Creator of "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" Asks for a Little Help

A Call for Support
Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it.

I am approaching the 1 month anniversary of the release (or should I say "unleashing") of my independent film "Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime." In these short 23 days since the release I have seen my film proliferate from coast to coast, translated into Dutch, and most recently cited by Congressman Curt Weldon in a Press Release entitled "New Able Danger Video."

Additionally, my twin websites and have each exceeded their permissible bandwidth by hundreds of gigabytes each. I am unsure by what spit and glue administrative miracle these websites continue to be allowed to stay alive and functional. I would like to think that my webmaster is tuned in - and turned on.

Requests continue to pour in from all over the world for copies of this film. Many of these requests are extremely promising leads that I feel the 9/11 Truth community cannot afford to ignore. It is important to note that when a 9/11 Truth film, such as this, crosses over into mainstream and international venues, such as a classic rock radio station in Alberta Canada that is offering their support, and requesting interviews, and indymedia venues in Sheffield UK and myriad other film festivals and fledgling 9/11 Truth groups worldwide lumped into the 300+ emails I receive per day - we as a community need to pool our resources and ensure that EVERY request be addressed and honored - because I simply cannot do this alone - and the opportunity is simply too important to squander.

I recently accepted an invitation from a very talented musician/healer/artist in New York City named IMOV Shakti to meet with her for a session of spiritual guidance. She contacted me because she sensed my distress, and the strange combination of chaos and isolation that I seem to be projecting into the cosmos.

While our session explored a number of personal issues, it was also inevitable that the subject of my 9/11 activism would arise. IMOV helped me to see that there was nothing heroic or noble or sensible about embracing a totally acetic philosophy of personal financial ruin in seeking to disseminate the truth. But that is exactly what I have chosen to do. While my wife and I work to make ends meet, and move into our new apartment, and pay the bills and wash the dishes - it has become apparent that we cannot meet all of the 9/11 Truth community’s needs and demands.

My vow to keep this film "Free" will always be honored in every sense of the word - both monetarily and spiritually- but unless sincere members of this community step in to help support Dawn and myself, I fear that this opportunity will be lost. I simply cannot afford to honor every request and opportunity that is making itself available to me. Simply put, I cannot afford it - and I am overwhelmed.

It saddens me to report that I will be unable to attend the Chicago Conference for this very reason. It also saddens me to report that I have been unable to respond to each and every request I have received for support.

So how do I protect my integrity - and my word - keep this film "free" - while continuing to meet the needs of this community?

IMOV’s incredible act of charity helped me to see the answer.

The answer is the community itself.

While I am here now asking for your support - and to visit to make a donation towards helping Dawn and myself continue to distribute this film on a strictly not-for-profit basis, I am also here to demonstrate to you that this community can and will be self sustaining - and there are as many loaves and fished in this basket as we need.

9/11 will not stand - because a house divided will not stand. We have the power - and a day will arrive when this national nightmare will all end - justice will be served- and we can all go back to our normal lives, and building a better tomorrow.

All our love -
John & Dawn

For those unfamiliar, you can watch Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime here on Google Video.

$200. This will help keep

$200. This will help keep the DVDs going out the door for awhile.


How much has been donated so

How much has been donated so far John?

I donated $9.11

I donated $9.11

I also have a bunch of

I also have a bunch of webspace/bandwidth available if you'd like to host images/videos on it. email me

Im gonna donate some of the

Im gonna donate some of the small amount of money I have. Good luck John!

Just sent you $12.00

Just sent you $12.00

I just sent $10. It is an

I just sent $10. It is an EXCELLENT film. Thank you John!

Get Out Your Pocketbooks ...

$30.00 good luck John.

$30.00 good luck John.

Sent you 20. I encourage

Sent you 20. I encourage everyone to donate what they can. Best luck man.

"9/11 will not stand" As

"9/11 will not stand"

As long as people continue to go on believing we can blame 9/11 on Mohammed Atta and "The Muslim Hijackers", of course it will.

