Washington Post Journalist Takes a Swing at 9/11 Skeptics While Covering New Zogby Poll

9/11 Truth? I Don't Think So - blog.washingtonpost.com

Every day, I receive a half dozen Emails and a score or more comments from 9/11 rejectionists. The 9/11 cover-up, according to these correspondents, is that the U.S. government was complicit, even responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Like those who often write to tell me that the Pentagon, the FBI and/or the intelligence agencies are following them, that they are mind control victims whose lives have been ruined by directed energy weapons in space or the transmitters implanted in their teeth, I have a special place for this mass of correspondence. It is called delete.

So when the headline crossed my desktop on Monday that "Over 70 million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation," I admit that I fell for it and clicked on the link.

The tale is depressing. The 9/11 truth seekers, that self-declared movement who now count in their membership a number of high profile celebrities, turn out to be exactly what I thought they were: predatory and devious, seekers of polarization and not light, abusive of the political system, contemptuous of anything that even resembles the "truth."
9/11truth.org refers to 9/11 "crimes," of "motives" involved in the attacks, it asks "who profited."

Isn't the answer self-evident? The organization itself exploits the 9/11 families and the American public's confusion.
These are not typical Americans who just want better security and government and pray for successful prosecution of the war on terrorism. This is a purely partisan political and cynical anti-everything group looking to exploit 9/11, just as they accuse the administration of doing.

A bit about the author:

William M. Arkin, journalist and author of more than ten books on military affairs, is an NBC-TV News military analyst and a consultant to numerous organizations. He was an Army intelligence analyst in West Berlin during the 1970s, a nuclear weapons expert during the Cold War, and pioneered on-the-ground study of the effects of military operations in Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan. Arkin's latest book -- Codenames: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World -- was published in January 2005 by Steerforth Press. His Dot.Mil column, launched in November 1998, appeared every other Monday on washingtonpost.com until January 6, 2003. Arkin also wrote a column for the Los Angeles Times from December 2001 until September 2004 (you can read the archives of columns here). Arkin lives in South Pomfret, Vermont.

E-mail Arkin at warkin@igc.org.

Now, if I took the following quote, and asked the public who it was referring to, who do you think would win that poll?

The organization itself exploits the 9/11 families and the American public's confusion.

If you really want to see what exploitation of 9/11 looks like, and how some benefit from capitalizing on the public's confusion, then look no further than this video right here.

I love that video. Here's a

I love that video.

Here's a rebuttal I wrote to the article, but it wouldn't allow me to post it.


Regarding that hilarious/sad

Regarding that hilarious/sad video clip:


"First they ignore you, then

"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win."

This upswing in "fighting" is a very good sign.

Perhaps he could be invited

Perhaps he could be invited to the conference coming up? LOL

Thanks for the video link.

Thanks for the video link. Pretty freakin' unbelievable! Using it to the max! How discusting!

Arrogant losers like Arkin

Arrogant losers like Arkin make me want to abandon my semi-pacifistic beliefs.

Here are ten ways that the Bush Administration has exploited 9/11: Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State.

A couple of other readers of the above article ("hankgeorge" and "ssegallmd") made some excellent comments regarding 9/11 truth.

Exactly is right- talk about

Exactly is right- talk about exploiters


linky no work sorry

linky no work


Wow, this Arkin article.

Wow, this Arkin article. Just wow. any credibility he might have had with people in the article I think went out the window when he then eludes to anyone questioning Iraq as being a nutjob. No Mr. Arkin, the only people exploiting and twisting facts on 9/11 are the neocons and their warhawk supporters.

I think Arkin's article hit

I think Arkin's article hit the nail on the head. I can understand why you are upset.

Don't feed the trolls.

Don't feed the trolls.

Does anyone know if *this*

Does anyone know if *this* is the pentagon made for tv documentary dz posted about?

911poller is the new

911poller is the new truthout/S.King/Terrence/ etc. just in case you guys didnt notice.

shit, your right Jon, im

shit, your right Jon, im done feeding the bastard.

You would think this

You would think this journalist knows Von Buelow. I wonder if he's included with celebrities.

Hits the nail on the head???

Hits the nail on the head??? I think you've been hit in the head. Demanding justice for the victims of 9/11 is exploitation?? This selfless act of patriotism displayed by the members of 9/11 truth is completely opposite of the ruthless exploitation of this day by the administration.

Let me get this straight. Shredding the constitution, having the RNC in NYC, waging illegal wars of imperalism, and the host of other illegal and immoral acts enacted on the citizens of America and the world, is now on par with demanding truth and accountability from our government. This article is a joke.

Too late!!! I've fed the

Too late!!! I've fed the troll! Lets just see how much he growls and grunts.

"Here's a rebuttal I wrote

"Here's a rebuttal I wrote to the article, but it wouldn't allow me to post it."

What do you mean -- it wouldn't allow you to post? I can post fine (a quick registration was needed).

Love that video ;-) Thanks!

Love that video ;-) Thanks!

Are they not accepting any

Are they not accepting any more comments on the "article" ?


Yeah I tried to comment on

Yeah I tried to comment on his blog, but I think he stopped allowing comments at 9:06 am.

Still no MSM coverage of the

Still no MSM coverage of the poll:


(Unless you call that blog MSM)

That caSHILL from world net

That caSHILL from world net daily cracks me up. He goes on and on and on and on and on about his TWA Flight 800 conspiracy theories, yet denounces ANY questioning of 9/11. Seriously, wtf?

benthere, that is the BEST

benthere, that is the BEST indication that the media no longer does its' job. For those lurkers out there who think we're bullshitting you.

reading the comments to the

reading the comments to the article was quite satisfying--especially the person who said he/she bought the official line until he/she followed the links posted in previous comments. good job 911 bloggers.

"Demanding justice for the

"Demanding justice for the victims of 9/11 is exploitation?? This selfless act of patriotism displayed by the members of 9/11 truth is completely opposite of the ruthless exploitation of this day by the administration."

But that's NOT what you are doing. You should also read this.

You can't ignore the MSM just because you don't agree with it.

"The Professional" you

"The Professional" you asked: "Are they not accepting any more comments on the "article" ? " Yes... I just posted, and at least one other person posted since.

That video is the awful

That video is the awful truth. I made my own version a few months ago. My favorite line was was Giuliani said "terrorists of terrorism". I still LOL whenever I hear that.

I have made $0 off of

I have made $0 off of "exploiting 9/11". I have spent hundreds, probably thousands of hours on it by now. This Arkin got paid to spew his lies and hate for those that research 9/11, in his job as military analyst. He also made money from his book "Codenames: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World", exploiting the name of 9/11.

Neither you nor him are qualified to accuse anyone of exploiting the events, or the victims families. You do more harm to them than good.

"ignore the MSM"? The MSM hasn't even mentioned the poll (see my post above).

@911poller: I'm not one of


I'm not one of those people who dismisses everything in the MSM, as much as Im sure even youd admit it is self censored and shaped(Iraq news, for instance) Overlooked news articles in the mainstream for the last 5 or so years taken within th econtext it was written have helped established 9/11 was no "incompetence" as so many left-righters would have you believe.

If you only knew how many people with no real agenda simply want the truth behind 9/11 to come out, and enough of this coverup going on. I bought the official neocon version of events that lead to 9/11 til I saw how many FBI whistleblowers, government officials and 9/11 families were coming forward.

"The Professional" you

"The Professional" you asked: "Are they not accepting any more comments on the "article" ? " Yes... I just posted, and at least one other person posted since.
Alex | 05.26.06 - 9:37 pm | #

The comments are backwords, I see now. Look for yours at the top when you post.

i KNEW 911Troller would

i KNEW 911Troller would bring the good old www.911myths.com page up. I've been angered by this attack page ever since when. AGAIN, this page uses a simple trick, just like any lawyer in court does, by leaving out one side of the argument, and only telling half the truth. Best example are the Osama videos: it merely states that this one interview Osama made for a Pakistani newspaper might have been ghostwritten by the Taleban. But it fully HIDES the fact that a December 2001 video of Osama confirmed his denial by stating Afghanistan had been invaded on "surmises" only. Then WTC7: it states firefighters that report the fascade being torn down on one side of the building, but HIDES a full blown, all-things-considered (NPR..) report by Steven Jones that states what we all knew by our gut instinct and common sense: a building like that, 10 times taller and bigger than YOUR city hall just doesn't fall like a house of cards, fire or not, damage or not - remember Oklahoma city? The building remained STANDING!
(have some chow, troll)

There was no contact info on

There was no contact info on the site you posted, so I'll respond here. The author presents no evidence. And say several things that are flat wrong. "Why don't these conspiracy theorists provide the evidence?" The only 'Evidence' that exists is sketchy because much was destroyed quickly after the events. Thank our government for that. But analysis of available evidence can be found e.g. http://www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html

The author goes on to invoke Ockham's razor for why the official stories should be believed. But this is a misuse of the principle. Ockhams razor applies when two theories explain the same evidence. Thus all things being equal, the simplest explanation is best. The problem is the government's explanation fails to account for much of the evidence. This also explains why there are differing theories -- there is not enough evidence to put one about another. These are not theories as you use the term, in the pejorative sense. These are scientific research-based theories.

FYI, I just got off the

FYI, I just got off the phone with Keith Phucas (the guy who wrote the article), and he's writing a piece on the Zogby Poll...

He's doing a story that will be out in Monday's paper, and he wanted to get my input. I told him to emphasize the non-existent media coverage. That this DESERVES attention, etc... and I told him the thing about the poll that stood out to me most was the fact that 45% of voting Americans suspect the Government, "consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success", and they want a new investigation.


He was also delving into the

He was also delving into the unanswered questions from the family members. :)


Opps, that's page

Opps, that's page four,
Here's the first page:


I offered my support early

I offered my support early in the day, with this comment:

"The comments by Jon Gold are, well, pure gold.

Mr. Arkin, I challenge you to reply to them in a professional manner. Not in the fashion of this pathetic article about the results of the new Nationwide 9/11 poll conducted by Zogby.

Take the challenge, Mr. Arkin. It should be easy. Mr. Gold's comments are right here on this page.

Answer them, traitor."

Jon or dz, would you please provide a link to the audio interview between Jon and Keith Phucas.

WOOOOOO!!! Keith originally


Keith originally asked me if I could recommend someone with an opposing viewpoint... I wrote him this.

Incidentally, why do you need an opposing viewpoint? Why can't you just report the fact that half of the country wants a new investigation?

He just responded to me...

That's what I'm doing. Look for it Monday morning.


Here's the

I warn you. It's pretty

I warn you. It's pretty boring.

"This Arkin got paid to spew

"This Arkin got paid to spew his lies and hate for those that research 9/11, in his job as military analyst. He also made money from his book "Codenames: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World", exploiting the name of 9/11."

I love this hypocritical argument by MSM commentators and authors that 9/11 truth seekers are exploiting the tragedy when they're the ones making money by reinforcing the official story and preventing HONEST people from asking ANY questions and demanding the full truth.

I've spent $1000's, and I

I've spent $1000's, and I know dz and others have as well. I've gotten $50 in donations for my site. w00t!

Nice New York News &

Nice New York News & Features link, Truth for a Change!

I haven't read it past page 1 yet, but it's looking pretty good so far.

And I LOVE it! Because no

And I LOVE it! Because no one can say to me, "you're in it for the money".

@ Jon I've listened to it

@ Jon

I've listened to it already. I listened to it the day it was originally put up, I believe. I didn't bookmark it though. I just would like to compare the contents of your interview, with what limited information was published in his article.

hopefully his new [Monday] article will be a lot better.

Thanks for posting the link. And thanks for all of your important 9/11 activism.

Thank YOU.

Thank YOU.

Are there any 9/11 truth

Are there any 9/11 truth people running for congress this year?

With 40%+ of the vote they would stand of good chance of winning an election.

Several. Sander


Sander Hicks
Carol Brouillet
Dr. Robert Bowman
Howie Hawkins

And watch the Green Party's Presidential Candidate talk about 9/11...

Click Here

They start in about 9/11 at 45:49.

Michael Badnarik talks about

Michael Badnarik talks about how our Government is involved in the drug trade. It's really a fascinating debate all around.

I can't believe how many

I can't believe how many responses have been posted to Arkin's smear piece. I don't think Arkin will every be writing a 9/11 piece again.

Has anyone to date seen a well written piece that has debated any of the key anomolies with 9/11?

It seems that every piece the MSM has every done is lacks any attempt at addressing specific questions that have been raised.

I sure hope they leave that

I sure hope they leave that piece and comments up for awhile. Interesting reading to say the least.

Well, if they don't, you

Well, if they don't, you could always reference it here, RC.


"Andy, did you know, that some months ago, Osama "Innocent guy who is the scapegoat of the vast evil dark conspiracy of American government guys trying to take over the planet" bin Laden stated with his very own tongue that he was the person responsible for planning, organizing, and financing the attack on the World Trade Center? Maybe aliens told him to say that."

It was an audio tape. Why should I believe its authentic? And didn't Moussaoui say he was guilty and then right after the trial claim he was innocent? Your gonna need more proof than an audio tape that might or might not be Osama.

