give me the power to issue currency and I care not who makes the laws."

Controlling the 911 Message: