Osama Bin Distractin

The day after the first national poll showed that 70 million Americans support a new 9/11 investigation, and 55% of Americans disapprove of the way in which the media has covered questions surrounding 9/11, what does the mainstream media do?

They covered the poll, and apologized for their terrible coverage of the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job or allowed to happen on purpose! Finally, it only took them 4 and a half years, but they've finally started reporting the truth!

Uh ... no. Instead, all of the major networks are ignoring the poll and instead running a story about how Osama directed 9/11. Specifically, the top story at all of the MSM websites is something like "Osama bin Laden says Zacarias Moussaoui had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorists attacks", that Osama directed the 19 hijackers on exactly what to do, and crazy old Moussaoui wasn't one of them.

How convenient of Osama to distract attention away from the poll. What a helpful chap. It doesn't matter that the Osama videos about 9/11 are fake, or that he might be dead.


Don't look at the man behind the curtain, folks.

Osama Bin Distractin, once again."

Here's the original article.

Osama is hanging out with

Osama is hanging out with Manuel Noriega at the company beach house. General Somosa is expected early tomorrow morning for breakfast.

After breakfast they are going to travel by chopper to Kennebunkport and go fishing witht the old man.

Jeb can't make it cause he is trying to get Walley's Lear Jet out of hock from the DEA.

Its a busy life at Bushco

I just said this in the

I just said this in the other thread.

"I wouldn't be surprised if this tape was released because of the Zogby poll..."

those islamic dudes are just

those islamic dudes are just crazy about jewelry!

The zogby poll, the poor

The zogby poll, the poor reaction to the 'discisive' pentagon footage.

This has got psyop written all over it.

I was under the impression

I was under the impression that OBL fully denied any involvement in 9/11 on the 16-Sep-2001.

Where he had always previously accepted responsibility when involved...

In a statement issued to the Arabic satellite channel Al Jazeera, based in Qatar, bin Laden said, "The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it.

"I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons" bin Laden's statement said.

"I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leaders' rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations" bin Laden said.

Full Article : http://archives.cnn.com/2001/US/09/16/inv.binladen.denial/index.html

The PNAC mob's continual use of OBL is becoming a tiresome cliché. What is annoying is the amount of credibility given to the supposed confession tape, luckily and conveneniently discovered in a house in Afghanistan...

Makes me wanna puke...


It's lines like these that

It's lines like these that kill me:

"Two counterterrorism officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said U.S. intelligence is aware of the bin Laden message. One of the officials said there is no reason to doubt its authenticity."

NO REASON TO DOUBT?!!! It literally could be ANYONE. Great to know our counterterrorism officials are so diligent.

Can Zogby run a poll where

Can Zogby run a poll where they show a real picture of a slender Osama dying of kidney failure and compare it with the jewelry wearing, right-handed, chubby faced Osama? Ask the participants if it is the same person, or not?

Has anyone ever read Osama's original statement saying that he had no involvement?

Has anyone read in any of

Has anyone read in any of the news reports what language is heard on the new OBL tape?

The statement where he

The statement where he denied involvement was read on the news either on 9/11 or the day after. The same goes for the reports of secondary explosions. Then, magically, all mention of these important items vanished. What a crock. It's almost like the media acted on instinct for a brief moment until they realized things smelled fishy, then they clammed up.

Great article GW! This

Great article GW! This latest piece of bullshit from Goldstein is the most BLATANT AS FU*K propaganda I've seen them pull yet. Are the mainstream news channels reporting the recent Zogby poll? No their parroting the reactionary bullshit fed to them in what appears to be a shamelessly obvious counter. BULLSHIT! If there was any shadow of a doubt before that there wasn’t an active cover-up taking place, this now annihilates that already all but nonexistent benefit of the doubt. BULLSHITERS!! The BBC’s Newsnight managed to squeeze in not just the latest voice synthesizing, but a Cannes interview with Paul Greengrass about his piece of bullshit. And to cap it of after the interview, they went to their next segment which involved the reminding of “the horrors of 9/11” including almost every breaking news report broadcast, coupled with classic “menacing music”.

In fact, this has got me so pissed I'm going to try and make a quick movie showing the poll, and then the bullshit that's followed lol.

Could these guys be anymore

Could these guys be anymore obvious when they play the Osama card.

how about some silver

how about some silver lining? every fake Osama tape they put out is one more piece of evidence for the Hague.

Jon Gold, just to let you

Jon Gold, just to let you know, C&L just scrubbed your innocuous 9/11 comments.un-fucking-believeable.those censors are irrational as hell over there.

FYI in terms of timing, the

FYI in terms of timing, the story first broke on Reuters as a flash bulletin at 4:28 pm Eastern, several hours after the Raw Story and WorldNet stories on the Zogby poll appeared on the web.

and PA Lady told you to shut

and PA Lady told you to shut up. hahahaha. shes a C&L groupie, whenever i would bring up 9/11, and ask why John from C&L wouldnt cover it, she would always be the first to jump to his defense. poor girl.

Think the new osama tape is

Think the new osama tape is a video? I did. But it is in fact just a 5 minuite audio tape.



Egypt -- Osama bin Laden purportedly said in an *audio tape* Tuesday that Zacarias Moussaoui - the only person convicted in the U.S. for the Sept. 11 attacks - had nothing to do with the operation.
The audio message, which is less than five minutes long, was transmitted with a still photo of bin Laden.


Could this just be an outright lie?

Osama's statements weren't

Osama's statements weren't aired on mainstream TV after 9/11 because they might have contained "CODE" to his followers...

What's sad is that this is the REAL WORLD, not some TV show like 24.

Playing bits on CNN right

Playing bits on CNN right now, language is arabic (duh)

And as stated above, the US

And as stated above, the US are sying theres no reason to doubt the authenticity????

"CAIRO, Egypt A U-S intelligence official says there's no reason to doubt an Internet audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden that says Zacarias Moussaoui had nothing to do with Nine-Eleven."



Isnt that kind of important? This is absolute bullshit!

I guess the media thinks

I guess the media thinks they've been complicit in the cover up for too long to turn back now.

jamie macintire looked

jamie macintire looked sickly nervous reversing his story on CNN.

bushco plays hard ball. if you don't play then they micro wave your ass.

absolutely Andy. if they

absolutely Andy. if they turn back now, that means they would have to admit being complicit in the deaths of 3000 american citizens. that will NEVER happen.there is no turning back for the corporate sock puppets.

Ok, so... yesterday 45% of

Ok, so... yesterday 45% of America said they suspected that the Government, "consciously allowed or helped facilitate their (the 9/11 attacks) success", and today, Osama Bin Laden tells us that can't be, "because I was responsible for entrusting the 19 brothers -- Allah have mercy upon them -- with those raids." That seems AWFULLY convenient to me.

Its fucking bullshit guys -

Its fucking bullshit guys - all the have is a five minitue recording, and theyre refusing to validate it a bin laden.

Course, none of the news reports will play up that its not a video.

On bbc, they put a moving image of bin laden with arabic subtitles while announcing 'new bin laden tape says zacerias ....blah blah blah'

the only purpose of this is to drill that image - Bin laden climing responsabilty - into the mind of the viewer.

I have never seen MSM complicity as blatant and obvious.


As Ray McGovern said to

As Ray McGovern said to Donald Rumsfeld, "We're not idiots".

yeah,its obvious to us, but

yeah,its obvious to us, but sadly, i have already seen people using this to "refute" what i say about 9/11.its scary how gullible some people are.



Alex Jones just ran with

MSM covers the reopening of

MSM covers the reopening of WTC 7 but not the Zogby poll. The new WTC 7 had a grand re-opening event with someone singing "God Bless America" and school children present. Wow, really milking the emotional American Pride bit, but they won't speak of how WTC 7 fell in the first place. So agrevating!!!!!!

God damn you, Karl Rove.

God damn you, Karl Rove.

Maybe when the 2006 election

Maybe when the 2006 election is stolen the people will come around?

"MSM covers the reopening of

"MSM covers the reopening of WTC 7 but not the Zogby poll. The new WTC 7 had a grand re-opening event with someone singing "God Bless America" and school children present. Wow, really milking the emotional American Pride bit, but they won't speak of how WTC 7 fell in the first place. So aggrevating!!!!!!"


Jon, thanks, I added two of

Jon, thanks, I added two of your links at the GW website version.

"Maybe when the 2006

"Maybe when the 2006 election is stolen the people will come around?"

People don't know what the TV doesn't tell them.

I read somewhere where the

I read somewhere where the CIA or FBI call the media "the mighty Wurlitzer". When they need to they just crank up the volume and let it do it's work. The " Mighty Wurlitzer" is in full song.

"God damn you, Karl

"God damn you, Karl Rove."

She told me this morning she's working on it.

But she wants to give the American political and legal system first dibs.

She's got all the time in the world; there's a special place she's set aside just for him and his allies.

While it does seem eerily

While it does seem eerily convenient, we need to remember the patience we've found so important concerning Flight 77 here as well. It's altogether possible that American taxpayer money paid for these attacks via Pakistan ISI and Taliban contacts, and those contacts could have involved Osama and 19 patsies. If we paid for these attacks with our own taxes, we could've just as well paid for a disinformation campaign in the form of some fatass pretending to be OBL confessing. If all we've got going against OBL's explicit involvement is one horribly faked video, anyone could've made it, and we need to be very careful of straw men.

goes to show how easy it is

goes to show how easy it is to plant propaganda that becomes public record...This story/audio traced back from MSNBC > The Associated Press > www.globalterroralert.com > NEFA Foundation > International Terrorism Consultant Evan F. Kohlmann. Just like that, amazing, one guy from the private sector, a non-profit no less, provides the tape and transcript and presto! It's national news, Bin Laden has spoken. Of course Evan"s sourse is anonymous but thats never stopped the Associated press...whoever that is. Can you say dupe, patsy, mole? Check out the sites. Heavy music, deep truth. puhhleeeeze. The article even made the top of Anti-War.com and you wonder why the left hasn't been any help...trumpet! trumpet!

well it looks like Evan F.

well it looks like Evan F. Kohlmann needs to be investigated then.lets dig up some dirt on him.

Why isnt the Weldon stuff

Why isnt the Weldon stuff covered in the mainstream anymore? I can only imagine how many high ranking millitary officials could spill the beans on what they know...tho sadly, look at the example they made out of Lt. Col. Schaefer.

Listening to people blabbing

Listening to people blabbing on CNN about authenticating the tape.. 'they've haven't finished yet, but they're pretty sure it's him, yadda yadda...' Made me wonder - has there ever been an instance of an Osama recording that officials later determined to actually be fake, and admitted as such? Or have all the OBL recordings (whether audio or video), after further investigation, been "proven" to be the voice of Osanma? Just curious.... I mean, why go to the trouble of authenticating after all this time, if there's never been a hint of forgery to begin with?

Why don't they try and

Why don't they try and discern who is giving these people the tapes. Surely that would be a rational thing to do if someone wanted to catch him.

Oh wait... so would following the 9/11 money trail.

This time it's a soundbyte,

This time it's a soundbyte, uploaded to one of them websites.

Does anybody know Osama's IP number? Cause if we knew, we - the 9/11 Truth Movement - could easily tip off the FBI / CIA / NSA and tell them where to go to pick up their alleged terrorist mastermind.

And if he says «Yes, me & my men did it», then well ok, they win, we lose.

No, seriously. If the stories of Osama stopping the use of phones for fear of being tracked are true, then why would the old kidney patient go and make a super-terrorist podshow, and from what IP number?

This is ridiculous!



My favorite of the day

'Bin Laden' demands 9/11 Credit

I like how they put his name in quotes.

like... 'Al Gore' demands Internet credit

Jon, I created a 24MB video

Jon, I created a 24MB video combining footage related to the collapses of the WTC buildings. Anyway I can get you to have a look/listen and possibly host this?

Remember, You guys are at

Remember, You guys are at "war" - Anything can be justified in the name of national security even anthrax'n the Dems. Either you are with them or you're against them. This is going to be the biggest battle of your lives. Good thing for the cause is that internationally everybody is mostly against them.

