The Impossible, Improbable, and Implausible of 9/11

9/11: the impossible, the improbable, the implausible - Building a Pyramid

September 11, 2001. The day the world changed. Or so we are told.

We are also told the events of that day had been subject of several extensive official investigations. There are documents that have been produced as the result of those investigations - namely, the 9/11 Commission Report and an assorted collection of government-commissioned studies. We will refer to the version of events parlayed in the Report as the official version. The following is a partial list of problems found in that version of the events of 9/11.

The items on this list labeled "impossible" are claims laid in the official theory that can not be reconciled with general scientific knowledge. It must be noted that the laws of nature are not absolute and there is some theoretical probability of absolutely any event occuring. Yet some events, such as a boulder leaving the ground and floating through the air on its own, are so unlikely as to be considered impossible. The reason we say they are impossible is that they violate what has come to be known as basic laws of science. In this discussion that determines what we shall refer to as "impossible".

The term "improbable" shall refer to what is theoretically possible but unlikely to occur. Some may say unlikely enough not to be considered a realistic scenario.

The term "implausible" shall refer to what is also theoretically possible but does not conform to expected patterns of human behaviour.
Please note that the list offered in this article is by no means complete or exhaustive. Can you reconcile these anomalies with the official version of the events of 9/11? Many experts have tried and failed. It must be noted that failure to explain the "impossible" claims alone must ineascapably lead one to the conclusion that the official story is a sham, likely designed to cover up the real story.

Let me reiterate it. You've got to either demonstrate - to yourself and preferably others - that the impossible and highly improbable events suggested by the official explaination of the events of 9/11 are somehow possible or to accept that the official explaination of what happened does not hold water. In case it is the latter your choice fundamentally is whether to accept this reality as inevitable or join those who demand a real investigation of 9/11. That choice is yours, and yours alone.

This is a nice little article, so be sure to check it out - and share it!

I like what I've read so far

I like what I've read so far -- but, dz, the link doesn't go to the article. Can you please fix that? Thanks!

what he said!

what he said!

REQUEST Could someone please


Could someone please host the 51meg


1400 people have already downloaded it

Its encoded with the SUPERIOR CODEC RealMedia10 and looks nice EVEN AT 50MEGS. Whats more IT STREAMS at 10kB per second WITHOUT interruption.

51000kB/5200 seconds =9.8kB/sec

That means it can EVEN BE WATCHED on the slowest internet connection.... Even MODEM USERS can watch it (with a few pauses).

Its SMALL!!! We could LINK to it!!

Whats The Truth - How Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse is the most convincing video I can imagine!

It is a god-sent. People MUST SEE IT. ANYONE could become a whistleblower or an activist or at least stops being so gullible. This video is wonderful in that it has due silence and people engage their brains and it is hardly controversial... it sooo right in this moment.

u2r2h, I am uploading a new


I am uploading a new version of that video now with some fixed punctuation.. did you create the .rmvb file? can you make a new one with the new file that we can host?

ugh, sorry about the bad

ugh, sorry about the bad link in the post, just fixed it.


Yes, I made it. Yes I could,

Yes, I made it.

Yes I could, but I wont do it for just fixing punctuation or minor snafus.

Maybe, though. I was thinking that it may be possible to get it even smaller.. I am aiming at 32kbit all up. The WRITING won't be legible anymore, though. So, if you make a version where the writing uses ARIAL NARROW (maybe -bold).. then I will.

Impeach Bush: How to do

Impeach Bush: How to do it:

It is critical to get this information out as widely and as quickly as possible.

u2r2h, i am downloading that


i am downloading that .rmvb file now.. ill put it up on 911podcasts and post a link here, and get sbg to update the podcast page..

i just got done uploading the new version for the next time you encode it if you do.. it is the .wmv that is on 9/11 podcasts right now - same name.. i am uploading the fixed mp4 now too..

if you have suggestions for dem bruce lee styles on the characters being changed to stay legible at lower quality let him know and maybe he can do it.. dunno.

Yaknow the more I think

Yaknow the more I think about how they exercizes on 911 were suppsoed to confuse the issue. Seems like it should have made it easier to deal with it. Sorta like someone throwing a rock at you when you're in the middle of target practice with your ak47.