Posted by: Andy White | May 27, 2006 02:46 AM

This is so absurd. You Bushies are warped and insane. Those of you who believe him are being taken for a ride. Yea, I think we dynamited the WTC - passenger jets smashing full speed into the buildings and starting high temperature fires leading to structural failure just wouldn't do it, just because it has never happened before in history. -Whatever. Gee, how do you explain building seven collapsing? Oh, I don't know, just because the official investigators say that the two massive 110 story buildings collapsing right next to it had nothing to do with it. Get real. Yea, that wasn't a plane with peoples' loved ones in it that crashed into the Pentagon. It was a missile, Elvis, or aliens. -Whatever will confuse the public. Oh yea, and all those flight control guys were in on it just because they destroyed all the tapes! They were part of the whole big, evil conspiracy, and still the hundreds if not thousands of people required to keep the conspiracy under wraps have remained quiet, unlike D-Day in World War Two where only TENS or HUNDREDS of thousands kept a secret. How could anyone with a shred of common sense buy the ludicrous bunk the Bush adminstration and their misguided followers are selling? Clear-headed, logical Americans should not be mislead just because some immoral guy with an agenda wants to raise all kinds of stink.

Posted by: Get Real | May 27, 2006 02:45 AM

Trees are made of wood so sure they fall over. Building seven was only made of STEEL.

Posted by: Cartoon Physics | May 27, 2006 02:39 AM

Trees are made of wood so sure they fall over. Building seven was only made of STEEL.

Posted by: Cartoon Physics | May 27, 2006 02:38 AM

conspiracists. (It's late)

Posted by: Mark | May 27, 2006 02:13 AM

Hold on there, stop trashing your fellow consiracists!

Posted by: Mark | May 27, 2006 02:12 AM

Ok, that's sufficient for me. Very well argued Mark. You official conspiracy theory defenders can sure formulate cogent, substantiated arguments.

Posted by: jp | May 27, 2006 02:09 AM

Yes to your previous question that is. As to your last statement. Not really believable at all.

Posted by: Mark | May 27, 2006 02:03 AM


Posted by: Mark | May 27, 2006 02:01 AM

Mark, did you know that major European media reported that Osama was visited by a CIA agent in a hospital in July 2001 and cared for by an American doctor?

Posted by: jp | May 27, 2006 02:00 AM


rescind the ability that Negroponte was given to terminate pensions if any agents go public with what they know once they retire....

never in America history has such an order been given...

let people talk, if you're not afraid, if this is all

tinfoil and koolaid conspiracy...

and who were the water gate burglars, former bay of pigs men,

and was geo bush sr. ever involved in bay of pigs?

or with cocaine and nicaragua/noriega/elsalvador/grenada/irancontragate?

and didn't bush sr. hang out in florida and assist in the bay of pigs while working for the CIA....because uncle Walker lost some BIG MONEY when castro took over Cuba....

why do Saddam and Noriega feel like repitions of the same type of involvement...

setting someone up for failure, using them to wipe your feet on after they've taken you so far and you need an enemy to justify your actions....give 'em a fancy name like "butcher of bagdhad,"

what do you call men who rape little girls witha machete? freedom fighters...

yeah if you're a bush...


Posted by: if there is no conspiracy.... | May 27, 2006 01:59 AM

This is a pancake collapse?


Posted by: jp | May 27, 2006 01:57 AM

Andy, did you know, that some months ago, Osama "Innocent guy who is the scapegoat of the vast evil dark conspiracy of American government guys trying to take over the planet" bin Laden stated with his very own tongue that he was the person responsible for planning, organizing, and financing the attack on the World Trade Center? Maybe aliens told him to say that.

Posted by: Mark | May 27, 2006 01:56 AM

in a clear case of larceny by congress?

because Hastert and Pelosi don't want someone walking in and finding money in their freezer?

this country feels more like colombia south america....with drug lords in control...

want a favor?

talk to the presidente' he's got war powers...

never mind that WE ARE NOT AT WAR


there is no reason for us to be there except terminal embarassment



Posted by: and why is the president intervening | May 27, 2006 01:51 AM

Its amazing some people think WTC 7's collapse was totally normal. I showed the video of the collapse to an engineering teacher at my school who knew nothing about it and he was speechless. To sum up what he said. No this is absolutely not normal, just not possible.

Go to google video and watch these films.

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

9/11 Revisited

There is ample proof 9/11 was an inside job. And there is zero proof Osama did it.

If were so wrong just prove it. Provide us with some links that shows Bin Laden was involved. Why can't one shred of evidence proving his guilt be provided?