This made me laugh:

I am so infuriated by the

I am so infuriated by the 'coincidence' of the release of the Osama tape after the poll.

I am so infuriated by the medias lack of coverage on all things related to the 9/11 truth movement.

I'm a recently graduated college student living in Los Angeles and running a radio station of my own. My parents, as chance as has it, are close friends with excecutives at NBC, ESPN, and AOLTimeWarner.

I was so upset by today that I've written a plea to them for help, and I have asked for them to at least reply or call me back with their thoughts.

If anything comes from this, I'll post here. Thanks for the amazing work on this website, you guys are true patriots.

First Possible Human To

Cool jay.

Cool jay.

When someone claims that the

When someone claims that the government can't or won't keep secrets, ask them if they think NSA employees or people working in R&D for DARPA on black projects at Sandia Labs or Los Alamos "keep secrets." Do debunkers not think people take designations like "top secret" seriously? Many thousands of people keep secrets about covert ops, weapons research, police brutality, war atrocities and other "secrets" all the time.

When someone claims that the government wouldn't kill its own people, remind them of the attack on the Bonus Army (Wikipedia article here), poisoning of people with radiation from places like Rocky Flats, lies about the air quality in Manhattan after the WTC collapse, the labor wars in the early 20th century, and even the Civil War.

People can and will keep secrets to save their careers, their reputations, their pensions, and their lives, even when the secrets they keep have terrible consequences. The fact that the secret is about something illegal makes it MORE likely to stay under wraps, not less.

The government can and will kill its own and can and will take the lives of innocent civilians, American or otherwise, in the name of "national security."

Once we get past those myths, we can focus on the physical evidence and logic, neither of which are on the side of the government when it comes to 9/11.

Bush: U.S. Would Aid Israel

Anony2 | 05.23.06 - 8:36 pm

Anony2 | 05.23.06 - 8:36 pm | #

I'll host it I have gigs of webspace ready and waiting...

Good luck, Jay.

Good luck, Jay.

After that Zogby poll and

After that Zogby poll and seeing how nearly half support new investigations into 911, I can see why those fu***** are probably now getting desperate. The movement is spreading like wildfire and more evidence of their complicity is popping up all the time. Now they're going to be fighting this movement with all the propoganda bs they can muster. I enjoy watching them squirm and fight us because it only confirms our suspicions.

After careful deliberation

After careful deliberation on the subject of this thread, I have come to following conclusion:

( the content of this message has been deleted by the author, due to the grotesque yet justified use of extreme profanity.)

"Jon Gold, just to let you

"Jon Gold, just to let you know, C&L just scrubbed your innocuous 9/11 comments.un-fucking-believeable.those censors are irrational as hell over there.
Chris | Homepage | 05.23.06 - 7:02 pm | #"

Achtung alle Schweinehund!!! Der Gestapo @ Crooks und Liars will censor was kann offend our glorious Bush Führer!!!

Dear President Mahmoud

The name of the site is

The name of the site is "Crooks and Liars," yet they're appalled that anyone would suggest that crooks and liars might have been behind 9/11 instead of crazy Ayrab Mooslims?

The word "shill" is overused in these threads almost as much as "disinfo agent," but it still amazes me when we see such a clear definition of the boundaries of "polite political debate." I can't help but see these people as shills for the Democrats, who can pretend to be above reproach only because they can hide behind the "we're not in power" defense right now.

"( the content of this

"( the content of this message has been deleted by the author, due to the grotesque yet justified use of extreme profanity.)"


(Long one, apologies in

(Long one, apologies in advance)

Left sites won't talk or post "Diaries" about it-

Right Sites don't do it either-

Domesticated News Media "trust" and "viewership" numbers are so low now, what they say is nearly irrelevent-

C & L wants to be a top site on sitemeter, and you cannot do that if you get a "bad label" He is a music guy, and posts Zappa from way back,,, you don't think he knows? STFU!