I think we're forgetting

I think we're forgetting ANOTHER big push for 9/11 Truth, and one that will get MANY to stand shoulder to shoulder with us:

The growing ground zero air quality epidemic that is killing people, and giving 85% of people in that area respiratory problems, and 45% mental problems.

Bush said the "air was safe", but the fact is the neocons FORCED the EPA to lie:

Now people are dying. I bet crooksandliars, and the leftgatekeepers won't even pick up on this story. Anything that casts a shadowy light on the government and 9/11 is bad in the mind of a lot of republican and democrat sites.

ground zeor rescue worker

ground zeor rescue worker says they were prevented from doing their job, prevented from being protected, and adds more credence to the possibility of a thermo nuke bringing the towers down:

An example of blackops use

An example of blackops use of a signifant dummy "terrorist" similar to the Osama bin Laden charade would be MI5 and British army intellegence use for twenty years of Sam Donaldson, the reputed Northern Ireland IRA bomber and ex-cellmate of British Member of Parlement Bobby Sands(Sands subsequently died of hunger strike in nortorious H-Block prision). Donaldson was thought by all to be the real Ira deal except by his British handlers. So Who was really running the show behind the scenes at least partly. Which bombs were set off by whom. Omagh? Recently Donaldson(past year) was the main figure in a IRA spying scandal where "sensitive" Unionist(British) documents were found(read Planted)in his office. There was great outrage and Good Friday accords were frozen and N.I Stornmont assembly was cancelled.In short the british services brought down the duly elected N.I. Government. Unfortunately for the instigators Donaldson was outed as a British spy and the plot exposed. Donaldson was found months later blown away by blasts from a shotgun. It is not known who the killers were.........

Regarding Pockybots post

Regarding Pockybots post suggesting aliances between different severely affected 9/11 parties ____________________-Maybe shareholders or board of directors of the insurance companies affected by the multi-billion wtc insurance fraud could be identified and contacted with a devastating account of what really happened. Money has a way of motivating some people. Has this been done already?

WRT insurance, a quick

WRT insurance, a quick google brought this up:

Come to think of it I'm sure

Come to think of it I'm sure I read somewhere that Silverstien is freaking because no payments are coming in from the Swiss company and he can't start the beautiful new tower development. Can anybody confirm this.

Thanks TenthNazgul --

Thanks TenthNazgul -- writing post when you responded with the goods.

What company insured wtc 7?

What company insured wtc 7?

Just wondering.... Has

Just wondering.... Has anyone seen this video? Its not very good quality but it does show some of the flashes/explosions as the building comes down. I have seen other footage of the flashes but not from this angle.

Kceguy, Yeah there is really


Yeah there is really no way that a gravity driven collapse could account for that, given that the floors and debris were "falling". Those windows explode faster than they would if freefall debris would reach them.

I would think it hard to believe that pancaking floors would only force shit out two small holes before the higher part of the building completely disintegrated...

I think that makes sense... anyway those videos are very suspicious.

Years ago there was a very

Years ago there was a very effective grassroots movement against global neoliberalism. It completely threw global elites for a loop. The whole thing turned out to be a house of cards. I think that what happened was, the global elites were thrown into a total panic. They thought that they had achieved complete consensus and hegemony internationally, but it crumpled immediately. Normally, when global elites panic, the first thing that they want to do is start a war. It doesnÂ’t really matter who the war is with, it just creates new opportunities for them, especially in repressing dissent. They had actually been trying to find an enemy for some years that would justify wartime mobilization and finally Osama bin Laden seems to have obliged them.

It enabled them to create a climate where more of these measures are against us than they are against terrorists. The people who are posing much more of a direct challenge to the rule of global capital are not the people who want to reestablish the medieval Caliphate in part of the world. The people who are really posing a direct challenge to global capital are the people who are actually trying to abolish global capital. The problem was that those people were doing it nonviolently, so it became difficult to justify war mobilization and a suppression of rights. This gave them the opportunity that they wanted.

I just had a thought. The

I just had a thought.

The FACT that the perps are still free is frightening.

The fact that it is frightening is INTENTIONAL.

There are people who are VERY INTERESTED in rule by fear, and they let the perps alone.

These people are VERY afraid of GLOBAL ANARCHIST MOVEMENTS.

