Slate Posts a Roundup of Coverage of New Pentagon Footage

The Pentagon Caper -

Conspiracy theorists haven't exactly been placated by the Defense Department's release of footage from two cameras that showed Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on Sept. 11. Also, Adam Nagourney's losing-is-the-new-winning strategy for the Dems is not widely seen as a muscular counterpoint to Karl Rove.

The Pentagon caper: Footage from two Pentagon security cameras, recording the terrorist attack on the facility on Sept. 11, was made public Tuesday by the Defense Department, which had withheld the material because of Zacarias Moussaoui's trial. Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, the legal activist group that sued for access to the video under the Freedom of Information Act, explained: "[W]e hope that this video will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving American Airlines Flight 77." Keep hoping.

This is a couple days old, but has been submitted a few times and overlooked - there is a grabbag of coverage in the article so be sure to check it out.

wing(tv)nuts >> But the

wing(tv)nuts >>

But the scenario that the most sensitive part of the operation like planting the explosives in WTC was outsourced to some small defence contractor team with no aligance to the US aka Izraeli blackop boys is the most realistic to me..

Funny though, that the wingtvnuts didn't mention this one..

I think it's quite similar to the JFK case, everyone wanted him down.

The domestic military industrial complex wanted it as much as the izraeli/pnac moles in the government for their middle eastern agenda..

It was a TEAM WORK!

And they wanted to get rid

And they wanted to get rid of the towers because of the asbestos headache. And it's massive insurance fraud. First the insurance companies take a big hit then they jack up rates and end up cleaning up. Of course. Remember how Buffett used to hype the coming nuclear terror?

Cui Bono.

Who benefits from a crime ?

Who has benefitted from this crime ?

Some sort of uber clique organizes such super scams. It draws together diverse interests, political, financial, etc.

As the scam goes into action its puppet, the president, is put aside to play with the other kids so as not to be in the way of the grownups at work.

"Angel is next." Look this up. This is the secret government of this one corporate party political system talking.

BBC NewsNight 5min segment

BBC NewsNight 5min segment on Pentagon impact footage Fitton v. von Kleist
(win video)

Tom Fitton is being sued by Judicial Watch founders and donors for fraud and his uni degree false statements:

Judicial Watch, which is according to own BBC reporting from
2003 involved in vicious witchhunt aimed at the most visible
anti Iraq invasion activists such as actor Danny Glover.

Accuracy in Media lobby another Fittons baby:

Obviously more updated info

Obviously more updated info about the FOIA legal proceedings in the case of the other 84 video records in FBIs vault is here:

Does Israeli Lobby Control

too bad Slate includes this

too bad Slate includes this in the article:

Read more about the Pentagon video. Watch it here. Also, in March 2005, Popular Mechanics ran this article debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories. Here's a thorough debunking of the Pentagon conspiracy theories.

that goddamn PM propaganda strikes again.

Thanks Tony, Copied From

Thanks Tony,

Copied From 5/17/6

here is the reason behind the timing, and the reason why the DOJ released the latest video (and is withholding the other 84): in our original FOIA request we asked for recordings of the IMPACT of flight 77. the DOJ replied that they had only 1 video responsive to our original request and that was the video they just released; the only recording of the impact. they released this video now due to the may 26th deadline our judge gave to the DOJ. it had nothing to do with any outstanding action by judicial watch. (judicial watch's FOIA lawsuit was filed a full year after we filed our suit. it was a piggie-back lawsuit in anticipation of the resolution of our lawsuit - intended to gain media attention.)

the only reason the other 84 recordings are being withheld is because we were too specific with the term impact in our original FOIA. the other recordings simply don't show the impact. it's not a conspiracy thing as judicial watch is suggesting. it was our lawsuit that revealed the other recordings, and now to get them we have a second FOIA request.

i was listening to an interview with the head of judicial watch and the guy is bewildered why the other recordings haven't been released. he doesn't know why because he hasn't read the full documentation on which he's piggie-backing. instead he's making it sound like a deeper conspiracy.

if judicial watch didn't fling their legs open to the media wearing a dress of limited understanding of what was being released and why - we would have been able to explain these details to everyone in the beginning.

Does Israeli Lobby Control

Does Israeli Lobby Control 9-11 Truth Movement? todaysshow...83c724223536df8
road66 | 05.19.06 - 7:02 pm | #
they control congress, i dont see why not.i just listened to the first minute of WIngTV. what a couple of sorry to anyone out there that likes Victor Thorn, but the guy sounds like a douche of the highest order. just listen to the first minute or 2 to get the picture. he bashed Alex Jones and Jeff Rense in the first 2 minutes.i swear thats all WingTv does is rip people. 77 maybe? 77 maybe?

Jeremy Hecht article at FTW

Jeremy Hecht article at FTW today re the pentagan tape,

Basically says FTW/Ruppert had it right all along not wanting to focus on physical evidence and related theories.

Arguing about the physical evidence not only divides and exhausts the truth movement, it also links the very question of 9/11 truth to the most vulnerable hypotheses suggested in answer. Why? Because in our War McNews culture, the public’s attention is caught by the more shocking, more absurd, more simplistic stories—no plane hit the Pentagon, no planes hit the towers, holograms, pods, King Kong—whereas only a few literate men and women will take the time to read a lengthy investigation of exactly who did what and when.

