Shout Out

Shout Out

Andrew Lowe-Watson has the following idea for a 9/11 shout out:

"I have been thinking of an idea for a mass worldwide protest on September 11th. This year is make or break time for the movement.

This is my idea: A minute's shout. Like the two-minute silence in reverse.

The plan - called SHOUT FOR TRUTH - is to post all over the internet the time and day of this event. At 09:11 a.m. [local time] on "9/11/06" every truther in the world stops what they are doing and shouts "Nine-eleven was an inside job!" for a minute. It could have quite a dramatic effect on those watching."

I like this idea. There will be some great events occurring on 9/11. But if you can't make it to one of those, you can spread the truth loud and clear by participating in Andrew's shout for truth.

This is especially interesting because of the Hundredth Monkey and social proof principles of sociology.

So how about international

So how about international involvement on that one. Definately could get some posters going in vancouver. Lots of interested people up here who would shout on date and time cue.

The coming of the Sibel

How does that relate to

How does that relate to Sibel?

I don't think we can or

I don't think we can or should wait three months. The symbolic value of the timing is nice, but the barn door may be shut by then. May I suggest an amendment to the idea? How about every Tuesday morning at 9:11 AM?

How about everyone stops

How about everyone stops working, walks outside and holds up a sign that says 911=Inside Job.

Yes, Mssr. Jouet and SBG,

Yes, Mssr. Jouet and SBG, both great ideas.

How about every Tuesday at 9:11 a.m. local time everyone stop whatever they're doing, walk outside (if you're not already), and either shout "Nine eleven was an inside job!" or hold up a sign saying "911=Inside Job"

Best way might be to

Best way might be to advertize multiple busy locations in various cities and have people go to the one of their choosing. 10 or 15 people at specific locations shouting "9/11 Inside Job" would be shocking yet awesome.

That is a good idea.

That is a good idea.

I think we should have a

I think we should have a National Walkout Day at lunch time and people should go to their capitol. People aren't going to start screaming "Inside Job" when their at work. People would walk out however. For 1 hour or the rest of the day. More people would do that in my opinion.

Walkouts are dificult to

Walkouts are dificult to garner support. The Great Mexican walkout didn't get as much support as they had hoped for. People have work and school, its hard for them to just walk out.

Perhaps we could spam the internet with truth. Send e-mails to any address we can find. Post bulletins on myspace. Blog, ebay, craigslist, forums, etc.

I think students in class

I think students in class should rip off the cover of the 911 commission report and roll it into a fat doobie. Then they should smoke it in class. This should be done every day at 9:11.

Will Dennis Hastert be able

Will Dennis Hastert be able to successfully obtain a retraction from ABC News(they stand by their story according to RawStory) because at least some of the details are currently classified as State Secrets curtesy of John Ashcroft when he muzzled Sibel Edmonds. Is this a correct intrepretation-John Gold,... anyone? This could be a foreshadowing of techniques that may be used to try and muzzle the big 9/11 story or elements thereof

The "what you do" when you

The "what you do" when you engage in the "shout out" is almost irrelevant. Shouting, holding a sign, posting a poster outdoors, something public, visible or audible, anything that expresses your doubts, anger, frustration, need for action. Let folks personalize it and make it fit into their lives without regimentation, so long as it is every Tuesday, and you'll have a movement... "a massacree in four-part harmony'... (Alice not included).

We will soon sing from the

We will soon sing from the rooftops--TRUTH at last, TRUTH at last, thank God Almighty we have TRUTH AT LAST!!

Every last crime including the assassination of JFK is reopened and on the table. America, this is the fight for freedom. The War for American Independence is underway. The fight for truth is joined.

THIS WILL NOT STAND. This is a call for all loyal citizens to learn what happened on 9-11 that has been covered up, lied about and distorted.

You are called upon to learn the facts about the demolition of the WTC and the faked Pentagon and Pennsylvania "crashes". You are called on to call out the criminals in the PNAC administration, and we call on all citizens to actively and vocally campaign for a new investigation by an independent counsel into the full record of crimes of George W Bush and his associates/co-conspirators Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Larry SIlverstein, among others.

The corporate media is to be held liable for publicizing known falsehoods and conspiracy to conceal numerous felonies.

This is a serious call. The endgame has begun. You are either for a new 9-11 investigation, or you are an enemy of the United States of America, God help you.

Strength through Peace and Vigilance.

here's another idea... how

here's another idea...

how about every DAY at 9:11 stop what you're doing and shout it? Every day twice a day. and then just go on with whatever you're doing and act like you don't realize what you just did...

Thinking the same

Thinking the same thing...I've bought "Honk for"

Let's organize with these ideas...

Glad you all like the idea,

Glad you all like the idea, and thanks GW for posting it.

The idea is to get literally the whole internet community aware of this date/time, which might take a little while. Hence leaving it till September.
The analogy is with water which is powerful only when all flowing in one direction, when it becomes the mightiest force known to man.

how about this idea... flip

how about this idea... flip people off for truth...