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9/11 images prove the US was behind the attacks - 7days.ae

Releasing images of explosions at the Pentagon was a desparate measure: compared to US Army photographs of the incident site - without a trace of any "Boeing 757" - they are, obviously, an own goal - in spades.

More importantly, the images will not distract the intelligent observer from the fact that on 9/11 three multi-story buildings in New York city perfectly-vertically-imploded. Two had been hit by aircraft which could have only caused very localised damage and Building 7 was not hit by anything other than, possibly, a seagull.

The 80-minute film Loose Change is scheduled to be shown by Michael Meacher MP, in the UK Houses of Parliament on June 14. If our highly-paid representatives show up and act accordingly on the information in the film, the process of exposing the most heinous act in internal US political history can be accelerated.

Pat Rattigan

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I love that last paragraph

I love that last paragraph UK