Poor John, what a sad

Poor John, what a sad tragedy. Comes up with an incredibly powerful piece, and then gets together with Nick Levis and two parasites (Max & Jules) to throw out Les Jameson and take over New York 911truth on the wave of popularity they knew the film would generate. Months after he announced he was quitting the group he tries a powerplay because he thinks he's going to be "famous"... using the film as a wedge. This is the real reason he's not going to Chicago, because he'd have to face the rest of us in person. John, you made the world a better place but you went too far, it's about justice for the victims and capture of the perps, and you got lost.

Why must there always be

Why must there always be dissent? Who is the provacateur here? I don't know Max, Jules, or any of these people personally -- all I care about is 911 truth, so I gave this guy a donation for a film that he brought to my attention.

*The End*

I propose that from this

I propose that from this point forward in order to disseminate the truth for all we take the "I" out of this movement.

You used "V Is For Vendetta" in your film; recall that the mask served not only to cover the face of the main character, but to bond the Mass together as one.

As individuals we will be picked off, one by one, it's already a fait accompli. As anonymous cyphers we can do anything.

If anyone makes a film, DON'T put your name on it. Put it out there, let it spread like wild fire on it's merits alone. Are you intersted in being Scorcese or a Swamp Fox? Champagne or tap water?

Be formless, nameless, like the wind. Standing up against TPTB one on one is suicide.

I want to thank everyone

I want to thank everyone here who donated money. It kills me to have to ask for money in this way - but the good news is that some good people are stepping forward and offering to help distribute this film. That is the only important thing.

every DIME i make from donations will go towards the materials and postage associated with continuing to distribute this film. every DIME. i will not use this money to travel to Chicago because it is more important to continue to use this money to distribute my film.

regarding the post here attempting to smear me by somehow linking me to some local nonsense in NYC - it is laughable that you would suggest that i am afraid to go to Chicago.

I have shown up to St Marks church multiple times and have not had any problems. Further, I enjoy a very nice continuing relationship with many members of the ny911truth group.

But, unfortunately, i will not allow myself to be associated with the distribution of anti-semitic literature. period. Whether this literature was distributed "accidentally" or not, it is injurious to the movement as a whole, and showed profoundly bad judgement. So - yes - I signed that complaint, which was given to Les in TOTAL CONFIDENCE. HE chose to make it public.

Did it ever occur to you that the people you mentioned as parasites in your post may be jewish?

Furthermore, the literature distributed talked extensively about the Catholic Church and Homosexuals as well.

I have decided to amicably and willingly choose to not participate with ny911truth, since i believe their approach on more than one occasion showed very poor judgement. I have seen videos presented by this group to the public on material that i simply do not wish to associate myself with - and which has nothing to do with 9/11 - such as Jimmy Walter's strange sex tape - and videos on the illuminati.

Now - if you have a problem with the fact that Les was removed from the regional director position - perhaps you should take your insults to them. But - i am an independent artist who simply seeks to educate the public with my film. period. and i will NOT ever EVER tollerate the distribution of anti-semitic anti-catholic and anti-gay literature at an event in which MY work is showing.

And if placing my signature on a PRIVATE email to Les protesting this literature qualifies me as the bad person you are attempting to make me out to be - i suggest you take a class on hatespeech and anger management.

And if you are suggesting I am not going to Chicago - because i fear 'facing you' - i would suggest you contact me directly and i will be happy to meet with you here in NYC anytime you would like to have an adult discussion

Ok, you want to go public

Ok, you want to go public now?

If people would like to see the magazine that Les Jamieson distributed on at least two occasions at NY 911 Truth events, follow this link:

Les and his supporters had the following to say about this anti-semitic, anti-homosexual, anti-catholic, anti-immigrant rag. Please note incomplete sentence and faulty logic:

"But it is in their misleading, manipulative
handling of an issue of Criminal Politics
Magazine, which Les included on the book table
with other 9/11 materials on a busy night at St.
Marks Church because it featured David Ray
Griffin on the cover and a supportive article
inside, as well as other articles a 9/11 audience
would find of interest. Regarding the articles
that were used to create a controversy and
falsely accuse Les of being anti-Semitic, nobody
else had complained and all in all, the magazine
was viewed by others in the group as an
anti-conspiracy, anti-new world order publication."