Posted by: Andy White | May 27, 2006 01:50 AM

J, the visual evidence of what, exactly, is clear? Sure a building can come strait down. Let me explain to you how. The floors have cavities (i.e., air) between them. The floors above apply force to the floors below them through a concept called GRAVITY. When the lower structure supporting the upper floors fails, there is nothing but air (see above) between them to prevent the upper floors from collapsing into the lower floors. The building collapses in upon itself, strait down, due to this simple sequence of events. Trees do not have big air pockets like buildings do. Thus, when you chop a tree down, it fall over side-ways.

Posted by: | May 27, 2006 01:49 AM

Einstein to know that

out of the 12 to 20 Million illegals coming into the country....

that any of them could have been terrorists...

there has been _no_ attempt to protect the United States from terrorists...

I remember one INS agent that guards the Pacific coast of Oregon complaining because they eliminated two positions there just after 9/11...leaving one person to guard the entire Pacific Coast of Oregon....over 300 hundred unwatched miles...

yes, you're right, this administration was deeply afraid...

what do we need to protect ourselves from future terrorist attacks mister pretzident?

"Well, folks you need to get you some plastic wrap and duct tape, that should do it."

he was very afraid.

you don't need to be a genius to see the obvious....

joe schmo on the street can figure it out...

the presidents not afraid, he knows who the terrorist are,

and that acquiring a country with the second largest oil reserves in the world is good economic policy...especially if you're Saudia Arabia, Kuwiat, UAE and the United States oil invested....

yes sirree....

I mean why shouldn't we believe someone whose father bought him an election because he couldn't have won it on merit?

alcoholic, poor student, drug addict, why he couldn't even get a clearance to join the CIA...

but now he controls Negroponte, or you could say his father does, that's who he belongs to.


Posted by: it doesn't take the IQ of an | May 27, 2006 01:46 AM

That's right Arkin - these stupid patriotic Americans - who the hell are they to judge guys like you?

So what if the US government did manufacture a phony a 911 commission report to coverup the murder of 1,000's of New Yorkers? The insurance companies still had to pay Silverstein $$ billions - people dying on 911 - bunch of losers - they're dead and we're rich right? - too bad!

Hey I'm with you Arkin - screw all the rock solid evidence that 911 was a criminal action (not an act of war) perpetrated by the Bush family crime syndicate - when are people gonna realize who's running things around here?

Personally just like you buddy, I'm just sick of all this irrefutable, substantiated evidence available to anyone with an Internet connection - isn't there something you can do to stop all this damn 911 truth being spread? - it's really starting to make guys like you look really, really bad.


# # #

Posted by: ®notepad | May 27, 2006 01:44 AM

The official story is full of instances where the laws of physics are suspended; be it the collapse of the twin towers, wtc7, the crash of flight 93, or the pentagon strike. If trade the trade center buildings fell with a violent force next to wtc7, why would it in turn fall straight down into a neat pile? When you chop trees down, do they collapse straight down? Can you think of anything that can be hit on its side and forced to fall straight down into it's own footprint? What about something that can be hit near the top, as in wtc2, and forced to collapse ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND at near freefall speed? No, I'm not a structural engineer. I can tell you this though:

Nvm. I hadn't taken a text

Nvm. I hadn't taken a text limitation in these comment pages at 911Blogger into consideration.

I attempted to paste the entirety of Arkin's hit piece blog comments. It obviously wasn't successful.

I did, however, save a Text file of them. If you'd like them, just ask.

"No, I'm not a structural

"No, I'm not a structural engineer."

Why dismiss them then?

"Take the challenge, Mr.

"Take the challenge, Mr. Arkin. It should be easy. Mr. Gold's comments are right here on this page.

"Answer them, traitor."

I think most people reading the comments section on Arkin's article would conclude not only is Arkin right but that he underestimated the condition.

Reading the comments here indicates you don't understand why. You all are just confirming his points in the eyes of most people.

I love "sign of the times"

Pentagon Releases Flight 77

http://kurtnimmo.com/?p=378 N

NSA Snoop Program: All about the Neocon Enemies List

National Review Online, the home of many a Straussian neocon, has posted an excerpt from William Arkin on its Media Blog page. Arkin, who writes a column for the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post (the editors over there like to call Arkin’s Early Warning a blog), declared on May 16, in regard to the massive NSA snoop program, “there is no enemies list” and the “Bush administration has been arrogant and incompetent in communicating to the American public. It has cynically split the country into red and blue in order to give itself greater power to pursue a wrong-headed national security strategy that it claims is red, white and blue…. The Congress has also utterly failed in five months to get to the bottom of the NSA’s warantless surveillance program and thereby resolve its legality and assuage public anxiety.” In other words, it is simply more partisan politics and splenetic political manipulation la mode de Karl Rove. Nothing to see here, except a bit of unresolved legality. Please move along.