The poll doesn't lie, and neither does the number one viewed video-

Vets here, and Vets at those other sites know damn well what 45-55% of folks know; The equation isn't balanced-

I will shut up soon, but let me make one more final point, please-

Elected Minority Dem Reps, "dissenting" Outspoken Celebs, Print Journos, Music Artists, Those lib sites you despise, Al Gore, JFK, Feingold, HillClinton, Leahy, Schumer, Murtha, Retired Generals, Lt jeebus and Mary Chain,,, they all have one thing noticeably in common:

They all ask the same question of arBusto, Inc:

"Where is OBL, and when are you going to:
1./ Smoke him out
2./ Get him dead or alive
3./ Attack the REAL culprit who attacked us-

And why oh why do they say that, over and over and over again...


Well, everyone here knows why, and so does 45-55% of folks who have cared to think about it, and so do the "rite" folks on the receiving end of that interrogative-

I suspect that number would be 12-15%, or lower if:
1./ TCP/IP Internet was not
2./ You folks folded your Tent long ago, and said, oh phuck it, I like human and metal Hummers too much-

Have a drink, lite a hi-speed alfalfa smoke, ride your bike, run hard, procreate or do ANYTHING but:
1./ Obsess about CableNetsDemsBlogs
2./ STOP doing what you are doing

I know I won't ever shut up; DRWAR ; Direction, Runway, Wind, Altimetre, Report - Some things you just never forget from 7110.65 "H" when I worked tower and GCA-

Goodwill to you, and the progress made by all who know better-

You and I are not alone, not by a long shot-

RF in NH


You got to be kidding me.

You got to be kidding me. Bush is using the old Osama is gunna get you trick again. What an a-hole. He will get his. So will all his backers and media shills.

"well it looks like Evan F.

"well it looks like Evan F. Kohlmann needs to be investigated then. lets dig up some dirt on him."

-- --
Based on information found at 9/11blogger, we did a little digging and posted it here:


See posts #145, 146, 147, and 148, which contain further links.

Jon, do you have a link I

Jon, do you have a link I can UL to?

So why doesnt any political

So why doesnt any political cartoonist, from Trudeau to Mark Fiore to tom tommorrow etc EVER even reference the 9/11 coverup? They didnt even reference how the government trodded out Moussasoui as ther patsy scapegoat, and how ridiculous that was. I thought these guys want to be "edgy". No, the only cartoonist that ever had the balls in the mainstream to tackle 9/11 truth was Aaron Mcgruder's Boondocks.

George Washington, great

George Washington, great article -- keep 'em coming!

I think they might taking

I think they might taking this "Big Lie" technique a little too far.

They are almost forcing the media and the population to either call them on the whole thing or not.

They can't win the middle ground of reasoned analysis of the facts about 911, so they are trying to destroy that middle ground by creating" a with us or against us", debate in which those that question 911 will be demonized as traitors.

Its classic Rove.

Thats a dangerous game, but I think it is one they will lose.

They have just gone too far.

They're propaganda is just becoming too obvious.

pockybot | 05.23.06 - 10:32

pockybot | 05.23.06 - 10:32 pm

What is stronger than kryptonite?

"Go along to get along..."

Ask any well trained police officer-

"US to Aid Israel if

"US to Aid Israel if Attacked?"

Kinda makes one go "hmmmm".


and then this

and then this one...


Evan needs a bang on the ear!

"Just released video of

"Just released video of Al-Qaeda Leader."

What? I thought it was audio only...downloading

Mr. Jefferson, Thanks for

Mr. Jefferson,

Thanks for the links and the research.

I can't believe this is where the new Bin Laden Tape originated from!!!!!

"Its just business.....nothing personal"

the lack of coverage of this

the lack of coverage of this monumental zogby poll is astonishing. I didn't expect the MSM to cover it. But not even. democrats.com thehuffintonpost.com thedailykos.com

why the silence amoung them?

I have a question about the

I have a question about the Osama tape. Yes its conveniently released, but what is the point/purpose of the Moussaoui denial?

It irks me the BBC posts this, but does not post the poll. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/5010764.stm)

Im sorry to say that the

Im sorry to say that the American majority are fucking stupid and will believe MSM.
Why do I say we're stupid.... didnt we vote Bush in twice, oh sorry that was a fix!!!