I rest my case. Anyone who wants to support this kind of material, be my guest. But don't be surprised when rational, credible, experienced, people question your motives and judgement.

A few legitimate questions

A few legitimate questions would be:

1 - Why was the strictly confidential letter which was sent to Les(to protect him), warning him about this literature released by Les himself to the general public?

2 - How can Les release this PRIVATE letter to the general public - and then make the claim that we are publicly smearing him?

3 - How is my signature on a confidential letter to Les - expressing my concern about anti-semitism - twisted into somehow having ANYTHING to do with my movie?

4 - Why is it that NY911Truth is the ONLY 9/11 organization in the country that is not actively promoting my film?

5 - Why is it that a member of NY911Truth is purposely and intentionally disrupting this board on issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject at hand?

I have no interest in NY911Truth. The very idea that I am somehow masterminding a powerplay to control NY911Truth is frankly laughable.

Lets remember - the literature in question that Les distributed had the following HEADLINES on the COVER:

- Pope John Paul and the pedophile priests
- JEWS behind move for Pope John Paul priesthood
- Jewish tollerance - Tolerating criminal acts

So tell me - just WHO is interested in distributing CREDIBLE 9/11 material to the general public? Les and his defenders?

The only reason I am here today is because my wife and I have nearly bankrupted ourselves in promoting my film - not hatespeech.

I will allow my work to speak for itself - and allow the disruptors to continue to marginalize themselves.

lets not forget that les is

lets not forget that les is still holding out on the Griffin speech in NYC from almost a year ago..

dz posted it, then removed it trying to be nice when asked to, and it has never been released.. whats it been, 4 months?

The disruption of this blog

The disruption of this blog thread(for want of a better term) reads to me like the work of an Agent Provacateur / Cointel Pro action to me.

John, I made a donation, I wish it could have been more. YOUR FILM IS DAMN GOOD, that is what matters. LetÂ’s not fall into the trap of pointing fingers like those folks at WING TV yeah, IÂ’m calling them out. Most of the time, all they do is criticize other folks in the 911 truth movement. Currently they have an anti Jewish stance as well.

Carry onÂ….. :)

Doesn't it make sense that

Doesn't it make sense that New York would have the most heavily disrupted 9/11 movement? Its the scene of the crime. Half the members of NY 911 Truth are disruptors, and the other half too stupid to know they are being scammed with disinformation and tactics designed to scare normal sane people away.

Remember the video "the Woman in White Slacks"???? It was a video showing the people jumping from the towers - with music.

Are you people f*cking kidding me?

How stupid do you have to be to see that this is bad taste?

John Albanese your work does speak for itself and that is why you are a target.

And Les admits putting that magazine down on the table. You would have to be a complete moron retard to not understand how a magazine like that is designed to make us ALL look bad.

Well, LAKESOURIAN, whoever

Well, LAKESOURIAN, whoever you may be, it looks like your comments don't inspire much support in this venue. Maybe you should try a different approach. The truth is a good starting point.

This is Jules. I'm not

This is Jules.

I'm not exactly sure who is this lakezourian. It seems like he or she is mad at me. I assume that because the first line is really insulting, the next three scentences are abject lies, obvious character assassination, and the last is basically irrational condescention. Or it might be that she or he is presenting the view of others, without much understand of those views. ???

I certaintly don't want anyone to view my truth activism as parasitic. Although its not clear what this is meant to imply. I suppose that its all very symbiotic.

NY911Truth is entirely the responsibility of Les Jamiesen. The reputation and success of that organization is squarely in his hands. For this reason, I felt it unacceptable that he should retain his leadership position after having admitted to distributing "Criminal Politics". I felt that this could lead to the defamation of the organization that he has worked to build with so many others. And yet it appears as though he does not share my concern.

Now I am publically attacked for being upset about the distribution of the magazine, and wanting to hold the distributor accountable. People with the most responsibility should be held most accountable. Are we going to fight for government oversight, but not be concerned for representative leadership within the movement?

I can't really let this get to me, but I wish people would understand that when they tell lies, it ultimately serves to undermine them.

Good to hear. Your movie is

Good to hear. Your movie is great for those too naive to accept the full truth.