I sent him

I sent him this:

Exploitation of the 9/11 families?

For someone who writes a blog about 9/11 you defiantly don't do your homework.

The 9/11 truths movements roots ARE the 9/11 victims families.

The new Zogby poll, shows us "crazies" numbering at about 72 million now...

Defiantly a "partisan cynical group" of people ...who understand 5th grade physics and the history of steel framed buildings across the world.

Like all others who have come before you...you attack the messengers, but ignore the facts.

It's a shame a former military person like you feels patriotism is LYING TO AMERICANS...

During the last revolution in this country the ratio of patriots to loyalists was 1 in 5

For every one of me...there were FIVE of you loyal to KING GEORGE...

Somehow...we still managed to cerate that revolution..we will now as well.

But nice try though

Scott Ledger
9/11 Truth
Largo Florida

Patriotism is not something

Patriotism is not something you can hide behind, Scott.

My attitude towards

My attitude towards thoroughly corrupted MSM is, to borrow a line from Donald Trump, "You're fired!"

I have posted a proposal on the Randi Rhodes show forum for replacing our current media with a new, sustainable media that facilitates the selection of “filtering agents”. You can think of these as honest gatekeepers that YOU trust – and that keep out trivial information, rather than very important information that groups with economic and other hidden agendas prefer to hide from you.
The thread is entitled: “Putting the NY Times Out of Business”
The thread is subtitled: “Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media”

You're in the process of

You're in the process of replacing the media as you visit this site.

I've managed to get most 9/11-related news from this site before the MSM covers it, if they even bother to cover it at all. Without all the fear-mongering, deceptive, biased, uninvestigative, oversimplified crap that's all over the MSM.

Scott Ledger and some

Scott Ledger and some others: I agree with your sentiments, but for maximum impact of your writing, you must use SPELL CHECK before posting:
"Defiantly" should have read "Definitely" (mistyped twice) "cerate" should have read "create... you get the idea. Nothing personal... just a suggestion.

911Poller = Traitor

911Poller = Traitor

That would mean dz is a

That would mean dz is a traitor for posting the same type of article as 911poller? What's your point?

A free-fall collapse is

A free-fall collapse is theoritically impossible.

If we don't get our ass in gear and do something about 911 NOW, illegal amnesty will shortly end America as we know it.

REX 84 and the building of concentration camps was under the guise of detaining illegals - it is now blantantly obvious they were built to detain US. Everyone speaking their views on this and other websites. There are over 600 concentration camps built by Halliburton with a cell just for you.


no, if you have seen most of

no, if you have seen most of 911Pollers comments, you would come to the same conclusion as Jon.

9/11 "rejectionists" (from

9/11 "rejectionists" (from the article). Didn't Bush make up that word the same time he coined Saddamists?

My point is that anyone who

My point is that anyone who opposes the 9/11 Truth Movement just for the sake of opposing it, attacking its' members just for the sake of attacking them, is a traitor to their country.

thanks for the heads up on

thanks for the heads up on spelling :)

Seeing that I've been using my actual name to post and publicly talk about 9/11 for two years now...(including past radio broadcasts...................I donÂ’t think I'm hiding behind patriotism...I'm living it Mr. "Anonymous"

"My point is that anyone who

"My point is that anyone who opposes the 9/11 Truth Movement...."

Some have pointed out the difference between "truth" and the "truth movement". That hardly makes them traitors.

"911blogger.com does not

"911blogger.com does not seek to push any specific 'theories' about 9/11, but rather seeks to cover 9/11 related 'alternative' news. As such all readers should do their own research and develop their own opinions on the news and information covered."

This article has more truth

This article has more truth in than we'd like to believe.

It is certainly not descriptive of the movement as a whole, but there are many, many people within the movement that hold the truth in as much comtempt as the Bush administration does.

Let's use this as an opportunity to evaluate ourselves. If any one of us has ever stretched the truth or ignored facts in order to make a point, we're part of the problem.

Carn, I think the article is

Carn, I think the article is essentially trash, but I do agree the Movement needs to have better clarity and focus on the latest known facts. Example: Prof. Fetzer, who I admire greatly for spreading 911 truth widely in a typically clear and detailed way, just a few days ago claimed on a radio interview that the blue tarp covered "box" that the military guys were carrying in that famous 911 Pentagon photo probably contained plane debris/other evidence. It is now well-known (or should be) that they were actually carrying one of many tents that were set up on the grounds that day:
http://www.rense.com/general70/bluett.htm So even experts like Prof. Fetzer slip-up now and then.