Remember that London 7/7 was done when ENGLAND almost forced the SUMMIT to cancel the debt?

More info on the insusurance

More info on the insusurance companies that Silverstein defrauded from forbes magazine " contracts with 22 insurers, the court largely upheld the insurers' claim that Silverstein itself advocated a definition that would preclude its theory that the attack on the buildings should be considered two "occurrences" allowing for two separate insurance claims. The decision leaves in doubt Silverstein's financial ability to rebuild the Ground Zero site. (See: Trade Center Financing On Shaky Ground.)

The 62-page ruling was written by Chief John M. Walker, a relative of President Geroge W. Bush, who was appointed by President Reagan and promoted to the appeals court by the first President Bush. It rejects the claim that most of the insurers, including Swiss Re (otc: SWCEY - news - people ), which brought the initial lawsuit a month after the attacks, could be bound by a form they'd neither signed, nor necessarily seen. As a result, some insurers will be bound by the form advocated by Willis Group Holdings (nyse: WSH - news - people ), Silverstein's insurance broker. That form, the court ruled, necessarily limits Silverstein to one occurrence and, therefore, one recovery.

Other insurers, including Hartford Financial Services (nyse: HIG - news - people ), Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance (nyse: RSA - news - people ) and St. Paul Cos. (nyse: SPC - news - people ), will go to trial with the question for the jury being the interpretation on other forms that the appeals "

I'm involved in setting up a

I'm involved in setting up a new website,, and I invite all of you to help.

Check it out and let me know, particularly, if you or anyone you know would be interested in helping out with the photo project.

The new zogby poll will be a great fir st content item for the site.

The vision is to have a site that looks at 9-11 from a level-headed, open-minded viewpoint. A site you could send your proverbial Republican father-in-law to. A site for anyone who is 9-11 curious even in the least. That's the niche we'll be targeting.

It will be heavy on design and Americana imagery to convey the patriotism inherent in holding your government accountable for its actions and for transparency. It will honestly look at the facts and figures of 9-11 from an even-handed standpoint. We don't seek to be right, or to have everyone agree with us; we seek the truth.

So Silverstein changed his

So Silverstein changed his mind after the attacks and tried to get 7 billion instead of the 3.5 billion set out in the original scaming. This is one greedy person. Note the judge in this massive WTC insurance lawsuit, John M. Walker is related to G.W. Bush and was appointed to the appeals court by his father.....

Tue., May 23, 2006 The

Tue., May 23, 2006

The Piper Report
Host: Michael Collins Piper

Guest: Christopher Bolyn with the American Free Press.

Hey all, Regarding the

Hey all,

Regarding the insurance...
I wonder if we can contact anyone in their fraud dept. and give them some information. I'm certain they'd like to fry these monsters.

Hey all, I just posted the

Hey all, I just posted the detailed events page for the Chicago Conference ... beter late than never ;)

The insurance companies have

The insurance companies have cleaned up after 9/11.

First they took a big hit, then they jacked up rates. Typical.

The new Osama tape is

The new Osama tape is turning the hijacker cover-story into a soap opera TV series: Every few weeks a new episode. Next up will be the alleged mastermind in court, telling of a stunning plan to hijack a B-52 nuclear bomber, and it hits top on all the headlines.

The only problem is this lack of any new Osama VIDEO. Why only audio?

Can't believe it took me 3

Can't believe it took me 3 years to discover this blog. Yachtzee, this one is bookmarked.


Thanks, TenthNazgul, for

Thanks, TenthNazgul, for that link... I love to see lights of truth appear, as with this "small stockholder" taking a stand.

The key phrase in the article to me is "How can an insurer take such an extreme case simply and casually as business as usual?" That's what I've been wondering for years. If the insurance company, Allianz, woke-up and refused, or at the very least, delayed the claim request, it could be the beginning of the "Great Unraveling" of the 911 deceit.

DZ - thank you for the link

DZ - thank you for the link to the "911 Improbable" article. I left a comment of support for the author - it would be great if more of us did the same - S. King has already dumped on it.

"Can't believe it took me 3

"Can't believe it took me 3 years to discover this blog. Yachtzee, this one is bookmarked."

Welcome. Be sure to let others know about it. I bathroom blog by taping url's and messages in stalls.

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