I just got home from work

I just got home from work and the first thing I spot on Yahoo is that a new Osama tape was released. When I first saw it I started laughing. Wow! Bush and his boys are getting desperate. Any time there is trouble you can bet they will bring out their old friend Osama. I wonder if there is anyone left who actually believes this shit? Just for laughs we should film some of our own Osama tapes. Say Dylan, are you up to it?

I am serious about the last

I am serious about the last post. Sometimes humor has a way of waking people up. Look at Jon Stewart. He sure gets his points across. If it was done right we could stop this Bush-Osama nonsense once and for all.

Why are people still arguing

Why are people still arguing that the December 2001 video of Osama is a fake even if it was disproven several times?


The "fatty bin laden" is a trap for 9/11 sceptics just like the no pentagon thory. It is nothing more than a selected frame of the entire video where osama looks fatter becouse of his facial expression and lighting. If you don't beleive me please go look at the entire video for yourself.


Also even if it is fake it does not prove 9/11 was an inside job. Someone could say they just needed the proof so badly and didn't have any of it themselves, so they faked it. Remember that the naysayers can have extreme benefit of the doubt in favor of the official story. It is much better to concentrate to the connection of ICA, ISI and Al Qaueda instead of this video.

While I have no doubt that

While I have no doubt that the new Osama audio tape is a fabrication, released at the most opportune moment, I am getting really annoyed at people continuing to use the purposeful disinformation that is the "fake Osama" confession video as "evidence" that Osama didn't have anything to do with 9/11.

The fat Osama is fat, because the video has been altered! It has been skewed, stretched, tampered with! And the video quality has been severly compressed to make it all the more difficult to see detail.

The original video is brighter, clearer, non-altered, non-skewed and not tampered with.

Here are a few screenshots> http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/134/screenshotsofrealosama0zu.jpg

And don't bother with the "But Osama is left handed, he's writing with his right hand! And he's wearing a gold ring" nonsense.

The only evidence of Osama being left handed is in the FBI description of him. That's it. If you can show any other evidence of Osama being left handed, other than the one sentence in the FBI's description of him, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO PRESENT IT! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT!

The website 9/11 Myths has put up a picture, purportedly of Osama, and he is writing with his right hand> http://www.911myths.com/html/bin_ladin_right_handed_.html

And as for the rings, you can quickly, easily, and completely learn about that here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SgjWGVHxW8&search=loose%20change

The thing about the Osama confession video -- that is never mentioned -- that should be the only real questions are:

- who did the translation, or "translation"?
- how accurate is the translation?


- why hasn't the video been publicly broadcast with a clearly audible, non-dubbed Osama, for people who speak whatever language Osama speaks, to be able to translate it themselves?

Do I know if the Osama confession translation is accurate, no. Do I think that it is, no.

I think that the video is a video of Osama talking about anything, such as watching a fucking sun rise in the mountains and smiling while describing its beauty, or something like that. But any version that I've seen has had no audible audio, which would support the suspicion of a fake/inaccurate "translation" of what was really being said.

I can't prove it. I don't speak Osama's language. And I don't have access to a version of the video with clearly audible speech that is non-dubbed, so I can't locate someone impartial who speaks Osama's langauage, who also speaks english, and get them to accurately translate it.

Now don't bother calling me a shill. Personally attack me -- and look uninformed and unknowledgable.

I know that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. But promoting, supporting, and propagating lies, purposeful disinformation [fat Osama video clip and images] and other examples of non-evidence as "evidence" does NOTHING! to help bring forth real 9/11 truth.

It only undermines real 9/11 truth!

After reading this & viewing the 3 quick links , please don't ever use the non-evidence that is the fake, "fake Osama" as "evidence" again.


"Jon, do you have a link I

"Jon, do you have a link I can UL to?"

No... ask dz for 911podcasts.com

Anony2, Contact us via the


Contact us via the contact panel on the main page, we can host it, and get you an FTP login if need be.

Maybe there are several

Maybe there are several Osama look alikes. As in the case of Saddam and Hitler.
These evil people should be wiped out.
The are giving the name os Islam a bad name.