"My point is that anyone who

"My point is that anyone who opposes the 9/11 Truth Movement just for the sake of opposing it, attacking its' members just for the sake of attacking them, is a traitor to their country."

You should pay attention rather than attacking posters who bring the truth to you, Jon Gold.

"So Mr. Gold - what are you

"So Mr. Gold - what are you going to do about this besides wasting your time on some blog as well as pitching your own website?"

Get a front page story written about me in last week's Sunday edition of the Times Herald.


^HAHAHAHAHA brilliant!! That made me laugh man, you really took the wind out of that ponks sails.

"^HAHAHAHAHA brilliant!!

"^HAHAHAHAHA brilliant!! That made me laugh man, you really took the wind out of that ponks sails."

You hope.

I see that "Conspiracy

I see that "Conspiracy Smasher" finally used his "real" pseudonym in the comments of the Post article. Then there's Namron, who ever since he showed up there have been several other distractors (all probably him) posting as well, such as Mary C. Scott, Rev. C. Solomon, Archimedes, Scott Laughrey, and a few others I probably missed.

For example, one post of disinfo:

Bush based his illegal war for oil in Iraq in part on the official propaganda of 9/11. I am surprised you could not see that, unless the corporate controlled media already indoctrinates you.

The really cool progressives do not accept the corporate controlled media propaganda of 19 hijackers and jet airplanes. There are many really cool progressive Web sites that show it was squib charges and holograms used on 9/11.

The Web Fairy and me question authority and use Internet chat boards to show others that the 72 dpi images we use certainly disprove the months of detailed study by engineers from the National Science Foundation.

As long as we keep up with our really cool postings to let the world know the truth, I would have to assume that we will in fact stop the illegal war in Iraq, have Rummy and Bush and Cheney arrested as war criminals, force Halliburton to give all of their illegal war profits to the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal fund, and overturn the marijuana laws in the U.S.

Peace. -- Scott Laughrey

(my emphasis added)

He makes it seem like he is a 9/11 researcher ("Truther", etc.), but his "many really cool progressive Web sites that show it was squib charges and holograms used on 9/11" statements make it clear to anyone who really pays attention that his post is satire. Then just go look at some of his other posts that don't give it away, to see that he's succeeding at his job of PAID Distraction, Deception, and Disinformation.

These people will show up any time there is a comments section on a major article, because they know that's where more real truth comes out than the actual articles. They like to try to take away our power of influence on the internet by muddying the waters. I don't know how to deal with them when you can't moderate the comments.

Like for example this

Like for example this comment:

People who buy every word that the rightards here say should go buy George Orwell's 1984 and practice up; it won't be long before the hopelessly indoctrinated manage to get the clocks to thirteen here.

Sometimes I wonder why the Repugs don't all move to China. You oppose democracy so much you must all be very unhappy here.

You need to come to the Baltimore Sun bulletin board and find me. Ask for Scott (or Kenect2 or My Two Cents or MithrilKnight, or Frodo or a slew of other names I use there). I would win any debate with any of you hands down and you still have not answered my theory about the squib charges set by the cronies of the Bush Evil Crime Family who started an illegal war and are war criminals and war profiteers.

Posted by: Scott Laughrey | May 27, 2006 04:44 PM

Doesn't give away that he is a fraud, does he? He actually sounds like a lot of other "Truthers". Like asking for a debate reminds me of Jon Gold. But he makes them sound crazy, and discourages people from (1) taking them seriously and (2) holding a civil debate with them about the real issues.

sl: "My attitude towards

sl: "My attitude towards thoroughly corrupted MSM is, to borrow a line from Donald Trump, "You're fired!""

You know what's funny about that. Sometime during 2004, I believe, the Donald was a guest on the Regis & Kelly show (I was working out with the TV on lol) and Regis held up the front page of some New York paper, I believe, that had the statement that before 9/11, the U.S. could have killed Osama on 3 seperate occasions.

Then when Regis and Donald were making small comments about that etc. Donald made a small query as to how Osama, with Kidney disease, could remain at large and in an easily movable state to and fro from wherever he was roaming around, without lugging a big and expensive kidney dialysis machine with him.

