9/11 Pentagon 'Plane' Footage 'Missiles' the Point

Answer: Because Cheney let the object into Pentagon airspace. See Norman Minetta's testimony here: http://www.911podcasts.com/display.php?vid=70


The Pentagon is the most heavily guarded building in the world. It has detectors that go off when an unauthorized airplane enters its airspace. It also has missiles poised to strike at these planes.

So, if the official theory is true, what was an unauthorized 757 Boeing plane doing in Pentagon space? No missiles were reputed to have gone off. That means the defensive mechanisms were defective on September 11th (what a coincidence!) or someone stood down the Pentagon. Al-Qaeda certainly could not do that. However you slice it, the official theory makes no sense.

And, how did these alleged terrorists learn to fly a plane so low? There is no evidence they ever received that kind of training. Again, the official theory falters.

Lastly, why won't the FBI turn over videotapes created by a gas station across the street and a nearby Sheraton? They confiscated these tapes on 9/11 and have never made them public. Now that the Moussaoui trial is over, they have no excuse to hold on to them.

Instead of focusing upon a picture that speaks a thousand questions, we need to ask the questions of authorities. We need to demand a real investigation of the whole 9/11 event that would answer these questions. Then we can start building a government that tells the truth to its people and would never dream of killing them.

Thanks to Erik for this submission.