"Does Israeli Lobby Control

"Does Israeli Lobby Control 9-11 Truth Movement? todaysshow...83c724223536df8"

This was the biggest b.s. show I've ever heard.

Nothing changes.

Nothing changes.

oh those wing(tv)nuts are

oh those wing(tv)nuts are really a riot

it's a comedy, right?

i dont know how people

i dont know how people tolerate those 2 WIngTV assholes. they talk about how they are the "bastard stepchildren of the 9/11 truth movement".is that because nobody can tolerate listening to them?

Israel controls the US.

Israel controls the US. Politics, finance, Wall Street, mass media, Hollywood - the works.

The idea that it controls the US 911 truth movement is exactly far-fetched. Victor and Lisa have an argument. You should identify that argument instead of attacking them.

Sorry, read: The idea that


read: The idea that it controls the US 911 truth movement is NOT exactly far-fetched. :)

It may well be the final

It may well be the final piece in place to wrap up the case.

It has been proven long ago that the official story is a pack of lies.

People can argue forever about the details of this but what is most important is to take the criminals out of circulation. Of course scores of people will be executed and of course scores of others will lose all credibility including the mass media and of course they will all be worrying about their behinds in jail - but shit happens.

Tono Stano, great post at

Tono Stano, great post at top of the thread! Must read. Please keep posting more like this.

The idea that it controls

The idea that it controls the US 911 truth movement is exactly far-fetched. Victor and Lisa have an argument. You should identify that argument instead of attacking them.
Gangster | 05.20.06 - 9:39 am | #
look what i said above. i said its likely. that doesnt change the fact that WINGTV are a bunch of jealous assholes that continually attack Alex Jones and various others in the 9/11 truth movement. im sorry, but just listen to the first 2 minutes of this broadcast and tell me Victor and Lisa are not annoying as all hell.

i know it sounds

i know it sounds hypocritical, me attacking WINGTV for attacking others, but seriously, i never bash anyone whos trying to get to the bottom of 9/11. these are the only ones i have ever had a real problem with and spoken up about.i just plain dont like them.

"The idea that it controls

"The idea that it controls the US 911 truth movement is NOT exactly far-fetched."

Gangster... The Israeli Lobby, to the best of MY knowledge, does not control the 9/11 Truth Movement.

A lot of those people that they listed are associates of mine who have talked about Israel's role in U.S. Politics, and possible role in 9/11 SEVERAL times with me.

They do not "ignore" the issue as they stated. In other words, everything they said was bullshit.

Anonymous> Thanks! I'm just


Thanks! I'm just amazed that a crook, which is likely to end up in jail for fraud in that ngo goes on national TV claiming his ligitaton brought the footage from FBI and the media didn't make one fucking google search to realize that the reason why they released it was the superb work by legal challange to the FBI and DOJ not that piggybacked moron from Judicial Watch..

Just unbelievable..

And it gets better than

And it gets better than that.
The Judicial Watch even in the pre Fitton/Karl Rove era of 1990s had donors linked to know CIA fronts for various propaganda disemination tasks..

details, names, figures here:

Neocon Scaife and the Nose

Neocon Scaife and the Nose Cone Blob of Flight 77

(this link is inside the previous forum among other stuff)

Jon, I see you and perhaps

Jon, I see you and perhaps it's unfair to say that those people have totally ignored Israel and its US lobby.

We both know that the official story of 9/11 has been totally taken apart long ago. The 9/11 commission report where both political parties rubber stamp the offical story is a half baked farce to say the least.

The affair won´t get anywhere until congress and the mass media start dealing with it in an intelligent manner and demand answers from the administration. But all three are controlled by zionists and Israel. So this is a huge dilemma.

Victor and Lisa are trying to provoke a debate on this, that's how I see it.

We can´t run in place with 9/11. Then it will end up like JFK and other major scams and we will get even more of that looking forward. We have to focus on new angles.

Zionists and their

Zionists and their bankers.

Towers are clear. They were demolished. WTC-7 was demolished.

It's extremely unlikely that the 757 hit the Pentagon. The govt. can't substantiate their story and neither congress nor the mass media has any problems with that. So that's stuck.

The Pennsylvania plane was shot down.

It's all lies, lies, lies. And the more they are exposed the more frantically the mass media covers for the lies.

Who has the power to control the US mass media in this extremely tight manner? Very powerful people obviously. They muzzle the freaking US congress for chrissakes.

It's time to focus on them.

It's time to identify the perpetrators.

It's the perfect scam

It's the perfect scam folks.

You can´t criticize Israel and the neocons because of the jewish stigmata. If you do, the zionist controlled mass media will demonize you as antisemitic and even worse as a holocaust denier. These are THOUGHT-STOPPERS. Brain washing techniques.

So, Israel walks in and out of US intelligence for decades and in effect controls America. They set up any scams they like and still do.

CIA-Pakistani intelligence-al Queida-the Taliban-Mossad - check the history.

Those Mossad operatives

Those Mossad operatives filming the attacks on 9/11 were a dead giveaway. Press there. Press for real answers.

Oh that was real? I though

Oh that was real? I though that was an SNL parody of Wing TV.

I'm sorry to say this, but about half of the 9/11 Truth Sites are there to cause controversy and prevent any real leadership from taking hold or opinion coagulating.

am i bann??? im only in here

am i bann???

im only in here through my history...