Donald Trump is not stupid, and would have a lot to lose by going further than that publicly. But maybe if contacted -- when 9/11 truth is even stronger in the mainstream (soon) -- he would step up as an uber-prominent businessman in public support of 9/11 truth.

Only a thought. I only mention it because sl made the Trump comment.

This Scott Laughrey

This Scott Laughrey character is amazing!

I started doing some good ol' google digging and I've uncovered some Truth about this situation.

There are two entities: Scott Loughrey, who is a real critic of the Bush administration / neocons, and who is hot on the trail of a lot of explosive stuff!

see The Disinformation of Richard Clarke by Scott Loughrey

Amy Goodman, Left Gatekeeper; by Scott Loughrey

The Mysteries of 9/11 (I believe the spelling in the webpage title is a typo. Should be with an o)


Then there is Scott Laughrey (with an a - get it) who is not necessarily one person, but perhaps a group of people/agency/bot who I am starting to believe actually is part of the 9-11 conspiracy / neocon conspiracy / disinformation campaign that is desperately trying to discredit the real Scott Loughrey and throw the public off of the trail that reveals their guilt.

My advice to all Good and True citzens who are trying to investigate the Truth: do some more digging related to Scott Loughrey / Laughrey. There is some treasure under those rocks...

Here's an key webpage to this mystery: News Junkie Scott's Blog on Baltimore Indymedia aka 911 Hoax. Follow the links.

It's hard to tell what's going on here. Perhaps someone else can help figure it out. But this is for sure, here is one gem from the guilty party:

"This has been a test of the Emergency Loopy-Leftist Broadcast System. Had this been an actual loopy-leftist alert, you would have been invited to Scott's mother's basement to sing along with Scott and Alice on the first few bars from "Cumberland Blues" off of the Workingman's Dead LP. This concludes this test of the Emergency Loopy-Leftist Broadcast System. "

source - the bottom of this page from 8/10/05 of the mystery blog

- ideas-r-free

Posted by: still caught | May 29, 2006 10:36 AM

Even if you wholeheartedly

Even if you wholeheartedly believe that 19 ragtag Arabs led by an ex-CIA asset on a dialysis machine hiding in a cave halfway around the world pulled off the biggest, most complicated and most successful terrorist strike ever all by themselves despite the best efforts of the trillion dollar a year mil/intel/justice/customs/law enforcement organizatons of the most powerful nation in world history, whose interests are you serving by promulgating this notion and cautioning those who speculate otherwise?

This is why I've never understood how any well-meaning individual could possibly spend time and energy policing those who question the events of 9/11 in ostensibly intelligent discussion groups. Even if 9/11 was not an inside job, we're far better off treating it as if it were -- because, despite the dubious official "narrative" of that day, the "9/11 changes everything" mantra has been successfully used to justify:

1- an insane invasion and occupation,
2- an Orwellian state of neverending warfare,
3- an all-out assault on our Bill of Rights and our Constitutional separation, balance and oversight of powers,
4- rampant and bald faced war profiteering and a huge increase in dubious mil/intel/security expenditures,
5- an insane doctrine of military pre-emption,
6- torture and rendition,
7- a culture of authoritarian secrecy,
8- the persecution of political dissent,
9- enraging the Muslim world and alienating the rest of the world,
10- etc., etc., etc.

while doing little or nothing to enhance our security or address the root causes OR symptoms of Islamic terror.

Our ports are no more secure than they were on 9/11, and they are being sold to an Arab government that recognized the Taliban. Our nuke plants are just as vulnerable as ever. The CAPPS II no-fly list supposedly protects us against a non-existent threat (when was the last time a US domestic flight was hijacked by a US citizen?) while actually HELPING any terrorist cell with the resources to do a few test runs before the big event. Finally, not one individual has been publicly held accountable for his or her failures on 9/11, and Homeland (Pork Barrel) Security proved its "worth" during the Katrina debacle.

All of this disgusting vileness and much more has gone down in the name of an incredibly dubious official conspiracy theory worthy of Doctor Evil and containing far more plot holes than any Ed Wood feature. And even assuming that this official conspiracy theory is remotely true, the problem of a few thousand hardcore fundamentalist Islamic terrorists would quite obviously be best addressed with a small but expertly trained team of covert infiltrators and special operations forces.

How can anyone with any political interests other than advancing elitist hegemony even further possibly find merit in policing those who rationally draw attention to dubious elements of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory -- regardless of his or her personal beliefs concerning the events of that day? Considering all the heinous shit that's been done in the name of the 9/11, why don't any non-regressives who still believe the official conspiracy theory at least have the common decency to keep quiet about it?